[Electronic/Soul] smalltalk – wait


Don’t wait to jump on the smalltalk bandwagon. The LA/SF duo of Peter and Parker have shot forth with their debut record “wait” that has all of us in the dojo at the edge of our seats. We love this and are itching for more.

“wait” is about as smooth as it gets. The soulful single is a strong dose of chill that is inescapably dope. Dreamy, serene and incredibly catchy, the debut of smalltalk is a huge first step for these two creators who could have a huge year if they move forward with more releases like this one. Throw this on repeat and make your day better whether you’re down in the dumps or already flying high.

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[Electronic] culpriit – Closer Still

Closer Still

Congo Records hit us with “Closer Still” from the LA duo culpriit and we fell in love instantly. It’s a mix of pop and dance music, a trend that is continuing to grow in strength and result in wonderful records like this one.

“Closer Still” comes after the duo’s debut release with the same label. This one is has less of an indie feel to it and abides more with pop sensibilities and guidelines. What makes culpriit really stand out is there ability to make genuine music. We’ve only heard two tracks so far but it feels natural. When producers make the shift to this style, sometimes it comes off as forced, but with culpriit they just make good records that fit this more popular bill. Look for them to continue to make a splash as the year moves forward and get a copy of “Closer Still” today.

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[Electronic] cozmoe – Brand New Day

Brand New Day

When you come across an artist’s debut and their first release stands out, it’s a great sign to say the least.  Cozmoe is a new electronic project and I’m really connecting with his new, very first song, Brand New Day. The single has a fat driving bass, balanced with a warm analogue buzz. It keeps everything locked into a fast pace. As you listen you’ll find the song gives off a manic energy but at the same time you’ll catch your mind wandering off into the clouds. Without a doubt this is thanks to the production style along with a washed-out mix that’s frankly quite impressive. This paradox where dreamy-chill meets crazed-lunacy is rare to come by in any type of music, so when I find something like this I savor every second. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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[R&B/Electronic] VenessaMichaels & Holly – Real One (Feat. Outlaw The Artist & Effy)

VenessaMichaels & Holly
Real One (Feat. Outlaw The Artist & Effy)

VenessaMichaels is a real one. Holly is a real one. Outlaw The Artist and Effy are both real ones too. Given this information it makes sense they would all come together for a song called “Real One” that has been released on 2090.

“Real One” blends R&B with future to the perfect degree. Each creative contributed their A-game to this. From the vocal duet pairing Effy’s soft, serene performance to Outlaw’s edgy cuts, to the masterfully detailed instrumental, this single has all the pieces in the right place. It’s shot straight up to the top of our playlists and likely will do the same for you. Click that play button and make sure to get a copy of this treat on iTunes.

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[Music Video] Close Encounters – Soulacosta

Get ready to get funky, because Close Encounters has a new aural ride you’re going to obsess over like we have. Take a ride on “Soulacosta” and let its wonderful grooves whisk you away from the worries of the week. You deserve a micro-vacation and this is it.

“Soulacosta” kicks things off quickly by getting the funk going right from the start. It has an old-school feel to it, which the group run with in their retro music video. Just as the song is immensely playful, so is its visual counterpart. Under the incredibly upbeat tone of the video is something that isn’t as in your face happy, creating an intriguing juxtaposition. See for yourself and get a copy of the song from Close Encounters’ Bandcamp.

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[Future Bass] Flight School – Pieces

Flight School

Uprise Music continues their streak of releases this year with “Pieces” from Flight School. The New York duo set an aim less than a year ago to make music that will make you stay fly and they’ve done it with this one.

“Pieces” is the gem you share with your friends and they thank you incessantly for it. The melodic future original certainly has an atmospheric, soaring nature to it. It readies you for launch and rockets you upward with its sound. Flight School nailed the uplifting vibe with this one that is motivating us through the Monday torture. Save yourself today by clicking play and grab a copy of the single if you enjoy it.

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[Electronic] Egzod & Anna Yvette – My City

Egzod & Anna Yvette
My City [NCS Release]

Two of our favorites, Egzod and Anna Yvette, have come together for “My City” on NCS. This is a MAJOR tune and it’s been released as a free download, but it’s so good you just might have to buy it to support these talents.

“My City” isn’t exactly a one-sound song. It doesn’t fit nice and neat into one genre, but rather it takes influence from things including future bass. The melodic masterpiece is some of the best work from both contributors. Everything was done right, both musicians must have been firing on all cylinders during its creation. Hear for yourself and share it with your friends over the weekend!

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