[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThere are not enough hours in the day, which equates to not enough hours in the week, which multiplies itself into years just flying by. When life gets way too overwhelming, come visit the Ninja for a second. Masters of time we may not be, but we can definitely come to aide in focusing your mind on the glorious sound of  indie music…

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Treehouse Schemes
Hannah Karydas
Robby Hunter Band
Look Away
Wild Ones
Curse Over Me
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[Folk] Bruno Merz – Departing From Crowds


There’s some stuff I’ll admit to and some stuff I won’t: I’ll admit that I cry at movies. I’ll admit that I will often think for more than a second about shoe selection while picking out an outfit (most dudes don’t). But until today, I would not have admitted that I got choked up listening to music. Well, Bruno Merz’ Departing From Crowds is a great way for me to come clean with myself. This album had me fighting back the vapors, lemme tell ya…

Shut up. I lift weights and watch football, too! Well, except for the last part.

Anyway, Merz clearly studied up on his Nick Drake while crafting his songs, but Departing From Crowds seems somehow more approachable than Drake and artists like him. The content of the lyrics is simple, reassuring, grateful and soothing. Instrumentally you can expect the inclusion of guitars, banjos and some piano, simply and skillfully employed.

The first track “When You Found Me,” is a tear-jerker but not in a sappy, sentimental, Nicholas Sparks kind of way. The utterance of “when you found me/I never knew that I deserved you” is one of the simplest but most profound and moving lines I’ve heard in music. Anyone who has found the love of his/her life knows exactly what the singer means. The instrumentals are simple and thoughtful with some eloquent piano additions. This will be played at many a wedding.

“The Nine Sixteen,” is folkier than the others on the album. There’s a distinct bluegrass feel with the addition of of the banjo plucking over the chords of the guitar. The lyrics questioning “where is home?” is essential folk, but it’s inserted so smoothly into the song that one doesn’t feel beat over the head with the genre.

This is a good one–not just for making a playlist for that gal you’re crushing on (quite good for that though, fellas)–but as an example of well done music. Take a listen to these couple tracks and add Merz to your “must haves” in folk.

When You Found Me
For You Now
Home Soon
Nine Sixteen
Crossing Borders
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[Indie] AOSOON – Under

What Is This About

Britain based duo AOSOON has an endearing sound in their track “Under.” The thoughtfully crafted lyrics sung through the heartwarming London accent of lead singer Marisa Hylton (who is also playing guitar) resonate instantly. This is one of those tracks that you hear and instantly feel emotion within the first thirty seconds. That’s damn impressive.

This duo, comprised of Hylton and Manny Folorunso, have truly created A Lot Of Something Out of Nothing (AOSOON) by crafting this tune from nothing more than their god given talents. After only playing together for over a year, they have managed to generate quite a buzz through their debut single “Skinny Strong,” which tickled the fancy of DJ Target on his “100% Homegrown Show”.

“Under” will be due out on their first EP, “What Is This About”, is due out Thursday on their Soundcloud as a free download. So, it’s true when they say the best things in life are free.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)


As we get older, the summer doesn’t quite live up to what it did as a kid. 3 months to do absolutely nothing is far out in our distant dreams and all we do is whine and complain about how f’n hot it is. Did we do that as kids? Hell no. We ran through the sprinklers and got over it. Yeah sure, as adults we might not have an entire summer to kick back and do shit, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a little bit of time to enjoy that sunshine. Because seriously, before we know it we’ll move right on along to complaining about how F’n cold it is. So this week, take a much deserved summer break and let the streaming indie dojo whisk you through the stay-cation of your dreams.

Marcus Blacke
Master of Eden
skinny strong
Kellen and Me
The Earth, Someday…
And The Grenadines
The Soil & the Sun
Owsey & Dustin Christensen
Carry Me, Ohio
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #2)


Have you ever been so tired of your music library you end up driving around in total silence, working out in the gym with the shitty music playing over the sound system, or even taking a shower with the serenade of your own crappy voice? It sucks, doesn’t it? The radio is too annoying, your favorite albums are finally too played out and it feels as if the music world that used to light your fire has finally gone to die. Well, have no fear, cuz the Indie Dojo is here…(How many times do you think that cheesy saying has been written over the 2+ years of this playlist?) But seriously, our main purpose in life is to provide you with something that just might spark your interest. And if not this week, maybe next. We will keep trying…and trying….and trying.

Sanders Bohike
Ghost Boy
Cloud Control
Dojo Rising
Rayland Baxter
The Woman For Me DEMO
Royal Forest
Youre A Big Girl Now
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #1)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s summer. We shouldn’t be all cooped up inside glued to our computer screens.  Totally understandable if you are though. Especially if you feel like you are walking on the surface of the sun when you step outside. In that case, here’s a suggestion, sit your ass in front of a fan, naked if you damn well please, and let the seranades of the Indie Dojo wipe the sweat from your brow….

Denai Moore
Lazer Cake
Push Up Girls
Kid Francescoli
Blow Up (Single Edit)
Away the Sun
Goldheart Assembly
Stands To Reason
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Roadkill Ghost Choir
Beggars Guild

Maybe it’s the bourbon talking, but that banjo is calling our name. Wait, maybe it’s not the banjo. There’s a lot in this song that’s … Continue reading »

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