[Indie/Electronic] Mothica & Icarus Moth – Reputation

Mothica & Icarus Moth

New York is full of talented artists, but one that you absolutely need to know is Mothica. The talented artist teamed up with fellow NYC creator Icarus Moth for the single “Reputation.”

Together, these two acts put a soulful spin on the future bass genre. Despite the obvious influence the genre has on “Reputation,” the song doesn’t fit quite neatly into the box. Mothica’s intoxicating vocal is certainly the highlight of the track, but that doesn’t take anything away from the top-notch production that Icarus Moth put forth on this single. With the weather being cold and the plans likely being stay in to jam some tunes, this one is perfect. Shout out to the Majestic Casual team for dropping this one.

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[Electronic] Liquid Stranger – Hot Box

Liquid Stranger
Hotbox (Original Mix)

Music made by Liquid Stranger aka Martin Staaf almost always eludes all classification, so we won’t even try to put his new single “Hot Box” into (what else?) a box.

Staaf himself calls his music “freeform bass music”, and “Hotbox” is no different. It’s got the build-drop structure of a traditional EDM song, but the drop itself features a viciously sharp and stabbing synthesizer over a clean hip-hopish beat. Gritty vocals from an unnamed source ratchet up the energy, and a “boss” sample from what sounds like Chuck D creates a perfect prelude for the drop. This song is begging to be spun live on a proper sound system.

“Hotbox” releases on Wakaan, a label Staaf himself founded just over one year ago to showcase freeform bass music in all it’s ambiguous and filthy glory. Pick u a free download of “Hotbox” here.

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[Experimental] MODEL 86 – Missing


We last heard from this electronic producer with his EP generously titled, “When You Realise People Are Not One Dimensional Characters In A Movie Of Your Life“–check out our thoughts on it here. The London beat smith, MODEL 86, is back already with the first single release from another incoming album. The lead single, “Missing” has many of the experimental elements we’re familiar with, but there seems to be a more driven and organized sound. With changes around each corner “Missing” is a dynamic listen and the main melody is just infectious.

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Helena Legend Talks New Direction, No Explanations Series & 2017 [TMN Interview]


It’s not easy for artists to master a new sound. It’s even harder for them to commit to trying something new, especially when they’ve had so much success with a signature style. However, that didn’t stop Helena Legend from putting together her strongest project yet, appropriately named No Explanations.

Helena’s EP marks a new chapter for the UK born, Australian bred DJ/producer. She’s conquered the world with her powerful house sounds, but now she’s diving down a different path, bringing fresh bass sounds to new BPM territories and even providing her own vocals. We previously covered her excellent EP, but we wanted to catch up with her and talk about this new direction and what comes with it. Moreover, we recap 2016 and find out, perhaps most importantly, where Helena thinks the best food in the world is. Enjoy our chat with Helena Legend, as well as some songs off No Explanations Pt. 1.

’Helena Legend – Illusion’

TMN: What prompted this change in direction for your music?

HL: Personal tastes change, I wasn’t vibed anymore on what I was making and I needed to do something fresh, I have found my new direction to be way more inspiring for me and more fulfilling than anything I have ever done.

TMN: How have fans reacted to these new sounds, both in a live atmosphere and online?

HL: The reaction has been incredible, I have had better feedback and more interaction on this EP than any of my previous work. the tracks are still fairly new to the world to get a really good reaction live, though it still has been good, but the more they know the tracks the bigger the reaction will be, so I just need to get the awareness of the EP out and get people listening to the new sounds.

TMN: When did you decide you wanted to hop on “Illusion” and make your vocal debut?

I wrote “Illusion” with me in mind to sing it, it was something I always wanted to do, I just needed the guts to actually push myself to do it. I was pretty nervous about putting myself out there singing on the track, but the reaction has been amazing, so maybe i’ll do more in the future.

TMN: Are you planning on getting any remixers for No Explanations?

HL: It’s still being decided, I think we’ll just push this EP and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll follow it with remixes.

TMN: No Explanations is listed as being Part 1, is Part 2 already in the works?

HL: Part 2 is already finished, set to be released Feb 10th, another 3 tracks this EP changes it up a bit more.

’Helena Legend – RU Feeling It (feat LYRE)’

TMN: As I was digging through some of your past interviews and work, it seemed to me that you have been always evolving as a creator. What drives you to keep advancing/evolving as a creative human being?

HL: I am certainly not the same person as I was 10 years ago or even 5 or 2 years ago, people change, life changes, tastes changes, hair color changes haha.. you need to move with life and roll with it, being stuck and not evolving creatively will give you a very limited career.

TMN: How would you sum up 2016 for yourself?

2016 for me was good but it was a bit of a weird year to be honest.. I was lost for half of it trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go in and spent the other half creating a new direction. I have kept my head down and worked hard in preparation for 2017 and I’ve never been more excited than I am right now.

TMN: What can we expect to see from Helena Legend in 2017?

HL: A ton of music, I feel now I have my new path set, there is nothing in my way, I will be going hard. I just make a kick ass music video for “RU Feeling it” featuring Lyre, in Shanghai I can’t wait to see final version, this is out in Jan, a tour with my homeboy Kennedy Jones of North America Jan-March plus so much more. I feel my best is still yet to come.

TMN: I think New Year’s resolutions are ridiculous, but what’s one goal you have for yourself, creatively or personally, for 2017?

HL: Don’t let up. This is my time I feel to show what I can really do.

TMN: One last question: You’ve traveled the world playing shows, so I must ask, who has the best food?


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[Electronic] Dimond Saints – Stay feat. Yaarrohs

Dimond Saints
Stay Feat. Yaarrohs

Today we share with you the final single before the full release of Prism In The Dark. Dimond Saints have been pushing a few tracks out before their album release and now they’re back again with another one featuring Yaarrohs.

“Stay” comes in to hold fans over until the album’s release date on January 3rd. The album is currently available for pre-order, which you can take care of at the artist’s Bandcamp page. We’ve loved every single they put out so far and that doesn’t change with this new one. Together Dimond Saints and Yaarrohs put together a genre-bending single with a deep aesthetic. We don’t want to have to wait any longer for Prism In The Dark, but luckily “Stay” is amazing enough to hold us over the next few weeks.

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[Event Preview] BUKU Music & Arts Project March 10-11


Every city in America has its own music scene, but in New Orleans, music is a way of life – a cultural infrastructure as essential to the city as its freeways and French Quarter. Jazzfest attracts the best in rock, folk and jazz to NOLA each year, but for those of us who want more youthful, visceral music and a more colorful, fluid experience, BUKU Music and Arts Project goes down on March 10-11, 2016 for the sixth year straight.

BUKU stands out in a saturated music festival market both for its timing (arguably the first big event of “festival season”) and it’s consistently nuanced lineup. No one is reinventing the wheel by stacking their lineup with hip-hop, indie, and dance music, but whom are you booking specifically? It takes balls and creativity to craft a card of eclectic, forward-thinking and often experimental artists like what BUKU has assembled. Where else can you see Deadmau5 and Travis Scott? Clams Casino and Troyboi? Shiba San and Thundercat? If you’ve answered, “I can see them at Festival XYZ,” it doesn’t matter, because that’s not in New Orleans.

BUKU is set just outside the city’s French Quarter on a sprawling riverside esplanade. The Power Plant stage is adjacent to the river and sits in the shadow of an abandoned industrial colossus. Two indoor stages diversify the vibe with The Ballroom offering an intimate aesthetic, and the Float Den serving as a massive gathering spot lined with Mardi Gras floats and craft vendors. A fourth stage, the Back Alley, is tucked beneath the Crescent City Connection bridge and offers an unbroken stream of dance music all day and into the night.
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Quinn XCII Speaks On New Track Straightjacket [TMN Interview]

Quin XCII-straightjacket
Quinn XCII

You wouldn’t think the temperature is starting to drop when listening to Quinn XCII’s music, including his recent single “Straightjacket.” This vocalist/songwriter has seamlessly melded electronic, hip-hop, soul, and pop and brought heat to everything he’s touched this year. His singles and EP’s have landed him a tour with Louis the Child, #1 spots on HypeMachine, over 40 million plays on Spotify, and regular spins at Top 40 radios around the country.

The single, produced by The Wiild, is a buoyant tune that floats just in between hip-hop and electronic, a skill that Quinn has mastered. The simplified melody keeps focus on the lyrics and the story behind them telling a relatable story that some, if not all, of us may have experienced when dealing with love. We were excited to catch up with Quinn and ask him more about his year and the single.

TMN: What got you into music? Have you always been a singer?

Q: I can remember being a fan of music since I could walk and hearing my parents play it around the house. That, and I was always into creative writing. It wasn’t until my freshmen year of college, though, that I really put the two together and started writing my own content and sharing it with friends. At the time it was actually more indie-rap stuff, but then I started focusing on singing and things started to evolve into my current sound.

TMN: Detroit is a huge hub for music and art in general, has growing up in Michigan influenced your music in any way?

Q: Definitely. The older Detroit music I feel has strongly shaped my writing in terms of melodies. Motown, du-wop style melodies that have that ear-candy quality about them has always attracted me, and I think have definitely crossed over into my own music.

TMN: A lot of your work is in collaboration with ayokay, did he help with “Straightjacket” or did you work with someone new?

Straightjacket was actually produced by The Wiild, a very talented producer from Australia who works with a lot of the pop acts out there. ayokay and I are still working very closely on my new music though, he’ll be producing majority of my next project again. We live together and have a studio in our house so we’re constantly writing new things together – it’s a really creative environment.

TMN: Almost a year ago you released the Bloom EP – Is “Straightjacket” just a single or can we expect something more after this? Another EP or LP?

Q: Straightjacket is the first song from my upcoming debut album. We’ll be releasing a few more singles from the project in the coming months and then we’re expecting to have the full album out by Spring/Summer of 2017!

TMN: Any specific inspiration behind Straightjacket?

Q: The idea behind Straightjacket was really about shedding light on the girl that has secrets, more bad ones than good. She acts a certain way in public and in front of your friends, but behind closed doors is a bit of psycho and can’t be contained. The two-faced mentality was very appealing to me to try to put into words and narrate.

TMN: You were on tour with Louis The Child, what was that like? What would you say was your favorite stop?

Touring with LTC was amazing. They’re both super talented guys and it’s really inspiring to see them at such a young age connect with people the way they have been. I’d say my favorite stop on the tour was in Minneapolis.. All the stops were amazing but that show has stuck out to me since getting off the road.

TMN: How would you sum up your 2016? Any specific moments stick out in particular?

Q: I signed with Columbia Records over the summer, which has definitely been one of the most memorable moments of the year. I’d say 2016 as a whole can be summed up as a big stepping stone for both ayokay and myself. I think we really made a big stride in our careers and are finally beginning to get placed on the platform we’ve been striving for. Now it’s just a matter of how much we want this to continue, and putting in the work is what will dictate that. I’m ready for it.

TMN: What’s 2017 looking like for you?

Q: 2017 will include the release of my debut album, a lot more touring, festivals, some really cool collaborations, and hopefully a lot more.

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