[Electronic] LEMA – King (Radio Edit)

King (Radio Edit)OUT NOW

“King” is the newest single from the Las Vegas producer LEMA. Released on Enhanced Music, this original song is just what you need to take you from Summer into Fall. This melodic treat will be stuck in your head for days to come and quite possibly even longer than that.

LEMA delivered a track that is both listenable in a chill setting, as well as dance-able in a party setting. The mixture of vibes makes it just right for those still trying to live out the end of the current season, while helping others to usher in the laid-back mood of what’s to come. “King” is out now on digital services for those of you who would like to grab a copy of the track.

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Infuze & Team EZY – Tell Me Again feat. FATHERDUDE [TMN Video Premiere]

A unique song stands out above the masses. The more unique, the more it stands out. “Tell Me Again” by Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE is like Shaq in a baby nursery, you can’t miss it. Today we’re the first to share this one-of-a-kind single, as well as its music video in this premiere thanks to Fool’s Gold Records.

“Tell Me Again” doesn’t hold itself to a genre, although some could make the case for future bass given its influence from the more experimental side of the genre. Together Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE cooked up a song that is as spastic as it is amazing. The introduction sets a smooth stage that the drop shatters into oblivion in the best way possible. For the video, the crew keeps it simple by focusing in on a televsion that shifts through simple imagery including its creators. “Tell Me Again” is out now, so grab a copy from digital platforms today.

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[Electro] Howwler – Chapter One. EP

There’s a new act that has come into play that isn’t messing around. Howwler is the mystifying producer who’s debut EP will rock your world. With just two tracks Howwler establishes himself as a person of extreme interest for lovers of bass music.

Chapter One. brings a heavy, midtempo electro sound with each track. What makes this an extraordinary one-two punch is that despite their similar styles, Howwler gives two distinct tracks that weren’t simply thrown together. As with his entire project, there’s vision with each move. It will be interesting to see where things go, but as of now it looks like Howwler has put his best foot forward first. Take a listen to Chapter One. today and grab a copy if you dig what you’re hearing.

’Signs & Wonders’
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[Electronic] Brasstracks – Those Who Know

Those Who Know

“Those Who Know” sees Brasstracks launch a new two-part project. The project will show different sides to Brasstracks’ talents by delivering a multitude of styles. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s focus in on what they just dropped because it’s incredible.

Groovy comes to mind for this one, but then again that can be said for a lot of Brasstracks songs. “Those Who Know” feels completely acoustic and has a vocal performance that is majestic. Ivan of Brasstracks is actually the one singing, making his debut in that arena. It looks as though the duo are pulling out all the stops for this upcoming project, so stay tuned for more. If you’d like to get a copy of the single right now, you may do so on digital platforms.

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[Ghoul Pop] Soul Bandit – A Tribute To Dancing Queen

Soul Bandit
A Tribute To Dancing Queen [Premiered on NEST HQ]

Today we have the newest single by LA-based musician Soul Bandit,”A Tribute To Dancing Queen,” a track made famous by the group ABBA in 1976. Interestingly enough, I had to sing that song for my high school radio show, but I digress.

This release comes two months after her previous single. Today’s offer, “A Tribute To Dancing Queen” is a dark, yet still upbeat, spaced-out take that’s completed by airy, beautiful vocals and well put together production. It should offer up a warm sense of familiarity for electronic and indie music fans.

This is the first time I’ve heard a song by Soul Bandit and I can’t wait to listen to more of her work.

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JETSET – Rain (feat. osotyt) [TMN Premiere]

Rain (feat. osotyt)

Grime isn’t something I listen to on a daily, or even a weekly basis. I can’t even remember the last time I did, but now I’m all about it in the form of “Rain” by JETSET. This free download is just too unique not to love.

JETSET doesn’t take all the glory on this one as he enlisted osotyt to hop on this percussion-heavy beat. Together they pulled off a cool, but brooding single. It feels like the haunted house you just can’t help but going inside. For fans of any sort of electronic music or hip-hop, this is going to be your weekend treat. JETSET and osotyt’s “Rain” is out now, but you heard it here first in this Music Ninja premiere.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 262)

Let the weekend begin, it’s Friday. To kick off the weekend we’ve got you covered with a whole host of free downloads from some of our favorite producers, as well as some new ones we have come across. This week’s free jams come to us from Diamond Pistols, VenessaMichaels, dEVOLVE, TYNAN, Pixel Terror and more. Throughout the playlist we jump between several genres, so there’s something for everyone here. We end things with a heavy song that, although doesn’t jive with our site’s continuous stream format, we just had to share from YOOKiE and Kompany. Stay safe, enjoy the weekend and party on!

’Sia – Chandelier (Hoobs Remix)’
’WOLFE – Through With You’
’Orkid – Lava Planet’
’Diamond Pistols Ft. LX & Reese – Gold Rush (Ideas)’
’RakeItUp (VenessaMichaels Remix)’
’Lunettes Noires x Dev – In The Dark (Bootleg)’
’The Veldt (Patrick Perfetto Remix)’
’Kris Cayden – Stay With Me’
’Skrillex – First of the Year (TYNAN Flip)’
’Gryffin & Illenium – Feel Good (Pixel Terror Remix)’

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