[Help] Looking for someone with DFP experience

Editor’s Note: We are currently trying to push a new redesign of the site, as well as better organize how we manage ads to improve user experience. We are looking for someone with DoubleClick For Publishing knowledge to get us on the right path. This will most likely just be a days work (few hours) setting it all up and possibly going over the basics.

If interested, please email me (Blas Yaselli) at blas@themusicninja.com, subject line ‘Helping with DFP’.

Thank you very much and if you know someone that can help us, we would appreciate it if you can let them know.

Now scroll down and continue listening to awesome new music!

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[London] FREE TICKET to see GOOSE + Autokratz Live @Koko camden

Goose & autocratz
How do we put this… well this is a bloody great offer!! Simply pop your name on the list and your pass will be emailed to you 24hours before the gig. We’re HUGE fans of GOOSE & Autokratz so we know you’re gonna have a great night!



- All guests must arrive before 11pm
- All guests must print their pass, and bring it to the event.
- All guests must represent The Music Ninja and party HARD!!!

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[Indie] Santigold – Disparate Youth


Hot talent Santigold is back to whet your appetites with another single from her forthcoming record, ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’ (out May 1). ‘Disparate Youth’ is a gloriously energetic track with some powerful beats and vocals from Santi, creating a musical world to lose yourself in. The ‘Disparate Youth’ EP is out now on iTunes, featuring some cracking remixes from Switch, The 2 Bears, and Amateur Best.

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Moombahton: Distantt – Infinity (Aylen Remix)

We know New Jersey producer Aylen very well from the massive amount of filthy electro tracks he has been putting out. Early this year we featured ‘The Remixtape‘, containing banging remixes of “Alesso – Raise Your Head”, “Edward Maya Ft Vika – Stereo Love” and “Coldplay – The Scientist”. In a surprising turn of events Aylen went from hardcore electro, to hardcore moombahton, a progression not many can afford to. The uplifting original ‘Infinity’ by Texas producer Distantt has been completely hijacked by Aylen into a much aggressive mash of grinding dubstep at the 110-moombahton-bpm. The result is a floor-friendly gritty dance track for those wanting more out of their Moombahton nights. With whatever style Aylen has experimented with, he seems to be pulling it over every single time. You can follow him on his soundcloud here.

Distantt – Infinity (Aylen Remix) is part of a Moombahton Mixtape The 110BPM Collection, Vol. 1 by 110bpm.wordpress.com

Distantt – Infinity (Aylen Remix)


Bonus Tracks:
CSK – Vancouver (Original Mix)

Vancouver (Original Mix).mp3

Races – Big Broom (Robert DeLong Rmx).mp3

01 Big Broom (Robert DeLong Rmx).mp3
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[NEW] Rhye – Open


The artists known as Rhye are doing their level best to keep their identities secret, which is certainly an incredibly difficult task with today’s Big Brother-esque levels of exposure. However, all this desire to find out who they are melts away upon when hearing their transcendent debut track ‘Open’. With sensual vocals and soft instrumentals, ‘Open’ (and its somewhat NSFW video) will sweep you away. Watch this space for more from the intriguing Rhye.

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Absofacto – On a Ladder Leading Nowhere (TMN Premeire)

Absofacto brings us another astonishing track, this time featuring genuine pop friendly vocals paired with his unique style and electronic instrumentation. He describes the song as ‘The private thoughts of someone climbing an infinitely long ladder’, and the haunting synthesized melodies provide just that, an infinite and dreamy musical loop for the mind to wonder and get lost in. “On a Ladder Leading Nowhere” is Absofacto’s latest release and perhaps one of our favorite songs so far. You can buy the track ‘name your own’ price on his bandcamp.

Absofacto – On a Ladder Leading Nowhere

On a Ladder Leading Nowhere.mp3

Download the track ‘name your own price’ on his bandcamp today.

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[Experimental] Thriftworks- Tlālōc + Free Download

Thriftworks, a.k.a. Berkley’s Jake Atlas, has recently released an album titled Rain Maker to meet the demands of purists all around. The kicks are saturated with reverb, the songs are unique and experiment just enough to stay interesting. “Tlālōc” almost feels Indian in melody and texture, which is a neat change of pace for the electronic music scene, and the beat makes you want to move- if only to bob your head.

While his first few releases began to earn Thriftworks a name in the scene, I think Rain Maker is exactly the album he needed to earn his place and prove his versatility.

Download Rain Maker for FREE HERE.

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