[Event Review] Lido gives it Everything in his return to Bay Area


As a trailblazer in the field and a posterboy to the new electronic movement, Peder Losnegård is far beyond needing introduction. Abandoning previous musical incarnations, Lido emerged as a preeminent producer a few years back, co-creating Halsey’s Badlands LP and touring around the country in support of his own works. While also gaining some notoriety for credits on works with Chance the Rapper, Alison Wonderland, and Banks, his star continued to grow brighter by the month. Over the course of 2016, Lido has made major headway in cementing his place among the dominant producers of the era – along with the likes of Flume, Hudson Mohawke, Cashmere Cat, and Jack Garratt.


Bringing his North American fan base a much anticipated step away from reality, the prodigal record producer, songwriter, and occasional rapper embarked on an ambitious 14-date tour in support of last month’s wildly popular sophomore release, Everything.



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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 11/10 – 11/13


Winter weather is right around the corner, which means it’s go time. You only have a few, fleeting months left of fall, before the white stuff starts barreling down. With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to get out of the house this weekend and head down to Beta Nightclub to check out another stacked weekend of beats.

Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get there before 9:00 on Sunday
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SUNDAY this week.

Hyper House ft. Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas, Cray - 11/10
’Anna Lunoe – Bass Drum Dealer (B.D.D)’
’Nina Las Vegas – Contagious (feat. Snappy Jit)’
ill Gates - 11/11
’Die Antwoord – Fish Paste (ill.Gates Remix)’
Nero - 11/12
’Sade – And I Miss You (Nero Remix)’
Claptone - 11/13
’Riva Starr feat. Rssll – Kill Me (Claptone Remix)’
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[NEW] The xx – On Hold


After teasing fans with mysterious clips on their Spotify page, The xx have officially returned today with a stunning new single and an album on the way. During their 3 year hiatus, die-hard fans (myself included) could take solace in In Colour, the debut solo outing from Jamie xx, the trio’s masterful producer. On that project, Jamie got a chance to depart from the somber sound of his band delving deeper into the elements of dance music he had already subtly showcased on The xx’s first two albums. With the help of an incredible Idris Muhammad sample, Jamie xx and bandmate Romy Croft crafted one of 2015’s best songs with “Loud Places,” which held a triumphant, uplifting vibe unlike anything we’d heard from the group.

As I speculated and waited for new music, I couldn’t help but wonder how Jamie’s ‘colour’ might impact The xx’s 3rd album. Today we get the answer with “On Hold”–the perfect marriage between The xx’s heart-wrenching aura and Jamie’s matured sound. While the song features complex, 4×4 percussion, Jamie employs filters and dramatic pads to make room for his bandmates’ signature reverb-ed guitar and heart breaking vocals. As the song approaches its most stark moment, the chorus erupts with an irresistible Hall & Oates sample that oozes pure joy.

At it’s core “On Hold” tells the tale of letting someone go and the disappointment of them moving on, but its potent chorus offers a light at the end of the tunnel–one that was just flickering on their last album, Coexist. 

I See You, the third studio album from The xx, is out on January 13th via Young Turks–you can pre-order it here. We’ll have this one on repeat while we wait.

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[Hip-Hop/Trap] Stööki Sound – Ösiris EP


Stööki Sound marked the beginning of their tour with the release of their Ösiris EP. They’ll be playing dates across North America from here onward into the new year. If they stop near you, don’t miss out. Something else you shouldn’t miss is their EP.

Ösiris is a step in, for lack of a better term, different direction for the duo. It’s not so much different, as it is them evolving with their style. They’ve always been an act that puts out quality, creative music, but now they’ve really hunkered down to deliver something really special. Six songs make up the EP, with the sounds moving in between hip-hop/grime, to trap, to electronic sounds that can’t be put into any single frame. There is no weak point in Ösiris, only truly exceptional points, including ones within some of the stronger singles like “Hear That” and “Exodus.” We already heard some of the other songs prior to release, including “Endz” and “My G’s” which deserve another listen, even if you streamed them fifty times each when they dropped.

Stööki Sound are setting the pace for a takeover in 2017. Be there, or be square. Before that comes, grab yourself a copy of the Ösiris EP. You’ll thank yourself for doing so.

’Hear That Ft. Jelacee & P Money’
’My G’s Ft. Jelacee’
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[Future Bass/Trap] STEL LEO – Opal [TMN Premiere]

Opal [The Music Ninja Premiere]

There’s nothing we love more than kicking off the day armed with a freshly banging premiere for our Ninja faithful. Stel Leo is a genre-skirting, Bermudian artist who has had releases with Team Supreme, Top Cats, TheMOB and Friends with Robots; and also played live alongside STWO and more tastemaking artists. Today the electronic style bender touches down on TMN with brand new single “Opal”, and our fire is glowingly stoked to share it with our lovely readers.

A crisply layed two-step drum beat patterns “Opal” before giving way into a luscious waterfall of thumping low-end, popping snare placement, and a swath of clicky percussive elements which all culminate in a sticky-sweet melody. Although it wields a highly synthetic sonority, “Opal” simultaneously feels very soulfully tactile and personal, while still brandishing a call-to-arms to get to the dancefloor. While we’re sure most of our U.S. Ninjas will be more concerned with the important item on today’s docket -the Presdiential Election or something like that, we heard- but for a little distraction, stream our premiere of Stel Leo’s “Opal” above.

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[Future] Droeloe – Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Dutch artists Droeloe are back with yet another unparalleled production. This time, they took an exceptionally wide step to release this special track. Their latest, “Bon Voyage,” is one of many “cracked codes” involved in their latest creative project; a full on “Monstercat hack.” Engaging their fans and listeners by tasking them to piece together forthcoming releases through mysterious videos and a Monstercat website takeover, they’ve finally exposed their newest single.

“Bon Voyage” exposes Droeloes’ consistent abilities to deviate from typical future electronic music as the song encompasses uniquely crafted synths and melodies that are near impossible to resist. With an unpredictable chorus and innovative sound, we can confidently say that this tune was well worth the anticipation.

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[Electronic] OIJ – Back To The Start feat. Gia Koka


Wind down your day with something on the chiller side. Enter, OIJ with the single “Back To The Start” featuring Gia Koka. It’s got just the right type of sound to bring a close to your Monday night with grace.

“Back To The Start” shares characteristics from a handful of genres including future, pop, R&B and others. With contemporary electronic music becoming so diverse, there are a ton of artists working to blend the line between styles and push music that is both new and innovating. OIJ is on a mission to do just that and this single is a step in the right direction. Although it’s not completely “new” sounding, it certainly has an edge to it that we can’t shake. Despite it’s original sound, it shares qualities from several radio hits, making itself a contender on the airwaves.

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