[FRESH] Diplo – About That Life (ft. Jahan Lennon)

One of modern music’s production legends is back with new material, eight years after he dropped his last record. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right: it’s Diplo, and “About That Life” will knock your socks off. Featuring Jahan Lennon from the now defunct Mad Decent band Popo, it is bursting with psychedelic rhythms and sheer experimental madness, including flutes. A track that demands rested listening, stream “About That Life” below, and stay tuned for news on about Diplo’s new record.

About That Life feat. Jahan Lennon
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Johnny Cash – Hurt (8Bit Cover)

BULLW∆CK, as dirty as it sounds, does tend submerge himself in some of the most filthiest electronic sounds on the internet. Last month he debuted a track called “The Clangers” merging grimmy dubstep wobbles at a seductive bass heavy moombahton beat that almost take you back to the 2006 uk dubstep scene. Today, however, he has released one of the most exciting 8Bit electronic covers to date. Taking on inspiration from Johnny Cash’s take on “Hurt” (originally created by Trent Reznor), BULLW∆CK takes us into the super Nintendo World of bright melodies yet he is able to produce a tune just as somber as the original.

Johnny Cash
Hurt (8Bit Cover)
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[Electronica] Ultraísta – Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)

Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich’s latest project is the experimental synth outfit Ultraísta, whose latest track “Smalltalk” has been tinkered with by Kieran Hebden, the brains behind Four Tet. All manner of shuffling, somewhat syncopated beats and rhythms collide in this version of “Smalltalk,” allowing the plaintive female vocals to come to the fore. An inspired twist on a great little track from Godrich and co, stay tuned for more from Ultraísta.

Smalltalk (Four Tet Remix)
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Psy – Gangnam Style (Candyland’s OG Remix)

If you have been following our twitter and facebook feed, you already know that while we have shown respect for South Korean singer/rapper PSY for creating one of the catchiest tracks of this millenium, it is already becoming ridiculously overplayed. Remixes of the “Gangnam Style” have found their way to the surface of the internet, many of which just miss the mark completely. From trying to turn the well crafted Korean pop melody into dubstep or electro, the new renditions soon become over layered cacophonies of noise. BUT, there is light at the end of the tunnel, as the dj/producing duo Candyland (the same guys responsible for the OG remix of “Sandstorm” and “Gansters Paradise”) have simplified the popular song into a very digestible minimalism track of pure bass and swag. Grabbing the verses of PSY, Candyland layers them over a much organic beat to truly create an OG experience.

Gangnam Style (Candylands OG Remix) (Free Remix
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[NEW] Lapalux – The Hours

British producer Stuart Howard, AKA Lapalux, cooks up a chill, yet hypnotic track flushed with a kaleidoscope of well-layered synths, vocal samples, bits of sax and piano, and other little goodies. All the various elements in “The Hours” charge in at a growing pace with heat, only to slowly cool down and retract themselves again, simulating an intensely ear-pleasing ebb and flow.

Lapalux’s forthcoming EP, Some Other Time, drops October 16th via the Flying Lotus-created label Brainfeeder. Though “The Hours” will not be on it, it’s certainly an excellent preview of what’s to come, so snag the free download below!

The Hours
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[Festival Review] FYF Fest – Los Angeles

FYF Fest aka F*ck Ya Festival, Fest?

With the afterglow of Coachella finally fading, some may find one final itch to scratch nestled in the backyard of LA’s own historic state park. Now in its 9th year, The FYF Fest (F*ck Ya Festival) has evolved from a wild rumpus on Sunset Blvd. to a now two-day (mis)adventure into LA’s own fashionable beat culture rewind. As the local settlers descended upon the four stage venue in a cloud of dust, many donned their favorite frocks and frayed denim in tribute to “The Ole F*ck Ya.”

The event lineup was a curious collection of artists and comedic acts (David Cross, woo!), though from a variety of backgrounds and tastes, they all happened to be suspiciously well strung together and rightfully fit for the culture of the audience.  A handful reunited (Refused, Desparecidos, Quicksand) and many building steam (Purity Ring, James Blake, Future Islands), all acts came ready to surprise despite the lethargic sun-kissed crowd.

Acts such as Yeasayer and M83 composed sets featuring crowd favorites with a twist on their original renditions. Yeasayer, playing in front of new geometric stage artistry, explored a new experimental sound similar to underwater steel drums when playing their most recent single, Henrietta. M83 delved into a cinematic experience, to no surprise, leading with an appearance from their Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming mascot and extended versions of “Colours” and throwback garage jam tune “Sitting” off the 2000 self titled album.

Many smaller, blogged about artists did well in attracting an intrigued crowd with artful stage presence. On the hidden Hill St. Stage, Purity Ring hypnotized onlookers with a dancing array of lanterns turned musical percussive instruments while Future Islands surprised many with a “classy” tucked in yet improvisational performance from frontman Samuel T. Herring.

All the while, the 80+ acts that came and went, undoubtedly pleased the eyes and ears of those who took the time to brave the late September heat. A worthwhile experience for those looking to explore a variety of vintage sounds in new and old fashion, FYF Fest will leave you glad you weren’t stuck wondering why you were attending a Festival-Festival, and instead coyly giving an accomplished “F*ck Ya.”

Below are tunes by some of FYF’s artists:

Future Islands
Purity Ring
In The City

Tasteful Scribe: Kyle Dovenbarger

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[Hip-Hop/Indie] T.Shirt – Purity Ring x T.Shirt (Mixtape)

As dark and mysterious as Purity Ring‘s music is, it makes surprisingly good material for a remix. That’s exactly what New York based rapper T.Shirt does on this mixtape, grabbing bits and pieces from Purity Ring’s excellent debut album, Shrines, and adding some mellow bars of his own. T.Shirt doesn’t miss a beat on this project, matching each unique note with perfect rhythm. He even switches his style multiple times throughout, showcasing his diverse skillset as an emcee and his ability to adapt easily to changes within the flow of the music. While T.Shirt doesn’t remix the album track by track, he does bring together an awesome 15-minute blend that shows exactly the type of music these two forces could create should they choose to collaborate sometime in the future. For now, we can only hope for more.

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