[TMN Premiere] Shameboy – Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Trippin (Mickey Remix)

Belgian producer Shameboy has been around through generations of electronic music maintaining his own unique, yet evolving, style through out. Last month, he unleashed “Trippin,” a gorgeous piece of slowly-developing, chilled-out electronic pop with stunning vocals from Max Marshall. The single has become a favorite in the blogosphere, and for good reason–it’s as intricate as it is catchy.

This morning, we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere of an equally intriguing house remix from fellow Belgian Mickey. Cutting the vocals and flipping the cadence, Mickey’s rendition draws the listener in with a 4×4, head-nodding tempo that, despite speeding things up, maintains the smooth, somber elements of the original. Once again, Marshall’s voice remains a vital component hypnotizing when combined with Mickey’s production. This one’s equally suited for a club dance floor or a sunny summer day. Give it a listen above and also make sure to check out the original here.

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[Electro-Pop] Goldroom ft. George Maple – Embrace (Alternate Version)

Embrace (feat George Maple)

It’s almost difficult to believe that we’ve been posting Josh Legg’s Goldroom project for just under half a decade now. From humble production beginnings authoring breezy disco remixes of his favorite artists for fun, to making audiences of 100,000+ swoon in collective adoration, to what has now become a full-fledged live act behind some of this generation’s most recognizable alt-anthems; Goldroom’s trajectory has been nothing short of major-motion-picture-esque. One of those anthems however, stood head and shoulder above the rest when it came to this writer’s personal touch: the emotive pop scorcher “Embrace”. Why would we be covering a tune that was released almost two years ago on an extended play of the same name though, you ask? Well that’s simple. In a new series of tunes through Snapchat and behind a new EP It’s Like You Never Went Away (our favorite line from “Embrace” by the by), the tune has been finally unveiled in its truest form; with rangey female warbler George Maple on lead vocals. To elaborate, Legg stated: “George Maple and I actually wrote ‘Embrace’ together, so having this come full circle, and to have her singing on the song, feels like a dream. The song Embrace is all about re-connection, and so having George back in my studio again, singing the song, felt like it was meant to be”.

There’s certainly not much more to be said than that. Stream Goldroom’s entire new EP on Spotify here, or purchase through iTunes here, and check out Goldroom’s latest run of tour dates below. For now, let’s bask in the glow that is the purest form of Goldroom’s “Embrace”.

Goldroom Tour Dates:
05/21 – San Francisco, CA @ San Antonio Recreation Area
05/23 – Bradley, CA @ Lightning in a Bottle
05/24 – Bethel, NY @ Musteryland USA
06/04 – Ozark, AR @ Wakarusa 2015
06/25 – Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest Festival
07/11 – Chicago, IL @ Mamby On The Beach
07/16 – Scranton, PA @ Camp Bisco
07/31 – Montreal, Canada @ Osheaga 2015
08/09 – Palm Springs, CA @ Splash House
08/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest 2015
09/04 – New York, NY @ Electric Zoo
11/21 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Corona Capital

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[Electro House] The Partysquad ft. Maikal X – Bombshell

The Partysquad ft. Maikal X - Bombshell
The Partysquad ft. Maikal X
Bombshell OUT NOW!

Dutch duo The Partysquad is back with another festival hit, and we just simply can’t get enough of this one! “Bombshell” is a reggae-influenced electro dance track that displays a different sound the duo is working towards. The commanding vocals from Maikal X perfectly set the scene for the drop, which is filled with catchy melodies and a series of heavyhitting synths. The drums complement the trumpet melodies, resembling the sound of a drumline at a sports match. There’s no question that the epic factor of the track will make you sing along, clap your hands and dance your pants off.

Released under their very own Rebel Yard Music record label, this song will be a hit for sure. If you want to get pumped up and tenfold your adrenaline level, listen to this epic track. The Partysquad never disappoints.

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[Electronica] Nicole & Zuri – 21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)


It’s no easy feat to choose an untouchable hip-hop classic like ’21 Questions’ as the basis for an experimental cover, but two talented women in the Australian electronic scene have turned an unlikely scenario into a success that is so damn satisfying. Nicole Millar of Peking Duk’s ‘High’ fame and the forward-thinking Zuri Akoko have combined their unique skills to flip the iconic lyrics and breathe a fresh perspective onto a track that others would dare not try and touch. The allure of this version comes in their ability to take inspiration from the song’s underlying emotion and craft an interpretation that lets them speak through their own artistic strengths. The sultry vocals of Nicole meld with the hauntingly beautiful atmosphere of Zuri’s sound to create a piece of music that will seduce your ears into instant obsession.

It’s just one of a series of gorgeous covers recently from the pair, with similarly enchanting adaptations of Shlohmo and Mya rounding out this incredible showcase of musical prowess. No doubt you’ll be craving for more of these in the near future once you’ve peeped all three below.

Nicole & Zuri
21 Questions (50 Cent Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Bo Peep (Shlohmo Cover)
Nicole & Zuri
Like Wo (Mya Cover)
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Introducing Our Resident Artists for May – Moving Castle [TMN RESIDENCY]


This month, we’re changing things up with our Residency Program. We normally like to focus on one of our favorite artists, but, there’s a collective out there who’s sweeping through the blogosphere like a wildfire. While some of you might be familiar with a few of the Moving Castle’s artists, or at the very least, their long-sleeved tees that are seemingly everywhere, we know that you’re not familiar with every single artist. We’re going to change that this month.

To kick things off, we’ve put together a playlist that features one song from each of the 22 artists within the collective. This way, you can at least get introduced to each of these talented producers musically, and we’ll bring you deeper insight as the month goes on.

After you’re done jamming to this playlist, head over and pick up their last four collections, Moving Castle I, II, III & IV:

Juice (AObeats Remix)
Teedra Moses
Be Your Girl (Bamf remix)
Dirty Chocolate x Bonae Bonae
Catt Moop
Joule Max like its hot
Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)
Porter Robinson
The Weeknd — Where You Belong (Dave Luxe Edit)
Lay It Down (Dirty Chocolate Remix)
Dugong Jr
Ur Body
Gypsy Woman
Hunt for the Breeze
Awake feat. Josh Jacobson
Jailo & Vices
Loving You (Long Time)
Certified Freak (Jailo & Yung Wall Street Refix)
Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
Josh Jacobson
Kappa Kavi – Talk 2 The Heart
The M Machine
Dont Speak (Manila Killa Remix)
Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)
Rowdy Rebel
Computers ft. Bobby Shmurda(Vices & Gutta Remix)
Didrick // A Part Of You (WRLD Remix)
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[TMN Premiere] Native People – Tapes (The Citrus Clouds Remix)

final 1_1 (2)
Native People
Tapes (The Citrus Clouds Remix)

UK four-piece Native People have a fascinating sound that combines indie rock and pop guitar licks with synths and a distinct sensibility for dance percussion. Unsurprisingly, their winning style has been picking up some serious steam over the last year. As they prepare for the release of their debut EP, Native People have shared a remix of “Tapes,” the title track, courtesy London’s The Citrus Clouds and we’re excited to be bringing you the premiere.

The original track is an upbeat indie pop hit layered with groovy drums and an addicting guitar lick perfectly accentuated by the accompanying vocals. The Citrus Clouds’ rendition proves equally stunning replacing the rock instrumentation with steel drums and lush synths for an incredibly smooth electronic journey. Even with a tempo change and a shift to tropical elements, the original’s infectious melody reigns supreme on this remix.

Get your summer on with this sunny, uplifting tune above. Native People’s Tapes EP, which will include this remix, drops May 25th and can be pre-ordered on iTunes here. For all the UK ninjas out there, you can grab tickets to their EP launch show on May 21st here.

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[Progressive] Destiny – Time (LYNOS x SHUGG remix)

Destiny - Time (LYNOS x SHUGG remix)
Time (LYNOS x SHUGG remix)

This track is the perfect example of bringing creative minds together. LA-based producer LYNOS teamed up with singer/saxophonist SHUGG to rework Destiny‘s “Time”. Fusing R&B and progressive elements, the musicians came together and created something very unique off of Destiny’s magical vocals. Besides the epic synth driving the tune, SHUGG’s saxophone LYNOS’ electric guitar fill in with the heavy sounding melodies. Although the track is barely three minutes long, the catchiness and complexity of it are nothing short of amazing.

LYNOS is going to keep the ball rolling with this release, following his last remix of Phoebe Ryan’s “Mine”. He’s definitely someone to watch in the near future.

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