[Indie] Pure X – Things In My Head

For all two-and-a-half minutes “Things In My Head”, the latest track from Austin’s Pure X, shivers like an uncertain child, careful, cautious and maybe even a tad wounded. The gentle, yet lo-fi vocals of Nate Grace coupled with lazy reverb’d guitars make for an indie track that slides on by seemingly to go unnoticed, except for the fact that you can’t help but listen in for its pure, unadulterated intimacy. Maybe over and over, too.

Things in my Head

“Things In My Head” is off Pure X’s second album, Crawling Up The Stairs, out May 14th via Acephale.

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As the calendar turns over, so do our sights for upcoming events in 2013. The experiences, shows, live performances, breathtaking nights and jaw dropping moments have passed, and a new set is just on the horizon. With the release of Coachella’s line up, we couldn’t help but get overwhelmingly excited. Postal Service? Sigur Ros? Baauer? Dillon Francis? There’s honestly just too many artists to name at this point.

We booked our flights. We booked our house. Our cameras are packed, and our Music Ninja shirts are laundered, pressed and ready for full on desert festival action. Yes, we’re going to make the pilgrimage deep into the California desert for what is set to be one of the most amazing musical weekends ever. We’ll be tweeting, instagraming and facebooking. Make sure to stay tuned.

Who are you most excited to see in 2013??

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Good Field – ‘Tell Me Ida’ & ‘Our Roofless Home’

Hailing from the live music capital of the US, Austin indie outfit Good Field are releasing their upcoming self-titled debut album today, February 12. Created as a new project from former members of Voxtrot and Brazos, the band has been well recieved, opening for groups like The National, Vampire Weekend and The Walkmen among many others.

Good Field is ‘an homage to cricket and deslate landscapes’, as described by Price who wrote some of the album in an isolate adobe by a cenote in New Mexico. The album, infused with folk instrumentation, is mainly influenced by shoegaze, indie rock and ’60s guitar tones with attractive rugged vocals and vivid lyrical story telling.

Preview tracks ‘Tell Me Ida’ and “our Roofless Home’ from the album below:

Our Roofless Home
Tell Me Ida
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Daughter – Still

We have been a fan of Daughter for a couple of years now but nothing can really match her soft and powerful live performance last years’ SXSW. Equipped with just a guitar and her lonesome voice, she captivated the room with her simplistic approach and her ability for a deeper emotional connection through every note and rhyme.

Her debut demo EP, exposed her unbridled talent to the world and with the increased maturity and experience, she is set to release forthcoming debut album If You Leave this spring. “Still” is just another example of why we are infatuated with the singer and a perfect addition for a valentines mix.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #2)

Most of the time change is a good thing and sometimes routine is perfectly comforting. The Indie Dojos got a little bit of both. You can always count on a new list posted every Tuesday (routine) but don’t ever expect a repeat (change). We aim to please all emotions with the click of a play button.

Meeting of Important People
Innocents Abroad
Great Peacock
Take Me to the Mountain
Queensbury Shuffle
The Dwells
Mouth Dakota
It Stays
Cam Penner
My Lover and I
Eric & Magill
Tangled Up In Nets
Single Twin
I Came Home Dead
Lorde Music
Biting Down
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #1)

It seems like just yesterday the 1st indie dojo was posted.  But really “just yesterday” means 59 Tuesdays ago. Which means 59 playlists multiplied by the average song count of 6 quals approximately 352 wrangled songs that just happened to be floating around the internets at the right time. We hope you’ve enjoyed at least one if not multiple songs at this point and if you haven’t, well, here’s another 8 for you to try.  Ninjas never give up.

Santah - Springfield
Jason Diaz
All the Way Down
The Gospel Whiskey Runners
Hold On
Open the Doors
Song Preservation Society - Circus
Liz Lawrence
When I Was Younger
Tell Me Ida
Matthew E. White
One of These Days


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[Indie] Vondelpark – California Analog Dream

While R&S Records has been known to boast a range of electronically minded artists (Airhead, James Blake, Aphex Twin), they’ve got the ear for sparse, straightforward indie rock. Case in point: London three-piece Vondelpark. Their new song, “California Analog Dream” reads like a coaxing, late-night drive along an empty and dark highway. It’s not loud or boisterous, but it hardly needs to be; its hushed quality is its best quality. Add in the velvety vocals that wrap you up like a cozy security blanket and you’ve got a track that’ll keep your attention night or day.

California Analog Dream

Vondelpark’s new album, Seabed, comes out April 1st.

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