[LP Release] EPROM – Metahuman

With his primitive beats wrapped up in synthesizers and 404′s, EPROM releases his first ever LP on Rwina Records. This album is filled with boundary breaking music. EPROM pushes the limits of electronic music to an amazing authentic sound that he has perfected over the years. The whole album is an experience that differs from person to person. You either love it of hate it. I love it. I think it is a genius way of making an almost Chill Trap sound.

First hearing “Regis Chillbin” in some Gaslamp Killer sets, I fell in loved with it ever since. This song has received praise from Boreta, The Gaslamp killer, Hudson Mohawke, and even The Flying Lotus. With a sound that can only be describe as “drippy”, EPROM exceeded expectation with ‘Regis Chillbin, clearly the best track from the album

“Can Control” definitely takes an honorable second place. Being the fifth song on the album, this song is EPROM’s own outlook on Trap, while still being a mellow laid back song. I can already see The Gaslamp Killer jumping around like a monkey on stage to this. Using vocal samples and “drippy” synths, “Can Control” kicks you in the face with its prominent bassline. Not to mention the track include samples of paint being sprayed, which enlightens the fact that on his free time EPROM is a spray paint artist.

While these two tracks may be the highlight of the LP, every other song on the album has its own personality. It is definitely not for everyone but it is refreshing to see how Trap is currently evolving. I would highly recommend purchasing this album. You won’t regret it. You can purchase it at beatport here.

Regis Chillbin
Can Control
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[Chill] Kitten – Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)

A beautiful work of musical art comes to us from DJ/Producer Kastle, hailing from San Francisco, CA.  He takes the concept of bass-heavy music and tweaks it with his own soulful style.  A true master of his craft, Barrett Richards (going under the moniker Kastle) began working with electronic music at age 14, giving him 14 years of experience to date.  His work meshes the styles of hip-hop, R&B, and dubstep music to form one unified, angelic sound.

The most recent track to be perfected by Kastle is “Cut It Out” by Kitten.  Not yet released, but still receiving favorable compliments from around the blogosphere, the song exemplifies his work to the fullest.  Alluring vocals accompanied by up-tempo drumbeats, bass and a simple guitar riff showcase what the producer can create.  Take the time to check out his other works, as many of them can be downloaded for free off of his site.

Cut It Out (Kastle Remix)
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[Chill] The xx – Do You Mind (Derek Walin Remix)

Intricate, mellow, but still maintaining a sense of power and confidence, Derek Walin has turned The xx’s “Do You Mind” into an electronic dreamscape. He meshes the subdued vocals of The xx with a club-style beat, forming a tune that you can sit back and relax to or bump in an end-of-the-night club. The track, along with many of Derek Walin’s other works, contains elements that uncontrollably induce some head bobbing. Fortunately, he’s offering this track as a free download off of his soundcloud along with many of his other works; I highly recommend giving them a listen.

The xx
Do You Mind (Derek Walin Remix)
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Passion Pit – Take A Walk (BURNS’ SFTCR VERSION)

Ok I am not going to lie, we can’t get enough of the Passion Pit remixes. “Talk A Walk” is just the perfect summer track and a preview of the highly anticipated new album Gossamer. Today we have Burns enigmatic rendition of the single with even brighter electronic melodies, added drump loops and vocal manipulations throughout. This heavily layered remix still stays true the original dynamics of the track, ultimately making it sound deeply organic.

Passion Pit
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[Chill] Oh No! Yoko – Go Alien (Germany Germany remix)

One of the most difficult things about this business is coming across remixes of your favorite tracks. When you have a song that you’re in love with, it’s almost a sin to hear it in any other way. There is, however, the occasions where you hear that remix that blows you away. Case in point: Germany Germany’s remix of Oh No! Yoko’s “Go Alien”.

The mega-indie-pop track from Oh No! Yoko’s album Pau Pau is near and dear to my heart. The poppy structure and dreamy vocals provide a track that I’ve listened to time and time again. Canadian remixer Germany Germany has utilized those dreamy vocals to create a gorgeous remix. The shoegaze build up is massive, and downright beautiful. The remix then builds into something a little more upbeat, incorporating rock elements to tie it back to the original.

Whether you liked the original track, or didn’t, this is one remix that you’ll want to hit repeat on.

Oh No! Yoko
Go Alien (Germany Germany remix)
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Above & Beyond – Small Moments [Free Download]

Electronic music today is truly amazing. The ‘genre’ is no longer simply an outlet to rage your face off and dispose of your clothing; it has become a unique, emotionally propelled experience where nothing can be expected.

First with Deadmau5 and ‘The Veldt’, and now Above and Beyond, with their beautiful new track, ‘Small Moments Like These’, we can truly just see the progression, and the direction this still malleable form of music is beginning to take. Even while attempting to write this, I had difficulty not drifting off in to the melodious chords of the soothing piano. This piece screams perfection, with a simplistic, emotionally-driven melody fueling the entire track from start to finish.

It truly is the small moments like these that make for a grand experience. Please show some support by liking Above and Beyond’s Facebook page, which will in turn unlock the download to this gem. This.. This is somethin’ else.

Above Beyond
Small Moments
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[Chill] Ms Mr – Hurricane

Ms Mr” are a mysterious duo from New York, with an alluring vibe to their first single “Hurricane“. Information is scarce on the talented pair known only as “Ms” and “Mr”, as is common with these new bands. But what isn’t common, is that they’re signed to Sony Records and touring with Marina and the Diamonds, and promise to be successful in the future. From the off, “Hurricane” is instantly loveable, be it “Ms”s soft and superb vocals, or “Mr”s fascinating composition of light bass and beats, together creating a wonderful journey in one song.

You can purchase the track here.

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