[Folk Rock] Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Rooftop

Originating from Portland, Maine is the folk artist Aly Spaltro, better known as Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. Having spent four years working at a DVD store which submerged her in a sea of films and soundtracks ranging from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to Spider-Man, this lovely artist has grown to produce a most unique and eclectic rock sound in the realm of folk music. Kicking off the tune with a lighthearted acoustic melody, the song progresses into a medley of upbeat instrumentals. Keep your ears to the ground for her debut studio album, Ripely Pine coming February 19th, 2013 via Ba Da Bing! Records.

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[Indie] Widowspeak – Ballad Of The Golden Hour

Brooklyn based folk-rock trio Widowspeak return with news of the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, “Almanac”, which is set for an early 2013 release. “Ballad Of The Golden Hour” is the first single to be lifted from the new long player and marks a step forward for Widowspeak. Recorded in a hundred year old barn in the Hudson River Valley, “Ballad Of The Golden Hour” builds from a dreamy, strummed introduction into a dynamic crescendo of sprawling guitars. Download the MP3 below and keep an eye out for Widowspeak’s Almanac LP, which drops on January 22nd, via Captured Tracks.

Widowspeak // Ballad of the Golden Hour
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[Folk] House of Wolves – 50′s

Los Angeles native, Rey Villalobos, is the genius behind solo project House of Wolves. Did you know his last name, Villa-lobos actually translates to House of Wolves from Spanish? Hey, you learn something new everyday. Rey grew up as a classically trained pianist, recalling Chopin as his main musical influence which pushed him to create such utterly sincere and engaging music.

After a long day of running around, arguing with annoying people and drinking too much coffee this track is the perfect way to relax. Rey’s voice illustrates beautiful peaks of high notes and the hazy piano notes being played with a small glimmer of the tambourine are making my nerves calm down. The lyrics to the track are romantic but up for interpretation, maybe you’re in a place in your life where music like this will stop you in your tracks and make you stop for a second. After purchasing his EP, Fold In The Wind, I have become a huge fan. House of Wolves is currently on tour in Europe, but let’s hope he comes to the states. Grab your copy of his EP here.

House of Wolves
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[Folk Rock] The Amazing – Gentle Stream (Album Review)

The Amazing, a band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is tough to categorize.  Their sound places them somewhere between a folk band and a jam band, producing an all-together unique sound. Interwoven guitars create beautiful melodies, punctuated by horns and wind instruments, and anchored with masterful drumming. The vocals drift effortlessly through each track, complementing the instruments perfectly. While The Amazing’s songs seem to draw from folk music, they are almost certainly a jam band. Out of the nine tracks on their album, Gentle Stream, five of them are six-plus minutes long. “Gentle Stream,” the title track of the album, which you can listen to below, is a perfect example.  At just over seven minutes in length, the song steadily builds to a melodic crescendo of electric guitars, horns, and drums.

While The Amazing may not produce songs that instantly draw you in with catchy pop hooks and predictable melodies, they make a different kind of music, the kind that is crafted down to every detail to provide the best listening experience possible. So, give them a shot and allow yourself to be taken in to the world of The Amazing.

The Amazing
Gentle Stream

Gentle Stream is out now via Partisan Records. Purchase it via iTunes.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2012 Round #2)

Time seemed to go by soooooo slllooooow as a kid. Minutes felt like hours, hours felt like days, and days (especially the ones counting down to your birthday or any holiday with gifts) felt like an eternity. And then one day you grew up. Now the days feel like milliseconds, the months about 5 to 10 minutes max, and the year?….Seriously, where does it go? Since most of our clocks tick with the fast forward button engaged it becomes way too easy to get lost in the blur. Unless, however, you bust out some your ninja skills on good ol’ grandfather time. Cause believe it or not, you have the power to slow down your pace, even if just for an hour or two. With a new weekly indie dojo as your arsenal, make a conscious effort to take a moment to yourself and absorb the world around you. The more time you make, the more time you will see.

The Oldest of Sisters
Justin Paul Lewis
Songs for Walter
Tougher Than a Soldiers Boots
The Maldives
Blood On The Highway
The Daredevil Christopher Wright
A Man Of The Arts


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[Folk Rock] The Last Bison – Switzerland

If you dig traditional folk instruments, emotionally charged vocals and a band with sound that could fill an entire amphitheatre then you’ve just found yourself a new favorite band. Enter The Last Bison, a seven person ensemble originally from the deep marshes of southeastern Virginia. Folk rock at it’s very best, this group has been compared to the sound of Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes and the Avett Brothers. Listen to this track and you’ll understand exactly what I am talking about.

The poetic lyrics and gold dusted vocals in “Switzerland” will carry you out to a cornfield on a farm somewhere, reminding you that simple, artisan music still exists. The full five minutes of this track are deeply hypnotizing. What makes it that much better is Ben Hardesty’s vocals, especially when uttering the word “Switzerland” over and over again losing his breath while still sounding utterly perfect. The song is off their Inheritance EP, which came out on October 23rd. You can find it on their Soundcloud page. Support the artist and buy yourself the perfect Pumpkin-Spice-latte-sipping music out there.

The Last Bison
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[Live Review] Lucius and Milo Greene – Bowery Ballroom, NYC

(Milo Greene)

The last time I was at Bowery Ballroom was for an incredible Of Monsters and Men concert. It was such a treat and didn’t think anything could top the awesomeness; I was wrong. A few Thursdays ago, I was at Bowery once again to see Lucius and Milo Greene.



Brooklyn based band, Lucius, can be no better described than an ensemble of infectious rhythms, insane percussions and vocals that will blow your mind. For an opening band, these guys killed it. Holly and Jess walked on stage matching in costume and hollered at the crowd with a “New York, we love you!”. The show started with “Don’t Just Sit There”; breezy vocals, beautifully synched harmonies and acoustic guitar got the crowd hypnotized. After that, they played their hit “Turn It Around,” which got everyone dancing, hands up in the air punching along with the perfectly placed drum beats. It was funky and energetic from beginning to end. Between songs Jess and Holly told the crowd how happy they were to be back in their hometown, cracking jokes and just being naturally adorable. Their set ended with “Genevieve,” which is just a powerhouse of craziness; the perfect way to end the show. The audience was left heavily breathing, with sweaty foreheads, thankful for what we had just experienced. Check out Lucius’ EP on iTunes and prepare for 13 minutes of just purely danceable, non regrettable music.


Milo Greene

Milo Greene
Dont You Give Up On Me

With a tough act to follow, I was more than ready for Milo Greene to walk on stage and blow my mind. So they did. I bet by now all of you have listened to one of their songs, most likely being “1957” which just exploded on the web ever since it was released.  A certain someone from Twitter once described their sound as “with ethereal wisps of guitar, and drums and vocals, that are both calming and a call to action, Milo Greene both soothes and invigorates the soul”. Invigorate they did, my friend. They walked onto the stage greeting the enthralled crowd. I start fangirling just over the fact that Robbie Arnett is standing less than five feet from me, but that’s not important at all actually. They first played “Orpheus,” warming up the crowd with the warm feeling we feel when listening to Milo. The real first song they played was their very emotional “Don’t You Give Up On Me”. The crowd becomes comfortable with the band and slowly begins humming along with Marlana’s perfectly controlled vocals. The band continued their set with songs from their EP including “Autumn Tree”, “Silent Way”, “Take A Step” and others. And yes, they indeed perform a cover song. After “Silent Way”, Graham Fink asks the crowd if they could play “Zonk” by Wilco. The crowd responded with absolute pure happiness getting their video recorders ready. It was a great performance, and brought Milo Greene outside of their comfort zone making the band and audience vulnerable.

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