[Future R&B] DiRTY RADiO – Waiting So Long (Beat by: Sam Gellaitry)

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.39.56 PM
Waiting So Long (Beat by: Sam Gellaitry)

This Canadian trio has jumped into the “future beats” scene in an unexpected way. Beginning in September of last year, DiRTY RADiO utilized their singing abilities to create vocal renditions of some of the best up and coming producers currently on SoundCloud, and have done a spectacular job of it thus far. From Flight Facilities to Pomo, these three have harmonized their way to increased success since their inception. Their latest endeavor is supplied with production by the young and talented Sam Gellaitry, and continues their precedent of letting their vocals shine while simultaneously sharing the spotlight with the producer they’ve recorded with. “Waiting So Long” bounces along nicely with DiRTY RADiO‘s group vocal and makes for a fun track to kick off the weekend with, so snag that free download and enjoy your Friday!

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CRUISR – All Over (Bear//Face Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

All Over (Bear//Face Remix)

Part of our philosophy here at TMN is to give every sound a chance. As a pretty diverse blog, not limiting our music selection to a specific genre, we tend to receive a fairly large amount of submissions. But one thing we will promise is every single submission is heard.

As a result of the music assortment we provide, there are many occasions that we find an original track we fall in love with, and not much later we start receiving remix submissions with quite different takes on that same song. Only a few months ago we posted CRUISR’s indie rock piece, “All Over.” Today we bring you Bear//Face’s remix. Taking the original, which emanates nothing but Cali vibes, Bear//Face gives it euphoric, dream-like make-over that puts your ears in a musical nirvana.

If you like what you hear, make sure to catch CRUISR on their tour with X Ambassadors! Check out the tour dates below.

1/14 – New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall
1/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary
3/11 – Covington, KY @ The Madison Theatre*
3/13 – New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa*
3/14 – Little Rock, AR @ Juanita’s*
(* with X Ambassadors)

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[Future House] Rae Sremmurd – No Type (PatrickReza Remix)

Rae Sremmurd
No Type (PatrickReza Remix) (Free Download)

Yes, there was a point in time where we made the call to never post another Rae Sremmurd original or subsequent remix. Since we try to keep thing all sunshine and unicorns with our reviews, we won’t get into the reasoning, but we’re pretty sure you can guess why.

We’ve been long time fans of Patrick Reza, and the only reason why we checked it out is because of that long-time adoration. We’ll be honest, up until the 1:00 minute mark, it was definitely going to be a “no” from us. Then the drop came.

Patrick Reza is trying out some new sounds, and they’re pretty damn impressive. Taking a departure from his usual bass-heavy dubstep style, Reza has crafted a tune that boasts a happy medium between future house, trap, and dubstep at a heart-pounding 128 BPM. This is new look and feel for him and his brand, but he still leaves little breadcrumbs throughout that bring us back to those razor sharp sounds he drew us in with so many years ago.

Pick up this gem from Patrick on his Facebook page for three easy payments of free-ninety-nine.

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Mammals – Depraved (Jahnne Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Mammals (Official)
Depraved (Jahnne Remix)

Mammals comes back around to us with assistance from a Melbourne-based producer, Jahnne. This re-work transforms a darkly-themed original into a deep house effort. It’s steadiness is undeniable. The shimmering vocals are powerful and make it a perfect wavelength for driving at night or in a dance club. ‘Depraved’ originally appeared on the Animalia EP, exposed back in August. Really great work here by whoever hooked these two up. This is a fierce combination of electronic styles. Jahnne impresses with his remix and once the synths pick up, it’s a production that firmly grips us. He really knows how to create an emotional connection with listeners. You can find more of his melancholic dance music on Soundcloud. Mammals will continue to spread their project around with great collaborations like this. It must be exciting to extend the life of an EP in such a constructive way. With five dates booked this January, it should be a fun month for them. I’d love to hear a drop of this remix live.

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[Dreamy] Royal – Passenger

Royal - Passenger

To start off 2015 with a bang, DC producer Royal released a sneak peek of his upcoming EP titled Cycles. Being the opener of the EP, “Passenger” showcases the extent of the diversity of Royal’s music. This tune has an overall feel-good vibe that is accompanied by a series of looping harmonizing vocal samples and uplifting synth. A light trap style is incorporated into the track, giving it a subtle drum beat without overshadowing it. It acts as the perfect sneak peek and first track to the highly anticipated EP, leaving you wanting more and guessing what the producer has to offer.

Make sure to grab a free download of this song off his website, and get your headphones ready for the January 26 as Cycles drops.

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[NEW] Purity Ring – Begin Again

purity ring
Purity Ring
begin again

When Purity Ring dropped “Push Pull” last month–their first original single in years–fans grew giddy with excitement at the possibility of a follow-up to Shrines. Well, the extended wait is finally coming to an end, as the band have announced a release date for their upcoming sophomore effort, Another Eternity. Along with the announcement, the talented Canadian duo have also revealed the tracklist for the 10 track album, and have decided to share yet another impressive new tune.

“Begin Again” is a hauntingly hypnotic affair more reminiscent of their earlier material than their previous single. There are similarities between the two songs though, as the duo’s recent output has shown more of a grandiose structure that presumably stems from the fact that band members Megan James and Corin Roddick spent time recording their music together in Edmonton for this project, whereas they were in different cities during the sessions for Shrines.

Check out the tracklist after the jump, and make sure to pre-order your copy of Another Eternity before it hits shelves on March 3rd.

Continue reading

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[Resident Artist of the Month of January] Datsik


If there were such a thing as an Olympic event for Electronic Dance Music where each country selected their most talented representative every four years, Datsik would already be one of Canada’s sophomoric leaders. The promising young producer that started under a moniker with origins derived from his old Xbox Live gamertag, rapidly become his own establishment just months after his first release in 2009. And “rapidly” could not be more of an understatement. Soon after teaming with Excision the spring of the following year, Datsik was already joining forces with Bassnectar in the fall to deliver the eclectic track “Yes” (And till this day we still have the email from Lorin’s team that blessed us with a preview before release.)

But who really wants to talk about music from 5 years ago? Fast-forward to just a few months back and Datsik is still infusing a dark and mechanical aggression to his music while heavily paying tribute to distinguishable components of both old-school and modern swagger-forward hip/hop. The years of 2013-2014 came with ubiquities hits like: “Hold it Down”, “Hollow Point” (in collaboration with Getter) and the haunting basslines of “Scum”. Robust and coherent collections outlining his musical maturity: Cold Blooded EP with the official single “Vindicate” paving the way, the sequel release Let It Burn LP (September 2013) and finally we arrive at his latest endeavor, Down 4 My Ninjas EP. All the while signing a wide variety of dubstep/ bass producers under his very own successful record label Firepower Records.

Needless to say, most of us at The Music Ninja have had a front row seat of Troy Beetles’ music journey and today we cannot be more excited to present to you The Music Ninja’s Resident Artist of the Month of January.

But that is not all we are doing. Datsik has called upon the ninja brotherhood announcing, The Ninja Nation Tour, a comprehensive and lethal electronic adventure across The United States and Canada, is set to kick off January 22nd and carry all the way through April 9th. Be sure to come back here regularly for tour information, exclusive giveaways, interviews, and fresh new music.

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