[Indie] Phosphorescent – Song For Zula


Written in a Mexican hut on the Yucatan Peninsula, “Song For Zula” is a breathtaking piece of folk rock. But that genre alone doesn’t do this excellent track justice — it’s hardly just roots and twang. Alabama-born Matthew Houck, or Phosphorescent as he’s better known, has ventured off a bit from the typical alt-country path (which informed most of his 2010 LP Here’s To Taking It Easy), incorporating pieces of electronica into the mix. The result is a song that’s raw and sun-soaked, complemented nicely by warm, subtle synths and a throbbing drum machine beat. And if Houck’s vocals didn’t sound hurt enough, the waves of strings sure add another level of ache.

Mark your calendars, Phosphorescent’s new album Muchacho drops March 19th via Dead Oceans.

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[Mp3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2012 Round #2)

Before you head out into the holiday madness to get in line with all the humans of mass consumerism, download the dojo and grab your headphones. You will find yourself floating through the crowds of Grinches. It will be like looking at the world through rose colored glasses, except way more ninja.

Dream Boat
Sea To Sky
Eleven A.M.
Onward & Soldiers
Telling Nobody
Little Children
Bears Den
Split Screen




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[Folk] Thad Kopec – Red Wolf

After writing music for nearly three years, Nashville singer-songwriter Thad Kopec has released a full-length called Heart Of Man. The collection is an impressive offering of earnest and captivating folk rock, highlighted especially by the distinct, impassioned timbre of Kopec’s voice. While most of the songs are worth multiple listens, “Red Wolf” might be its very best. With a very palpable feeling of sorrow and longing, coupled with wincing strings & brass, it seems to have that “spark” — the kind that makes acts like Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes so successful at tugging at the heartstrings.

Red Wolf

Stream and purchase Thad Kopec’s Heart Of Man via his Bandcamp.

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[Folk] The Staves – Songbird (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

As a music fan, it’s important not only to hunger for new artists and songs, but to also appreciate the classics because let’s face it: without people like the Beach Boys, Janis Joplin or Bob Dylan, what would rock sound like today? I actually wouldn’t want to know. This year, legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of their hit album Rumours. To pay tribute to that record and the longstanding influence of that band, a number of modern day acts such as Yeasayer, Liars and Julia Holter have come together to put out a covers album called Rumours Revisited.

Today, I wanted to spotlight one of its tracks done by English folk trio The Staves. Their rendition of “Songbird” is simply lovely and enchanting, one to unwind to and one that certainly does its original justice. Check it out below and grab a free download:

The Staves
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The Lennings – ‘B-12′ + ‘You’re The Only That I Want’ [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Austin you never cease to surprise us. Blurring the lines between bickering Americana and indie pop, local band The Lennings have risen from Austin music scene through their melodically rich instrumentation of acoustic guitar and banjos and with the captivating vocals of lead singer Jason Lemming (a.k.a. Jason Jinyma). Their style provides a window into a world of harmonics and genuine lyrics proclaiming to focus on “finding the beauty and absurdity in the mundane and inanimate.”, which they do. Last fall, their cover of “You’re The Only That I Want” (by Grease) made its way to the big screen featured on the NBC show Parenthood last fall. And just last night’, their soft and powerful single ‘B-12′ from the upcoming album Inside will also appear on MTV’s “Underemployed” this Saturday (12/8) night at 8/7PM Central

To celebrate the much deserve exposure we are honored to have for you the free download of their cover ‘You’re The Only That I Want’.

The Lennings
Youre The One That I Want (Cover) (TMN Exclusive)

‘B-12′ along with the entire album will be released this week December 7th and if you are in Austin, make sure you attend their Album Release Show @ Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, 801 Red River, Austin, TX 78701.

The Lennings
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Sky Barbarick (NOOSA) – Silent Night [The Music Ninja Exclusive]

The holiday of constant carols and jingles is here, and while we will surely be inundated with so much Christmas music this time of year, Sky Barbarick comes to the rescue. We are honored to present you a wonderful and refreshing version of a Christmas classic. Sky, whose vocals have captivated the world through her indie project NOOSA, has delivered a seemingly delicate and soft rendition of “Silent Night”. If you are already coming up with a modern Christmas playlist for the holidays, look no further and download this free track today.

Sky Barbarick (NOOSA)
Silent Night (The Music Ninja Exclusive)

We previously posted a collection of original tracks from from the The Casablanca Sessions of Red Brick on Lake Couchiching where we featured two amazing and genuine tracks from Sky Barbarick, you can listen to them here.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2012 Round #1)

Today marks the beginning of the end (of the year). 4 more dojos to fill you ears for the last 4 weeks of 2012. The countdown is on.

Stray Dogg
Carter Behnke
Tumbling Bones
Trouble Around My Soul
Dan and The Wildfire
Minttu & Olli
Chimney Sweeper
Low Leaf
June Gloom



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