Skrillex & Damian Marley – MAKE IT BUN DEM

Continuing Skrillex evolution, we finally have another peak of Skrillex & Damian Marley collab with the track “Make It Bun Dem”. Skrillex is known for over extending his buldups, electronic filters and obviously for overwhelming us with BASS. Yet ‘Make It Bun Dem’ demonstrates Skrillex growing control of his own basslines. A fantastic mix between two Raggae and dubstep that will be on repeat this weekend.

Skrillex & Damian Marley
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[Electro] Breakbot – Programme


If you’ve been searching for your fix of quirky electro, then Breakbot is for you. The French producer is set to drop his long-awaited debut album ‘By Your Side’ in September. In the meantime, we bring you ‘Programme’, the B-side to his latest single. Featuring steady synths and prog guitars, ‘Programme’ is slightly addictive, as you’ll find after pressing ‘play’ for the 15th time in a row.

BREAKBOT Programme (b
side of forthcoming single)
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Conner Youngblood – Proportions

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Conner Youngblood, the talented young musician who seemingly disappeared into the shadows following the release of his debut album earlier this year. Thankfully, he’s back, and has announced plans for a second album via the release of the debut single “Proportions.” The album, titled Sketches pt. 2, is set for release later this year — but beyond that we don’t know much more. What we do know is that if this single translates in any way to the overall feel of the upcoming album, it could end up being one of the best albums of the year from an up and comer.


“Proportions” is the first of a slew of singles that will be released throughout the year, and takes a more minimal approach than what we’re used to from Conner Youngblood. It’s soothing, ambient tone is simple and refreshing, and while it certainly maintains the airy feel we’ve come to love in Conner’s music — it also hints at something a bit different from him for the future.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge (Brummer Remix)

German based producer Brummer released this dreamy remix of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s song, “Under the Bridge”. It’s chill, dreamy, and carefully uses the incredibly recognizable guitar riffs.

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[Video] tUnE-yArDs – My Country

‘My Country’ is the latest video from tUnE-yArDs – the third from the album ‘w h o k i l l’ – and it’s a delightful and uncynical little clip that compliments Merrill Garbus’ music perfectly. Featuring a bunch of cute kids, face paint and some ace dance moves, ‘My Country’ has the potential to go viral. Don’t miss it.

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[Hip-Hop] Aesop Rock – Zero Dark Thirty


One of hip-hop’s greatest cult artists Aesop Rock is set to put out a new solo album after five years in the wilderness. To gear us up for this incredible release, we have new single ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, a seething monster of a track. Taking hardcore breakbeats and a furious flow, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is a triumphant return for Aesop Rock. The album ‘Skelethon’ is out on July 10.

Aesop Rock
Zero Dark Thirty
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[Electronic] jj – Beautiful Life


Swedish boy/girl duo jj are set to release ‘n°4′ on May 7, much to the delight of many. One of the record’s highlights is ‘Beautiful Life’, a swirling collection of dreamy synths and hazy vocals. It’s a serene track which meanders slowly, allowing the blissed-out sounds to wash over and transport you to an island of calm. Well worth the wait, ‘n°4′ is out on Secretly Canandian.

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