[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 1/8 – 1/10


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

- Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
- Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

That’s it!

Manufactured Superstars - January 8
Eden xo
Too Cool To Dance (Manufactured Superstars Remix)

LOUDPVCK - January 9
Freaks Have More Fun (LOUDPVCK Remix)

Chris Liebling - January 10
Lie Down In Darkness (Chris Liebing Anti Dub Remix)
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[Synth-Pop] POP ETC – Running In Circles

Running In Circles

While the synth & indie leaning side of pop music has become somewhat of a saturated wasteland in recent years, we’re still finding ourselves being moved by the choice diamonds from one of our favorite aural aesthetics. Some tunes still somehow manage to instill those nostalgic rumblings and transfixed periods of unfazed listening, and POP ETC, the one-time bedroom recording pet project known as Morning Benders turned N.Y. to San Francisco live band have turned in perhaps the most stirring revivalist pop tune we’ve heard in their entire library: “Running In Circles”. “Running In Circles” flirts with both brooding synth-wave effects and shimmering, sprightly plucked guitars which give the single a neon 80′s shine steeped in more contemporary foundation. Rarely do artists successfully inject such an accessible sound with the careful musical care of a classical composer; which is just lovely stuff. After recently unleashing a slew of covers over the past year, it seems as if POP ETC may be ready to attack the LP game again, and we’d have to be crazy to not want to hear more from their 2015 reincarnation.

Stream “Running In Circles” above and hit the jump below to watch the accompanying music video featuring some gorgeously choreographed classic and flashy Wushu (that’s Chinese Kung-Fu for ye unschooled martial artists) forms from Sifu Chen Ying.

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[Chill] Earlly Mac – Naturally (Feat. JMSN) (Prod. Icepic)

Naturally- Earlly Mac
Earlly Mac ft. JMSN
Naturally (prod by Icepic)

Stream the new release from proud Detroit native, Earlly Mac. The Finally Famous member delivers a stimulating tune in which he recounts a most sought-after woman from a night out. His vivid verse allow us to ‘Naturally’ paint the picture. As soon as those smooth vocals puncture your headphones you’ll be hooked; a ninja guarantees. The synth work is stellar and that drum kit really pops. Produced by Icepic, this one really has that bounce.

How does a record like this come together? “These things happen naturally.” An appearance by a Detroit neighbor, JMSN, takes the single to another level, “like an apple blossom tree.” This is a pleasant unveiling by a solid lineup of young talent. It would be great to hear more from all involved. Does anyone else feel really excited for music in 2015? This really sets the tone for what will be considered smooth in my book for the year.

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Won’t Back Down (Boehm Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Won't Back Down (Boehm Remix)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Won't Back Down (Boehm Remix)

Can you really say no to Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Trumpets? I think not.

Boehm (a.k.a Alex Craciun) hailing from Bucharest, Romania just released a soothing and riveting interpretation of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s 2012 Tom Petty cover of “ Won’t Back Down”. The original takes advantage of Leftwich’s sultry vocal performance to provide completely mellow undertones, yet even with the playful kicks and trumpets, Boehm gives his soft voice room to breath through each verse.

It is fascinating how in an age where Indie Dance is ubiquitous and artist like RAC are well known for providing colorful electronic pop remixes to indie songs, producers like Boehm can come along to occupy the space with a uniqueness that makes this sound their very own.

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[Dance] Bondax – Dusk Funk

Dusk Funk

Lancaster’s hottest electronic pair George Townsend and Adam Kaye, or Bondax as the rest of the world knows them, have been steadily pioneering and fine-tuning a radiant brand of funk and R&B infused house music over the course of the last few years behind incredible original singles “Baby I Got That”, “Something Good” and “Gold”. While they swept a global smattering of house-heads off of their feet with an utterly unique take on dance groove, Bondax’s output tapered off a bit during the tail-end of 2014 with an immense World Tour and incredible mixtape Bondax & Friends which dropped back in November consuming much of the pair’s collective studio time. But, alas as New Year’s Eve approaches, they’ve dropped a previously unreleased single “Dusk Funk” on us to kickstart things a bit. The tune is an engaging slice of funk fueled house instrumentation, with all the same Bondax perfection we’ve come to love. So as this writer is a bit short on words today, we’re going to let you listen for yourself to “Dusk Funk” below.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped make 2014 one of TMN’s absolute best. We’ve made a lot of new friends along the way, kept most of our old ones and look to expand and fluorish even further as we shift gears into 2015. Feels.

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[Post-Trap] Cazzette – Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Cazzette - Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)
Blind Heart (Prince Fox Remix)

Following the success of his last hit remix “Stay With Me”, Prince Fox has been on a roll with producing dope tunes. Coming out with yet another Cazzette remix, the NY-based producer is gaining popularity in an unbelievable pace. “Blind Heart”, similar to his “Sleepless” remix, exemplifies Prince Fox’s signature post-trap rendition to a rework and it gets your adrenaline going like no other. Featuring vocal samples from UK singer The High, he replaces the original house drop with an epic synthwave melody that is extremely catchy and addicting. The heavy hitting drums just further accentuates the post-trap approach of the tune.

With an eargasmic sound resembling Flume, Prince Fox is set to take over the genre with these eye-opening jams. You don’t want to miss out on any new features by the talented artist, so stay tuned!

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[Tropical House] Cazzette – Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

Cazzette - Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)
Sleepless (Hotel Garuda & Thero Remix)

What happens when indie dance meets tropical house? The answer lies in this Cazzette remix by house specialists Hotel Garuda, which consists of Manila Killa & Candle Weather, and Thero. The electronic trio’s ever-changing sound is what catches our attention, and their true talent shines through on this track. The original vocal sample is used to drive the tune, accompanied by bold drum beats and tropical synth. The killer sax melody that comes in after definitely stole the spotlight for this track, which also marks Thero’s signature sound. The tropical approach to this tune seems so organic without being overdone. Kudos to Hotel Garuda and Thero for being able to collaborate on this feel-good track.

Stay tuned for more from these talented musicians! We are definitely expecting big moves from them in 2015.

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