[Funk] ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron – Tuesday (Remix)

ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron

Are you currently absolutely killing it? Are things going so well that you just can’t even? Did your crush recently hit you up to hang out? Did you just win $100 on a scratcher? Are you experiencing some sort of deliriously happy moment right now? If you answered yes to any of those things, get ready to take it in to overdrive with this remix from Norweigan producer, Coucheron.

Flipping the script on the 808-heavy original, this remix of “Tuesday” has a soulful groove twisted around some expertly sampled vocals. Utilizing the ethereal synths from the background in the original, Coucheron flawlessly brings this back full circle, while giving it a whole new look and feel. Those rolling snare hits, booming kicks, and funky-ass bassline take this tune into a danceable tempo, creating smile-inducing grooves worthy of your current “I’m in the best mood ever” vibes.

If you’re opting to avoid a hangover tomorrow at work by not going to the club on a Tuesday, feel free to re-work the lyrics. We suggest, “I’m comin’ up on a Tuesday,” or “Fillin’ up my cup on a Tuesday.” In fact, if you want to lighten the mood on that influenza, you could belt out “I’m throwin’ up on a Tuesday.” If you pull that last one off, please record it, as you will be an absolute legend in our books.

Keep on smilin’, ninjas.

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[Deep/Tech-House] option4 – You’re ILL

You're ILL

Denver based dance architect option4 has been on what we like to call around the music industry a “tear” as of late; with releases on iconic labels like Australian based Sweat it Out!, Diplo’s Mad Decent and an EP on one of house music’s most revered imprints, NYC’s Nurvous Records all within the last 12 months. So when we heard he was touching back down on the digital label he founded (and one we’ve been keeping up on), Night Supply, to release this latest slice of hooky underground house, “You’re ILL”, well we were just smitten. Featuring one of the best plucked samples we’ve had the pleasure of consuming this year, “You’re ILL”  riffs The Pack’s breakout hit “Vans” like many others have tried, but prevails mightily over them all.  That aurally addictive vocal of “Got My Vans On..” rides front and center over a versant melody most of the Dirtybird crew would covet, instilling equal parts classic jack and hip-hop infused soul. It really has been a pleasure witnessing option4′s star shine brighter with every passing release as we’ve been covering his ethos branded take of “More House than Tech, More Deep than Disco” since its inception. Stream option4′s “You’re ILL” above, and let’s bring it back to the club just like he did.

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[NEW] RL Grime – Kingpin (feat. Big Sean)

Kingpin (feat. Big Sean)
RL Grime

RL Grime‘s highly anticipated debut album, Void, is out next week and, if the releases thus far are any indication, it is looking like a massive project. Today, we get the Big Sean-featuring “Kingpin,” yet another strong release that stands in contrast with the laid-back “Remember” and festival bangers “Scylla” and “Core.”  RL Grime’s production style shines on this one with trapped-out production accompanied by a swooning hindi vocal sample–the perfect backdrop for Big Sean’s punchline heavy lyricism. This is the type of song perfect to slap in the car at high volume, preferably in a residential neighborhood. Void drops November 17th and can be pre-ordered here.

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[Hip-Hop] Rome Fortune – Pure (prod. Jacques Greene)

Rome Fortune
Pure (prod by Jacques Greene)

The fusion of hip-hop and electronic music has been an on-going experiment since the rise of EDM that has proven potent when executed correctly. Of the many forward-thinking emcees with electronic beat selection, Atlanta’s Rome Fortune stands out as an exceptionally original example. His debut mixtape, Small VVorld, saw him maneuvering effortlessly over uncharted experimental soundscapes from the likes of Four Tet and Bassnectar.

Fortune’s latest release is yet another display of his versatility as he delivers a particularly personal song over an ethereal, lush instrumental from Montreal-native Jacques Greene. “Pure” sees Rome Fortune venting about disingenuous relationships and ulterior motives but also finding the strength to shake it off with the chorus, “I ain’t mad at all, but why can’t I find something pure? For once in my life.” Enjoy this powerful track, and grab a free download, above.

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[Synth-Pop] Fantastic Fantastic – The Night [TMN Premiere]

Fantastic Fantastic
The Night

Fantastic Fantastic may be a relatively unknown entity at the moment; but their lush, crepuscular take on synth driven pop melodies carries a maturity far beyond what their now modest catalog of releases would suggest. Comprised of Kris & Micke, the London based duo’s latest single “The Night” bends a poppy, upbeat vocal inflection around a sea of modulated synthesizer -no doubt pulled from their envious Antonelli MIDI- that Kavinsky may even  be a little green over; fostering a welcome contrast between Fantastic Fantastic’s vocal and instrumentation. While “The Night” may only be the pair’s third single under the Fantastic Fantastic moniker, it’s clear their chemistry shines through a developed production sense already more so than some of the “synth-pop persuasion’s” most notable acts, and we were chomping at the bit to premiere this one today; which also just so happens to coincide quite serendipitously with the arctic chill that has swept through this writer’s hometown of Denver. We’ll surely keep our wonderful TMN readership updated as the Globally tinged duo glides seamlessly over decades and borders as their bio would suggest, but for now, stream Fantastic Fantastic’s “The Night” above before anyone else has the chance.

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ELEL_40Watt_JackLNDN_1500_40 watt jacklndn

We may have an arctic blast draped across the fine city of Denver, Colorado, but as far as our ears are concerned, it’s bright, warm and sunny. Those damn snowflakes can’t bring us down. No sir. JACKLNDN is making sure of that with his delicious trop-house take on Nashville outfit ELEL’s tune “40 Watt.”

The original tune stole our hearts with it’s refined lo-fi sounds, giving us hazy vocals laid over booming percussion work which served as the backbone for the glitchy, and at times manic soundscape. Gone are the fluttering Disney-esque synths which provided that hipster whimsy that made us simply beam, and in their place are a xylophone-style melody that has us nodding our heads in approval. The two, in contrast, are very different, yet the remix brings a persona of its own, while still properly paying homage to the original.

With some expertly sampled vocals, London-based JACKLNDN has once again showed us why he gets called upon to dial up tasty house remixes of already solid tunes. Make sure to follow him on Soundcloud so you can keep up with future releases like this one.

40 Watt (jackLNDN Remix)
40 Watt
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There’s really nothing to prepare oneself for winter’s icy grip. The chilling winds, the piling snow, and the frost covered branches will be a mainstay for the next few months. While the dark and dreary may make you cringe, DEATHS are embracing it with their second release, “Sold”.

Following up on their successful debut release, “Lonewolves,” which garnered a top spot in the Hype Machine’s popular charts, this Berlin-based act is having us premier not only this single, but the music video as well. Once again, we find ourselves in a haunting soundscape, floating along a delicate, minimalistic drumbeat. The monastery style vocals echo throughout, flirting with dark, woeful guitar riffs and light plucks of a harp, creating feelings of sorrow and abandonment.

The music video embodies these deep, introspective desertion, as we wander through city void of human interaction. Consistently focusing on the element of light throughout the video, we can only guess that the vision was to display the possibility of humanity, without every really experiencing it. While it is dreadful to think about, the video does evoke a very raw and real set of emotions, which we applaud.

At the start of next year, DEATHS will be giving away a very limited run of ltd ed. LONEWOLVES/SOLD vinyls to some of their lucky fans. Head over to their website and sign up for their mailing list to enter for a chance to win one. Not only will it be a tremendous keepsake, but we’re damn certain these tracks will sound wonderful on vinyl.

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