[Free Download] Ryan Hemsworth – Cream Soda (with Tomggg)

Ryan Hemsworth
Cream Soda (with Tomggg)

Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth just wrapped up his summer tour with a set at this past weekend’s FYF Fest, and he will be heading back home to finish his forthcoming album. Today he’s shared more important news with the announcement of three Japan tour dates in October, and the release of a new single with Japanese producer Tomggg called “Cream Soda.”

The upbeat instrumental track sounds like something straight out of a video game with its melodic chiptune cheer. “Cream Soda” is a delightful pop number that stirs in futuristic elements with dainty bells and whistles, and the result is wholly wonderful. “Cream Soda” is available for a free download via SoundCloud.

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[NEW] SBTRKT – War Drums (ft. Warpaint) + Highs & Lows

War Drums (ft. Warpaint) LIVE AT MAIDA VALE

With his forthcoming album about a month away, SBTRKT continues to provide us reasons to be excited. On his latest release, the pioneering electronic producer let loose track number 3 from the second part of the project.

“War Drums,” which features the vocals of talented Warpaint front-woman Emily Kokal, delivers exactly what its name suggests with intricate, driving percussion. Per usual, SBTRKT shows off an immaculate attention to detail and an ear for the perfect singing voice to match leaving the listener in a state of awe that only grows with incremental listens. According to the track listing, this one will clock in at just under three minutes, but the version presented here is a stunning live rendition from BBC‘s Maide Vale Sessions, which is nearly two minutes longer.

As part of a three-song Soundcloud set, all from the same live session, SBTRKT also shared a live version of the Sampha-assisted “Temporary View” and the previously unreleased “Highs and Lows,” which although incredible dope is not listed as a song on the upcoming record. Peep the new sounds above–Wonder Where We Land is out on September 23rd and can be pre-ordered via iTunes.

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[Chill] Galimatias – Night Owl

Night Owl

A little over a week ago, Denmark native, Galimatias sent the internet down to the very depths of the ocean floor with his stunning track, “Ocean Floor Kisses.” We definitely felt as if we were caressing each and every groove found in the elusive abyss beneath us after subjecting our ears to such beauty. Just a few moments ago, Galimatias unleashed his latest original stunner, “Night Owl”, in which we were forced to step back for a moment and truly listen to this on an entirely different cognitive level.

“Night Owl” incorporates a multitude of production elements that collectively exude something truly ethereal. With its futuristic jabby synths, haunting reverberated vocals, and eerie chilled out vibe, Galimatias creates a type of darkness for all of us to emerge ourselves into. “Night Owl” delivers with such finesse and delicacy that collectively polish a side of electronic music we’ve yet to fully appreciate. Before you press play, make sure to turn your chill factor up because you’re about to stay up all night with this one.

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Johnny Green – Oneiro feat. Mammals [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Whether we want to admit this or not (which we are happily admitting), Australian music has come to point where their sound and productions are far beyond anything we can logically conceptualize. We have become fascinated with everything about their culture, their music, and their adorable accents. Whenever we receive something from down under, we cannot help but feel like a 6 year-old child in candy store – the excitement is that real.

Today we have a stunning video to share with all of you from Sydney producer, Johnny Green. We are so fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to premiere this video with all of you ninjas because our jaws dropped and our minds opened up as soon as we finished watching this original piece of art. Johnny Green takes us all on a visually seductive journey in his latest track, “Oneiro” (Greek word for ‘dream’), to which we shoot straight through the clouds and into an entirely different realm of the universe. After having been inspired by the aesthetically pleasing sights of Casa China Blanca in Punta de Mita, Mexico, Johnny immediately escaped from his reality and entered into his “Oneiro” only to return to earth with an artistic vision that led to the inspiration of this song and video. It is clear that the Sydney producer wants to take his music and his listeners to new elevations in this mind-melting, bone-chilling, aquatic masterpiece. With a stunning synth progression, a smooth organic percussion, and a haunting vocal from Mammals singer, Guy Brown, “Oneiro” is bound to send you all into state of celestial bliss.

“Oneiro” is out now on  DJ & producer, KatXX’s label Love F.A.M.E Records and can be purchased on Beatport as well!

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[Feelings] Kilter – Coward (feat. Ngaiire)

Coward (feat. Ngaiire)

Well it’s late as hell and we’re still going to post the latest Kilter track. It’s a little past 11 PM PST and 4 PM Australia time so we figure it’s acceptabe to post this regardless of the time difference only because we’re ninjas and we want to get you the latest and greatest music – even if it’s past all of our bedtimes.

Now that we got that little spiel out of the way we can get to the juice of this exciting new tune from one of our favorite Australian baes, Kilter. After a long period of being stuck in limbo (and not having updated his SoundCloud with his new music), Kilter finally unleashed the fourth tune off his latest EP, Shades (out now on iTunes), in which he reminds us all why patience truly is a virtue.

With a title like “Coward”, one can only imagine what sparked the creation behind this stunning number. Often times we question the purpose of certain songs in order to satisfy our existential train of thought; half the time we don’t really find that resolve to fill that empty void. After listening to “Coward” over and over again, it began to hit us that humans spend way too much time digging deep for something that might not actually exist; it may also be that the answer is right in front of us and we are just oblivious to the truth that is right in front of our eyes. We don’t really know what the answer is until we dive a little deeper into the mind.

In “Coward”, Kilter tells an intricate story that only we, the listeners, can subjectively define through our own experiences. At the end of our journey, we are able to say that we found our resolve within the sound frequencies themselves. The conclusive message we perceived may not be the same as yours, but hey, that’s perfectly ok because we think that’s what Kilter wants this song to represent. With its powerful resonance and impeccable progression, we cannot help but be enchanted by both Kilter’s production and the stunning vocal from the beautiful Ngaiire. The moment words flowed from her mouth and into our ears, we instantly became over-encumbered with a range of emotions which forced our souls to embark on the cleanse of a lifetime. We hope you all feel this much power from this song because we seem to be filled to the brim with feels…and we aren’t complaining in the slightest.

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[Future Bass] Michael Bublé – Feeling Good (SMLE Cover)

Michael Bublé
Feeling Good (SMLE Cover)

It’s easy to get excited as a music blogger. We often get the inside track at what’s coming out, and our general nature is rooted a the desire to share music with our friends. Well, every so often, we come across tracks that absolutely stun us, leaving us incapable of doing only one thing, which is press play again and again.

Luckily for us, we soon snap out of it, getting our fingertips warmed and ready to craft a post. Today is a perfect example of the scenario previously mentioned, one which grabbed our ears for a good solid hour before we could come to writing it up.

Increasingly enough, we’ve seen more and more artists take on remix/cover renditions of a tune. Not only are they setting the original lyrics on a new path with a vocalist giving their interpretation of an original, but they’re also coupling that cover with some new instrumentals as well. Today, we’re lucky enough to share SMLE’s cover/remix of Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good,” which coincidentally is a cover of Nina Simone.

This newly founded producer has teamed up with vocalist Janpier to create this surging future bass take on a classic crooner tune. The synths are nearly overwhelming, getting us “right in the feels,” as all you kids say. With the addition of smooth, untreated vocals, this song transcends genres and decades, creating a modern approach at something you’d expect to hear in a smokey 1940′s lounge.

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[Trip Hop] kuma – Beneath the Flowers

kuma - Beneath The Flowers
kuma •ᴥ•
Beneath The Flowers

Ever come across a tune so amazing that you feel good about life after listening to it? Here we have “Beneath The Flowers,” a re-work by kuma sampling Lupe Fiasco‘s hip-hop classic “Daydreamin’.” The LA-based producer took Jill Scott‘s vocals from the hook and turned it into something beautiful and tranquil. With the lo-fi styled beats and pitched-down samples, the 18-year-old showcases his talent and creativity through the track, resembling the sounds created by producers like Giraffage and Slow Magic.

Being the frontrunner of the Flow-Fi record label, kuma takes us on a journey of his life through the recent release of his  BERA EP, where he describes the writing and producing of the tracks on his soundcloud. With so much talent at such a young age, kuma is definitely one of our favorites in the downtempo/electronica genre.

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