[NEW] John Mayer – Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

Paradise Valley
John Mayer
Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

While this pairing may seem out of the ordinary at first, John Mayer and Frank Ocean are no strangers to collaborating with one another. Those well acquainted with last year’s highly praised channel ORANGE may recall that Mayer laid down the guitar work for two of the album’s tracks, “Pyramids” and “White.” Now, Frank returns the favor by lacing this terse ballad with his soothing, effortless vocals. The track is a little too short for our tastes, but we’ll take whatever we can get from the duo.

Beware of the title by the way, as it’s easy to mistake this for a remix to the single that Mayer dropped a month back. While that track will play as an introduction to his upcoming sixth studio album, Paradise Valley, this one will be used as more of an interlude. For those interested in hearing the project in its entirety, it’s currently streaming for free on iTunes prior to its release on August 20th.

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[MEGA SUMMER PLAYLIST] Volume 1 – Indie Rock/Folk


As summer starts to wind down, it’s important that we make the most out of the few sun soaked weeks that we have. Here at Music Ninja, you know we care about you having the best possible music to jam out to, but we felt with chillier weather approaching, we really needed to dial it up a notch.

With that in mind, we have created four summer time mega playlists for your listening enjoyment. The first consists of all indie rock, folk and alternative. The second will be all hip hop, the third is alternative, and the fourth will send your summer off in style with all EDM.

We hope this makes the last section of your summer the best that it can be. So press play, through on those Wayfarers, and get ready to enjoy some amazing music.

- TMN Staff

Golden Youth
We Are Alive
Gentlemen Hall
Sail Into The Sun
Young Dreams
Young Dreams
Vampire Weekend
Painted Palms
Los Encantados
St Tropez
Cold War Kids
Miracle Mile
Your Soul
Farewell Luna
By The Morning
The 1975
Imaginary Friend
The Thick and the Thin
Bruno Merz
When You Found Me
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Wont Back Down (Tom Petty Cover)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
In The Open
Josh Shroeder
Bluebird Avenue
Beach House
Patrick Watson
Adventures in Your Own Backyard
Opus Orange
Out Of The Shadows
Sky Barbarick
Island Of Mine
Andy Shauf
Two Little Clouds
Hung On Tight
Mazzy Star
Whole, Wide, World
Still Parade
Hotel Mexico
A.I. In Dreams
mutual benefit
advanced falconry
Old Man Canyon
Phantoms and Friends
Plaid Dragons
Dog Physics
Johnny Swim
Surfer Blood
Weird Shapes
Field Mouse
Kings of Leon
Eliza and the Bear
Trails and Ways
Como Te Vas
I Will
Wild Combination
Whole Lotta Truth
Smith Westerns
Iwan Rheon
Bang! Bang!
Wild Nothing
The Body In Rainfall
San Cisco
San Cisco
Fred Astaire
Whole, Wide, World
Someone New (Roosevelt Rmx)
Open Arms
The Naked And Famous
Hearts Like Ours
Wild Combination
Great Expectations
Roadkill Ghost Choir
Beggars Guild
The 1975

The 1975

Time (Radio Edit)
Midi Matilda
Just My Imagination (Temptations Cover)
Join the Riot
Queen Marmalade
New Desert Blues
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Nightwater Girlfriend
Pacific Air
Float (RAC Mix)
Part Time
I Want to Go
Hunter Hunted
Keep Together
Spectral Park
Lappel du Vide
Ha Ha Tonka
Colorful Kids
TV On The Radio
Ways To Go
Franz Ferdinand
Right Action
Little Comets
Cant Afford It All
Oliver Wilde
Frankie Rose
Gossip Culture
Waiting (feat. Quincy McCrary)
Bear Mountain
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
If You Didnt See Me (Then You Werent On The Dancefloor)
Widlife Control
Analog or Digital
Percy and the Gunslingers
Gunslinger Shuffle
Mason Jar
Of Monsters and Men
Mountain Sound
The Concept
On Our Way
Put a Light On
The Stroll
She & Him
Never Wanted Your Love
Kurt Vile
Never Run Away
Ski Lodge
Just To Be Like You
Falling Outta Love
I Wont Be Long
Demon To Lean On
Young Man
In A Sense (From Beyond Was All Around Me)
Parade of Flights
Were The Kids
Walk the Moon
Beach Fossils
Taking Off
Portugal. The Man
Purple Yellow Red and Blue
Strange Talk
Picking Up All The Pieces
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2013 Round #1)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaTraffic. A time for self reflection, road rage, steering wheel drumming, all kinds of “other” things you think no one can see you doing…when really we can. We have all found ourselves in the frustrating gridlock at one time or another which is reason #4,507 to have a plethora of free playlists right at your fingertips. For the most part, we all have a smartphone that allows us to stream, cloud, etc. etc..but if you run with the old school crowd..burn that shit on a compact disk. Whatever media you choose, you’ll be thanking us for dissipating the anger that comes with every brake light later…

King and Cross
B. Hamilton
Gold Tooth (Parentz Remix)
Star Rocker
Colours in the Street
Paper Child
Better Man Than He
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[Pop Folk] Percy and the Gunslinger – Andrew EP

PATGS005BW1500 (1)

A large part of the business is heavily rooted in relationships. You connect with people. You connect with artists. Through those connections you hear random side projects from the connections you’ve made. Percy and the Gunslingers is a new project from a very talented musician in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t be happier that he IMed us today.

Frankie Pedano is a seasoned musician, but this project we found particularly interesting. Part Fleetwood Mac, part Lana Del Rey, Percy and the Gunslingers have a truly classic and infectious sound. Take “Andrew” for example. Lead singer Ali Mills emotionally charged lyrics leads you to associations of Lana Del Rey and BETS. The simplistic rhythmic drumming compliments the soft guitar strumming and trumpets, and magnifies Mills’ haunting vocals. “Gunslinger” on the other hand has a pop structure with catchy powerful bluesy guitar riffs and saloon style piano breakdown. With such a dance inducing pop folk feel, pretty much anyone that hears this tune can’t help but picture themselves drinking some Coors Original dancin’ around a dive bar. Yes, I’m a Colorado boy, and enjoy the banquet beer. I digress.

Take a gander at these three tunes from their debut EP by clicking on the links below. These guys are already gaining attention, and it won’t be long before they get the attention they deserve.

Percy and the Gunslingers
Percy and the Gunslingers
Gunslinger Shuffle
Percy and the Gunslingers
Magnetic Metal
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #4)


Life is too short to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the world around us we forget how simple life can be. So remember to never go to bed angry, live in the moment, focus on what you do have not what you don’t, and never…….ever….skip the weekly indie dojo. Follow this path and the rest will be a cake walk…

Die Mason Die
Youre Lonely
Laura Veirs
Sun Song
Freedom Fry
With The New Crowd
Jake Klar
Devils Bread
St. South
Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers cover)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThere are not enough hours in the day, which equates to not enough hours in the week, which multiplies itself into years just flying by. When life gets way too overwhelming, come visit the Ninja for a second. Masters of time we may not be, but we can definitely come to aide in focusing your mind on the glorious sound of  indie music…

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Treehouse Schemes
Hannah Karydas
Robby Hunter Band
Look Away
Wild Ones
Curse Over Me
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[Folk] Bruno Merz – Departing From Crowds


There’s some stuff I’ll admit to and some stuff I won’t: I’ll admit that I cry at movies. I’ll admit that I will often think for more than a second about shoe selection while picking out an outfit (most dudes don’t). But until today, I would not have admitted that I got choked up listening to music. Well, Bruno Merz’ Departing From Crowds is a great way for me to come clean with myself. This album had me fighting back the vapors, lemme tell ya…

Shut up. I lift weights and watch football, too! Well, except for the last part.

Anyway, Merz clearly studied up on his Nick Drake while crafting his songs, but Departing From Crowds seems somehow more approachable than Drake and artists like him. The content of the lyrics is simple, reassuring, grateful and soothing. Instrumentally you can expect the inclusion of guitars, banjos and some piano, simply and skillfully employed.

The first track “When You Found Me,” is a tear-jerker but not in a sappy, sentimental, Nicholas Sparks kind of way. The utterance of “when you found me/I never knew that I deserved you” is one of the simplest but most profound and moving lines I’ve heard in music. Anyone who has found the love of his/her life knows exactly what the singer means. The instrumentals are simple and thoughtful with some eloquent piano additions. This will be played at many a wedding.

“The Nine Sixteen,” is folkier than the others on the album. There’s a distinct bluegrass feel with the addition of of the banjo plucking over the chords of the guitar. The lyrics questioning “where is home?” is essential folk, but it’s inserted so smoothly into the song that one doesn’t feel beat over the head with the genre.

This is a good one–not just for making a playlist for that gal you’re crushing on (quite good for that though, fellas)–but as an example of well done music. Take a listen to these couple tracks and add Merz to your “must haves” in folk.

When You Found Me
For You Now
Home Soon
Nine Sixteen
Crossing Borders
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