[Future] SoDown & Moontricks – With You (feat. Carly Lynn)

With You
SoDown & Moontricks (feat. Carly Lynn)

Since it’s origin the future beat genre has quickly spread into all types of music. At the same time I think we’ve seen less artists embrace that og future beat style and pick up on the original idea to move it forward. But I just came across this new song, “With You” where SoDown and Moontricks throw down what’s now an almost classic electronic sound. The breakdown is a highlight and might remind you of an early Odezza. At the same time they bring in Carly Lynn, who’s modern vocal style takes “With You” to another level and gives it a very forward-thinking sound.

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[Electronic] Mayten – Hive

'Hive' (DR004)

“Hive” is a unique single that has come through the Dance and Rave pipeline from Mayten. Music is supposed to move an individual and that’s what we get here with a record that seems to come alive itself.

Mayten rains down a lush array of melodies through clean synth work. Despite it’s strong house elements and percussion, “Hive” almost feels as though it’s an ambient record, building a soundscape that feels as though it is encompassing you. It makes for an intriguing listen that you can put on repeat without losing steam for some time. Mayten’s minimal treat is just the right kind of record you want for your Fall playlists, so make sure to grab a copy from Beatport if you want it in your library.

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[Indie/Electronic] Madnap – Honey (feat. Sophie Meiers)

Honey (feat. Sophie Meiers)

Madnap‘s latest release “Honey” is just as sweet as you’d imagine. Created with the help of vocalist Sophie Meiers, “Honey” is an indie dance crossover jam that will sooth your soul instantly.

The push for the future pop sound has exploded over the past couple of years with so many producers looking to dial in on the sound, but not all do it as well as Madnap, especially here. “Honey” really nails it, but not only because it implements the style so well, but because it isn’t so strict within the sub-genre. Madnap made it his own in a big way, which is the key to making a great record no matter the style. “Honey” is a must have, so get your copy from digital platforms today.

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[Music Video] Stafford Brothers- Love Cliche

The Stafford Brothers really went wild with their latest music video. The song “Love Cliche” sees them back in action after holding out a bit from releases. They’ve come back in full force bringing with them an homage to 1983’s Flashdance.

“Love Cliche” as a song is a poppy crossover tune that sees the duo going away from some of the bigger party style sounds they’ve pushed in the past. With the video, we get the usual craziness that the Stafford Brothers have utilized in the past. They keep things light and funny, drawing directly from the aforementioned film. Check out the video below and enjoy the wicked dance moves.

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[Electronic] JETSET – Mayday EP

When JETSET was releasing singles over the last month, I thought I had the direction of the EP pinned down. To my surprise, JETSET went a very different way, accenting his previously released singles with unique instrumentals that are more orchestral than electronic.

Mayday has been released as a group of free downloads. His heavier tracks like “Bloke Patrol” and “Sawed Off” are the real party starters, with dirty basses that will blow any crowd away. Throughout the EP JETSET adds in instrumentation that is more like something you’d hear from a composer, showing off songwriting abilities that go beyond many producers. To cap off the EP, he mixes the two styles evenly with “Finale” featuring jvnk. Mayday is a testament to what producers should be doing – creating unique works of art instead of just doing what other people are doing.

’Walking Backwards’
’Rain (feat. osotyt)’
’Bloke Patrole’
’Abyss (The Heavens)’
’Sawed Off’
’Finale (feat. JVNK)’
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[Multi-Genre] Parker – Spark EP

Parker‘s debut EP, Spark, is finally here. Complete with five songs, Spark shows off just some of the sounds that make up Parker. Instead of creating an aimless collection of tracks like many producers do, Parker put together a cohesive, fluid EP that is incredible.

Spark begins with the poppy trap record “Home” featuring Oh Boy that sets the tone nicely for the rest of the project. There’s a little heavy edge so you know you’ll get some more bass in the project, which comes next in full force on the title track. After that “Shy” flips the script with a more heavenly, light sound. The rest of the EP follows suit with a brighter tone that continues through different genres. All in all it’s an amazing EP with our favorite track being “Wild” with Lost Boy. Can you pick a favorite? Let us know in the comments and get your copy of the EP.

’Parker – Home Ft. Oh Boy’
’Parker – Spark’
’Parker – Shy’
’Parker – Wild Ft. Lost Boy’
’Parker – Afterglow Ft. Bianca’
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[Electronic] Autolaser – Naikira


“Naikira” by Autolaser has just come through the bitbird pipeline straight to the internet. This atmospheric gem is just what you need to kick off the week right. Let it whisk you away from the worries of the week that has just begun.

Autolaser put together quite an iconic record with this single. It’s not hard to imagine this one being played in a blockbuster film as it has an immensely powerful and memorable sound. “Naikira” is currently available on digital platforms for those of you who would like to get a copy or add it to your playlist! However, it will also be included on bitbird’s Gouldian Finch 02 compilation that is coming out on October 5th.

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