[Beautiful] Port St. Willow – Soft Light Rush (ii)

Port St. Willow - Soft Light Rush II
Port St. Willow
Soft Light Rush (ii)

Nick Principe, aka Port St. Willow, has released a six-minute sonic and experimental masterpiece, with welcomed flourishes of folk, rock and even electronica. Led by his astonishingly delicate falsetto, “Soft Light Rush (ii)” is a true world of sound throughout, various instruments poking, prodding, and making brief appearances here and there: somber brass tones, a few lonely guitar strums, tingling xylophone. There are many elements at play, but the track is never too busy or crowded; in fact, it does an excellent job of having all these elements interact with great balance, always leaving enough space for each instrument to breathe in, exhale and shine during each of their select moments. Even when the tension starts to grow towards the 3:00 minute mark, the sounds somehow clash together harmoniously, and the track feels as though it’s finally woken up from a long, dream-filled slumber.

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[Novella] Geoff and Katie’s Playlist


At first glance of this post’s title, you may have thought we’ve lost our minds. However, we assure you that this post is completely intended! We haven’t lost our minds. That we know of.

We think you’ll agree that music and writing go together– if those things weren’t linked, you would be rifling through some list of MP3′s on the net for new tracks and Music Ninja wouldn’t be the success it is today. We feel that you appreciate our insight which is why we love to blend these two things together. With that being said, one of our contributors has done just that, only in the form of an entertaining piece of fiction.

You may have read pieces from A Servant here on TMN. Well, aside from writing for us and writing a personal blog, he also is a novelist. Today we’re bringing you a sample of his work
from his novella, Geoff and Katie’s Playlist. We feel like this was a good fit for TMN based on the nature of the book. This dual narrative story has a unique set up in that the chapters are titled with recognizable song titles. A Servant did this for a specific reason; he wanted to set the soundtrack for this story. So think of each song title as the mood for that particular chapter.

Geoff and Katie’s Playlist is an easy read, entertaining, and heavily entwined with the music world we all live in. We’re happy to feature the first two chapters here on the site, but if you’re really interested, A Servant has made this available for free download for the next five days. Happy reading!

Track 1: “Sympathy for the Devil” The Rolling Stones.

My name is Katie. At least for now. I’ve had many different names and I’m not very attached to any of them. I’ve noticed the people I’ve interacted with are very into their names, as the saying goes now. I’ve never entirely understood, but then again, they don’t live on for thousands of years like I do, do they? They can’t change forms to any living being they see, can they? I suppose it’s only natural that they be attached to their names, as their names differentiate their forms from others like them.
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[NEW] James Blake – Digital Lion


Back again with yet another new track this week is the British singer/producer James Blake. His newest single off his upcoming 1-800 Dinosaurs‘ Overgrown album is an airy and spacey tune that is almost multiple songs in one. Beginning with an atmospheric beat and reverberating vocals, Blake switches up the beat about a minute in to a melodic vibe and switching again by adding some heavier drum rips. Keeping the same echoing and haunting vocals that is signature to Blake’s style, this is a floating track that is quite the chill listen.

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Baths - Miasma Sky
Miasma Sky

With debuting the much praised Cerulean three years ago, Baths demonstrated an uncanny ability for strikingly beautiful sounds that blur the lines between post-modern pop … Continue reading »

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Jurassic 5 - Thin Line (Blue Version)
Jurassic 5
Thin Line (Blue Version Edit)

It is not Sunday and this is not our Chill Dojo, but get ready to chill out to a fascinating edit of classic single “Thin … Continue reading »

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[New] M.I.A. – MATANAGI mix for Kenzo

MATANGI Mix for Kenzo

As fans patiently wait for M.I.A.‘s new album MATANAGI to drop this April, she teases them with a new mix. The track, which serves as a prequel to her upcoming effort, is a collaborative effort with fashion house Kenzo. Mixing some tribal sounds, Hindi chants, heavy drums, the Sri Lankan artist jumps on about 4 minutes into the track and switches up the beat  for a hip-hop mix coupled with a “thankful” rap. Although the track is 8-minutes long, it sounds like a perfect mash-up of multiple songs and rhythms that make for an infectious listen. Check out the dance track below.

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[NEW] Kid Cudi – Immortal

Kid Cudi

What better way to kick off your March than with some new Kid Cudi? The self-produced track features a crooning Cudi bragging about his sudden perception of immortality over a sped-up, reversed sample of MGMT‘s “Congratulations.” Sonically, “Immortal” seems closer to last year’s WZRD project, especially considering that Cudder has his own 30-second guitar solo late into the song. Indicud may still be a little over a month away, but at least we have some fantastic material to tide us over until April 23rd.

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