[Pop/Electronica] Lily Allen – Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

It’s been a few months since we had a chance to check in and hear some new music from one of our favorite breakout artists of 2013, Digital Farm Animals, and behind a worthy individual debut EP Bugged Out, the London based electronic-pop artisan has admirably authored us up a first entry into the world of remixes by taking on bubbly pop vocalist Lily Allen and her newest single “Air Balloon”. If you’ve had a chance to weave your psyche into Digital Farm Animals’ production index, then the opening, dream-wavey synth line will serve as a comforting landmark amongst a sea of poppy percussion, while those vocals serve as the perfect vessel to progress the tune’s very catchy evolution. Just purely intoxicating stuff really. Digital Farm Animals’ remix of “Air Balloon” will come as part of Lily Allen’s congruently titled EP, which you can pre-order here and also features two remixes from Taiki & Nulight along with the original recording. Add a little funk-lean to your step this Monday and stream DFA’s revision above.

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[NSFW] Jarell Perry – Braindead [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Jarell Perry

There’s never really a question of whether or not there’s good music coming out of the City of Angels. Every other day, we’re stumbling over a new artist that wins us over. While we were already very familiar with “Braindead” from alt-Soul act Jarell Perry, he’s yet another example of the swelling sea of musical talent in L.A.

Fusing together classic soulful R&B vocals, electronic synths and beats, and pop structures, Perry has paved his own lane in this genre. “Braindead” is a classic example of his unique style, offering up something that would be easily appreciated from a radio audience, or blog-reading indepedent music lovers as well.

This tune dropped about three months ago, giving us a teaser of his upcoming White EP. Fast forward a few other releases, “Black Valentine” and “Eleven,” and today we’re honored to premiere the music video for “Braindead.” This painfully emotion-rich song features visuals that are most assuredly not safe for the workplace or school. However, if you’re feeling brave on the job, take a gander at this sultry embrace between two young ladies.

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[Electro Soul] Jungle – Lucky I Got What I Want

Lucky I Got What I Want

It’s better late than never. Truer words could be said as we listen to this glorious electro soul tune from Jungle. This crafty duo released “Lucky I Got What I Want” four months ago, and we somehow missed it. After listening to the layered atmospheric elements, draped over a luscious, repetitious beat, we were instantly pissed we went four months without hearing this.

So, we’re sorry that we let you down, but hopefully we redeemed ourselves after posting this delightfully soulful tune.

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[House/Chill] TÂCHES – Something Blue

Something Blue

Last month, we got our hands on a jacking, future house/garage remix from London via Spain producer TÂCHES and if by judging from the tone of that post, you ninjas may have been able to tell that we were pretty excited to get our hands on some more material as soon as possible. Well that anticipatory wave has finally subsided with TÂCHES’ latest original recording, “Something Blue” being released over the weekend as a free download on account of reaching the epic 10,000 Facebook Fans club. This latest original tune floats like a cloud over genre limitations, fusing production elements of house- both deep and tech-  with very chilled down pop instrumentation techniques for an original piece it seems only the 20 year old producer could create. Take home the remix by following the link here, and start your Monday correctly.

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[Chill Out] Teebs – View Point

View Point

In a medley of atmospheric layering, scrupulous drum work and ethereal synths, this Chino Hills resident has the perfect soundtrack to your laid back Sunday afternoon. Teebs recently dropped this new tune, which has nostalgic Americana sampling, creating something that has both a classic feel and an all encompassing, modern electronica vibe.

Sunday is definitely a good day to unwind, and “View Point” will help you along the way.

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[Dim the Lights, Baby] Ginuwine – Pony (salute Remix)

Pony (salute Remix)

Aww, yeah. This one goes out to all of you ninja lovers out there. We see you holding that special someone tight. This track is going out to you.

While that may have taken you back to an 8th grade mixer at a roller rink, we can assure you that this modern take on “Pony” is far from the pedestrian pop you once rolled around to. As you set your plans for tonight, make sure to throw this tune on when you get home. While the original was already a sultry tune in itself, this remix by salute boasts some dialed up, smooth bass lines that will set the tone real nice.

Get after it.

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[Sensational] Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)

Vancouver Sleep Clinic & GXNXVS
Hold On We're Going Home (Drake Cover)

We’re going to be honest with you. We’ve heard more interpretations of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” than Peyton Manning has heard condolences. It’s been one of the most remixed and covered tunes in the past year, and it’s not hard to see why. While we’ve braved through a veritable onslaught of medicore takes on our neighbor to the north, this tune stands proudly amongst the mire.

17 year old Brisbane native Vancouver Sleep Clinic has gracefully adorned our humble blog walls before, giving us warm-n-fuzzies with his glorious vocals in “Collapse.” This time around, he’s partnered with an someone we’re unfamiliar with, GXNXVS.

The end result is a smoother than silk, icy cold, yet smoking hot cover of this widely popular Drake tune. It’s downright enchanting, begging to be listened to over and over again. Take a listen, and try not to hit repeat.

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