[Dream-Pop] The 1975 – fallingforyou

The 1975

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long for the latest offering from Manchester minimal-poppers The 1975 and their forthcoming EP IV which is set to release May 20, with freshly minted single “fallingforyou”.  Last week, we gave you Ninjas the drop on the dreary cut “Haunt // Bed”, and today follows suit with that slow-burning aesthetic spearheaded by Matthew Healy’s longing coo, steeped in a blanket of shoegazey reverb. At the heart of “fallingforyou”, beats a faint, driving synth just audible enough to get your hips swinging while lost in The 1975’s stimulating wave of melancholia. It is a track recalling some of The xx’s earliest and best work, but is also completely unique on its own. It seems with every release The 1975 are becoming more confident in building their sound, and haven’t once missed the mark production wise. Stream “fallingforyou” above and check out their latest North American tour dates in support of The Neighbourhood here.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2013 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaConsistency. Something this planet’s unpredictable climate and the Indie Dojo do not have common. ‘Cause no matter if you are currently being slapped in face with an unbearable heatwave or you have ice tsunamis (yes, this is a real thing) knocking down your doors, you’ve always got that weekly playlist to bundle up to or in LA’s case…get naked with. Hey…don’t judge. It’s f’n hot.

Adios Ghost
October Snow
I Will Wait For You (Everybody Wants To Be a Cowboy)
Utmost Good
Cosmo Sheldrake
Rich (Ft. Anna Roo)
The Preatures
Is This How You Feel?
Lia Ices
Grown Unknown
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[Pop/R&B] BANKS – Warm Water (Prod. By Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

Warm Water (Prod. By Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

Los Angeles based R&B/pop-songstress BANKS got us out of bed on the right foot early this Monday morning by gracing our ears with her newest single “Warm Water”, produced by one of the most musically educated and progressive minds within the electronic community, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. “Warm Water” is a dreamy, romantic slice of pop music, placing BANKS’ lusty, soulful refrain front and center over a minimally focused R&B track. With the recent success of hyper-expressive vocalists like Frank Ocean, Rhye and Jessie Ware being displayed on every major taste-making outlet on the web, it seems BANKS is arriving at the perfect moment in time for her sound to be appreciated. The impending single is getting set to to release on May 27 through London’s Good Years Recordings, so have an early listen to “Warm Water”, and you will quickly find out how we were so moved by such simple instrumentation.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Josh Schroeder – Paraglide


Ahh, there’s just something about softly sung vocals carrying over delicately strummed ukulele chords. The beautiful simplicity in Josh Schroeder’s track “Paraglide” proves this point to the fullest. Josh’s wavering vocals glide effortlessly over each repetitious strum, taking you into a whole different world. This is the kind of track that’s perfect to lie back in the grass with your significant other, and just forget everything else but the moment that you’re in.

This Portland based indie artist truly knows how to write a great songs. You may recognize Josh’s ethereal vocals and songwriting style from his work in Josh and Mer (who are currently working on a new EP). This track however was co-produced with Jason Carter (Black Francis, Pete Yorn, Art Brut). The video was made by Josh himself. He wanted it to represent the lyrical interpretation that life, earth, atoms, and stars are all connected. An endless timeless cycle, if you will.

The solo EP is called Mourningside, and will be self released on May 21st. Make sure to keep an eye out for it.

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[Indie] Oliver Wilde – Flutter

Oliver Wilde

Bristol, England’s Oliver Wilde stoked our fire early this morning by announcing the release of a new LP entitled A Brief Introduction to Un-Natural Light Years in July via Howling Owl Records, along with the first juicy single from said album: “Flutter”. It is a dreamy, and atmospheric tune using elements of acoustic folk and a healthy dose of hazy reverb. Oliver Wilde’s sound fits along nicely with spaced-out shoegaze staples like Real Estate, and should be filed next to Kurt Vile’s latest record in your music library. It is a dreary, gray and rainy day in Denver and nothing has fit that aesthetic better musically than this. “Flutter” recalls my angsty high-school years devouring entire catalogues of music from the likes of Elliott Smith, early Modest Mouse and The Comas, whilst deciphering if The Strokes were really going to bring back Rock-n-Roll – which was an extremely exciting time to be a staunch teenage music critic. Aaaahhh, to reminisce. Listen to Oliver Wilde’s drubby single above, and let it transport your psyche wherever it needs to go this afternoon.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2013 Round #1)

Ever hear a song for the first time and your immediate response is “Really?? Someone let them go out like that???” Unfortunately, we know that reaction all too well. Now, we ain’t promising you’re gonna fall madly, deeply in love with every song on the Indie Dojo, but we do promise to drop kick as many craptastic ones as we can. And if you think otherwise, by all means, let us know. Suggestions, comments and/or rants as always welcome over at allegra[at]themusicninja.com. The flood gates have been opened.

Smooth Hound Smith
The Minutes
Smoke Signal
Black Holes featuring Rocco DeLuca
Simple Lives
The Little Boy Lost
Quiet Hounds
Calling All Gamma Rays
Adam Stafford
Fire & Theft (LP Version)
Isaac Delusion
Early Morning



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[Dreamfolk] Mt. Wolf – Veins

Mt. Wolf

You may remember how we featured a cover of Usher’s “Climax” by this eclectic London-based band last year. We’re happy to say that Mt. Wolf returns with yet another dream-like track, “Veins”, off their second EP. Kate Sproule’s formidable vocals are reminiscent of  Elena Torna’s delicate voice from indie folk band Daughter. Rest assured, the tune’s composition of transcendental synths, soft strings, and an impassioned voice will undoubtedly leave you in nothing less than a utopian state.

Sink into the full effect of their second EP Hypolight, available now.

Or indulge into the official music video for  their leading single “Hypolight“.


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