[TMN Premiere] Shameboy – Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Belgian producer Shameboy has been around through generations of electronic music maintaining his own unique, yet evolving, style through out. Last month, he unleashed “Trippin,” a gorgeous piece of slowly-developing, chilled-out electronic pop with stunning vocals from Max Marshall. The single has become a favorite in the blogosphere, and for good reason–it’s as intricate as it is catchy.

This morning, we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of an equally intriguing house remix from fellow Belgian Mickey. Cutting the vocals and flipping the cadence, Mickey’s rendition draws the listener in with a 4×4, head-nodding tempo that, despite speeding things up, maintains the smooth, somber elements of the original. Once again, Marshall’s voice remains a vital component hypnotizing when combined with Mickey’s production. This one’s equally suited for a club dance floor or a sunny summer day. Give it a listen above and also make sure to check out the original here.

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[House] Lincoln Jesser – In My Place

Lincoln Jesser
In My Place

New Music Tuesday has been one for the books, providing us with a couple of top notch premieres and a handful of other dazzling releases, including “In My Place.”

Los Angeles-based Lincoln Jesser, a beyond gifted singer and producer, gives listeners goosebumps with his freshest release. Giving us a different take from the upbeat sounds we because accustomed to with tracks like “Golden” and “Something Right,” this multifaceted artist provides a trancy and therapeutic listening experience.

Jesser’s natural voice and pitched down samples contrast beautifully with the ambient production of the song. With a sound that’s constructed by a house beat and a euphoric trance-like melody, you’ll be experiencing nothing but chill vibes.

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[Dubstep] Sound Remedy & Illenium – Spirals feat. King Deco

Sound Remedy
Sound Remedy
Spirals (feat. King Deco) by Sound Remedy & Illenium

Sound Remedy and Illenium? That’s too good to be true. Except, it’s real. “Spirals,” which also has King Deco, is one of those songs that prompts everyone to pull out their lighters and just vibe. With these acts working together in harmony, the result was nothing short of spectacular.

An ethereal introduction is constructed by the producer’s who masterfully pieced together an exquisite work. Surely it wouldn’t be the same without the magic of the vocal, but the power the instrumental has in itself is truly immense. Sound Rememdy self released this track through digital stores, so if you’d like to buy “Spirals” you may do so on iTunes.

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[Electro-Pop] Goldroom ft. George Maple – Embrace (Alternate Version)

Embrace (feat George Maple)

It’s almost difficult to believe that we’ve been posting Josh Legg’s Goldroom project for just under half a decade now. From humble production beginnings authoring breezy disco remixes of his favorite artists for fun, to making audiences of 100,000+ swoon in collective adoration, to what has now become a full-fledged live act behind some of this generation’s most recognizable alt-anthems; Goldroom’s trajectory has been nothing short of major-motion-picture-esque. One of those anthems however, stood head and shoulder above the rest when it came to this writer’s personal touch: the emotive pop scorcher “Embrace”. Why would we be covering a tune that was released almost two years ago on an extended play of the same name though, you ask? Well that’s simple. In a new series of tunes through Snapchat and behind a new EP It’s Like You Never Went Away (our favorite line from “Embrace” by the by), the tune has been finally unveiled in its truest form; with rangey female warbler George Maple on lead vocals. To elaborate, Legg stated: “George Maple and I actually wrote ‘Embrace’ together, so having this come full circle, and to have her singing on the song, feels like a dream. The song Embrace is all about re-connection, and so having George back in my studio again, singing the song, felt like it was meant to be”.

There’s certainly not much more to be said than that. Stream Goldroom’s entire new EP on Spotify here, or purchase through iTunes here, and check out Goldroom’s latest run of tour dates below. For now, let’s bask in the glow that is the purest form of Goldroom’s “Embrace”.

Goldroom Tour Dates:
05/21 – San Francisco, CA @ San Antonio Recreation Area
05/23 – Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle
05/24 – Bethel, NY @ Musteryland USA
06/04 – Ozark, AR @ Wakarusa 2015
06/25 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest Festival
07/11 – Chicago, IL @ Mamby On The Beach
07/16 – Scranton, PA @ Camp Bisco
07/31 – Montreal, Canada @ Osheaga 2015
08/09 – Palm Springs, CA @ Splash House
08/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest 2015
09/04 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo
11/21 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Corona Capital

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[House/Future] Riton feat. Jagga – Need Your Love [TMN Premiere]

Riton Feat. Jagga
Need Your Love (Original Mix)

Every now and then, a tune curiously surfaces, receives loads of praise from those in the know, then seemingly vanishes into thin air. Such was the case with dynamic dance producer Riton‘s single “Need Your Love”, which appeared on the OWSLA Egg Nog compilation back in December, only to wander the interwebs aimlessly until finally finding a worthy stronghold. The shapeshifting club tune, which draws on sonic elements from the deep, future, and classic corners of house production, to a smattering of electro influenced percussive rumblings, and a foundation penetrating vocal from London based vocalist Jagga; finally finds a proper home through tastemaking club imprint Love & Other Records, and we’ve been chomping at the bit to share “Need Your Love” before anyone else. With the type of sternum-thumping melody and infatuating vocal track which attracts the staunchest of dance aficionados to the most casual of club consumers, it’s quite simple to see why “Need Your Love” has already received support from artists across the dance-music spectrum including Skream, Tiga and James Zabiela.

Riton’s full Need Your Love EP hits Beatport on June 8 with all official retailers following suit on June 22, so get a leg up thanks to your trusty Ninjas and stream “Need Your Love” below.

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[House/Indie-Dance] Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)
Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

With every passing release, the snowball turned avalanche that is LA house and indie-dance ace SNBRN seems to somehow garner even more momentum. Coming off of highly trafficked original single “Raindrops”, the dance-hit molding son of So-Cal again drops by TMN with a welcome return to the remix world in the form of a “sunset-house” take on the 1982 Marvin Gaye single that launched a million children: “Sexual Healing”. SNBRN takes Gaye’s sultry soul ballad straight into his addictive realm of House production through a directed, floor shaking bassline and mindfully plucked vocal chops; creating a fusion between the past and present that simply has us shaking our hips in vigorous approval. If we were the betting types of Ninjas, we’d wager that this one is about to go on a viral tear to coincide with the impending waves of Summer (at least here in the States).  In regards to this latest release, SNBRN gave us a little more insight:  “This track has been a staple in my live sets for months now. I wanted to create something super funky and upbeat, but still have that soul to it. For a long time the instrumental had no hook, until one night I started cutting up old 80’s records and found the perfect fit…”  We think he’s found the perfect fit as well. Stream SNBRN’s remix of “Sexual Healing” above, and please, try to contain yourselves.

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The Weeknd – Where You Belong (Justice Skolnik Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

The Weeknd
"Where You Belong" (Justice Skolnik Remix)

For sharing the same last name as one of the most iconic nerds of all time, Justice Skolnik is one of the smoothest dudes around right now. While that pop culture reference from the 80s most assuredly soared over most of your heads, we’re going to stick to our guns. Maybe it will encourage you to watch a few movies from before your time.

We digress.

We’re assuming this 18-year-old Windy City producer isn’t well versed in movies from nearly four decades ago, so let’s just focus on the task at hand – his interpretation of “Where You Belong.” Originally crafted by The Weeknd, this tune has new fire breathed into it with rolling clicks, booming 808s, and a near-trop style lead synth. Complete with atmospheric layering and those classic Future Bass style drips and creaks, Skolnik gives us an anthem that’s perfect for cruising around town with our windows down, or courting a new main squeeze.

Keep an eye out for this young gent by following him on SoundCloud.

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