Roadkill Ghost Choir
Beggars Guild

Maybe it’s the bourbon talking, but that banjo is calling our name. Wait, maybe it’s not the banjo. There’s a lot in this song that’s … Continue reading »

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2013 Round #4)


Why is it that we always go for the negative before the positive? For example: Your boss want’s to talk to you. “Fired!” is probably your initial thought. You immediately retrace every step you took in the past week to figure out if you slipped up on your job somewhere. You slowly “sad charlie brown” your way into their office and all they want to tell you is how great of a job you are doing. Imagine that! We are so used to grabbing onto the dreadful, we completely overlook how simple things can be. Let’s change that. We can start with this playlist. You might despise the indie genre or maybe last weeks playlist swore you off the Indie Dojo for life. Both of those things are negative as shit. So hit the play button with a positive finger….and give it a chance.

Give up
Silver Firs
Air Review
Hipster Kids
The City and Horses
Big Coat
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[Playlist] Red Brick Songs – Summertastic


Our friends over at Red Brick Songs recently put together a fun summertime playlist featuring tracks from their roster that relate to our personal favorite season of the year. If you’re not familiar with Red Brick Songs, you need to wise up and start paying attention. This Toronto based indie label finds some of the best folk and indie rock we’ve laid ears on. In fact, one of our favorite projects in the past few years was their Casablanca Sessions songwriter retreat from last summer. They seem to have an ear for amazing music, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

This selection includes sunny songs from the likes of Los Encantados, Andy Shauf, Library Voices, Teen Daze and more. Press play, lie back, and enjoy the warm tunes.

The Raa
In The Summertime
Field Mouse
Los Encantados
St. Tropez
Jason Haberman & Golden Weekends
The Right Time
Andy Shauf
Two Little Clouds
Carl Johnson (Library Voices)
Beyond The Beach
Every Song
Tupelo Honey Band
PS I love You
Sentimental Dishes
Teen Daze
Brooklyn Sunburn
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo Playlist [June 2012 Round #3]

indie-dojo-music-ninjaFamiliar with the daytime heavy eyes? Those moments when you swear you have 50 pound weights hanging off each one of your eyelashes and no matter where you sit or stand, you find yourself wiping a quick drool from the side of your mouth? Where no triple shot coffee, no energy drink, no cold splash to the face can give your eyelids the strength of bodybuilder to lift that dead weight? And all you want to do is feel your head on your sweet, sweet pillow…Until we look at the clock and realize there is 10 hours still left in our day.  We know the only real cure is sleep but maybe, just maybe if we turn up our music to levels beyond extreme, it might just work. Cause a ninja’s gotta do what a ninja’s gotta do…

The Kindling
Hunting Stars
The Ceremonies
Ballroom Bones
Andy Burrows
Water Liars
Owls Of The Swamp
The Hypnotist
Buffalo Tales
Whispering Willow
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[Indie/Folk] Keaton Henson – Lying to You


“Lying to You” is the second single on the upcoming album Birthdays from songwriter Keaton Henson and it’s a heart-breaker. A tune from the winter months planted in a warm summer, it is the perfect accompaniment to a slow, sweet-smelling summer rain. “Lying to You” supplies keen reminders of the darkness from an overcast dawn. In many ways, though, the song delivers you from strife and replenishes an appreciation for the beauty of loss and of sadness as only a soft voice and a six-string guitar can elaborate. Henson urges us not forget the lows that make the highs of summer so wonderful.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2013 Round #2)


It’s weird how it can feel like everyday is Groundhog’s Day. Repeating the same routine day, after day, after day…..after….day. But really, when we look back in time, things are never really the same. All the little unnoticed changes during our day to day living pile up to be one giant movement. Take the Indie Dojo for example….It might be here every Tuesday for weeks on end, but not one song nor artist will ever be the same. And by collecting all those little changes week by week, you have probably already expanded your music library annnnd music knowledge to epic proportions. So while these changes may be small in the whole scheme of things, they are still changes worth appreciating..

Dreams Of Cannibalism
This Frontier Needs Heroes
George Clooney
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker
Fire & Fortune (Pete Flood remix)
Being Buffalo
Jason Haberman & Golden Weekends
The Right Time
Goodnight, Texas
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[Indie Pop] Trails and Ways – Como Te Vas

Como Te Vas

It’s not officially summer until we’ve heard new music from Trails and Ways (well, technically it’s not really summer until June 21st). Last year’s “Nunca” served as one of our favorites of 2012, and we have a feeling “Como Te Vas” will have the same impact on us in 2013. Trails and Ways’ music has always had a way of transporting you off to a distant land, which is due in large part to the influences the band has gained from their own extensive travels in countries like Brazil and Spain. It might also explain the name of the group’s upcoming EP, Trilingual, which is set to drop this Tuesday, June 11th and also includes other outstanding singles like “Border Crosser” and “Mtn Tune“.

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