[Electronic] Major Minor – Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

Major Minor
Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

“Everything Around Us” is a juicy single that comes to us from our friends at Uprise Music. Its creators Major Minor put it together with the help of Johanna & Jayden and released it as a free download.

The poppy electronic original is a chilled out treat whose cool sound has just the right attitude for Summer. Major Minor deliver what may be their best tune yet. It doesn’t take much effort, or even any at all to imagine this one being played out on the radio. It’s the perfect mixture of styles. “Everything Around Us” is so many things in one: a duet, a pop hit and an electronic work of art. It’s something you need to listen to and add to your digital library. Bonus points for sharing with friends and family.

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[Music Video] AWAY – Sleepwalker ft. London Thor

Dark, twisted but incredibly beautiful, the music video for “Sleepwalker” by AWAY and London Thor is major. It feels like a cinematic masterpiece and that’s because that is exactly what it is, despite it being a music video.

AWAY and company did an amazing job. With the song, it’s a brooding single that packs a punch by itself, but when partnered with its visual component the whole package is extraordinary. The video bounces between the high quality shots of one storyline and the home videos of another. Together they form a moving experience that you just have to see for yourself. Be careful, this one approaches the NSFW line.

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[Electronic] AObeats & Annabel Jones – Strangers

AObeats & Annabel Jones

Get ready to get your groove on with “Strangers” from AObeats and Annabel Jones. This one is about as hot as it gets. Unique, invigorating and memorable as hell, “Strangers” is undoubtedly a hit.

From the start AObeats builds a groove to set the tone, but when Annabel comes in, things get taken up several notches. Her performance on this one is one of our favorites in 2017. Her performance is amazing and the lyrics are quite impressive. AObeats works wonders with an instrumental that brings the funk in his own way. All together “Strangers” is a must have, so head over to the digital store of your choice for a copy.

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[Electronic] Whethan vs Oliver Tree – When I’m Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Whethan VS Oliver Tree
When I'm Down (Bronze Whale Remix)

Today we’re bringing you a remix that instantly caught our attention for Whethan vs Oliver Tree’s “When I’m Down.” Austin, Texas duo Bronze Whale made up of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley have been breaking into the music scene since 2011 and giving themselves a great name between original releases and other remixes.

This bouncy, pop edit takes this piano heavy chilled out track and leaves plenty of room for dancing. The added edginess to the layers in production give us a true sense of what these two are all about and keeps us bobbing our heads. Sometimes Tuesday’s can be just as bad as Monday’s but this release is a 10/10 mood booster and has us ready to rock into the weekend. Bronze Whale sweetens the deal by making their remix available as a free download here. Make sure to check it out and add it to your favorite Summer Playlist.

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[Electronic] Adam Snow – From __ with Love (feat. Fifty Grand)

Adam Snow
From __ with Love (feat. Fifty Grand)

If you are looking for a beautiful song, look no further than Adam Snow‘s latest release. Out now on Majestic Casual, “From __ with Love” is a soothing original whose chord progression will melt your heart instantly. You may need a tissue, but we’ll leave that up to you to grab before clicking play on this one.

Adam Snow enlisted some help from Fifty Grand to make this as special as it could be. Together they created something that will stand the test of time and be something fans come back to time and time again. Most producers now are trying to hone in on the hype of festivals, creating records that pack a punch for now, but don’t last. “From __ with Love” is good no matter the time of year or decade. Timelessness breathes through this one. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] Kid Froopy – Drive Slow

kid froopy
Drive Slow

Two words should get you excited and those two words are Kid Froopy. Just last Friday he dropped a new single on Deadbeats Records called “Drive Slow” that is an absolute jam. Turn up your speakers, strap in and get ready.

Despite it’s name, “Drive Slow” gets quite peppy and energetic. The thing about the energy is that it’s more about the vibe than being about the power. Groovy and infectious, Kid Froopy brought out all the stops to make this one of his best singles, which is saying a lot. Unique is something that always comes to mind when this kid puts out a track and that is without a doubt the case here. You need a copy of this, so head over to the digital store of your choice for one.

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[Hip-Hop] No Wyld x MEMBA – Off For The Night

No Wyld x MEMBA
Off For The Night

Hip-hop is all over the place right now. One area that is seeing a lot of growth is the combination of electronic music and rap, but then again, both seem to be spreading their wings everywhere. One such single that fuses the two is “Off For The Night” from No Wyld and MEMBA.

“Off For The Night” is not your typical hip-hop track. Produced by one of dance music’s finest, this track is quite distinct. MEMBA delivers an amazing instrumental without trying to overshadow No Wyld, a humility that isn’t often seen when these sounds collide. No Wyld doesn’t give us another mumble record, instead offering up a soulful song with just the right atmosphere you want in a record this time of year.

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