[Indie] Wanderhouse – Use Me Up


Acclaimed producer Doctor Rosen Rosen (known for working with Meg Myers) has teamed up with another singer-songwriter, Marie Moreshead, to form Wanderhouse. Their debut track ‘Use Me Up’ is a haunting yet epic slice of adult pop, with Marie’s whispery vocals declaring her intense and desperate love over layers of sharp guitar lines and droning bass. One for the XX fans, ‘Use Me Up’ is a glimpse of Wanderhouse’s massive potential.

Use Me Up
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[New Album] Hot Chip – In Our Heads


We love Hot Chip, so the news of the quirky quintet’s latest album ‘In Our Heads’ was literally music to our ears. The boys have made the record available to stream here, and if you’re really keen, you can pre-order it from iTunes here. ‘In Our Heads’ is Hot Chip at their best, with the funky ‘Night And Day’ being one of our favourites. ‘How Do You Do’ and ‘The Ends Of The Earth’ are instant classics, with incessant earworming rhythms to set your feet moving. But it’s the record’s final track, ‘Always Be Your Love’, with its gentle slow-disco vibe, that really makes this record something special. ‘In Our Heads’ is out on June 12.

Hot Chip
Night and Day

Hot Chip
Always Been Your Love
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Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros – Man on Fire (Little Daylight Remix)

Edward Sharpe Magnetic Zeros remixes like this one don’t come around too often. Taking on the acoustic cacophony from the original, Little Daylight delivers a cheerful and subtle rendition of ‘Man on Fire’, from ES&MZ’s sophomore album, HERE.

Man on Fire (Little Daylight Remix)
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Ghost Beach – Miracle (Viceroy Remix)

Summer this, summer that. It seems that is all we have been labeling all the cheerful melodies we have come across lately. And now we wish we hadn’t because if there is one song that scream playing in the beach and enjoying a nice cold beer during a hot summer day, it would have to be Viceroy’s latest remix. San Francisco producer Austen Afridi also known as Viceroy, with the help of Californian friend TheFatRat (no stranger to The Music Ninja) transformed the already enlightning original ‘Miracle” by tropical Grit Pop group Ghost Beach, into the most refreshing auditory beverage this summer. Listen and download below.

Ghost Beach
Miracle (Viceroy Remix)
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[Chill] Mister Lies – Cleam

No, we do not mean to depress you, just relax your mind as we are half way through the week. Do not worry, Friday will be here soon. Nick Zanca, Chicago-based producer going by moniker Mister Lies, does not seem to have put out too many track, but he proudly exemplifies quality over quanity with each of his soft sounding track being complete gems. On February of 2012, Mister Lies released a wonderful 4 track EP titled Hidden Neighbors featuring his signature style of slow down-tempo sounds coming together in the most organic of ways. Here is Cleam, the last and most powerful track from the EP.

Mister Lies

You can purchase Hidden Neighbors on bandcamp.

Mister Lies

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[Video] Sigur Rós – Varúð

Varúð by Inga Birgisdóttir – Taken from the “valtari mystery film experiment” – more details here.
Valtari is available to purchase now

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Butch Clancy – Autopilot

In full machine gun effect, Butch Clancy’s latest concoction fires of rounds after rounds of reverb-heavy synths with penetrating wobbles, more determined than ever. We are used to seeing a lot of dark and weighted remixes from the Detroit producer but it is refreshing to see him release much more experimental originals.

Butch Clancy
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