[Electronic] Big Wild – Aftergold

Big Wild

Last month, production duo Odesza, a seemingly omnipresent force in electronic music, announced the launch of the Foreign Family Collective, an outlet they’ll be using to highlight their favorite up ‘n coming musicians and visual artists. After a strong first release, the second single from the series came yesterday with an absolute gem from Big WildThe LA-based producer, who supported Odesza on a few stops of their US Tour, has been bubbling on Soundcloud for over a year now with an approach to electronic music that combines live instrumentation with a similar emphasis on hip-hop and tribal inspired percussion as Odesza.

“Aftergold” may be Big Wild’s best work yet continuing the maturation of his sound with a playful backing beat that erupts into an addicting, enormous chorus layered with a powerful vocal sample. The track comes together as an anthemic composition and is sure to make you a fan if you aren’t yet familiar with Big Wild. Give it a listen and grab a free download above.

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[Funky] Big Data – The Business Of Emotion (Lefti Remix)

Big Data - The Business Of Emotion (Lefti Remix)
Big Data
"The Business Of Emotion (Lefti Remix)"

Following the success of his remix of Avan Lava‘s “Wanna Live”, NYC up and comer Alex Suarez a.k.a Lefti just released this rework of Big Data‘s “The Business of Emotion” to keep the ball rolling. The glitchy bass and bold synth resemble the sound of Justice, giving off a French house vibe. Stripping down the vocals and adding a series of funky bassline, Lefti creates a disco track everyone should dance to.

With only a handful of remixes under his belt, this tune helps the talented producer find his signature sound. Get jammin’ to this track and let us know what you think!

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[Future House] Thief – Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)

Thief - Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)
Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)

Prepare yourself as Lost Kings put a spin on Thief‘s “Crazy”. The LA-based duo once again expanded their sound by venturing into unfamiliar territories. They felt the need to give this electro-pop tune the future house treatment. A series of pleasant chords are added onto the stripped down vocals, giving it a melodic feel. The beat drop is heavyhitting and resembles something like Oliver Heldens‘ “Gecko”. It fuels the mysterious vibe without being overly bass-heavy. These guys sure know how to make something sound catchy.

The everchanging sound of Lost Kings goes to show that genres don’t matter. These talented bunch is quickly getting a large following over the past year, and it won’t stop here. Make sure to follow these guys and listen to this epic track!

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[Indie] Wales – Lose My Mind

Lose My Mind

We always love when we come across artists who are making their debut in to the music world. What better way to start off your career than with a song that comes from the bottom of your heart? New York composer/writer/producer, Samuel Aaron Bennett, otherwise known as Wales, makes his way on to our music feed with his debut track, ‘Lose My Mind’. This mid-tempo, emotional Indie esque record highlights Bennett’s musical background as a composer in which the young artist adds glorifying orchestral elements that exude a peaceful ambience and tranquil vibe. ‘Lose My Mind’ will undeniably make you want to grab your keys, roll down your car windows, and drive off toward a destination-less place of pure euphoria. Let your skin feel the breeze while you open up your senses to the wonders of Wales and his emotive resonance. Make sure to grab a sweater because it might get a little chilly deep inside your mind.

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[Electronica] ØRKA – Tell Me

tell me ft. Brian Bibb

Alright ninjas, we’ve got a good one for you guys today. We discovered Ørka as we were going through our daily Soundcloud scavenger hunt, and as you could imagine, we didn’t expect to see an artist with less than 400 Soundcloud followers in the midst of all the other tracks. We gave Ørka a shot though and we’re god damn happy we did.

The only thing you can find about the Miami-based Ørka online is his music, in the form of six tracks on Soundcloud, and that seems telling of the kind of person he is. “Tell Me” is an emotion-laden indie electronic masterpiece that seemingly draws inspirations from the likes of the legendary James Blake. A melancholy piano melody sets the foundation for the track as Brian Bibb delivers morose vocals that gives the track a hauntingly beautiful vibe.

Stream “Tell Me” above and get a free download, courtesy of Ørka, here.

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[New] Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Following his Worlds Tour, it’s been a while since Porter Robinson came out with new music. To our surprise, he premiered this epic remix of Nero‘s “The Thrill” at Coachella last Friday and turned up the heat even more at the desert.  The 22-year-old prodigy sampled Alana Watson‘s vocals on top of some classic Porter maneuvers, creating beautiful melodies and fusing them with glitchy synths. The cadenced synth melodies manage to keep the track breathtaking, moving and epic, as it is closed out with some simple and pretty keys. The style of the remix resembles something off of Worlds.

It’s no surprise that Porter’s originality and relevance make him one of the frontrunners in the electronic scene. It’s creative minds like his that keep the ball rolling for today’s music. Take a listen to this brand new track as Porter Robinson once again proved that genres don’t matter.

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[Festival Preview] Lightning in a Bottle 2015 + Playlist


Do you hear what we hear? It’s the sweet, sweet sound of festival season and it’s about time we get our eyes, ears, and minds ready for another year of sensational performances, overpriced beer, conflicting line-up times, and shower-less days to make us smell like regret the next morning. If you’re anything like us over here at TMN, then you understand just how important festival season is to us. Come on, who doesn’t love to spend hours upon hours of our weekends listening to some of the most talented artists from around the world while also connecting with like-minded individuals at the same exact time? Well, considering they’re not a wook…(please see THUMP article for more information on how to spot and avoid said wook).

With Coachella making it’s first pit stop this weekend and later this month, we can’t help but pack our bags a few weeks in advance because we’re prepared to take on this years Coachella head on. Clearly, we’re just really excited, but not because festival season is finally here, but because we just realized that we are 7 weeks shy of attending the latest and greatest gig, Lightning in a Bottle. Stationed out in the beautiful Bradley, California, LiB is back again and this time with loads of talent and entertainment that’ll rattle your bones and change your life all at the same time. We missed last years festivities and after listening to everyone and their mom (literally) tell us that LiB was the best thing to have ever happened to their lives, we can’t help but shed a million tears for not being present in the moment with some of the world’s most positive and uplifting people on this planet.


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