[TMN Exclusive] Mitis Gets Personal About His Upcoming EP

Foundations EP Background

Today is Mitis’ Birthday. Aside from it being the usual amount of special, Mitis wanted to add another layer of meaning by making a special announcement to his fans. There’s only a few things that can be said via a third party about what’s ahead in the very near future for this bass producer. First off, an EP is coming. Second, Mitis has already previewed a beautiful composition from the project recently, with only his birth date as the title. Well, that day has come and Mitis is ready to tell you just what is on the horizon. After you check out our mini-interview we had with him, make sure to head on over to his social media to get the full scoop of just what he has locked and loaded for his old, and new fans alike.

TMN: What’s this EP mean to you personally?

It reminds me to remember my roots, where I came from, and how I got where I am now.

TMN: What can we expect from this EP?

Melodic dubstep, trance, progressive house and maybe something else.

TMN: Do you see the Mitis project as taking it’s next step in its evolution forward with this EP & Birthday announcement?

I do! I think going back to writing melodic dubstep was really helpful in remembering how much I love writing it. I know fans have been asking for it for the past year or so, so it was time.

TMN: Is there anything in particular you’d like to tell fans about the EP?

Just get ready for some new MitiS and some familiar sounds.
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[Dance Party] Junior Prom – Stand!


Thankfully, it’s Friday. If it were any other day, you’d have an awful lot of explaining to do to your fellow classmates or co-workers. Why’s that, you ask? Well, one listen through “Stand!” will have you cutting a rug like it’s midway through a rowdy night out, and if you did that on any other day, people might look at you funny. However, it’s f**in’ Friday, and you’re allowed to get a little wild. And, you can thank Junior Prom for that privilege.

You may not have heard of Mark Solomich and John Paul Frank, but after today, these two will cement themselves into your memory, your Friday Night Playlist, as well as a few grumblings for a sluggish and headache-plagued Saturday morning. Their sound is naturally infectious, causing the immediate need to engage in raucous revelry. It’s playful and extremely well-crafted, giving you the sense that not only do these two know their shit, but they also know how to have a good time.

Featuring a well-defined bassline, whimsical guitar riffs, and catchy-as-hell lyrics, “Stand!” embodies those aforementioned statements, giving us a ripping good three minute and 40-second party. Talk about the perfect soundtrack to lead you into two days of pure freedom.

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[Bass] Fytch – Sirens Over Paris

VR015 - 2000 - ARTWORK
Sirens Over Paris

When great tragedy happens in the world, music is often the place that best conveys the deep emotions that are too difficult to put into words. The chilling events that took place in Paris in November 2015 were one of the defining moments in recent history, creating a numbing sense of shock that will forever stay etched in the minds of all those who witnessed it. While one could never imagine the fear of being present in such a situation, French producer Fytch has crafted a song which so powerfully expresses the overwhelming melancholy that still lingers over the memory of this day.

The haunting intro to ‘Sirens Over Paris’ could easily deceive the listener into expecting a full-blown metal track, and yet the force behind this one lies not with shredding guitars and growling vocals, but a wave of aggressive electronic bass that embodies the immensity of that moment in time. This clash of genres is a potent experience in its own right, but together with the weight of the events it describes makes the feeling ever more lasting beyond the sounds that resonate from our speakers. It’s no easy task to compose music that reflects on the gravity of the Paris tragedy, but the result here is something that won’t fail to cause goosebumps each and every time it is heard.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 1/14 – 1/17


As we cross into 2016, we’re excited to bring you more opportunities to check out our favorite club. As you probably already know, we’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over three years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 9PM on Sundays.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

See you on the dance floor.

Paul Van Dyk- 1/14

Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren
Lights (Radio Edit)
12th Planet - 1/15
LOUDPVCK & 12th Planet
Guess Who (feat. Key!)
Superstar Saturdays - 1/16
Great Escape feat Danni Rouge
&ME + Adam Port - 1/17
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons
Vermillion (&ME Remix)
Adam Port & Jennifer Touch
This Time (Adam Port Remix)
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[Existential Funk] Goldwash – But U Won’t

But U Won't

I could spend some time revisiting the works of Sartre and Camus in an effort to beef up the anecdotal part of my post, but that would chew up a lot of my time. To be perfectly honest, it’s been over 15 years since I’ve read The Stranger and I really want to get Goldwash’s new tune to your ears as quickly as possible.

Dubbed as Existential Funk, “But U Won’t” boasts a bevy of influences, starting off with a playful little jazz piano melody. From there, we’re welcomed in by some soulful lyrics, a thick ‘n funky bassline, and some accentuating, pitched-down vocal samples. The production quality is second to none, alluding to the fact that this enigmatic musician is primed for plenty of attention in 2016.

As it stands right now, this 21-year-old classically trained artist is relatively unheard of. I highly recommend following him now, so you can one-up all your friends at the end of 2016 with the old fashioned “Who Heard Them First” game.

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[House] SNBRN – Beat The Sunrise Ft. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix)

Beat The Sunrise Ft. Andrew Watt (Halogen Remix)

We can feel it right now – Austin, Miami, and Indio are all peeking their heads around the corner, beckoning us with their sweet siren call. Yes, it’s only January, but as we’ve come to experience over the past few months, this time of the year moves fast, bringing us the much-anticipated festival season. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already started building out your festie playlists. Rest assured, ninjas, this tune belongs in all those playlists.

Atlanta-based Halogen join a few other choice artists who landed official remixes SNBRN’s wildly popular “Beat The Sunrise.” Earlier today, we brought you a look at Gianni Kosta’s take, and now we’re set on highlighting this high energy interpretation. As we’ve come to expect from this fastly-rising duo, piano work comes into play in a characteristic fashion, dashing its way alongside a strong lead melody and those iconic vocals.

If we were betting ninjas, we would put our yen on Halogen having one hell of a 2016. Make sure to keep a close eye on them by following them on SoundCloud.

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[House] Campsite Dream – Crush (Tom Bull Remix)

Campsite Dream - Crush (Tom Bull Remix)
Campsite Dream
Crush (Tom Bull Remix)

In the words of legendary NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow, “He’s heating up!”

Tom Bull has been on a tear lately, hitting his stride in Spotify’s viral chart, and getting adorned with one of Billboard Dance’s “Top 15 Acts to Watch in 2016.” His latest piece of devilishly good dance music comes in remix form, showcasing just why the world is turning their collective ear to this Rotherham-based producer/DJ.

Putting his spin on Campsite Dream’s wonderfully poppy and wildly popular rendition of Jennifer Paige’s ’98 classic “Crush,” Bull brings together an artful fusion of decades and styles, maintaining a bit of the indie tropical styling from Campsite Dream’s version. However, the tempo and bassline are amped up, providing an excellent dancefloor-friendly remix.

Admittedly, we were a little behind the curve on this release, as it came out nearly a month ago. Rest assured, his next tune will get attention from us the day it comes out.

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