[Electronic] Shmuck The Loyal – HISTRIONICS EP

Shmuck The Loyal has been putting out a solid amount of work in the past few weeks, with his recent EP being the biggest project. The four track HISTRiONICS EP sees the Nashville producer continuing to progress on an iconic, hypnotic signature sound.

HISTRiONICS is the second EP from Shmuck and features his previously released single “Slipping.” The EP starts out with the Kiya Lacey collaboration on “Tempt” that exudes a dark, psychedelic sound. The rest of the project follows suit, but shifts Shmuck’s style through different avenues to add depth from start to finish. Overall it’s an EP that you’re going to want to jam through a few times at least!

’Shmuck the Loyal – Tempt ft. Kiya Lacey’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Slipping’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Adapt’
’Shmuck the Loyal – Endure’
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[Electronic] Said The Sky & FRND – Faded

Said The Sky & FRND

Two of our favorite music men have come together for a magical collaboration. “Faded” sees Said The Sky and FRND mix their unique styles for a timeless tune.

“Faded” is one of those collaboration that brings the best of both worlds, playfully building off each other’s strengths instead of simply throwing each other’s sounds together carelessly. Beautiful, full of emotion and a respect for musicality, this single has all you could ask for. Said The Sky and FRND comes as a sweet surprise that may just be the track that makes our week. “Faded” just dropped today and is currently available on digital formats. You’re going to want this one.

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[Music Video] Sean Turk ft. Jessame – Lemonade

Aurally sip on some “Lemonade” straight from Sean Turk‘s studio. Not only do we have the collaborative single with Jessame to share with you, but Sean went ahead and launched this release with a stylish music video.

With “Lemonade” we get Sean’s signature Bedroom Bass style blended with hip-hop for a radio-accessible original. The crossover sound is something you’d expect to hear in the Summer time, but don’t be surprised if you hear this one still being jammed. In regards to the video, it’s a simple concept that is shot and executed well. Together the audiovisual project is a nice treat that will help get you through the week with a smile on your face. “Lemonade” is available on digital platforms today.

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[Music Video] OYO – Powerless ft. TEMPLE

OYO‘s single “Powerless” featuring TEMPLE is a wonderful portrayal of modern dance music. It’s not something that is a straightforward copy and paste record, instead it shows off different sides for a dynamic listen that never gets old.

“Powerless” by itself is enough, but OYO has come through with a music video to augment the project. In it we follow a young girl dancing through the frames, changing settings as time elapses for a simple, yet captivating visual piece. It will make you feel anything but powerless. Want a copy of the single? Get it today.

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Butterjack – Good Girls [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Thank god this track is coming your way close to the weekend. If I had been covering it prior to Thursday, I’m sure I’d be getting some angry tweets for unintended consequences from listening to this smooth-as-fucking-silk track from NW England-based Butterjack.

“Good Girls” has an undeniably catchy feel to it, with underlying R&B undertones coupled with sexy percussion and glowing synths. It’s one of those tunes you can’t help but nod along to, as it encourages you to head out for a wild night on the town. Don’t hold back. Give in. Let it take you for a ride.

The video for ‘Good Girls’ is special to me because all of the ideas for things like this feel like your babies. I saw this idea when we were thinking about videos and it was an idea that I took through all the stages and ended up with EXACTLY what I wanted. Emmie Bednall, who helped create the vision is an absolute animal. She totally understands the project and the evolution in the videos and having her on the team is priceless. I think videos are really important as it’s a chance to give the song another narrative, fresh ears through your eyes!

Aside from this funky fresh new tune to add to your collection, we also have a first look at the accompanying music video, which will surely be a treat to graphic novel and Archer fans around the globe. Have a look below:

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[Electronic] Natty Reeves – Under Your Thumb

Natty Reeves
Under Your Thumb

“Under Your Thumb” is the latest from Brighton’s own Natty Reeves on DeepMatter. This jazz-infused crossover original is not something you hear all that often which makes it all the more special. Sit back and relax, this one is a treat.

Natty Reeves goes all out smooth with this soulful single. It’s organic elements make the song inviting, giving it a sense of reality rather than keeping things robotic. You can’t help but to have your nerves calmed while this one is playing and you’re likely to keep it on repeat to maximize the comfort. “Under Your Thumb” is currently available on digital platforms for those of you who would like to add it to their digital library like we have!

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Someone – Forget Forgive [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Forget Forgive

Earlier this year, I brought you a first look and listen at former popster Tessa Rose Jackson, under the gleaming new moniker of Someone. Since then, she’s been busy releasing a handful of new tunes, each one showcasing the sophisticated breadth of both musicianship and songwriting abilities.

“Forget Forgive” is the most recent offering. Softly sung and set to a repeating guitar strum, it has an intentional simplicity that’s positively haunting. The uncluttered soundscape is perfect for the emotive lyrics and beautifully layered chorus, which will leave you completely and wonderfully enveloped.

This release came out earlier this month via [PIAS], but today, you’re getting a first look at the accompanying music video.

Because the subject matter of this track is so straight-forward, I wanted the video to give the song a twist. During a brainstorm with my manager, we settled on the idea of translating this internal struggle into an actual struggle. A fight. Skin-on-skin action; rough, ruthless and messy. Just like the way we treat ourselves sometimes. But to support the dreamy, emotional quality of the music, we wanted to film it in super slow-motion, so that the colliding movement between the two characters can become almost like a dance.

Being a massive sci-fi lover, the intro to the video is a big nod to all my favourite B-movies from the 1980’s (which also gave me a great excuse to write an intense opening score full of vintage synthesizer madness). – Someone

Have a look below and then make sure to mark your calendars for the 27th. She’ll be playing at Cinetol in Amsterdam, and if you’re in the area, you should definitely go catch her live performance.

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