Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Spencer Barnett Cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

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Spencer Barnett
Blood Bank

Most of us have similar stories for what we were up to at the age of 13. We definitely were all chasing around someone with those googly, adolescent, heart-shaped eyes, trying our damnedest to deal with raging hormones. Some of us were skating around the neighborhood, avoiding harassment from the police and concerned citizens. Some of us were playing team sports, competing for coveted trophies that would later do nothing more than collect dust. Some of us were getting into things we rightfully shouldn’t be – cigarettes, booze, and worse. While most of us can check a few of those boxes, we can safely assume that nearly none can relate to what Spencer Barnett was doing.

Just last summer, this incredibly gifted teenager entered Shangri-La Studios in Malibu with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. After initially catching Jenkins’ ear with a stunning rendition of “Hallelujah,” the two decided to work together on his debut EP, 13 Summers In.

A few years ago, I joined a student band and nobody wanted to sing. So, I said, ’I’ll give it a shot,’ and I actually surprised myself to discover that I was a half decent singer. – Spencer Barnett

We’re fortunate enough to bring you an exclusive, debut look at this budding young artist, as he spills his soul vocally through Bon Iver’s painfully beautiful lyrics. With his take on “Blood Bank,” we’re left jaw agape and pleasantly aghast at not only the raw vocal finesse, but also the refined maturity displayed. It’s difficult to imagine that this is a 13 year old boy behind the microphone, as his persona carries strong associations of a much older soul.

Following today’s release, newly developed fans can expect to hear renditions of John Legend’s “All of Me,” Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” and Calvin Harris’ “Summer.” On top of which, you’ll also start to see releases on his own label, Mission Records, where the proceeds are used to give back to the community.

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Folly Rae – Someone I Don’t Know [TMN PREMIERE]

Folly Rae
Someone I Don't Know

The last time a female artist sang the words ‘shake it off’, the world was overcome with a Swift-sensation. While Folly Rae demonstrates some serious pop-sensibility, there’s a deeper ethereal charm residing below the surface of what is outwardly and unashamedly strong pop sentiment. Her new track “Someone I Don’t Know” might not be so much about shaking it off, but Folly Rae is well on the way to creating her own international storm.

This spacious and hauntingly ornate track has its radio friendly edges, but manages to rub its smooth surfaces against something a bit more rugged. Lyrical depth and radio friendly soundscapes aren’t always such compatible companions, but Rae seems to have mastered the craft of packing punches into pretty parcels. “Someone I Don’t Know” has the darkly eerie undercurrents of Lana Del Ray, but with a distinctly British feel.

“Someone I Don’t Know” side-steps the overly polished effect and plants its somewhat folky roots firmly in the field of darkly ethereal pop-perfection. Garnering hype on home soil, Rae’s previous release “Free Your Mind” was part of BBC introducing, whilst “Someone I Don’t Know” has secured a first play from Huw Stephens on Radio One.

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[Indie] Gordi – Taken Blame

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Taken Blame

Somewhere down under, we know that the weather is warm, road trips are being planned, adventures are happening, and the soul of summer is being immortalized through the music of people’s most beloved artists. Sydney songstress Gordi has added to the glory of the season with her release of “Taken Blame.”

This up-and-coming artist caused a stir in the latter part of 2014, and is now returning to stoke the fires of her upcoming EP. Having already received our full attention with “Nothing’s As It Seems,” today she’s commanding even more adoration with “Taken Blame.” Set to the soft, yet engaging strum of an acoustic guitar, a distorted, humming bassline, and fluttering synths, the warm-weather season is brought to life with her illustrious vocals, leaving us wishing we were experiencing the same season as our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Press play and get lost for a few minute’s time. It will be the best thing you’ve done all day today.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #1)


We are faced with a million and 2 decisions from the moment we wake up. So, let us ninja the pressure off your plate and offer you a steady stream of hand-picked indie songs while you knock each one of them out. We promise the decision to hit play won’t be the worst one you have ever made.

Boo Seeka
Kingdom Leader
Panic is Perfect
The Mailman
Long Road
Jake Isaac
Make It Real
Chance Bone
Hard Times
On The Dotted Line
Mike Dignam


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[Live] IYES – Simmer

Simmer (live)

To celebrate the still young days of 2015, duo IYES hands off an intimate, stripped down and live demo track entitled ‘Simmer’. After being exposed to their ability to create such rich music with releases ‘Glow‘ & ‘Toys‘ amongst others, it’s exciting to hear a more shadowy side of the pair with this cut. Birthed in their Brighton studio, we find Josh and Melis urging us to be more receptive in the most delicate times of our relationships. It sounds like loyalty. “I will make it work for you. Overcome my fears for you.” This record will help us progress toward being better and stronger partners. Their current single ‘Glow’ is out on the 1st of March, via Love by Mistake/Sony UK. IYES will be performing live @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London next week (tickets available).

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JP Cooper – When the Darkness Comes [EP + Exclusive Interview]


In a culminating swirl of RnB, Gospel, Soul, Indie Rock, and folk, we were left enamored when we took that first listen to JP Cooper’s “When the Darkness Comes” back in December. The emotive lyrics, the flawless vocal range, and the impressive fusion of multiple genres had us eager to premiere it to our readers and the rest of the blogosphere.

Today, we’re equally excited to bring you another exclusive taste of this Mancunian’s artistry by hosting an exclusive interview, and a listen to his full EP. Press play and enjoy the soundtrack for this quick and entertaining read.

When The Darkness Comes
We Were Raised Under Grey Skies (Acoustic)
Closer (Acoustic)

TMN: Hey JP. First off, thanks again for letting us premiere “When the Darkness Comes,” back in December. That feels like a long time ago! What’s been going on since then?

JP: Ah thank you! Well, I had a handful of wonderful intimate solo shows in December.. They were a really nice way to round up the year. Over Christmas I was mainly just spending time with family, the year had been so busy so it was great to be in one place for a few weeks. Throughout December and January I’ve mainly been writing, I’ve taken some much needed solitary time for it and it’s been great.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January Round #5)


Sometimes all we need in life is a pair of headphones and a playlist……and would you look at that. We’ve got one of the 2 right down below. Sometimes life can be so simple….

Pilot Rouge
Zach Winters
Sun Culture
Crooked Line
William Wild  
Republic Cucumber Magazine
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