Little People Discusses New Album, Working in Coffee Shops, and The Need for More Lasers [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Youth & Progress Pt. 2
Presented By Jiberish

As we wind down our month-long feature with Little People, we’re anxious to bring you an in-depth look at not only the moniker, but the man behind the rich, textural, electronic music that so many have come to know and love.

We know you’re probably at work right now, but we feel like you deserve a 10-minute break to get caught up on what’s around the corner for Mr. Laurent Clerc.

TMN: Hey Laurent. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to answer some questions for us. We’re really excited to have you as our Resident Artist for June!

LP: Well I’m very excited too. Thanks for having me. I’ve had the pleasure to meet you guys in person several times whenever I’ve played in Colorado. It’s always great connecting with such genuine and nice people like yourselves.

TMN: Alright, it’s been nearly two years since we last spoke, back at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colorado. Back then, you were making the voyage to and from the UK to the states quite often. You’ve since moved, correct?

LP: That is indeed correct. I moved to Portland, OR in August last year – with my wife and my 4-year-old twins. The Pacific Northwest is a very special place – it’s been amazing so far.

TMN: What was it that finally made you pull the trigger on moving out here? Was it the touring schedule? The need to have your family closer? Combination of both?

LP: Me coming over to the US to play shows – and staying here for extended periods – has not been easy on all of us. So moving to the US was a means of all of us being closer together whilst I play shows in the US. It also meant that it made it possible for me to play one-off shows and festivals throughout the year – so it has given me more opportunities to play live. If you are coming over from the UK, the onus is on cramming as many dates in a short period of time. I wanted to get away from that for a little bit.

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Moonbootica – June (Moonbootica Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

June (Moonbootica Remix)

If there’s one thing you need to know about koweSix & tobitob, it’s that these two know how to write pure, unadulterated dance music.

We had the pleasure of premiering Moonbootica’s music video for “Work Your Body” back in February, and we’ve been infatuated with this Hamburg-based duo ever since. Today, we’re excited to bring you an edit of their recently released original tune, “June.” Coming out just a day ago, “June” has a classic dancefloor vibe, perfected by light percussion and claps, synthesized vocal samples, and a dialed up, funky bassline.

This re-imagination of their original, which tones back the intensity a bit, provides a relaxed, yet still very danceable vibe. With a lighter, more tropical synth approach, this remix proves perfect for your summertime activities, whether it be relaxing at the pool, chilling at a BBQ, or just hanging out on your porch with your favorite frosty beverage.

If you’re digging this remix, make sure to check out the rest of the remix package on Moonbootica’s SoundCloud.

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[Nu-Disco] Trails and Ways – Downright (feat. Harriet Brown) (Falcon Punch Remix)

Trails and Ways ft. Harriet Brown
Downright (Falcon Punch Remix)

Since we first caught wind of Trails and Ways all the way back in 2012, we’ve kept a close eye on the Oakland band. They’ve steadily built their following since then, but this year has truly been a breakout one for them. After signing to Barsuk Records early this year, they released their debut album, Pathology, which both showcases what we love about their radiant, organic sound all the while expanding their sonic scope. The track “Downright” falls into the latter category with a groove that manages to combine their signature, South American-tinted style with an ’80s groove and aesthetic. A verse from Harriet Brown, another Ninja favorite, ties that vibe together with his silky vocals that recall Prince.

A week ago, Denver-based producer Falcon Punch put out a remix of “Downright” that maintains the 80s-revivalist nature of the tune all the while transforming it into a nu-disco jam. Electing to place Brown’s voice first, Falcon Punch utilizes many of the original’s elements–the breezy guitar and the catchy backing piano–but with the help of perfectly placed pads and a BPM boost, breathes new life into the song without losing its charm. Take a trip back to the Neon 80s and grab a free download above.

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[Deep-House] Allies For Everyone – Bunker (Allies For Everyone Alternate Mix) [TMN Premiere]

Allies For Everyone
Bunker (Allies For Everyone Alternate Mix)

It’s always a treat to start a day with a little bit of sexy deep-house. So when NYC stationed electronic producer Brian Suarez, better known as Allies For Everyone, dropped his latest revision on us -itself an alternate take on his own track “Bunker”– we knew it would be a perfect door-opener this morning. We’d already heard AFE’s original mix, and while by no means was it anywhere near a letdown, today he’s arrived with an even more introspective and gripping glimpse of the shape-shifting single. On the Alternate Mix, Allies For Everyone dials back a clubbier approach, instead focusing on a more subdued yet utterly captivating low end, rumbling hook, and a gorgeous ad-lib cut of the original vocal stems to create a dark and deep tune that just plain oozes sexiness. Our day is already screaming for a taste of proper deep-house and Allies For Everyone delivered our presription with a bullet.

“Bunker” will also be touched up by their labelmates Nightriders and Jay Hill, but we’ll be busily consuming AFE’s edit until then.

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[Future/Deep-House] Class Actress – GFE (SNBRN Remix)

Class Actress

It’s been far too long since we checked in with one of dance music’s fastest rising commodities (well… May really but who’s keeping track?), SNBRN.  During the time we’ve been covering the burgeoning producer, we’ve seen him spread nearly every facet of the underground house game to a rapidly expanding fanbase, whom may have never had the pleasure of experiencing such an intoxicating sound without him. From SNBRN’s deeper iterations, to those housiest of indie-dance originals, and some funkified G-House in between, we’ve only seen a steady rise in both consistency and quality while tackling the Southern Californian’s addictive catalog.

Today we got our hands err… ears, on SNBRN’s latest offering, a dark and groovy remix of Class Actress’ “GFE”  and were yet again hooked on another earworm. While the original, which was produced by one of electronic indie music’s most respected artists Alan Palomo (of Neon Indian and VEGA acclaim), plays a little more buoyantly, the tune here takes a murkier turn under the guise of a dark, commanding bassline, weighted drums and flitting chords; which, set against Class Actress’ soaring lush falsetto and Palomo’s malleable stems plays like a melting pad of butter on a thick stack of hotcakes. We’re hoping to hear this one in the midst of a late-night club bender very soon, but for now, stream SNBRN’s “GFE” remix above.

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[Future] Luca Lush – I Can Tell

Luca Lush - I Can Tell

Known for putting out dope remixes, Luca Lush has been one of our favorites for quite some time. The producer surprised us once again with his first ever original titled “I Can Tell”. The tune starts off with a house beat and Luca’s very own altered vocals, which are featured in different variations throughout the song. A series of delicate keys follow and would eventually turn into a melodic chord progression. Following the trend of his “Tell Me” remix, the sax comes in and seals the deal towards the end of the track. These crafty maneuvers and fitting samples make for an incredible track, and it goes to showcase Luca’s colorful palette.

Luca Lush is really going all out with this one, as we’ll be expecting big moves from him. “I Can Tell” is available as a free download, so make sure to grab it and hop on the Lush train!

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The Chill Dojo #140

chill dojo

Chill Dojo #140 is going straight for the feels with a charming original from Sable that’s all about celebrating that special someone in your life. Released through a series of short story panels across his Facebook page, the vibrant creativity in this song is clearly not limited to the musical production alone. That said, the glorious vibes emanated through ‘One and Only’ will be the feature that has you putting this on steady repeat. We’re definitely looking for positive vibes this week, and Dojo newcomer Akimoto delivers just what we needed with a lyrical gem whose beauty lies in its purity. Playful piano and a catchy beat belies the makings of a simple jazzy tune, but flashes of electronic flair elevate this into a polished jam that’s all about heart.

It’s this same quality that has rocketed Mura Masa’s ‘Firefly’ into one of the standout features of 2015. It’s no easy task to attempt a remix of this chill anthem, but young Ramzoid has proven he’s up to the challenge with a stunning effort that will no doubt leave its mark. While the overall structure remains similar, the talented Canadian has infused a serious dosage of funked out bass into the original that adds the perfect touch of summer feelings. While we’re chasing those warmer vibes, it’s the perfect time to shed some light on a new up-and-comer in the future game by the name of Jupe. At only 15 years of age, this is one kid that’s set to make some serious waves if ‘Caprisun’ is anything to go by. Jazzy flavors and melodic bliss combine for a sun-drenched experience that’s on point from start to finish. We’ll end on more of a sultry vibe now as another debutant in Skye Chai dishes up a smooth take on the soulful ‘Electric Blue’. Light-hearted sampling will ensure a smile all throughout the journey, but it’s the vocal edit that will shut out everything around you as you’re captured in its tender grip for the full four minutes.

The rest of the playlist will keep that smile from fading for a good while longer than that as well. Peace out.

One And Only
Keep Your Heart On Top
Mura Masa
Firefly (Ramzoid Remix)
Caprisun (Original Mix)
Alo Lee
Electric Blue (Skye Chai Remix)
stop time
links sorrow (cherishh remix)
parkinson white
once a week (cherishh remix)
Giraffage & Viceroy
Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker)
Worlds Collide feat. Josh Roa
Im in love (Finis Mundi Remix)
Stay With Me
Dance On Me (su na Remix)
Dance On Me (Fwdslxsh Remix)
Ta Ku
Work In Progess (Clayjay Remix)
Stevie Wonder
My Cherie Amour (Lobo Bootleg Remix)
Summer 97 ft. Muzzy Bearr
Chet Faker
Im Into You (Bass Physics Remix)
Never Will (feat. Brizzy & Willdabeast)
So Far (Werk Space)
Sans Toi
Adam Snow
Safe And Sound
Ark Patrol
Butta Love
Kehlani feat. Chance The Rapper
The Way (Kentaro Remix)
Little Things (Jengi Beats Remix)
Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)
3AM (JackLNDN Remix)
Tranquility (Audile Remix)
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