[Future Funk] GRiZ – The Anthem (ft. Mike Avery)

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 3.40.10 PM
The Anthem (ft. Mike Avery)

Check your pulse before listening because GRiZ is back with the second single off of his next album! He’s tightened down his usual structure into a nice and compact futuristic funk frenzy that’s full of textbook glitch production and inclusion of live instrumentation. GRiZ is one of those acts that continues to push the envelope in electronic music with the balance of analog and digital mediums, and Say It Loud is looking to be a new slightly new direction for him so far. Moving on from his looser, jam type of approach, GRiZ is pushing for a clean and pristine presentation that’s sure to please the masses. Be ready for the new album coming up this March and enjoy “The Anthem” above!

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[Slow Jam] Harriet Brown – 20/15

Cover art is by Nick Almquist
Photos by Jason Barbagelott
Harriet Brown

One look at the artwork for Harriet Brown‘s latest single should clue you in to the fact that he’s doing things a little different. The LA-based singer/songwriter/producer certainly has an impressive voice, but it’s what he does with that range that makes him such a promising up ‘n comer. After recently putting out “Fiction,” an excellent collaboration with Astronauts Etc. and Toro y Moi, Brown’s latest release melds an array of influences to showcase yet another facet of his creativity. From a production standpoint, “20/15″ carries an 80s-revival feel with its sentimental keys and slowly unfolding percussion. Brown’s vocal dexterity and clever, thoughtful lyricism once again prove a focal point, though, as he brings elements of soul, funk and R&B into the mix making for a completely novel sort of slow jam. Press play above, grab the nearest lady or gentleman and hit the slow dance like it was middle school all over again.

Single artwork credit: Nick Almquist (design); Jason Barbagelott (photos)
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[Indie Electronic] Golden Coast ft. Sirah – Futurist (Sirah Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.22.29 PM
Golden Coast Ft Sirah
Futurist (Sirah Remix)

We’ve covered the original, and now Golden Coast‘s “Futurist” gets a trapped out treatment courtest of the Grammy award winning Sirah. Not only does she flip the tune from a indie pop masterpiece into a hip-hop jam unnaturally well, Sirah decided to go ahead and rip a verse as well. Needles to say Sirah backs up her award with ease, and she’s opened the door for Golden Coast in a big way. Their falsettos are clean and clear and balance out her seasoned flow perfectly on the second half of the track. Hopefully in the future we can get an actual collaboration between these two, because if this remix tells us anything, they could make a huge tune together.

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Black Boots – Reckless (Original Mix) [TMN CO-PREMIERE]

Black Boots
Reckless (Original Mix) // @BlackBootsX

Black Boots have an absolutely bone crushing sound that has main stage written all over it. Their latest original, “Reckless,” is aptly named, because whenever it’s on, that’s how you’ll be acting. With a melting pot of genres thrown into the mix, Black Boots finds themselves in a similar vein to Jack Ü with this insane new tune, so don’t be surprised if any of you Ultra festival goers hear this tune quite a bit in the near future. We’re very happy, as always, to premiere this massive tune with Run The Trap, and hope you are ready to kick off festival season in a big way with this fresh Black Boots original. If you’re hitting that hump day slump, “Reckless” is exactly the kick in the pants you need to get back in gear and finish up your week with a bang.

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[House] Sailors – Feels So Good

Feels So Good

Alan & Diego, or Sailors, are two brothers out of Moneterrey, Mexico with a huge passion for music and some really incredible talent. After producing for 7 years just as a hobby, the gifted producers started to create a real name for themselves and thus Sailors was born. Their tracks are nothing short of soothing and genre-less. In only a few months they have managed to rack up over 2 million SoundCloud plays! Calming vocals, out of this world drums and captivating melodies, “Feel So Good” sold me within seconds and you will be too after you press play.

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[Synth-Pop/Chill] Night Drive – Easy to Lie

Night Drive
Easy To Lie (Original Mix)

While swimming through the standard sea of press e-mails and Soundcloud feeds, the day for this writer began to feel rather bleak musically. That is until Austin, TX duo Night Drive and their newest single “Easy to Lie” made it no less than one bar into its brooding pulse of nostalgic 80′s synth-pop. The pair’s nostalgic view on electro-pop sometimes deviates more closely towards the bubblier side of things, but their latest dip into more introspective lyricism and gloomier instrumentation marks our favorite release from the pair’s studio thus far. And previous Night Drive fanboys and girls need not fret either, as “Easy to Lie” is still dripping with doses of powerful pop synthesizers, but this time around they’re reeled back with the surgical precision to simultaneously highlight its emotive center ever so beautifully. “Easy to Lie” comes as the second taste of an upcoming debut full-length Sound Control Records, hopefully due out later this year. Let this one close out your day of school or work perfectly. We did.

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[NEW] Snakehips & Tory Lanez – Dímelo

Snakehips x Tory Lanez
Dímelo #songsfromscratch

Corporate involvement in music often comes under scrutiny, but Adidas Originals’ partnership with Yours Truly for the #SongsFromScratch series has been one of the most important recent endeavors in music. Uniting artists who typically wouldn’t collaborate, the program has churned out some of the most prolific creations in recent memory. The latest entry in the series is an international affair, as we find Canadian extraordinaire Tory Lanez striking up a partnership with the UK’s Snakehips for “Dímelo.”

“Dímelo” is a perfect blending of both Tory’s and Snakehips’ individual styles. “Dímelo” shares much of the whimsical charm of a typical Snakehips production but with an added hip-hop flare. Tory on the other hand abandons his grittier, more lo-fi sound in favor of something a bit more upbeat, though his swagger remains tightly intact.

Listen to the tune above and make sure to watch the process that went behind the single at the official Songs From Scratch website. Also feel free to check out our recent interview with Tory Lanez as well.

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