[Electronic] Asmow – Don’t Know How (feat. Aviella)

Don't Know How (feat. Aviella)

The mystique surrounding the Portugeues producer Asmow is no gimmick and doesn’t play into the fad of enigma. Instead, the mystery is there to allow for the focus from fans to be directly on what’s important: the music.

Most recently the music is the single “Don’t Know How” featuring the vocalist Aviella, which was released through the Manifesto imprint. Given the producer’s background as a multi-instrumentalist this single is heavily influenced by natural, acoustic sounds with even the synthetic ones having an organic edge to them. “Don’t Know How” is a beautiful single that sets itself right in between several styles of electronic music, giving us something that is extremely accessible, even if you don’t call yourself a lover of anything that can be construed as “EDM.” Love the song like we do? You’re in luck, it’s been released as a free download.

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[Electronic/Indie] OddKidOut – Full Circle EP

The Full Circle EP from OddKidOut is more than a simple collection of six singles. It’s a declaration, a beacon of light coming straight from Philly, the birthplace of Neo-soul; a place that hasn’t paid enough attention lately to it’s musical child. OddKidOut’s goal with this project was to push the neo-soul sound to new heights from his and the genre’s home.

Full Circle is a smooth soiree of sounds that move fluidly between each other. Although OddKidOut and producer 1403 were aiming at neo-soul, they don’t exclusively stay within the genre, bringing different moods and textures to the table with each song. Favorites that we’ve been playing out in the dojo are “Angel Dust” and “Wonderfull” but “30,000 Feet” and “Blush” are quite seductive as well. Like what you are hearing? Get a copy of Full Circle off iTunes today.

Our mindset on the EP was to create music that was true to us. We didn’t want to create something that everyone has already heard before. Drawing on inspirations from space, the sea, and many more, we were able to effectively create a project that had influences from a plethora of concepts.

’Thoughts (Intro) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’30,000 Feet (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Angel Dust (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Blush (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Wonderfull (OddKidOut + 1403)’
’Back to the Sea (Exit) (OddKidOut + 1403)’
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[Multi-Genre] Klahr – Dreaming Wild EP

Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Klahr. Remember the name. If you already know it, you know how talented the producer is. If you don’t know the name, then you’re about to find out just how talented he is thanks to the newly released Dreaming Wild EP.

Released on Axwell’s Axtone, Dreaming Wild is a stunning collection of four singles. When an extended project like this, one that takes the listener on a journey usually pans out better for both parties. That’s the case with this wonderful EP. Each song is different, each one fresh to the others, making the full EP experience highly enjoyable. He touches on future bass, electro and more, with our favorite being the house hit “Koto.” They’re all fire, but this one is especially hot. Dreaming Wild is currently available through digital retailers. Trust us, get a copy.

’Dreaming Wild’
’Shinjuku Speed Dating’
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[Hip-Hop] Conrad Clifton – Nitemare (feat. Knesecary)

Conrad Clifton
Nitemare (feat. Knesecary)

Brooklyn producer Conrad Clifton first caught our attention with a dynamic remix that found a beautiful balance between elements of dreamy pop and hard-hitting trap. Often times, SoundCloud discoveries of that nature can lead to a dead end–many producers prove to be one-trick ponies, others seem to have struck lightning their one and only time. The most delightful cases, though, occur when a producer surprises you with both quality and sonic diversity. Such has been the case thus far with Clifton’s subsequent glimpses into his upcoming debut album, Beautiful Tragedy.

On his latest single, Clifton showcases yet another facet of his production talents with the help of Texas emcee Knesecary. “Nitemare” grows out of an eerie loop that leaves just the right amount of room for the vocals to glide between the cracks. As Knesecary’s rhymes get more complex so does the production making for an enveloping, mischievous build. Conrad was kind enough to give us some insight into how the song came together:

Most of my songs come from searching through random virtual instruments, and when I came across this echoing plucked string sound effect, it immediately felt like something you’d hear in a scary movie. For “Nitemare”, I literally built the whole track around it…I’ve known Knes for years, ever since I lived in Texas around 2000 – and we did a lot of songs together back then, but I’m really glad I was able to highlight his talent here. He translated what the music was saying with the perfection of a seasoned vet, and the craft of a true lover of Hip-Hop.

If you’re digging this tune, make sure to pre-order Beautiful Tragedy, which drops on April 28th. The release will also be the first on his label, Infinity Pool Recordings, which in his own words will focus on “forward-thinking Electronic music, and Hip-Hop.”

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[Electronic] Awoltalk & Reach – Red Handed (feat. NKOLO)

Awoltalk & Reach
Red Handed (feat. NKOLO)

Some songs can hook you right from the start whether it be through intriguing instrumentation or enticing vocals. On Awoltalk & Reach‘s “Redhanded,” that feeling is induced as soon as the dreamy pads drop in. The duo’s collab comes as a nice surprise and a melodic vocal by NKOLO similarly keeps things fresh from the start. It’s a solid blend of trap, pop and progressive sounds all brought together with a lush production style. So listen up and stream “Redhanded.” We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more from these artists.

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[Electronic] Dabin – Two Hearts LP

It’s been a long time coming, but Dabin‘s full length album is finally here. Two Hearts was released today through Kannibalen Records, so the LP is currently available on digital platforms for you to stream or download. I’m going to tell you now that you are going to be adding this to your library; it’s well worth the price.

Two Hearts features eleven singles with collaborations from Mree, Jenni Potts, Lexi Norton, Koda, Madi, label mate Apashe and one of Youtube’s finest stars in Daniela Andrade. This project is more than an album, as it expresses a familiar tale of love and loss that many, if not all, of us have gone through. Dabin reaches deep, bringing out strong emotions, both happy and otherwise to bring this album to life. Favorite singles off the LP include “Lilith” and “Hazy” but that doesn’t take anything away from the other incredible records like the highly successful singles “Hold” and “You & I.” Don’t skip a beat as you check out the full album below and make sure not to forget to get a copy!

’Dabin – Two Hearts (feat. Mree)’
’Dabin – Hold (feat. Daniela Andrade)’
’Dabin – Sanctuary (feat. Mree)’
’Dabin – Hazy’
’Dabin – What It Was (feat. Jenni Potts)’
’Dabin – Helium (feat. Lexi Norton)’
’Dabin – The Fall’
’Dabin – Lilith (feat. Apashe & Madi)’
’Dabin – Worries ft. Koda’
’Dabin – I Still Feel You’
’Dabin – You & I (feat. Jenna Pemkowski)’
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Judging by the title, you’d think this is some “fire” mix with tons of “heaters” and “bangers”. Well think again – FFFELIX is about to prove you wrong.

The French producer, whose real name is indeed Felix, comes out with a 6-track mix consisting of all original flips of old and new R&B/hip-hop tracks. Faith Evans‘ “Love Like This”, Snoop Dogg‘s “Peaches N Cream”, Miguel‘s “Adorn” and Migos‘ “Get Right Witcha” all got the Felix treatment, just to name a few. It’s a great treat for those who digs great production and chill vibes all around.

Dank or not, we definitely recommend you to check out this mix. It is now out on Record Record, and is available for a free DL. Go grab before it’s too late!

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