[Video] Sigur Rós – Varðeldur


Sigur Rós – Varðeldur from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

Icelandic experimentalists Sigur Rós are now fully immersed in their latest work, the Mystery Film Experiment, which has seen the band create visual accompaniments to tracks from their most recent album, Valtari. New video “Varðeldur” is a slow, meditative piece, with a haunting melody, and the film complements it perfectly. Featuring a redheaded woman in a single, bare room, she performs strange slow-motion movements as “Varðeldur” progresses, creating a bewildering yet beautiful scene to lose yourself in.

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[Post-R&B] Youan – Must Be Love

Little is known about Youan, as he’s part of a growing number of artists who prefer to stay shrouded behind the luxury of anonymity that comes with releasing music solely through the Internet. I’m sure we’ll learn more about the mystery man as time passes, but for now we’ll let the art speak for itself. What I’ve learned so far is that the man makes some perfectly mellow music to vibe out to as the evening winds down. On his newest track, “Must Be Love,” he delivers some very Sampha-esque vocals over a sample of “Over My Dead Body,” that swirls together creating a sort of soothing hybrid between SBTRKT & Drake.

Below, stream “Must Be Love” as well as Youan’s previous single, “Know Your Name,” another calm, atmospheric track ideal for the final hours of the night.  Make sure to check out Youan’s SoundCloud page, and look out for his seven-track mixtape, set to drop before the end of August.

Must Be Love
Know Your Name

[via KKS]

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[Hip-Hop] Evil Nine – The Black Brad Pitt (ft. Danny Brown)

The strangely awesome and creative Danny Brown has on many occasion stepped out of the realm of hip-hop in collaborations demonstrating his keen ear for music and impressive knowledge of a wide range of genres. On “The Black Brad Pitt,” the Detroit rapper brings his absurdly high energy to a collaboration with UK breakbeat and experimental duo, Evil Nine. The track opens with a heavy, minimal beat as Brown enters with his original and often hilarious style and progresses with a hypnotizing melody paving way for a goofy chorus slightly reminiscent of many a Lil B song. As the production picks up, Brown spits some graphic bars of creative ridiculousness. Around the 2:15 mark, Evil Nine take over sampling Brown’s chorus vocals and breaking things down with some drum ‘n bass-type percussion, while continuing the eerie melody and layering the instrumental with new sounds and chopped up samples. Eventually, you’ll find it difficult to not get lost in the music, but just as it seems to be fading, they bring the volumes back up recapturing the listener’s attention. “The Black Brad Pitt” is yet another successful musical experiment fusing rap with electronic sounds and will keep you intrigued from start to finish.

You can stream this unique cut below and it will be available for purchase, along with a remix from Gesaffelstein, on August 20th via Bromance Records.

Evil Nine
Black Brad Pitt (ft. Danny Brown)
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Usher – Climax (Dave Sitek Remix)

The already infectious and catchy Diplo produced and Usher performed “Climax” has been remixed thanks to TVOTR member Dave Sitek, whose already worked with acts from MF DOOM to Norah Jones. The mix has Usher sound a little off from the colder and futuristic twist of the beat but still is an interesting take on the “break-up” song. Coupled with synths, a heavy bassline, horns, and a random drum melody, Sitek manages to keep the same desperation in the R&B crooner’s voice in contrast to the chilling Weeknd-esque beat.

Climax (dave sitek remix)
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The Hood Internet – Grown Up Has No Trigger (Danny Brown x Dirty Projectors)

The Hood Internet, super saiyan mash-up producers from Chicago excel at paring the newest indie rock songs with some of the best hip/hop cuts and verses into a refreshing balanced blend. Their latest is titled “Grown Up Has No Trigger” combining “Grown Up” from Detroit rapper Danny Brown and the experimental sounds of Dirty Projectors with “Gun Has No Trigger”

Short and precise, The Hood Internet bring the best of both worlds fitting Danny Brown’s verses perfectly with the instrumentation from the Dirty Projectors. Not always a huge fan of mashups but this absolutely has to reach more people. Enjoy!

The Hood Internet
Grown Up Has No Trigger (Danny Brown x Dirty Projectors)
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[Electronica] fthrsn – oooweeooo

Ann Arbor collective GRL MTN have dropped ‘AAURAL II’, a new compilation featuring collaborators such as Chrome Sparks and Lou Breed. ‘oooweeooo’ by fthrsn was recorded especially for ‘AAURAL II’, and is a strange and slightly oddball collection of noises that somehow work together. Hazed-out vocals add to the weirdness of ‘oooweeooo’, and give it a slightly chill vibe. Definitely one of the most exciting collectives out there, you can stream and download ‘AAURAL II’ here.

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[Experimental] Yosi Horikawa – Bubbles

Underground experimentalist Yosi Horikawa recently dropped ‘Wandering’, a four track EP of eclectic and innovative sounds. Stand-out track ‘Bubbles’ is a chilled collection of subtle recordings which have been layered and looped to create a gentle and relaxing piece of intelligent and intriguing easy listening. One to watch out for, you can purchase ‘Wandering’ at Horikawa’s Bandcamp page.

Yosi Horikawa
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