The Chill Dojo #128

chill dojo

It’s been a solid year for collabs already as far as the Dojo is concerned, and this week a combination of French beatmakers add their stock to the list in a big way. Today marks the release of the Almeria LP from EVERYDAYZ and Phazz, and the title track is the perfect mix of slick groove and punchy chords to make their statement heard loud and clear. An all-round smooth number that glides seamlessly through orchestration and jazzy breakdowns alike. While we’re talking big releases, it would be remiss of us not to once again highlight the unmissable Galaxies Between Us album from the master of future funk, Kill Paris. He may be messing around with an array of new flavors lately, but one listen will tell you this is undeniably the product of the Kill Paris kitchen. Cooking up everything from the irresistibly dancey ‘Gonna Get High’ to the almighty roar of the ‘Tropical Dinosaur’, he even manages to put together an ‘Interlude’ that we consider a legitimate tune.

A little more unorthodox method of releasing music took place at Coachella last week, as a handful of USBs went soaring into the crowd containing this gem from Kygo and Dillon Francis. Together with the vocals of James Hersey, all three musical influences come together here in wonderful harmony for the ultimate slice of chillout music at its very best. It won’t be the only thing taking listeners by surprise in this edition though, as next up is an unconventional blend of Manilla Killa and The M Machine in this remix of ‘Don’t Speak’. Though seemingly coming from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, the contrast between bubbly tropical vibes and gritty electronic beat is as intriguing as it is catchy. It certainly had our attention earlier in the week, and is definitely a unique addition to playlist #128.

Just one of many eclectic ingredients in this giant melting pot of mellow delights. Peace out.

Everydayz & Phazz
Kill Paris
Gonna Get High
Kill Paris
Summer Daze
Kill Paris
Kill Paris
Tropical Dinosaur
Kygo & Dillon Francis Feat. James Hersey
Coming Over (Original Mix)
The M Machine
Dont Speak (Manila Killa Remix)
Will Smith
Miami (Matoma Remix)
Maison & Dragen
Turn Around 2015
Jupiter Project & Jetski Safari
With You feat. Helen Corry (ALMOND Remix)
Sleepy Crusader
Duke Dumont
Need U (100%) (James Laurence Bootleg)
Ferdinand Weber
Jamie xx
Loud Places (feat. Romy) (Eekkoo Edit)
Austin Basham
All Is Well (Glastrophobie Remix)
Wonderful Humans
Just What I Needed (Mountain Of Youth Remix)
When Youre Around
mi ka
✈ clouds
Cheeky Charmander
Everyday Struggle
Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)
Tom Misch
Dawsons Heights
Far Away feat. Josh Roa
SOS Band
High Hopes (Harrison Edit)
Bryson Tiller
Dont(esta Remix)
Sango & SPZRKT
HowDoYouLoveMe(esta remix Ft. Towkio)
Helios Feat. Wayne Snow (Bondax Remix)
Gas Pedal
All Hands On Deck(Smoko Ono Remix)
BOARCROK X Cosmic Quest
Gosh Pith
Smoke Bellow (Jonah Baseball Remix)
20syl & Monsoonsiren
All You Need
J Louis
Ice Tea
TheeReal & 22Rains
i just want to know you (raava remix)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Original)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Kölsch Remix)
Monkey Safari
Cranes (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
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[Hip-Hop] KR – Play My Shit (Prod. by PYRMDPLAZA)

Play My Shit (Prod. by PYRMDPLAZA)

So KR linked up with PYRMDPLAZA for a track that is one of the best Electronic and Hip-Hop collaborations we have heard. “Play My Shit” is a record that transcends genre and delivers a high energy, yet relaxing type of sound. The original track “Glassss” was released on Soulection, White Label: 011 by PYRMDPLAZA. Once the LA native grabbed a hold of the beat he poured his heart and soul on it. It’s rare now a days to find rappers who can deliver such highly emotional content but KR continues to supply only the best. With Trap percussions, eccentric vocal chops and impeccable flow you are going to find this one hard to stay away from. 

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 143)


Ninjas! It’s that time of the week again. We highly encourage you to pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite adult beverage, crank up the volume, press play, and start boogying.


White Lies
Odesza (VYGR Remix)
Get You Alone Feat. Jeremih (Primat Remix)
Milo Mills
bad bitches by the pool
Dont Tell Em (Kasbo Remix) Ft. YG
America (Young Bombs Remix)
Karma Ft. Michele Wylen (Durkin Remix)
Revolution (Gylzey Remix)
You Kno
Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)
Big Freedia
Ol Lady (Lazerdisk Remix)
5 & A Dime
Wild (Original Mix)
Yogi ft. Pusha T
Burial (Skrillex & TrollPhace Remix) (G Buck Edit)
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[Groove] Phony Ppl – End Of The Night (Louis Futon Remix)

Phony Ppl
End Of The Night (Louis Futon Remix) [Free Download]

Even though this track dropped a week ago, and we featured it on our Friday Party Playlist, we felt the urge to give it a moment in the limelight with a full write up.

Those of you who’ve been following us for some time know that we’re all about what this Philly-based producer puts out, and this remix of “End the Night” is no different. This time around, Louis Futon has taken a step back from his future-rich sounds to dial up a groovy tune, rich with classic instrumentation of his own and plenty of elements from the original production.

While we still have another Party Playlist coming out later today, nothing says “Friday,” more than this tune. Press play and get ready for the weekend.

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Bart B More – Share Your Love [PREMIERE + Q&A]

Sat Nam Part Two
Bart B More
Share Your Love (Original Mix)

Bart B More is back with another EP, just one month after he released his Sam Nat Part One EP, and the first track is coming at you today. If you’re a long-time fan of this Netherlands-based producer/DJ, you know full and well he crafts sounds veiled in multiple different genres. Today’s release comes from the upcoming Sat Nam Part Two EP (coming April 20th), and it showcases the aforementioned much as ever. “Share Your Love,” boasts a laid-back, chilled electro sounds perfect to help you ease into your weekend.

We caught up with Mr. More to get some insight into this new tune and the rest of the EP. Check out what he had to say below:

TMN: Thanks for taking a moment to answer a few questions. First up, let’s talk about the track we’re premiering today, “Share Your Love.” It’s a bit of a departure from what people are used to. Can you talk to us about that a little bit?

BBM: It’s my pleasure, thank you guys for giving me the chance to premiere my new music! About ‘Share Your Love’ I can see how, from the outside, it might look as if it’s a bit of a departure from my usual sound. But the thing is I’ve always enjoyed making all kinds of different music, or different ‘genres’ if you will. What’s changed now is that I’ve finally gathered some courage to release it, even though it will probably confuse people. This is what my ‘SAT NAM’ project and my forthcoming LP is all about; breaking the barriers of sticking to one genre or sound just because it’s easier to package and brand, going ahead and really showing the other facets of myself as an artist.
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 4/16 – 4/18


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

Note: This deal is only valid for the Sharam show..

Madeon - April 16
Pay No Mind (ft. Passion Pit)
What So Not - April 17
Tell Me
RL Grime x What So Not
Sharam - April 18
Cedric Gervais Feat. Ali Tamposi
Love Again (Sharam Acid Remix)
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[Indie] Wales – Lose My Mind

Lose My Mind

We always love when we come across artists who are making their debut in to the music world. What better way to start off your career than with a song that comes from the bottom of your heart? New York composer/writer/producer, Samuel Aaron Bennett, otherwise known as Wales, makes his way on to our music feed with his debut track, ‘Lose My Mind’. This mid-tempo, emotional Indie esque record highlights Bennett’s musical background as a composer in which the young artist adds glorifying orchestral elements that exude a peaceful ambience and tranquil vibe. ‘Lose My Mind’ will undeniably make you want to grab your keys, roll down your car windows, and drive off toward a destination-less place of pure euphoria. Let your skin feel the breeze while you open up your senses to the wonders of Wales and his emotive resonance. Make sure to grab a sweater because it might get a little chilly deep inside your mind.

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