[Electronic] MOONZz – Every Every (Carter Cruise Official Remix)

Every Every (Carter Cruise Official Remix)

When Carter Cruise was first diving head-first into bringing her DJ career to fruition, I had the pleasure of chatting with her about the experience, as well as her past as a DJ. Sure, people attempted to discredit her by saying she’s just DJing because that’s the cool thing to do, but that’s not at all the case as she had been doing it for a bit already.

She could have just kept with DJing, but instead she took things a step further and began learning how to produce music. After releasing an official remix for Krewella, she’s back with another official remix, this time for one of our favorites, MOONZz.

“Every Every” is the track of at hand. With Carter’s remix she showcases not only great songwriting ability, but also diversity, as this is not a one dimensional work of art. She hits us at first with a jersey club influenced beat that transitions into a short future phase. The second drop is really where it’s at though; we’ll leave you to enjoy it without spoiling it at all. Best part about this whole thing is that Carter Cruise dropped this one as a free download.

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[Electronic] Ghasper – Silver

"Silver" (PRMD DSCVR)

This new DSCVR venture for PRMD is turning out to be extremely cool. We thought it would be, but now that they’re on their fourth release, we know for sure. With the fourth release, we get “Silver” by Ghasper.

If you’re looking for a subtly uplifting record with huge replay value, you’ve found it. The Las Vegas producer hit the jackpot with this original singles whose skyrocketing synths will leave you awestruck. “Silver” is a simple, tasteful record that packs a lot of punch, which is no surprise as it comes from Ghasper, who just came off a hot record with Uprise Music. His streak of dope work is likely to continue, so don’t sleep on him one bit.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 11/17 – 11/20


Winter weather is finally here! Along with snowboarding, sledding, snowball fights, and schnapps-spiked hot cocoa, we can also look forward to a winter stacked with top-notch talent at Beta Nightclub. Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get there before 9:00 on Sunday
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY this week.

Infected Mushroom - 11/17
’Infected Mushroom – Fields Of Grey (feat. Sasha Grey)’
Delta Heavy / Apashe - 11/18
’Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)’
’Apashe – The Landing Feat. Wasiu’
Covina & Mateo - 11/19
’Covina & Mateo – Bare Knuckles’
Nora En Pure - 11/20
’Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank – Shades Of Grey ft. Delaney Jane (Nora En Pure Remix)’
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[Electronic] Rain and Flashing Lights – Tunnel

ONMZUSS026: Rain and Flashing Lights

Rain and Flashing Lights is such a visual phrase – a simple pairing of nouns which sounds like the title of a song or poem and conjures a sight most of us have seen, especially urbanites. Fitting, then, that Rain and Flashing Lights is a young producer and Ableton-head from Brooklyn whose latest single “Tunnel” on Onamazu is an audio visual escapade.

Three bright notes anchor the song. They form a simple but attractively familiar melody, the type which would grab your attention at the mysterious but hopeful beginning of a quality movie trailer about AI. If you listen close enough, you may hear the natural sound sample in the back (hint: it’s an integral part of Brooklyn and almost any huge city), just before a raw collage of glitches and unorthodox DnB percussion drops in hard. The melody is riffed and varied upon with a nice, ethereal synthesizer pad, and soon a bassline of the grimier variety peeks in, creating a uniquely pleasant juxtaposition of sound. It’s all rushing to a head until it ends, like leaving a tunnel.

“Tunnel” is the 26th track from the always-expanding Onamazu Single Series. Onamazu always utilizes resplendent visual accompaniment for their releases, and this single features art from Kylie Tseng. Grab a free download here.

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[Tribal Dance] Equanimous – “Hummingbird” Ft. Cyndy Fike

Hummingbird (feat. Cyndy Fike)

The Los Angeles based producer Equanimous recently put out refreshing electronic track titled “Hummingbird” with the help of vocalist Cyndy Fike. The tune marks a departure from the artist’s previous pop-tronica project, N8-ST9. Although characterized by the same new age feelings of inner exploration, love and kindness; Equanimous now hangs up the soaring synths that shone through his earlier work in favor of a more minimalistic, tribal sound design. Fike’s fabulous vocals fly throughout the tune, weaving between delightful acoustic djembre drum breaks. If you’re looking to escape the synthetic elements that define pop electronic dance music, definitely get to know Equanimous.

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[Music Video] Samuel Proffitt – Глубина (Depth) ft. Naadia


We’ve come to know Samuel Proffitt very well through his steadfast acceptance of the somber. With the recent release of The Grey Notebook, he’s managed to explore it even further. “Depth”, the final song on the EP, beautifully brings together the heavenly voice of Russian vocalist Naadia with a lone piano bestrewn with waves of reverb and a haunting atmosphere layered with intangible emotional weight. Samuel strove for a simple, yet necessary message in this video, and he details it in his premiere with Rolling Stone Russia by stating:

It’s time that we move past this “us versus them” ideology and realize that Russia, and its culture, is beautiful, profound, and full of feeling. The Russian people are the same as we are: loving, compassionate, and imaginative. They create extraordinary works of art, music, and literature, so to write them off because of preconceived notions and a politically charged atmosphere would only serve to further cement this ever-growing close-mindedness.

This sentiment needed now more than ever. Samuel Proffitt’s wish is to unify, and getting the chance to glimpse across the globe in a dazzling display such as this can show us all that we’re much more alike than we think.

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[Electronic] Bearson – One Step At A Time (feat. Natalola)

One Step At A Time (feat. Natalola)

Although the season is fall, that isn’t stopping anyone from releasing records that echo the shine of the Summer sun. One of the producers putting out hot records of this nature is Bearson. Recently the Norwegian put out a single featuring Natalola called “One Step At A Time” that will hit you right in the feels.

“One Step At A Time” is an upbeat song whose lyrical content will touch the hearts of many people who have been in a similar situation as described. There, Natalola smashes the tune to bits with her performance that really makes this record what it is. Although, that’s not to take away from Bearson, whose instrumental is incredibly infectious. It’s at the perfect tempo for a song with step in its name, and the emotional response from listening to it is one that perfectly represents the theme. “One Step At A Time” is out now on digital services through Ultra Records.

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