[Download] Nicolas Jaar – Essential Mix

If there is ONE mix you need to listen to this year, it will undoubtedly be this one. The new two hour long Essential Mix by Chilean New York Native, Nicolas Jaar is nothing short of breathtaking. Jaar emotional approach to experimenting with sounds or silence for that matter, brings a level of creativity very few can match. He explains:

“I’ve watched Jurassic Park twice in my life – once when I was six and the second time a couple of weeks ago. It inspired me to think about how gaps in time change our way of perceiving.”

This adventurous tracklist comprised of two hours of music, may seem random at first glance, but results into a wave of coherent minimalism in layers of ambient music, classically inclined electronica, all wrapped up in soft but tangible drum patterns. You will hear Jay-Z, Aphex Twin, Marvin Gaye, Just Friends, My Girl and Me (probably Jaar), *NSYNC and a number of Jaar-related tracks and edits.

Nicolas Jaar
Essential Mix (05

01. Nicolas Jaar & Maceo Plex – Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Get Physical Music]
02. Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise [Clown & Sunset]
03. Laxx & Farkas – Creature
04. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love [Clown & Sunset]

05. Angelo Badalamenti – Conversation On Twin Peaks [Warner Bros]
06. The Brothers Four – Greenfields [Columbia]
07. Jay-Z – My First Song (Acapella) [Roc-A- Fella]
08. Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood [NONESUCH]
09. Los Ángeles Negros – Tu Y Tu Mirar… Yo Y Mi Cancion [Harmless]
10. LaShun Pace – It’s Me Oh Lord (Acapella Praise) [Shanachie]
11. Jonny Greenwood – Open Spaces [NONESUCH]
12. Pearson Sound – Footloose [Pearson Sound]
13. The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You (There Is No God Edit) [Reprise]
14. Aphex Twin – Ziggomatic 17 [WARP]
15. Keith Jarrett – Tokyo, November 14 (Encore) [ECM Records]
16. My Girl And Me – Always Back To You (feat. Lorraine) [Unknown]
17. Vera November – Last Night Together (You’re Coming Back Edit) [Rough Trade]
18. Nikita Quasim – L’amour L’après Midi [Clown and Sunset]
19. Nikita Quasim – The Way I Felt Today [Clown and Sunset]
20. Feist – Caught A Long Wind [Polydor]
21. Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme (In The Mood For Love) [In The Mood For Love OST, Higher Octave OmTown]
22. *NSYNC – It Makes Me Ill (Edit) [JIVE]
23. Unknown – Unknown
24. Charles Mingus – Myself When I’m Real [IMPULSE]
25. Bill Callahan – America! [DRAG CITY]
26. The Field – The Little Heart Beats So Fast [Kompakt]
27. Sneaky Sound System – Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Modular]
28. Just Friends – Avalanche [Unknown]
29. Pavla + Noura – Don’t Owe Me A Thing [The Prism, Clown and Sunset]
30. Acid Pauli – La Voz Tan Tierna [Clown and Sunset]
31. Igor Wakhevitch – Taddy’s Dream: Ramallah’s Road [Pathé Marconi EMI]
32. Nikita Quasim – Derridu [Unknown]
33. Beyoncé Knowles – 1+1 [Columbia]
34. Anouar Brahem – Vague / E La Nave Va [ECM]
35. Rio Grande – Let’s Groove (Tonight Edit) [Unknown]
36. Gonzales – Manifesto [Sunnyside]
37. The Grass Roots – Let’s Live For Today (Learn To Live Edit) [Dunhill]
38. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Sk Edit) [TAMLA]
39. Man Friday – Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix) (feat. Larry Levan) [Nite Grooves]
40. DJ Slugo – What That Do [Subterranean Playhouse]
41. Ricardo Villalobos – What You Say Is More Than I Can Say [Playhouse]
42. Untitled – Untitled [Unknown]
43. Nicolas Jaar – The Student [Wolf & Lamb]

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Sigur Ros – Ég Anda

‘Eg Anda’ is a spectacular cut from Sigur Ros highly anticipated new album Valtari. Delivering a serenity of spacey aquatic sounds serving as a landscape for the vocals to come through, ‘Eg Anda’ is another example of why there is so much buzz for the album.

Sigur Ros
Ég Anda

You will be able to buy/download Valtari on the 29th of May 2012.

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[New] Yeasayer – Henrietta

The psychedelic experiments from Brooklyn-based group Yeasayer return with a new song titled “Henrietta”. We All Want Someone To Shout For, reports that the tune appeared online shortly after physical copies of the CD were sent to fans on the band’s mailing list.

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A simple idea. Gather 23 music blogs for 23 summery tracks, compile and effortlessly mix each tune into a wonderful and refreshing summer mixtape. And our friends at dailybeatz have done just that (for the thrid year in a row).

We present you with one of the most eclectic hour long mixtapes you will ever hear. Hazy indie rock, sharp and clean bouncy pop, jazz, hip/hop to even some gritty electronic music. We all have a different definition of what a summer song is for us, and clearly so do all the 23 music blogs that participated this year.

Enjoy A Blogwave Summer: Volume Three. You can head over to dailybeatz to download it for free.

A Blogwave Summer: Volume Three


Tracklist: Continue reading

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Gold Panda – Mountain/Financial District

Following the release of his hugely acclaimed debut LP ‘Lucky Shiner’ back in 2010, a record that won The Guardian’s First Album Award , Gold Panda – has announced a new 7” ‘Mountain/Financial District’ and a selected tour of live dates and festival appearances.

Listen to both tracks below

Financial District

Tour dates Continue reading

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Goldroom – Fifteen (ft Chela) [Down-tempo]

Summer is here, and more refreshing than ever. Josh Legg aka Gooldroom‘s latest single “Fifteen,” arpeggiating synths pulse like ocean waves around a thick bassline and relaxed percussion samples as lush melodies from Australian vocalist Chela narrate a romantic memory.

Fifteen (ft Chela)
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Night Works – I Tried So Hard (Gold Panda Remix) [Free download]

A bit outside most peoples comfort zones, this experimental track of glitches and filter wavings is the latest from Britain’s eclectic melodic scientist/producer Gold Panda. We blog about wonderful soft folk ballads and charging electronic bangers, but it is really the genuine emotion out of every production that captivates us to keep listening. Gold Panda, in the mist of textural pop and hisses, brings us his latest remix of “I Tried So Hard” by Night Works with minimalistic house kicks, and as a free download.

Night Works
I Tried So Hard (Gold Panda Remix)
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