[Indie/ Folk] Jackson Dyer – Steal Away

jackson dyer 1
Jackson Dyer
Steal Away

If like me, you’re dispirited by the closing of festival season, this Berlin-based indie-folk artist will ease the transition from summer to back to school, university or work. Having released his brilliant EP ‘White Threads’ last year, Jackson Dyer has maintained and matured his magnificence within the new single ‘Steal Away’.

Instantly amerced by the warm depth of an ambient electric guitar, Dyer’s soulful vocals entice us to lose ourselves within this beautifully simplistic piece. ‘Steal away’ proceeds to run away with momentum as he invites the drums to help accelerate his voice, only elevating the song further. The Australian’s light vocals balance delicately upon the accompaniment, singing fondly of eloquent childhood memories along the west-coast of Australia. He later introduces the violin to bring this song to a gratifying peak of liberation, before stripping it all back to the bare essentials for the final lyrics.

Easily one of my favourite songs at the moment, ‘Steal Away’ liberates us as an audience and we quite literally steal away from our surroundings, and escape through this calming track. He sings almost desperately of home-sickness and yearning for the ocean, whilst feeling trapped amidst the concrete of Berlin city. It’s a piece that begs us to sway with his breathy voice, as the drums consistently play a perfectly laid back beat behind.

Check out the link below for potential tour dates, live videos and more music.


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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2015 Round #3)


We have a tendency to have zero patience for anything technology. The moment we see the spinning beach ball of death swirling its colors ’round and ’round, we pretty much lose our minds. But what we forget is that one time we didn’t have the luxuries of technology at our fingertips. We had recording songs off the radio on to cassette tapes, dragging songs over into mix cds, and sending letters via snaaaaail mail. Ok, so maybe some of you are too young to go that far back, but still, we have come a long way. We should learn to appreciate the advances we’ve made and embrace the buffering of the Indie Dojo every once in a while. It really doesn’t hurt to slow down time every now and again.

’Phia – 15 Step (Radiohead Cover)’

’Charlie Sztyk – Dance With You’

’Gabrielle Papillon – Got You Well’

’lostboycrow – Powers’

’Uquine – Chocolate Cosmos’

’Tender – Armour’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2015 Round #2)

One of the biggest shocks to our system has got to be coming down from a wonderful, relaxing 3 day weekend. The more time we have to relax and forget about the reality ahead, the harder it is to get ourselves back into the grind. So what we need to do is remind each other to focus our thoughts on the silver linings hidden in the “going back to work” cloud. And while we know it can be a difficult ride, we’ll be more than happy to start you off on the positive thought train with the first silver sparkle we see. #1 We have a short week ahead. Our weekend countdown clocks have already swam passed the 24 hours of a dreadful Monday without us watching every tick, so that’s pretty awesome. And #2, we rolled right into the Tuesday Indie Dojo without a glitch. We think thats a pretty good start on the track, but it’s up to you to keep that positivity chuggin”…

’Pomelo – Breeze’

’unalaska – Skeleton’

’Her – Five Minutes’

’Good Ghost – Temporary’

’MORE – I Need You’

’Distant Cousins – Your Story (feat. Jessie Payo)’

’Rainbow Kitten Bones – Bare Bones’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo Playlist (September 2015 Round #1)

Breath in your last breaths of summer air, soak in your last rays of warm sunshine, hold on to every glorious summer memory as best you can. ’cause September is here. And if you ever need a reminder, the Indie Dojo will be right here, holding those songs that soundtracked your summer right here, in the place you last found them.

’Viola Beach – Swings & Waterslides’

’Meeka Kates – Closure’

’Tamper – Red Socks Pugie (Foals Cover)’

’The Palms – Push Off’

’hjaltalin – We Will Live For Ages’

’Shy Kids – ® o c k e t s’

’Yokota – Blindside’
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[Video] Grease (The Movie) – One That I Want (Xavier Dunn Cover)

One That I Want (Xavier Dunn Cover)

If you’re of the persuasion that none of the incredible singalongs from 1978 mega-musical Grease could be brought up to a beautiful, contemporary pace, well; we’re here to change that. After the success of his adaptation of A$AP Rocky’s “Fuckin Problems” and Rae Sremmurd’s “No Type”, unsigned Australian producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Xavier Dunn has stepped up yet again, this time reviving that classic change-of-heart closing scene between John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, “One That I Want” from the aforementioned Grease. Adding orchestral arrangements and slowing the cadence to a breezy stride for his own adaptation, Dunn once again impresses with a vocal-oriented and highly emotive rendition.

But, we don’t just have the tune for you today, as we’ve accompanied Xavier Dunn’s wistful cover with the visual piece as well. A modern twist on an old classic, Dunn’s music video splices together videos of protests and rallies from the 60’s up to the present to solidify his message of non-discriminatory love. With all of the recent breakthroughs we’ve had towards marriage and love equality in the U.S., there still lies a fight waged by millions around the world for basic human rights, and Xavier Dunn’s message couldn’t have come at a more serendipitous time. Stream Xavier Dunn’s “One That I Want” cover above or indulge another one of your senses and check out the official music video below. Happy Friday Ninjas, and peace & love.

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Passport to Stockholm – All at Once EP [TMN PREMIERE]


It was a strange occurrence when I came across Passport to Stockholm. In less than a week, I’ll be wheels up, passport in hand, heading to Stockholm’s airport. Needless to say, I couldn’t help but dive into their upcoming All at Once EP, which left me grinning ear-to-ear at this serendipitous happening.

Members Barny (vocals), Tom (guitar/loop pedal), Mariona (cello), and Henri (beats), have been together for just over a year, but their sound reflects that of a polished, time-tested chemistry. Initially funded through a small, but passionate fanbase, the act has since worked with Gordon Mills Jr. (Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner), Nick Atkinson (Gabrielle Aplin, Saint Raymond), Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson) and Athlete’s Carey Willets.

The end result can be found below; a four-song collection rife with lingering lyrics, vastly rich soundscapes, and dextrous songwriting abilities. Starting off with the recently released, self-titled track, this London-based act delves into their textured mixture of electronic elements and classic instrumentation. The combination brings associations of legendary producers and singer/songwriters alike, calling on elements of Moby and Coldplay alike. Conversely, “Let Me Know” highlights the folkier side of their artistry, bringing in strong Celtic influences through Mariona’s cello work and Barny’s vocal cadence. However, while the track definitely has influences that have transcended decades and country borders, its modern styling rounds it out perfectly for today’s blogosphere scouring music nerd.

Once you’re finished having a listen through all four tracks, head over to the band’s facebook page to keep tabs on the release and upcoming shows. Word on the street is, their live act is not to be missed. Luckily for our readers across the pond, you can catch them at Weyfest on September 5th.

’All At Once’
’Let Me Know’
’Wanted It More’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2015 Round #4)

Yup, the end of summer is right around the corner. No need to cry about it though. We’re just gonna ease right into it. Seasons may change, but the Indie Dojo stays the same…as in every Tuesday, for many, many seasons to come.

’Fake Shark – Cheap Thrills’
’Tongues. – You Never Knew Me’
’Mosquito Coast – Call My Name’
’Fivetwofivethree – Goners’
’Elderbrook – Travel Slow’
’Novah – Robot’
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