[Experimental] Eaves – Bemidji

Eaves is a 17 year old producer out of Los Angeles, California creating beautifully original art.  He has managed to turn experimental electronic music into an international, serene landscape, allowing the listener to drift along.  His debut EP Hiking Trails experiments with the different sounds of nature, people, and the electronic genre itself.  The meshing together of what might normally be tossed aside as everyday noise with a deliberate musical direction truly shows the broad range of music today.  The entire EP, as well as another gorgeous creation “Meadows” are free for download on his Soundcloud page.  Sit back, take a break, and simply enjoy the songs.

hiking trails


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[Chill] ANGO – True Blue (Prod. by Jacques Greene)

Smooth is the first word that comes to mind when this track plays.  A calming beat in the background accompanied by amazing vocals from ANGO, the song takes the concept of romance in music to a whole new level.  A singer and producer out of Montreal, ANGO showcases his abilities on the vocal side to a beautiful extent.  He just recently decided to step out of the collaboration world and pursue his own EP, coming out with Another City Now, an amazing piece of work utilizing flavors of R&B along with more modern synths and beats.  You can pick up the EP off of iTunes.

True Blue (Prod. by Jacques Greene)
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Ben Howard – Old Pine (Ianborg Remix)

If there’s something that electro fans struggle with, it’s communicating their love for the genre to non-electro fans. If you find yourself sympathizing with the aforementioned, look no further than this Ianborg remix to show your non-electro friends. You might even win a few converts!

Ianborg takes Ben Howard’s Old Pine song and does what truly talented DJs do: he creates a new piece of art using an existing piece–without losing the effect of original. Ianborg keeps the dreamy and nostalgic feel of “Old Pines” by carefully selecting and arranging key images in the original songwriter’s lyrics and giving them front stage in the remix. The song opens with a piano accompanying the original guitar work, setting the stage for a gentle transition into the electronic crecendo. The beat never elevates beyond to anything you could dance to, but serves as the perfect backdrop for the vocals to float through. The overall tone of the song would be perfect for a cocktail party with old friends, or the completion of a long night out with new ones.

If you are a fan of the original song, give this remix a whirl. Ianborg has managed to pay homage to this original folky hit while creating something new and remarkable himself.

Ben Howard
Old Pine (Ianborg Remix)
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MYPET is a new male/female duo consisting of Amy and Ray. They’ve recently caught our attention for their first single ‘Pays to Know.’ This synthy track is anchored by a catchy drumbeat immediately drawing you in to the song. Amy’s echoing vocals shimmer across the synth landscape, making for an incredibly enjoyable listening experience. Check it out!

This single will be released on August 20th by Luv Luv Luv

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[Drum&Bass] Physical Therapy – Drone On (feat. Jamie Krasner)

Don’t let the drum and bass tag fool you, this is a magical piece of chilling drum and bass music. New Jersey based producer Physical Therapy has somehow merged an energetic drum and heavy bass beat with soaring and angelic vocals by Jamie Krasner, on the track Drone On. With an undertone of jungle, drum and bass purists will get a kick from this, along with anybody looking for something different in a saturated dance genre. Packing a phenomenal and organic vibe, this is an example of how the dance scene is continuing to evolve and create amazing new experiences, so let it amaze you.

The EP is out now to buy here.

Physical Therapy
Drone On (feat. Jamie Krasner)
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[Chill Experimental] MVSCLES – Sweet n Sour

The Boston-based duo, MVSCLES, breaks away from the blogosphere clutter with their debut track entitled Sweet n Sour. At first listen, you won’t think much of the track but as soon as it comes to an end, you’ll find yourself abusing the play button. Sweet n Sour has an experimental sound that is light and airy, which flows perfectly with the catchy vocals. In essence, it’s simply a whimsical tune that makes you bob your head ever so slightly. Among others, “based” is one of the tags that the duo uses to describe this track. It sounds nothing like a Lil B song but you can’t hate on being a little based. So give this song a listen, it is sure to put a smile on your face.

Sweet n Sour
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[LP Release] EPROM – Metahuman

With his primitive beats wrapped up in synthesizers and 404′s, EPROM releases his first ever LP on Rwina Records. This album is filled with boundary breaking music. EPROM pushes the limits of electronic music to an amazing authentic sound that he has perfected over the years. The whole album is an experience that differs from person to person. You either love it of hate it. I love it. I think it is a genius way of making an almost Chill Trap sound.

First hearing “Regis Chillbin” in some Gaslamp Killer sets, I fell in loved with it ever since. This song has received praise from Boreta, The Gaslamp killer, Hudson Mohawke, and even The Flying Lotus. With a sound that can only be describe as “drippy”, EPROM exceeded expectation with ‘Regis Chillbin, clearly the best track from the album

“Can Control” definitely takes an honorable second place. Being the fifth song on the album, this song is EPROM’s own outlook on Trap, while still being a mellow laid back song. I can already see The Gaslamp Killer jumping around like a monkey on stage to this. Using vocal samples and “drippy” synths, “Can Control” kicks you in the face with its prominent bassline. Not to mention the track include samples of paint being sprayed, which enlightens the fact that on his free time EPROM is a spray paint artist.

While these two tracks may be the highlight of the LP, every other song on the album has its own personality. It is definitely not for everyone but it is refreshing to see how Trap is currently evolving. I would highly recommend purchasing this album. You won’t regret it. You can purchase it at beatport here.

Regis Chillbin
Can Control
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