[Indie Folk] Noah Gunderson – Middle of June

Now this song isn’t new or recently-released. It’s not by one of those buzzy acts or trending artists. “Middle of June” is just a damn good track by an immensely talented and underrated artist. Seattle singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen has such a cool, coaxing air to him, much like Damien Jurado, the seasoned troubadour also from the Pacific Northwest. Gundersen guides listeners through his folk-tinged music, holding them closely through every strum and hum as though he’s divulging a long-kept secret. His vocals are soothing to the soul, but have just the slightest bit of rasp to give his words that added bit of rawness that resonates deeply. But that’s not to say that his lyrics on their own are without depth; on the contrary, listen carefully to his truthful phrases for tales brimming with emotion.

Noah Gunderson
Middle of June

Check out Noah Gundersen’s Bandcamp page for a ton of music.

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[Folk Rock] Aidan Knight – A Mirror

Canadian singer-songwriter Aidan Knight carries with him not only his soft, smooth, unassuming vocals and the lovely organic tones of an acoustic guitar. His music, such as on “A Mirror,” blooms with such robust instrumentation — somber horns, trickling piano, moody strings — making for not only a touching track, but a truly colorful and stimulating sonic experience. There are quiet moments, uplifting peaks, and everything in between. Treat your ears to something good this evening…

A Mirror

“A Mirror” is off Aidan Knight’s sophomore album, Small Reveal, out now on Outside Music.

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[Folk Pop/Experimental] Sin Fang – Young Boys

“Young Boys” is a rich, breathtaking track from the very first tambourine rattle to the very last low hum. Led by the ethereal vocals of Icelandic artist Sin Fang (who is also the genius behind indie folk band Seabear), its tones are cool and weightless. But it’s nothing to shiver about — the chanting choruses give off a contagiously warm and inviting vibe — as though we are being called to gather around a crackling bonfire with friends. Much of the song’s ambiance can also be attributed to its producer, Alex Somers, who has previously worked with artists like Sigur Rós & Jónsi. Download it below!

Sin Fang
Young Boys

Sin Fang’s new album, Flowers, is out February 1st via Morr Music.

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[TMN Exclusive] Danger Village’s End of Year Mix 2012

Our good music PR friends over at Danger Village were awesomely kind enough to make and share with us their End of Year Mix. Over 90 minutes long, it boasts 24 excellent tracks that span a variety of genres; from Frank Ocean‘s silky croon and High High‘s lush dream-pop, to Japandroids‘ post-punk raucous and Mt. Wolf‘s unique folktronica, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. DV had this to say about the collection:

“This is a mix of songs we loved this year from around the globe. 2012 will be remembered as the year that we fell in love with R&B and Australian music. It’s been a fantastic year for music and we look forward to seeing what 2013 will bring!”

Danger Village
End of Year Mix 2012

MØ – “Pilgrim”
Rhye – “Open”
Chad Valley – “Fall 4 U (feat. Glasser)”
Usher – “Climax”
St. Lucia – “September”
Burial – “Kindred”
Foals – “Inhaler”
Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You”
Beach House – “Myth”
Miguel – “Adorn”
CHVRCHES – “The Mother We Share”
Mt. Wolf – “Life Size Ghosts”
Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You”
Goldroom – “Sweetness Alive (feat. SLL)”
Alpine – “Hands”
Japandroids – “The House That Heaven Built”
AlunaGeorge – “Your Drums, Your Love”
Chromatics – “Into The Black”
High Highs – “Once Around The House”
Arrange – “Cure”
Catcall – “Satellites”
Icona Pop – “I Love It”
Diplo – “Express Yourself (feat. Nicky da B)”
How to Dress Well – “& It Was U”

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[Indie] The Airplanes – A Summer Daydream

In the midst of winter’s icy grasp, we can’t help but find ourselves daydreaming about tank tops, flip flops, warm beaches, and cold water. Yeah, we know. Summer is so far off, but when it’s the best time of year, it’s ok to think about it all year round.

Arkansas singer/songrwriter Joshua Vest from The Airplanes posted this track earlier this year, and we’re sorry to say we missed it. The lo-fi, indie surf rock feel is sure to warm you up in the cold months leading up to that coveted section of the year we regard as the best section of the year.

A Summer Daydream Part I
An Inverted Lovesong
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2012 Round #3)

When the world gets insane, music can be the perfect sidekick to the escape artist we all harbor inside. So, turn it up and tune it out ’cause sometimes we all deserve a moment of thoughtless flight.

Lions and Witches
Pearl & The Beard
The Honey Dewdrops
Social Studies
Renny Wilson
By and By
El Sportivo & The Blooz
Waking World
Bandito Folk
Maddy Hay
Taking Champange



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[Indie] Phosphorescent – Song For Zula


Written in a Mexican hut on the Yucatan Peninsula, “Song For Zula” is a breathtaking piece of folk rock. But that genre alone doesn’t do this excellent track justice — it’s hardly just roots and twang. Alabama-born Matthew Houck, or Phosphorescent as he’s better known, has ventured off a bit from the typical alt-country path (which informed most of his 2010 LP Here’s To Taking It Easy), incorporating pieces of electronica into the mix. The result is a song that’s raw and sun-soaked, complemented nicely by warm, subtle synths and a throbbing drum machine beat. And if Houck’s vocals didn’t sound hurt enough, the waves of strings sure add another level of ache.

Mark your calendars, Phosphorescent’s new album Muchacho drops March 19th via Dead Oceans.

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