Findlay – Wolfback (Lostboy Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

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Wolfback (Lostboy Remix)

As a music blogger, we hear dozens of new songs each day, meticulously sifting through hundreds of pieces of communications that come in each 24-hour period. We’re not going to sugarcoat it, we hear a lot of the same sounds and styles being used, over and over again. Today brings one of those tunes that stands out with a unique identity, as we premiere the first official offering from London-based Lostboy.

Taking a crack at “Wolfback,” from fellow Londoner Findlay, Pete Rycroft (Lostboy) has dialed up one hell of an interpretation. The vocal sampling stands out as a shining star of this remix, using both hums to provide a haunting soundscape, and quick, interspersed chops to serve as an addition to the percussion. The bassline should also be noted, showcasing an aggressive nature that almost reminds us of Tchami or Oliver Heldens, only less commercial.

Rycroft’s background as a classically trained pianist and producer for leading house DJs across Europe are apparent throughout, which end up giving listeners a massive, toothy grin for the full 3:13 ride.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2015 Round #2)


Songs are merely a tiny speck in the universe we call the internet. Sometimes no matter how bright they shine, they may be hard to find. But, no need to fret. Think of us as ninjas with a telescope. We here to paint the starry night just for you.

Hold On
The Indien
The More You Try
Boy Scout
Get Me By
Of Embla
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[Chill] Illenium – I’ll Be Your Reason

I'll Be Your Reason

Denver-based producer Illenium has made a name for himself on Soundcloud over the last year or so as a leader in the sub-genre of EDM that’s been dubbed “future bass.” Although it’s become a rather overcrowded space, Illenium has distinguished himself with a marked versatility and diversity in sounds earning himself a release on Skrillex‘s Nest HQ.

Departing from his typical production style, “I’ll Be Your Reason” displays exactly what it is that makes Illenium stand out. Rather than go for a trend or generic production style, the San Francisco native teams up with Irish singer/songwriter Eden to create an atmospheric, chilled-out production. Even with its somber undertones, the track still breaks into a chorus reflective of Illenium’s style making for an interesting juxtaposition that pairs relaxing melodies and downtempo vocals with heavier bass elements. If you’ve had a long Monday, this should help you unwind but is equally fitting for a post-work or study drink. Unwind and grab a free download above.

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[NEW] Goldlink – Dance on Me (prod. Milo Mills & Hasta)

Dance On Me

Since his rapid rise in 2014, Goldlink has hit the road playing festivals along with solo dates around the country. His unique brand of quick-hitting raps over dance-influenced production translates amazingly to live performance as we recently experienced at Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington where he had the crowd moving his entire set. Today, we get some much-anticipated new material from the DMV-bred, Rick Rubin-approved artist and it, once again, reasserts the fact that he’s in a lane all his own.

On “Dance on Me,” producers Milo Mills and Hasta craft a soulful intro that’s quickly transformed and chopped to create the perfect uptempo, future bounce backdrop for Goldlink. As agile as ever on the mic, Goldlink creates his own version of a feel-good, summer-fling anthem without losing the punch packed in his cadence. A little past the one-minute mark, the production flawlessly transitions into a slowed-down, breezy vibe over which Link takes a break from his rapid delivery in favor of layered vocals. That interlude adds to the sunny feel of the song all the while displaying Goldlink’s versatility before he rips into his second verse.

“Dance on Me,” which we’re pretty sure we actually heard during his Sasquatch set, seems like the perfect fit for his current tour so look to hear it out at his shows–check his upcoming dates below the jump. We’re always hopeful of new music from Goldlink but, every time he releases something, it proves well worth the wait and this one’s no different. Peep above.  Continue reading

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[Indie/Electronic] Rae Sremmurd – No Type Xavier Dunn Cover (Hitimpulse Remix)

Rae Sremmurd
'No Type' Xavier Dunn Cover (Hitimpulse Remix)

Simply having the Xavier Dunn cover of “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd was not enough. Berlin’s own Hitimpulse jumped on our radar with their remix of the cover, which resulted in something spectacular. In using the cover vocal, Hitimpulse were able to craft a more powerfully engaging remix that does without the urban hip-hop feel. It feels like a brand new song, even after the seemingly infinite amount of “No Type” remixes that have already hit the web. Press play, sit back and enjoy the exquisite production. This remix is being offered up as a free download for anyone looking to add this to their collection.

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Zedd ft. Jon Bellion – Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]
Zedd ft. Jon Bellion
Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix)

Atlanta-based producer/DJ duo Halogen just keeps churning out impressive remixes, and today is no different from what we’ve seen in the past. This time around, these two have dialed up an energetic remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now,” which features vocalist Jon Bellion.

Still progressive in nature, “Beautiful Now” is elevated with bouncier beat that we’ve come to know and love from these two. Vocal samples have been chopped and rearranged in the intro, providing intrigue from the get go. From there, we’re lead through a progression of high octane, soaring synths and a driving piano melody.

For us, we see this as being a dance club-ready interpretation, varying from the anthemic nature of the original. We also could easily see Zedd using this in his set, especially ones at smaller venues where the energy would serve his fans well.

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[Soul] The Internet – Special Affair

The Internet Music
Special Affair

The Internet, an Odd Future-affiliated band spear-headed by Syd and Matt Martian, have continued expanding on their neo-soul, funk-influenced style since first hitting the scene back in 2011. With two studio albums out, The Internet are already a step ahead of similar groups that have been popping up as of late, and the polished sound on their latest single certainly reflects that. Keeping genre boundaries as ambiguous as ever, “Special Affair” contrasts with some of The Internet’s more complex compositions proving a minimalistic tune fueled by a down-tempo, organic bass line and Syd’s silky, seductive vocals. As its name suggest, the track is a lustful and intoxicating ballad that, once again, demonstrates that, with Syd on the mic it’s virtually impossible to falter. On The Fader‘s premiere, Syd talked a bit about stepping out of her comfort zone with this late-night anthem:

I wasn’t sure I was the one who wanted to say those lyrics. With our first two albums, I don’t really say fuck what’s in your phone, let me take you home. It took me being like, so what? I’m 23, this is what I’m supposed to be talking about, this is how I’m supposed to be feeling. Our group is so funny, because people don’t even realize it’s a girl singing about a girl.

Along with “Special Affair,” The Internet’s also announced their upcoming third studio album, Ego Death, which drops June 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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