[Multi-Genre] Brig – Summer Melancholy EP


Russia’s favorite pirate, Brig, has made his return to Daily Earfood with his newest EP, Summer Melancholy. Two months ago, Brig had a few single releases come out, but now his full blown EP is here to shake the end of Summer up.

Now that Summer is coming to a close, this is the perfect time for a project by the name of Summer Melancholy. Despite the second half of its name, the EP boasts a tone that is more in line with the current season. Lighthearted synths blaze a trail through four singles that have Brig pushing a more future bass and 8bit style than his usual heavy sound. With the opening song, we’re instantly met with devouring piano chords then quickly move into a bass-driven single that certainly lives up to the fact that it is the title track. “Extreme” comes next with a burst of energy that makes it one of the best tunes off the project. Both “Kingdom” and “Wake Up” are grand creations, but we feel that the first half of the EP is a tad bit stronger than the second half. All four great singles, so don’t be skipping any. Check them out below and if you would like to grab the EP, you can do so for free!

’Brig – Summer Melancholy’
’Brig – Extreme’
’Brig – Kingdom’
’Brig – Wake Up’
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[House] option4 – The Rise Of The CatLord

The Rise Of The CatLord [NestHQ Premiere]

It’s no mystery that the Mile High City is a huge fan of option4. It’s so overwhelmingly apparent, in fact, that we’ve aptly titled him “The King of Denver Nightlife” in previous posts. His seemingly unwavering presence at any number of the city’s finest clubs each and every night of the week solidifies the fact that he’s a pillar of the community, and now, he’s added another layer into our adoration.

“The Rise Of The Catlord” goes beyond the club-friendly, bouncy, groovy, and downright addictive house we’ve come to know and love from this established artist. This release brings a story to life, one of which takes place in an alternate, Denver-based universe where the Queen City has fallen to the seedy underbelly of crime due to the legalization of marijuana.

My story takes place with a young but promising henchman brutally shot and robbed in broad daylight. A routine money drop for The Safah gone wrong on the bubbling street of Colfax ave.

Weeks before the release, fans were treated to comic book-style teasers that told the CatLord’s tale with clips from his upcoming album and illustrations from his good friend Treasure Fingers. The story, which can be viewed on his tumblr page, is a quick read, especially for those that love Noir fiction. Before you head over to read it, though, make sure you follow option4 on Soundcloud and Facebook to keep tabs on upcoming releases on his album with Sweat it Out / Club Sweat records. It’s already receiving love from heavy hitters like Shiba San, Amtrac, Kidnap Kid, and Treasure Fingers, which means you’ll probably join rank as soon as you lay your ears on it.

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Denyse Tontz – United States Of Anxiety (Mr. Kristopher Remix) [TMN Premiere]

’USAnxiety( Mr Kristopher remix)’

Back in late July, People premiered an original single by Denyse Tontz called “United States Of Anxiety” that really struck a chord with millennial listeners. Today, we’re happy to present to you a premiere of Mr. Kristopher‘s take on the single, which will be a part of a full remix EP that is coming soon.

Mr. Kristopher stayed true to the original’s groovy vibe, but he turned up the bassline with a bit more energy, as well as a darker tone. He pays homage to the old-school electro sound that paved the way for a lot of producers. He manages to keep things fresh, despite taking a bit more of a traditional approach to this remix. The result payed off, as it is a song that both electronic fans will enjoy, as well as fans of the original who may not be entirely into the dance music scene. Mr. Kristopher’s accessible creation is a great song that plays off the actual process of anxiety that many individuals feel. Check out the single today, as well as the exclusive free download for his remix of “Sweet Dreams” below.

’Sweet Dreams (Mr. Kristopher Remix)(Club Edit)’
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Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 8]


We are smack in the middle of festival season, and the anticipation continues to build as we keep looking back at those insane lineups and the final phase announcements. We can only imagine how incredible festivals like Sun City Music Fest, Electric Zoo, The Meadows, and Something Wicked and way too many more to name are going to be. With those incredible lineups comes brand new releases from the attending artists, teasing us with music that we know is going to blow us away when we see them perform live. So, this week we curated a playlist to exposé some of those fresh releases to get that festival adrenaline kicking.

’Pirupa – Sunday Morning – Skream Remix
’Frank Pierce – Frozen (feat. Emily Bonabon)’
’Can’t Hold Me Down (ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls)’
’DUCKY – Don’t Look Down’
’EMBRZ – Silent X Space Plus One Mashup’
’BLU J x Indiginis – Hallucinating ft. Molly Moore’
’Borgeous & Landis – Higher’
’graves & Team EZY – Sheep with Wolves’
’Party Favor – Whole Lotta Money (feat. Rich The Kid)’
’Huntar – 4AM (k?d Remix)’
’MJR LZR – 2 Original (Murphy Remix)’
’Stanton Warriors & AC Slater – Dig Deeper(Stranger Remix)’
’The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer (Two Friends x Class & Clowns Remix)’
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Benny Benassi on Danceaholics, “Cinema,” and Staying Healthy on Tour [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Benny Paradise Press Shot

TMN: Hey Benny! First off – thank you for being a part of our Residency program. It’s an honor to have a legend like you onboard. Let’s kick things off by talking about Danceaholic, which is currently smashing up the charts. Talk to us about how you approached this project as a whole.

BB: I’m very fond of the instrumental track “Danceaholic” which lends its name to the whole album because it takes me back to my roots and projects me forwards at the same time.
The album is a bigger project of course. It’s a mixture of tracks that were already released and brand new material, so it’s a kind of a bridge between the last four or five years and where I’m going!

TMN: You have an eclectic group of artists with you on the album, including singer/songwriter legends like Chris Brown and John Legend, as well as a nice collection of other producers. How did you go about selecting who you wanted to work with?

BB: I work first and foremost collaborate with my cousin Alle Benassi. He’s my musician and producer. But I really love working with different collaborators. Chris Brown is such a great artist. Everything he sings just comes to life and is amazing. Since working together on “Beautiful People” we have an artistic relationship and always feel free to send ideas to each other, that’s how ‘Paradise’ came about.
 As for John Legend I met him through a mutual friend of Alle and I, Jean Baptiste, in LA, who was working with John at the time, then we performed together at Coachella and we just knew we’d collaborate on the new album.

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[Electronic] Chet Porter ft. Chelsea Cutler – Stay

Chet Porter - Stay

Anytime a new artist joins the Foreign Family Collective roster, we simply cannot contain our excitement. The new addition is none other than Chet Porter, the Canadian producer who we sat down with a while back to talk about the upbringing of his sound following his release of “Awakening”. Chet teamed up with singer Chelsea Cutler for “Stay”, the 11th installment by the collective behind duo Odesza. Incorporating a mellow and joyous melody with Chelsea’s dreamy vocals, Chet manages to create another unconventional track that utilizes the style of storytelling. The buildup leads to synth bursts that create an ecstatic vibe that resembles the sound of Porter Robinson. It’s definitely a potential anthem everyone could get familiar with.

Joining the likes of Jai Wolf, RÜFÜS DU SOL and Big Wild, Chet Porter deservedly belongs in the FFC fam. Make sure to catch him at a show near you as he’s going on a North American tour in fall. Trust us – you don’t want to miss out on one of the biggest up and coming artists of 2016. Peep the tour dates below and you can get tickets here!


Chet Porter
Stay (feat. Chelsea Cutler)
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Future Generations – Stars (PillowTalk Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Future Generations
Stars (PillowTalk Remix)

When we premiered “Stars” from New York-based Future Generations, we were already looking forward, past its release, to the inevitable remixes to follow. With a highly engaging piano melody, upbeat percussion, and memorable vocals, we knew that stellar interpretations would be coming down the pike, and we were right.

Just as we did with the original, we’re back with a first look and listen to this stellar flip from San Fran-based PillowTalk. Rife with laidback, summertime vibes, it boasts a groovy-as-hell bassline, island-style percussion, and a playful guitar riff, everything comes together in a perfect addition to your warm-weather playlist.

So, fire up the grill, pick up a sixer of your favorite craft brew, and get ready to jam out.

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