[Nu-Disco/Synth-Pop] Tundran – Kimono [TMN Premiere]


It’s pretty safe to say that whenever independent dance label PRMD Music signs an artist, they’ll be pretty special. Of course with their track record of being home to the likes of Avicii, Cazzette and iSHi, as well as the recently established sub-label ICONS, it’s clear to see why we’ve put so much stock in them. While much of their roster operate within the larger sounds of dance music, their newest act, Tundran, falls into an entirely different mold. Tundran is the indie-dance, disco and pop infused musical pairing of fellow Swedes Felix & Jakob who have professed their sound “…as a stepson of Fleetwood Mac, or maybe that weird cousin to the early Daft Punk… Definitely related to Earth, Wind and Fire too.”  With a sonic aesthetic so tightly wound and only one single (which caught on like wild-fire) released under the Tundran moniker, the duo’s musical prowess plays lightyears beyond what their modest catalog would suggest. Tundran’s latest release “Kimono” is yet another polished piece of their expanding production puzzle, blending delicate vocals with warm and nostalgic instrumentation that already has us conjuring up comparisons to the subdued reverby shades of Day Wave with the kind of technical indie precision of Holy Ghost! “Kimono” is a consummate example of pop structuring; rolling itself out upon a delicate backdrop of airy pads before rolling guitar licks and a simplistically sticky kick-clap drumline opens up the perfect amount of room for those airy vocals to permeate and round out the entire movement.

We’ll surely be keeping our eyes, and ears for that matter, towards Tundran as we wind down 2015, and we have a strong bet that 2016 will be a year with the name ‘Tundran’ emanating from countless music critics’ tongues. Enjoy “Kimono” above as a shiny new ‘TMN Premiere’ and try not to get lost in a hazy sea of electronic-indie-pop bliss. Forgive us while we swoon for a moment.

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[Electronica] Mano Le Tough – Half Closed Eyes

Mano Le Tough
Half Closed Eyes

Mano Le Tough, aka Niall Mannion, is a now Berlin based producer who’s been making crazy moves in the European electronic scene, and we’re hoping it’s not long before he’s as big of a hit with the States as he is with TMN. Getting his start in a seaside village close to Dublin, Ireland, Mano Le Tough brings some electronica serenity to the latest track off his newest EP Trails.

“Half Closed Eyes” is a track that hits us a few tunes deep into the album and changes up its pace at just the right time. Beginning with the kind of experimental “off beat” electronic percussions you might have the pleasure of hearing in a Nicolas Jaar track (*pause for a moment of silence for Darkside please*), the song also opens with a sample of some chopped up and looped vocals. Next Mannion brings in a house bass line and this is when the track really gets us going. The tune starts morphing into something you might hear Bonobo spin—-a progression of symbols and bells, all while continuing with the vocal sample, which is now uttering “on and on…” like any good electronica song should. But don’t worry, the track never maintains its normalcy because the off beat percussions come right back along with some Doppler effect synths and industrial noise, and you can feel good about being weird again.

On top of making madly good music, Mano Le Tough also throws this hot dance party in Berlin called Passion Beat where he hosts himself as a resident DJ along with his buddy, The Drifter. Hosting other names like Nicolas Jaar and John Talabot, we’ve made this a must-go destination in our electronic dance party geo-calendar. Because that is definitely a thing.

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[Progressive] ATB – Ecstasy (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Flip)

Ecstasy (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Flip)

Here’s a track for some Monday motivation. It’s almost a guarantee that magic happens everytime ARMNHMR and DATHAN go in the studio together. These guys can cook up something amazing, evident in the success of their remixes “Gold Dust”, “Disarm You” and “Secrets”. They decided to join forces once again to put a spin on a major throwback tune, ATB‘s “Ecstacy”, and definitely did it justice.

The infectious melody by the vocals are accompanied by these soaring synth stabs. The dynamic outfit of the track will provide an adrenaline overdose, most apparent in the numerous different drops in the track. If you’re a fan of dance music, this will definitely be nostalgic and refreshing at the same time. It’s intriguing to see progressive dance elements from different times fuse together. Grab this as a free download and show these guys some support!

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[Electronica] Himalia – Ghosts EP

Anxiety grips us all at some point, and we’re lucky enough to have an endless stream of music to help ease our worries. Searching for a calm haven can be difficult, but the gentle atmosphere of Himalia‘s newest project, Ghosts, manufactures a universe inundated with brooding, yet soothing components that tenderly circulate throughout your consciousness.

Layer after layer of reverb soaked synths cascade across each track, beckoning for something intangible. There’s a delicate gravity within every instrumental that shatters the hectic world around you as listen, and, as everything begins to slow down, a feeling of ease permeates your mind. It’s here that Himalia excels. With time essentially frozen, the music is its own entity. Ghosts is sixteen minutes of authentic bliss, and luckily for us, the EP is a free download. Close your eyes and find your peace of mind in an incessantly shifting world with Himalia’s newest effort right now. We all need a break, so get a perfect start with the ethereal tunes below.

’Deep Breath, Start Again.’
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[Chill] Dream Koala – Synthetic Evolution

dream koala
Synthetic Evolution

In light of the saddening tragedy that happened in Paris, French native Yndi Ferreira a.k.a Dream Koala has put out this unplanned release off of his upcoming EP. Titled “Synthetic Evolution”, this track starts off with ominous keys, followed by his signature vocals that will put listeners in a chilled mood. The lengthy buildup is yearning for the the soaring chorus which takes on quick drums and an beautifully eerie melody. Dream Koala succeeds once again in fusing his indie style with whatever genres he desires to explore.

We could really just appreciate the message Yndi is trying to convey. Released as a free download, “Synthetic Evolution” will be one of many other epic tunes off of Exodus EP that’s coming out December 4.

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[Denver Giveaway] TMN Presents: Brothertiger w/ Sunboy @ Lost Lake – 11/20

Beyond The Infinite + Denver Ticket Giveaway!

It’s no secret around the TMN squad that Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter and producer John Jagos and his Brothertiger project have captured a large piece of our hearts over the years. For the past few months, Brothertiger has been dropping a smattering of excellent singles in the lead-up to his third full-length LP, Out of Touch, and to accompany that impending album, the Brothertiger team is smack in the middle of a North American tour. Needless to say, our needle is red-lining with anticipation as this Friday we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lost Lake Lounge and Radio 1190 to present this Friday’s tour stop in beautiful Denver, CO. If you haven’t been following our coverage of Brothertiger in the past few months, do yourself a favor and become acquainted with “Beyond the Infinite” (from the player above), “Wake” and his latest remix of ONANON’s “Drifting” to get up to speed. For fans of any corner of alt, pop and everything between, Brothertiger should without a doubt be one of your go-to acts for consistent production prowess. Brothertiger’s carefully thought-out, art-house R&B disguised in reverb-heavy pop structuring has long since become one of our favorite musical aesthetics in recent memory, and we’re absolutely ecstatic to have him headlining one of our favorite intimate venues in the Mile High City. Rounding out the bill is Denver’s Sunboy, representing one of our favorite independent creative collectives, Moon Magnet Studios. Sunboy’s unparalleled sound blends heavy electronics, delicate analog instrumentation, and intoxicating vocals that sound somewhere between Kevin Barnes and Soft Bulletin era Wayne Coyne; and after getting to catch the four-piece’s recent supporting slot for Gardens & Villa, they’ve quickly become filed under our ‘artists to watch’ tab for 2016. Make sure to get there early for this one Ninjas!

If you haven’t caught on yet, we love giving our readers a chance to come groove with us at every ‘TMN Presents’ showcase, so we’re giving away not one, but TWO pairs of tickets for this Friday’s show. Entering our contest is as always, beyond easy. Just “like” The Music Ninja on FB, click on this post header if you’re still on the TMN front page, then comment below with your favorite Brothertiger song, and boom, that’s it! And of course we want as many people as possible to come dance with us, so for our friends looking to secure their spot, tickets are only $10.00 and can be purchased at the link here as well.

There are a few rules, of course:
– The event is 16+ Be sure to tell all of your friends to increase chance of winning!
– You are responsible for your own transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the Larimer Lounge door.

Check out our preview mini-playlist, start commenting below and best of luck ninjas!

’Brothertiger – Beyond The Infinite’
’Brothertiger X Rose Quartz – Pleasure & Pain’
’Brothertiger – Lovers (Modern Rework)’
’Sunboy – Burnout’
’Sunboy – ABCDNA’
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[Electronica] Alizzz – Your Love (feat. Max Marshall)

Your Love (feat. Max Marshall)

It’s true – artist collectives are slowly taking over the music scene. There’s something about a group of talents coming together and making music as a form of free expression without any label restrictions that possesses a mass appeal. Sitting on top of that pedestal is the Moving Castle collective, who recently just released their debut Your Love EP featuring an up and coming artist from Barcelona Alizzz. This title track “Your Love” also features vocals by Max Marshall, which are the perfect complements to this high-energy track. Utilizing chill trap elements with an infectious melody, the Spanish producer never seizes to amaze. Crafty samples and synth stabs make for an exciting tune that will make you sing along to every word of it.

This two-track EP is available for grab here. Fans support is crucal for the growth of collectives, so make sure to show some love to Alizzz and the fellow Moving Castle members if you dig this. As fans ourselves, we cannot wait for more tracks to come.

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