[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #4)

Since our lives are ever-changing, making plans and sticking to them can sometimes be an impossible feat. The tiniest ripple of change can throw a wrench your game at any moment. So while you frantically attempt to pencil in a schedule to conquer the rest of your life or if you decide to fly by the seat of your pants to wherever the wind may guide you, make sure you sharpie in a weekly stop at the Indie Dojo. The road trips of life are better with a mix tape to play…

Mike Edel
The Country Where I Came From
Andrew Burrows
Racing Glaciers
Royal Canoes
Show Me Your Eyes
Wolf Alice
Leaving You
Winter People
Wishing Bone
Break Ties (Demo)
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Regina Spektor – How (Video)


What more can I say about Regina Spektor that has not yet already been said. A beautiful voice with equally pleasing piano panderings are what we have come to expect from the lovely singer/songwriter. “How,” is a heartfelt, and somewhat heart-wrenching, love ballad of longing. Haven’t we all let someone go we wished we hadn’t? Spektor muses on the prospect of bouncing back while director Margo Weathers juxtaposes close-ups of Spektor with floating visual metaphors. Black and white wraps it up nicely with an appropriate lack of color one feels when they’ve lost someone despite all of their best effort.

“How” is a track from Spektor’s new release, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. It’s available just about anywhere!

Regina Spektor
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #3)

Whether you are starting your day or kissing it goodbye, you find yourself sitting here ready to listen to this week’s weekly installment. A perfect time to take a moment for yourself before the craziness begins or the madness comes to an end. We shall say no more. Sit back, relax and Indie Dojo your way through the rest of your waking (or sleeping) moments.

Terraplanesun - Ya Never Know
Night Moves
Country Queen
He Doesnt Like You. I Dont Like You Either.
The Mighty Sequoyah
Medicine Man
Joshua James
Queen of the City
Communist Daughter



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[Indie Rock] A.C. Newman – Shut Down The Streets (Album Review)

A.C. Newman, maybe better known for his role as frontman of the alternative rock outfit The New Pornographers, has been making music long enough to know how to create an album with a distinct sound and infectious tunes. This is just what he does with his third solo studio effort, Shut Down The Streets. The album definitely draws its roots from folk music, but would by no means fit straight or strictly under the that genre.  Newman creates his music using a wide variety of instruments including acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, horns, and even synthesizer, among others. Along with some harmonized vocals, he manages to bring together ten quality tracks.

The single from the album, “I’m Not Talking,” is one of the stand out tracks along with “Encyclopedia of Classic Take Downs,” and “Hostages,” each of which has a catchy, unique sound. You can listen to and download two of these below, stream the entire album for free here, and, if you enjoy it, purchase it here.

Shut Down The Streets is out now on Matador Records.

A.C. Newman
Im Not Talking

A.C. Newman
Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns
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[NEW] Indians – Cakelakers

Søren Løkke Juul, who plays under the name Indians, recently joined the illustrious ranks of 4AD, a record label home to artists like Beirut, The National, and Grimes. Upon signing, he filmed a lovely and intimate 4AD session to celebrate. In much the same way, today the Danish musician shares his very first guitar song called “Cakelakers” to celebrate the release date announcement of his forthcoming debut Somewhere Else, out January 29th. Written on his aunt’s porch just outside Copenhagen, it’s a charming and dreamy little jangler, and best of all… it’s free. Check out his website for more info.


Indians will play this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.

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[Indie] Cemeteries – Summer Smoke (Video)


Kyle Reigle, or Cemeteries as he’s more commonly known, shares a new video for his beautifully haunting and fragile song “Summer Smoke”. Directed by Nolan Wilson Goff, it tells the story of a girl and the ghost that follows her around. The Buffalo-based musician is adept at crafting mellow and intimate music that clings to you, moves you and doesn’t let go. Make sure you check out his previously released track, “The Wilderness“.

Cemeteries’ new album The Wilderness comes out October 23rd on Lefse Records. He will also be at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.

Summer Smoke
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[Event] CMJ Music Marathon 2012: Must See Acts

Right now in New York City it’s the calm before the storm. Next week the CMJ Music Marathon will blow through with its hundreds of bands, industry panels & presentations, and nightly showcases, and it will be nothing short of pure intensity. Aside from the cheap booze and sometimes free events, the music is the festival’s main focus and best part because for nearly one week seemingly all the best new and established acts from various genres will descend upon this city and show us their stuff. I’ll be covering it for The Music Ninja so expect reviews in the coming weeks. Until then though, here are 20 CMJ 2012 Must See Acts (in no particular order). We’ve got a scattering of indie rock, electronica, hip-hop, electro, synth pop and more. Some are popular, some rising; some you’ve seen on this site, and some you haven’t, so keep a lookout:

Doe Paoro
Born Whole

The Stepkids
Shadows On Behalf

Hook N Sling feat Evermore


Rollup (Baauer Remix)

Cities Aviv
G A L L E R Y G U R L Z (prod. by Star Slinger)

Chad Valley
Tell All Your Friends

Home (Taken from The Wild Youth EP)

You Wont
Three Car Garage


Make It Known


Holdin On

Magic Kids

She Keeps Bees
See Me




Conner Youngblood
A Summer Song

Indian Rebound
Bowery Brats

For more information on CMJ, including how to purchase a badge, click here.

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