[Folk] Charley Bickers – Our Frail Hearts

Our Frail Hearts feels like a deeply personal journey through Charley Bicker’s delicate acoustic songwriting. Narrated by the melancholic weight of his lyrics, Charley’s debut album is a tender introduction to the Brighton based artist and is available on Bandcamp to download now, once you’ve listened to the title track below.

07 Our Frail Hearts

With a gift for crafting affecting acoustic ballads and a host of special guests, including members of Goldfrapp, The Guillemotts and The Verve, lined up for his next album, Charley is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2013 Round #5)

As simple as they seem, playlists don’t always come easy. There’s a lot of searching for new songs, adding old ones, deleting played out ones, and moving this one after that one just because it flows better.  It takes some time to get it just right. But once it’s done you feel like you have created you’re own masterpiece of listening pleasure. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back….even if you just took the latest Indie Dojo and uploaded it into your iTunes. Rearrange a couple songs and no one will know but you….

Qtier - Drift
SEA OF LOVE - Your Arrangement
Fred Woods
The Pond
Bad Bad Hats
Learning To Sleep



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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2013 Round #4)

In the life of a true music lover, a silent world is a boring world. Which could possibly explain why a lot of us have a playlist for everything. Working out, road trips, getting down, getting ready for bed, getting up in the morning, studying, eating, partying, beaching, relaxing, chillaxin, waiting, working.  The possibilities of excuses to have music as a constant in our day to day living are endless and the indie dojo is just another way to fill up any left over empty space.

The Black Atlantic
The Aftermath (Of This Unfortunate Event)
The Strumbellas
Underneath A Mountain
Rue Royale
Guide To An Escape
Pickering Pick
On The Edge Of The Light
The Lone Bellow
You Never Need Nobody
Kait Lawson
Place In The Ground


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[Indie] Ivan & Alyosha – Running For Cover

Seattle’s Ivan & Alyosha have got something quite charming going on. Take just one peek at their single “Running For Cover” — full of such lovely, sweet folksy-pop — and they’ll immediately have you wrapped around their pretty little fingers. But being captives of their music is hardly a thing to complain about. Check out the track below and be sure to watch out for their debut album, All The Times We Had, which drops February 26th via Missing Piece/Dualtone. We hear it will be streaming on NPR early next month…

Ivan & Alyosha
Running for Cover

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2013 Round #3)

Why is it so easy to focus on the negative and completely ignore the positive? Isn’t it better to pay attention to what makes you tick rather than drown yourself in an ocean of debbie downer moments? Easier said then done sometimes, true. But if we all took a minute to find something that gave us the slightest twinkle in our eye once a day, it might become easier to make positivity your daily routine. Hey, we’ll even make things a little easier for you. That twinkle could possibly be sparked from the Indie Dojo you find yourself listening to below. It’s worth a shot.

Half Moon Run
Full Circle
Mighty Oaks
Like An Eagle
This Old Ghost
Tiger Man of The Matto Grasso
Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
So Many Wizards
Best Friends
Pretty Heart


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[Indie] Frances Cone – Soon [TMN PREMIERE]

Today we bring you a wonderful delight from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Charleston songwriter Frances Cone. The classically trained southern sweetheart with a “city heart” captivated us last summer with her cover of Jump, Little Children’s 1994 song “Mexico” and the release of her first single “Come Back”.

Giving us another preview of what to expect from her upcoming debut album being released later this year, comes a lighthearted and endearing track titled “Soon”. Effortlessly combining soul and indie folk into one coherent sound, “Soon” demonstrates a playful instrumentation with emotional sensibilities of love and hope. In a world where authenticity in music opens heart, Frances Cone genuineness and humbling lyrics is sure to open ours.

Frances Cone

A soft release of her debut album is scheduled for January 18th at Joe’s Pub in NYC with the official release early February. And thanks to the generosity of Frances Cone and our friends at Music Box Media, we have for you the free download of her track “Come Back”. Make sure you thank her on twitter here!

Frances Cone
Come Back
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[Folk Rock] Matt Walters – I Would Die For You (Video)

The power of sharing music online can be a wonder at times, unearthing hidden gems that serve to connect with an audience that wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to experience it. This could not be more true for independent Melbourne artist, Matt Walters, whose melancholy ballad “I Would Die For You” reached cult status after a fan-uploaded video soared over one million hits on Youtube, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide. Following up on this unprecedented success, an official video for the song has now been released for eager fans. Featuring hauntingly beautiful scenes and mesmerising choreography, the visuals perfectly accompany the mood of the story being told. This is one to lose yourself to during those deep, pensive moments.

Check out a slightly different rendition below:

I Would Die For You feat. Washington
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