[Music Video] SOKOL – Russian Doll

“Russian Doll” is the latest single from producer/composer SOKOL. With the cinematic, ethereal single comes a music video that is equally as touching. Together they work to stimulate the senses in a unique way. The song’s calm, but impactful sound is reminiscent in the music video’s character, one that juxtaposes black and white imagery with bursts of color. It’s a project that is more than meets the eye – and ear – so have at this one and pick apart the details. If you’re looking for a copy, “Russian Doll” is available on digital platforms today.

The song is about how people deal with pain and emotions and how we react to them. In a world of instant access and information overload our senses are becoming dull. The only way to re-access one’s emotional state and deal with pain is to turn into oneself.

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[R&B/Soul] JUICY – Cast A Spell EP

The Belgian duo JUICY has released their debut EP Cast A Spell as they attempt to expand their popularity from Europe to the rest of the world. Their iconic retro-infused R&B sound has satisfied the ears of so many in and around their home, but the worldwide appeal is obvious.

JUICY’s Cast A Spell comes in at five tracks deep. These two ladies certainly know how to put together a captivating project as each track embodies a different mood and tone, giving the overall project a lot of depth. They mash together familiar sounds with new twists and turns, keeping things fresh, but in focus. If the duo was looking to actually cast a spell, they succeeded in it taking hold of us.

’Count Our Fingers Twice’
’Die Baby Die’
’Mouldy Beauty’
’Something Is Gone’
’For Hands On Ass’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 291)

We’re going hard this weekend, that’s all there is to it. We’ve got the festival flu – infected with the inescapable urge to get our party on and it just happens to be Friday. As we do every week, we’ve gathered a collection of free downloads to aid in your festivities. Whether you’re getting out in the sun or hunkering down in the oncoming storms in various areas, we’ve got you covered with just the right tracks. From the pre-game to the party to the after party, we’ve got it all. Records from Madnap, MEMBA x Mothica, LMBO, Birthdayy Partyy, TWO OWLS and more will serve you well. We close things out with Sam F’s Walmart Yodel kid remix because we kind of have to include it, as well as benny mayne’s acoustic version of “bounce’ to bring everything to a peaceful close. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe!

’Kill Paris – Red Lights ft. Dotter (Madnap Remix)’
’MEMBA & Mothica – Chasing Light’
’Emmit Fenn – Lost in Space (Restless Modern Remix)’
’LMBO – Dysphoria’
’Shaun Frank – Addicted Feat. Violet Days (Midnight Kids Remix)’
’Birthdayy Partyy X BigSammyZ – Bad Bitches (Original Mix)’
’Pixel Terror & Vice City – Horizon (ft. Matt Kahn)’
’IYFFE – Stalker( Original Mix)’
’Sam F – i e i e o (ft yodeling walmart kid)’
’benny mayne – bounce (acoustic)’
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[Synth-Pop/Experimental] John Maus – Episode

Avant-pop visionary John Maus has lurked around the edges of alternative pop and indie for over a decade. From being Ariel Pink’s roommate at the California Institute of the Arts in ’98, to serving as keyboardist for Pink’s critically lauded Haunted Graffiti band, and performing as touring keyboardist with both Animal Collective and Panda Bear; Maus’ musical credits stretch far beyond most artists operating within the realm of pop.

Maus is getting set to release an already sold-out, career-spanning 6 LP box set on vinyl which includes his latest offering, 2017’s Screen Memories, as well as all three previous studio albums (Songs, Love is Real, We Must Be Come the Pitiless Censors…) and a rarities compilation which will see release later this month. Maus’ latest LP, his sixth full length, Addendum –originally set to be a part of Maus’ forthcoming box set only- will now see a standalone release on May 18th. A collection of B-sides and new tunes, Addendum features 12 additional recordings nestled alongside the tracks that solidified into last year’s excellent Screen Memories LP. Giving us a bit of a taste of things to come on Addendum, Maus has also gifted us with “Episode”, an intoxicating synth-pop movement in which his melodiously vamping vocals float across arpeggiated beats and icy analog synth lines.

Stream “Episode” above, pre-order Addendum here, and check out John Maus’ impending tour dates after the jump.

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[Electronic] OTR – Close feat. Kai Straw

Close ft. Kai Straw

If you’re not already, then you need to get “Close” to the artists OTR and Kai Straw. In the past we’ve been awestruck by their works separately, but now they’ve come together for a massive collaboration.

The chilled out “Close” is dazzling. Kai Straw’s vocal performance is incredible with his hazy textures shimmering atop the magical, R&B tinged instrumental. OTR implements his signature sound, one that soothes the soul with its cerebral nature. “Close” is a record you need and your friends need. Listen, share and repeat.

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[Electronic] Wake the Wild – Body Language

Wake the Wild
Body Language

The three piece electronic band Wake the Wild are readying a new phase in their lives. With it comes their original single “Body Language” that shows off their crossover sound, one that blends retro sounds together with new wave popular styles.

“Body Language” is a poppy hit whose recognizable sound is akin to styles you’d hear in the 70’s and 80’s. It pays homage to those who came before Wake the Wild, while also takes those sounds a step further and infuses them with some more modern textures. This funky, fresh tune is a must listen.

Body Language is about an electric encounter on the dance floor. A lot can be said without words. Embracing our love for retro dance music, we were inspired by artists ranging from Michael Jackson and Mark Morrison to Disclosure and Kaytranada. This song is the start of a chapter for Wake The Wild.
– Wake The Wild

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[Pop] Hoodboi – Tip Of My Tongue (feat. TZAR)

Hoodboi continues his comeback with “Tip Of My Tongue” featuring TZAR. After not releasing music for around a year, Hoodboi’s here with his second single since he’s returned and it’s a doozy. With how good this one is, you won’t be forgetting it or its name anytime soon.

The electronic pop crossover “Tip Of My Tongue” implores several sounds into one nice and neat package. Once delivered to your ears, it melts away the negativity with its smooth, sexy sound. Hoodboi continues to show off different sides to his style, one that is as dynamic as incredible. “Tip Of My Tongue” is just one piece of evidence for that – one that you can add to your digital library today thanks to Fool’s Gold Records.

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