[Electronic] jj – Beautiful Life


Swedish boy/girl duo jj are set to release ‘n°4′ on May 7, much to the delight of many. One of the record’s highlights is ‘Beautiful Life’, a swirling collection of dreamy synths and hazy vocals. It’s a serene track which meanders slowly, allowing the blissed-out sounds to wash over and transport you to an island of calm. Well worth the wait, ‘n°4′ is out on Secretly Canandian.

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[Remixes] Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blow Remixed EP | Dntel, The Get, Shlomo

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross is the new ambient vocal project by Dexter Tortoriello of Chicago upbringing. His debut EP “Blow Remixed”, out now via Mad Decent, is self-described as “a melancholy familiarity, like going back to the house where you grew up and finding it the way you left it, only 10 years later and everything is falling apart”. This project is full of “sad bangers” for when you need some bass with your tears. With remixes along those same lines from JayceK, Stenchman, Arrange, The Get, Dntl and Shlomo this album might not get you amped up but its great for traveling or sorting through those emotions you have buried somewhere deep inside. Available on iTunes now. Preview below.

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (Shlomo Remix).mp3

01 Blacks (Shlomo Remix).mp3

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (Dntl Remix)

02 Blacks (Dntl Remix).mp3

Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross – Blacks (The Get Remix)

03 Blacks (The Get Remix).mp3
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[House] Marco Lys – Can’t Get Enough EP

Marco Lys is one the original producers that helped define the sound of Rising Music over the years. After producing Chris Lake’s hit album “Cross The Line”, Lys has been back in the studio working on some seriously groovy cuts of his own. On his new EP “Can’t Get Enough” he brings some of the most infectious house beats we’ve heard in a while. With awesome guitar lines and catchy vocals on the title track “Can’t Get Enough” and some great horns and synth risers on “Not Really (All My Mind Games)”, its easy to see why Lys has been successfully getting down for so many years. House lovers unite and pick this album up on Beatport today! Album preview below.

Marco Lys – Cant Get Enough

Cant Get Enough.mp3

Marco Lys – Toys


Marco Lys – Not Really (All My Mind Games)

Not Really (All My Mind Games).mp3

Marco Lys – Cant Get Enough (Grant Nalder & Adam Asenjo Remix)

Cant Get Enough (Grant Nalder Adam Asenjo Remix).mp3
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Kid A – BB Bleu

As she prepares for the release of her debut full length, titled BLCKRSECHLL (Black Rose Chill), Virginia songwriter/producer Kid A offers a remastering to whet our appetites.

The offering, a track titled “BB Bleau” which was officially released last summer as part of a fictional soundtrack (sung in Japanese), shows the producer honing her art further and gives us a glimpse into what’s to come. Stream below:

Kid A – BB Bleu

Kid A
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[New] Pogo – Boo Bass (Monsters, Inc. Remix)

Aussie VJ and producer Pogo has built up a name for himself with his remixes of sequences from films, such as Disney’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’, which has received millions of hits. ‘Boo Bass’ is an inspired reworking of Monsters, Inc., one of the biggest kids’ films from Pixar. With the combination of childish yet surreal noises and soft electronica, ‘Boo Bass’ is an intriguing take on the film and an incredible way to relive the film.

Pogo – Boo Bass (Monsters, Inc. Remix)

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[New] Foster the People + A-Trak + Kimbra – Warrior

WHAT? How did these three come together to produce a song? Turns out it is part of an on going series from Converse and Journey’s partnering up to give all of us new music.

It appears spring is a foot with a fresh-picked collection of colorful Chucks, available exclusively at Journeys. And, in addition to the 8 new hues, there’s also a bold new Converse song, featuring Mark Foster, A-Trak, and Kimbra. Plug into the original track, peep the video, snag the shoes.

Mark Foster (of Foster the People), A-Trak and Kimbra have created ‘Warrior’ a fresh summer-sounding track with authentic vocals and catchy-summer melodies. Stream it bellow and you can download it here.

Foster the People + A-Trak + Kimbra – Warrior

Foster the People + A
Trak + Kimbra
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Mr Fogg – A Little Letting Go

“A Little Letting Go” is the second perfectly formed single to be lifted from Mr Fogg’s forthcoming sophomore album “Eleven”. As with his previous single “Stay Out Of The Sun”, Mr Fogg’s intimate vocals soar above a bed of delicate percussion and warm synthetic tones, delivering a striking preview of his new long-player.

A Little Letting Go

“A Little Letting Go” drops officially via Kicking Ink/ Kompakt on May 28th but head over to Mr Fogg’s website to grab a free download of the MP3 now.

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