[VIDEO] M83 – Steve McQueen + Maps Remix


M83 will be releasing their next single off their sixth studio album (2011), “Steve McQueen”, on November 27th. Along with this exhilarating track, they have decided to bundle it with four other remixes by SALM, BeatauCue, Alluxe and Maps. Just a few days ago, KCRW featured UK-Based artist James Chapman, better known as MAPS, and his fantastic rendition built upon the original feel of the track. Listen below:

Steve McQueen (Maps remix)

November 1st – Pitchfork Paris Music Festival – Paris, France
December 4th – 107.7 ‘The End’s Deck the Hall Ball 2012’at Key Arena – Seattle, WA
December 5th – 94/7 ‘December To Remember’ presents M83 at the Rose Garden – Portland, OR
with Tegan and Sara and The Killers
December 7th – 91x ‘Wrex The Halls’ at Viejas Arena – San Diego, CA

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Emil & Friends – Rain Check & Royal Oats

Led by singer and songwriting genius Emil Hewitt, New York’s Emil & Friends don’t fall easily into one musical genre. This is because they do it all, and they package it perfectly without ever breakin’ a sweat. So, whether it’s whimsical synth rock, classic jazz or funky disco, at the end of the day you’re in for a genre-bending treat that’s always built atop a strong pop foundation. Take for example “Rain Check,” with its punch of quirky fun and theatrics, or “Royal Oats,” and its cool electric vibes. The band’s always surprising and never disappointing.

Emil & Friends
Rain Check

Emil & Friends
Royal Oats

Emil & Friends’ Royal Oats EP is out now via Kitsuné.

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[Festival Review] Treasure Island Music Festival, San Francisco

Treasure Island Music Festival has long touted itself as an intimate and authentic experience in San Francisco music and culture. Attendees are rewarded well in advance with a promise from the event’s coordinators that the eclectic lineup will be devoid of all scheduling conflicts between the festivals two main stages, both adjacent to the city’s bay shoreline.  Therefore, eliminating any potential for those tough decisions while budgeting your time between favorite bands, food trucks, a silent disco and all other festival amenities one could hope for.

With that being said, the two-day fall music and culture getaway was a delight for all the senses as this Ninja was happy enough to document the best and worst of the weekend in the hopes that Treasure Island will be on your 2013 calendar. Read it all after the jump. However, if you’re in a hurry, take a look at the line up above and a short, “best of” playlist below.

Toro Y Moi
Low Shoulder
Hold On (live at maida vale for bbc 1xtra)
Youth Lagoon
Best Coast
Our Deal
Los Campesinos!
By Your Hand
The Presets
This Boys In Love

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[Trip-Hop] Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

If you haven’t heard anything off of Sweet Valley’s Eternal Champ yet, then you’re missing out. This project is an essential listen for any fan of video games or hip-hops. Sampling such classics as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, no other musical undertaking (other than Ocarina of Rhyme) has been able to evoke the simple memories of pure joy resulting from sitting cross legged and wide eyed in front of a television for three hours while holding an awkward shaped plastic controller in your hands. While the project doesn’t solely rely on video game samples for its sound, it is able to still come together to form a cohesive masterpiece that will run you through many of the same emotions felt during those hard fought battles in the kingdom of Hyrule. Considering that this project is coming courtesy of Wavves‘ own Nathan Williams and his brother Joel “Kynan”, makes it even more mind blowing. Although Nathan is primarily known for his noise rock, he’s able to piece together an incredible beat tape here. Add in the fact that they’re currently touring with GZA & Killer Mike, adding even more credence to their identity as a legitimate act within the genre.

If you like what you hear down below, make sure to head over to their Bandcamp page to check out the rest of the project and for a free download of the entire tape.

Sweet Valley
Eternal Champ

Sweet Valley
Chaos Speed

Sweet Valley

Sweet Valley
The Great Bay Shrines

Sweet Valley
Where Will I Go
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[Hip-Hop] Mac Miller – These Dayz (Dope Awprah)

“Yall gonna think im weird as shit” -tweeted indie rapper Mac Miller last night after dropping his latest release, “These Dayz (Dope Awprah).” Under the alter-ego Larry Fisherman, the self-produced track is an avante-garde take on a new sound. Although it is rare to come across rap alter-egos, it is another demonstration of an artist’s creativity coupled with a little crazy. The atmospheric, Miller-sung opera background vocals are more experimental than lyrically dope allowing the emcee to vent about the pressures of fame. Ending with a metaphysical rant, this is definitely something unexpected from the pun-heavy rapper.

Stream and download the unconventional “These Dayz” below and look out for Mac’s collaborative EP with PharrellThe Pink Slime EP, which is due out soon.

Larry Fisherman - These Dayz (Dope Awprah) (prod. Larry Fisherman)
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[Live Review] How To Dress Well – Santos Party House, NYC

How To Dress Well
& It Was U

How To Dress Well
Ocean Floor For Everything

I don’t know what’s going on with Mother Nature, but the weather in New York City has been nothing short of WTF lately. Last week the temperatures hit the 80s, but just last night I’m pretty sure I shivered my way to dinner in the 50s. Since it’s socially unacceptable to wear my fleece blanket as a dress, my cousin and I opted to grab a hot steaming bowl of Vietnamese soup to warm us up before the show. It hit the spot.

We walked over to the venue, Santos Party House, an always stuffy and packed place in Chinatown, and waded through the crowd towards the front. The closer it got to 10pm, the more people tried to weasel their way into every nook and cranny of the room (pet peeve of mine, especially since I’m short and spend most of my time at concerts thinking, “No, no, don’t do it, don’t stand in front me, tall man! Don’t you dare.”).

If you’re unfamiliar with Tom Krell, AKA How To Dress Well, here’s the gist: he makes beautiful and utterly devastating, R&B-infused electronic music. His 2010 debut album Love Remains was brilliantly refreshing, and his latest record, Total Loss, which just dropped last month on Acephale Records, will easily make it onto my Top 10 of 2012.

That being said, I’m always wary about seeing electronic projects live. I’ve witnessed my fair share of disappointing, flat performances and had far too many “what the heck am I watching?” reactions to “DJ” sets. Fortunately, How To Dress Well did not let me down. Actually, he blew me away. His vocals alone, frail but so heavenly and pure when done in falsetto, are absolutely captivating. He gives famed R&B superstars a run for their money. I know for a fact that during most of his songs I just stood with my jaw ajar completely in awe and I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by someone’s singing.

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[Indie] Lost in the Trees – Villain (I’ll Stick Around) (Video)

In 2010 we received All Alone in an Empty House from North Carolina natives, Lost in the Trees. Today, it’s A Church That Fits Our Needs, and it’s wonderful. It’s been likened to the intense abstract nature of Radiohead and the sentimentality of Bon Iver‘s For Emma, Forever Ago. The album is no doubt emotionally intense and riveting. The depth of each track is quite expansive and it simply gets a listener thinking. “Villain” is an excellent example of these notions. It’s straight forward in it’s poignancy and really gets on a provocative level of abstract tenderness. The video here captures well the air of the track. It’s interestingly beautiful and intriguing. But just don’t take my word for it, watch it and see for yourself.

Get your copy of A Church That Fits Our Needs now via ANTI-/Trekky Records!

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