[TMN Exclusive Interview] Autre Ne Veute Riffs on His New Album, Watered Down Tequila & Shapeshifting

Autre Ne Veut
World War Pt. 2

Arthur Ashin, who has grown much more readily recognizable as his Autre Ne Veut stage moniker over the years, has been one of our most looked-to tastemaking artists since his excellent Anxiety LP in 2013 and sterling catalog as a whole, which dips its toes into experimental R&B, soul, pop, rock and more. Most recently, Ashin’s latest single “Panic Room” stirred up something darkly beautiful within us once again and the busy artist has also been making the press rounds on behalf of the latest Autre Ne Veut full-length, Age of Transparency, which is getting set for an October 2 release via Downtown, along with an accompanying U.S. tour. We wanted a deeper look into one of the most enigmatic and creative minds within any capacity of music, and got to catch up with Arthur for quite the random interview. Be on the lookout for a show near you in the coming months, and in the mean time, read our full interview with Autre Ne Veut below.

The Music Ninja: You’re getting ready to release Age of Transparency, your third proper full-length after both your excellent self-titled debut in 2010 and of course the highly praised Anxiety in 2013. We’ve gotten a few tastes of AoT with “World War Pt. 2″, its jazz-tinged counterpart, and “Panic Room”, but wanted a little more insight as to what sets Age of Transparency apart from your other works including the Body EP. You were dealing with some rather heavy emotional stuff around Anxiety, what was your headspace like on your latest LP?

Autre Ne Veut: It is more naturalistic in tone.  There are more nods to 70s Rod Stewart, ECM style jazz recordings, Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Ornette Coleman, Astral Weeks than there were on Anxiety.  Spiritually, it feels a bit more related to the self titled album than Anxiety, or rather like a hyped up improvement or something.  Still laden with self doubt and anxiety, but I try to tackle it from a bit more of a remove at times.  That said, the vocal sound on AoT leans in even more than on Anxiety, it is dryer, more present, more tactile.

TMN: If we’re not mistaken, at one point you made a living as a jingle-writer. Not many people are aware of this fact, but do you think any of that job has seeped into Autre Ne Veut and added a bit of added accessibility to your sound whether it be a conscious move or not?

Finish the rest of the full transcript for our Autre Ne Veut interview after the jump!

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James Vincent McMorrow Discusses “How to Waste a Moment,” Remixers, and Breakfast in America [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


There shouldn’t be any doubt in any of our reader’s minds with regards to our unwavering affinity for Mr. James Vincent McMorrow, or JVM, as so many of you lovingly call him. Dating all the way back to April of 2011, we’ve been enamored with his unique, intoxicating, and highly addictive vocal tone and style, continually waiting for each and every new release.

After seeing JVM a few times in different cities across the states, we were finally able to catch up with him and have a quick chat about his marathon of touring, the upcoming album, and, of course, breakfast food in America.

TMN: Hey James. Thanks for sitting down with us tonight. Is this your first time in the Mile High City?

JVM: Yeah. Is that what you call it? Mile High City?

TMN: Yep. We’re 5,280 feet above sea level. You just performed at Mishawaka, which we’ve somehow never been to. How was your experience up there?

JVM: Yeah. Saw a Bear. Played by a roaring river. It was cool…it’s a strange little V. It’s a narrow strip of land because you have the river here, and the road here (gesturing with his hands), and you have this little bar there. Beautiful bar, actually – really good food and nice people. It felt a little bit like playing in Austin, at Stubbs…if you’ve ever been there. Outdoor. Dirt floor. Rickety stage. It was really atmospheric. Once it got dark, it was real cool.

This is the fun period. We’ve done 150 shows since the last record came out. This is the end of the cycle. It wasn’t ever on my bucket list, to play the Mishawaka, but it really cool. It was a co-bill with a band called Dawes, which we don’t overlap crowds a whole lot. My crowd is very different from their crowd. So, that means there’s a lot of people there that are like – “impress me.” Which, I love. It’s cool.

TMN: Over the past few years, you’ve done quite a bit of touring through the states. We’ve had the pleasure of catching you at Coachella and in New York. What have some of your highlights been?

JVM: My highlights are like – in the last two years – playing two nights in the Sydney Opera House. That’s just not something I ever expected to happen. It’s such an iconic place. Selling out two nights there was a real moment for me – a real marker – to a level we had never been before. We had done shows in Australia in January for like 700 people, and we were like “we’ll be back.” Then we came back and sell it (Sydney Opera House) out in super quick time.

Coachella was cool, even though it was a stressful tour to me. That tour was amazing because we sold everything out. Even though crazy stuff was was happening to us logistically, every show was amazing. It was so much fun. It felt like the 70’s or something – shit would go wrong and we couldn’t fix it, so we would just have to roll with it. That whole tour was a whole moment.

There’s a festival in Ireland called Electric Picnic, and we headlined on Saturday night. That was really special for me, because that’s a big festival for an Irish person.

Those are the ones that jump out to me.

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Dear David – Hypnotized (Chase Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Dear David
Hypnotized (Chase Remix)

Are you constantly pining over that epic party that carried from Saturday night, well into Sunday morning? Maybe you’re having a tough time sitting in your cubicle with those thoughts? Do you just want to say “screw it,” and head back to the party? Well, while we certainly don’t encourage you to up and quit your job, we do have something that will help keep those weekend party vibes up and running.

Taking a crack at the recently released, uber-funky “Hypnotized,” from Dear David, this newly-formed, Stockholm-based duo have channeled the cool vibes of their hometown club circuit. While the 70’s inspired disco elements are left behind in this interpretation, Chase pays an artful homage to the original through meticulously placed vocal samples.

The end result is a deliciously drum-centric remix, which will leave listeners unable to stop moving their hips, tapping their feet, and nodding their heads to the rhythmic tribal vibes. And that’s all before the bassline drops in, which will only further the uncontrollable need to dance.

This tune can be found in the official remix EP, dropping October 4th via ICON music. We highly suggest you set a calendar notification to remind yourself.

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The Chill Dojo #151

chill dojo

Get your week started with a smile as veteran producer 813 dishes out a burst of happiness in the form of ‘Walking’. It’s bright, it’s cheesy, but when you hear that whistle lead, you’ll know it’s just what you need to turn those Monday blues upside down. With a flash of jazz and a whole lot of fun, this one’s a good reminder that life doesn’t need to be so serious all the time. Turning to the more traditional form of chill music now, Brisbane group If I Had Antlers deliver the delightful electronic original ‘Fresh Water’. It’s every bit as refreshing as its title, layered with mellow atmosphere and beautiful vocal splices that offer that drifting sensation we look for week in, week out.

When a group of artists get together for a creative session, you know only good things can come out of it. We certainly weren’t expecting a cover of ‘Trap Queen’, but BLANKTS, Tulpa, Teddy & Tive have cooked up something special that completely flips the script on what we thought possible with the original. Basenji continues his string of vocal hits on his Trackpad EP and ahead of his upcoming tour of the same name. This week he revealed ‘About You’, a more soulful approach combining with the velvety voice of Oscar Key Sung. While remaining fairly downtempo for most of the journey, it just wouldn’t be trademark Basenji without an epic bass-filled climax to send it off. From one emotional ride to the next, Maxo works his chord-slaying magic over the incredible Danika Harris for a sweet jam that will wrap up this week’s proceedings in perfect fashion. Peace out.

If I Had Antlers
Fresh Water
Trap Queen
BLANKTS, Tülpa, Teddy & Tive
About You (Feat. Oscar Key Sung)
Better feat. Danika Harrod
Told You (Feat. Ookay)
Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas
From Grace
Like You (Girl) ft. Floria
To U
Prince Fox
Wait Until Tomorrow V.I.P.
Mark Arkinson
cya next time!
Make Me Feel
Not Over
The Cure
Boys Dont Cry (Sailors Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (La Felix Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Mattanoll Remix)
Sam Padrul
Why Do I Do Ft. Jason Gaffner (Bolivard Remix)
Karma Fields
Breathe Slow
Feel Good (Its Alright) feat. Karen Harding (Ferdinand Weber & Fabich Remix)
Nigel Good
No Way Back Up (feat. Illuminor)
Jungle (Chrome Sparks Remix)
Like An Animal
Whilk & Misky
Clap Your Hands (Addal Edit)
Weight In Gold (Zimmer Remix)
Jon Bonus x Kid Astronaut
The One (Original Mix)
Lights (Bakermat Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth
Afterglow (Celadon City Edit)
Sunshine Song VIP
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TomorrowWorld TMN Playlist #2 – Justin Jay [EXCLUSIVE]


Well, TomorrowWorld is officially underway, as of today, and a good lot of you are gearing up for three days of dance music heaven. We’re admittedly jealous, considering we’ll be in our respective states, probably just getting caught up on Narcos. Netflix and chilling aside, we have another piece in our TommorrowWorld playlist series, coming from former Resident Artist Justin Jay.

For those of you who are heading to the festival, this playlist should provide ample vibes for your pre-party shenanigans. For those of you who won’t be attending, this is still perfect to carry you through your work week and into the weekend.

If you find yourself in the company of the former, make sure to catch Mr. Jay on the Pete Tong stage, Saturday, from 4:00PM-5:30PM. You won’t be disappointed.

Justin Jay
Storm Ft. Chris Lorenzo
Earthenware (Snippet)
A2 Loz Goddard
It Will Come To Me (Fouk Remix)
Mad Rey
Quartier Sex
01 The Maghreban Wonder Woman Wonder Woman EP VER103 Preview
Cheer Up, My Brother
Ben Watt
Lone Cat (Holding On) (Justin Martin Remix)
B2 Loz Goddard
Move It On
Justin Jay
Hit It
DJ Deeon
Freak Like Me (Out now on Numbers)
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 9/24 – 9/27


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over two years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)
– The deal is valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

See you on the dance floor.

Benny Benassi - 9/24

Benny Benassi & Marc Benjamin ft Christian Burns
Who I Am
Vanic - 9/25
Major Lazer
Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic remix)
Superstar Saturdays - 9/26
Katy Perry
Unconditionally (Manufactured Superstars Remix)
Nicole Moudaber - 9/27
Too Strong (Nicole Moudaber Remix)
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[Dreamy] Keep Shelly In Athens – Benighted (Different Sleep Remix)

Different Sleep
Keep Shelly In Athens ~ Benighted (Different Sleep Remix)

This Different Sleep remix might just be the coolest thing we’ve heard today. The Chicago-based producer put his own spin on his Friends of Friends label-mate’s track “Benighted”, and turned it into this breathtaking downtempo tune. Different Sleep combines a light bassline with Keep Shelly in Athens‘ chill-out elements and sustained vocals, resulting in five minutes of dreamy adventure. A series of synth stabs and piano licks elevate the track with a majestic effect, yet remaining a mysterious vibe. We became a fan soon after the very first listen. Whether you’re listening to this when you’re sleeping, driving or doing work, this gem definitely serves its purpose.

Different Sleep is supporting Keep Shelly in Athens for their North American tour this fall, so don’t miss out if you want to catch these talented individuals!

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