[Rock] Little Lo – Gospel

little lo gospel

Little Lo are a band that seem to combine every known instrument in a way that probably shouldn’t work, but actually does. Take the six-piece’s latest single “Gospel,” for example. There’s a little bit of everything packed away into the 3 minutes 40 seconds of folk-rock, yet it just fits together perfectly, like a musical jigsaw puzzle. Little Lo are also blessed with an excellent vocal partnership in the form of Bailey Glover and Ryan McGill – her soaring vocals contrast with his more modest lines – which seems to hold all their gorgeous Americana-inspired tracks together. Definitely worth repeated listening, “Gospel” is available via Little Lo’s Bandcamp.

Little Lo
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[Acoustic] Patrick Wolf – Born To Die (Lana Del Rey Cover)

Patrick wolf born to die Lana del Rey

Patrick Wolf is arguably the UK’s most innovative artist, and his musical career has seen him constantly experimenting with and altering his sound from record to record in order to create something new and fresh. So, it seems only natural that Wolf would cover “Born To Die,” by the eccentric pop princess Lana Del Rey. Wolf’s approach is far folkier than the original, and sees him pour all his energy into delivering heartfelt vocals accompanied by some gorgeous strings. If you’ve loved this track (and face it, why wouldn’t you?), then don’t miss Patrick’s new album Sundark And Riverlight, out October 15.

Patrick Wolf
Born To Die (Lana Del Rey Cover)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo September 2012 Round #3

Letting your brain wander into a world far far away is pretty necessary sometimes. Give yourself a good 5 minutes to stare off into space with the full on mouth open stance and do as little thinking as possible. Now soundtrack that 5 minutes with an Indie Dojo and it might just blow your mind.

Poor Remy
Still Sleeping
Indianna Dawn
I Always Miss You
Aidan Knight
A Mirror
Andrew Combs
Worried Man
The Invisible Cities
The Year of Living Backwards
California Daze
Karev Yom
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Of Monsters And Men – Mountain Sound (Official Video)

of monsters and men mountain sound

The always splendid and moving Icelandic band Of Monsters And Men recently released a video for “Mountain Sound”. Featuring footage from a Reykjavik performance, the charming visuals simply remind us why we find the folk-pop group so damn endearing. Their album My Head Is An Animal is out now.

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[Remix] Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Passion Pit Remix)

As good decisions go, getting Passion Pit to remix your hit single is pretty high up on the list, as Imagine Dragons have found out. The Vegas quartet just dropped their new record Night Visions, and Michael Angelakos and the boys have risen to the challenge of giving “It’s Time” the full synth-pop reworking. While the band have kept the soaring indie-rock vocals and some of the uke, “It’s Time” now resembles something of a tropical disco hit, with shimmering synths taking the lead. One of those tracks that will soundtrack your nights out for many months to come, this version of “It’s Time” more than proves Passion Pit’s talent as remixers.

Imagine Dragons
Its Time (Passion Pit Remix)
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[Folk] Javier Dunn – Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn Cover)

LA-based songwriter Javier Dunn picked up the guitar at the age of 10, and since then he’s never looked back. He’s worked with Sara Bareilles, and has put out several EPs since his debut in 2006. One of our favourite tracks from Dunn is this gorgeous acoustic cover of Scandinavian pop princess Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Dunn has re-worked the lyrics to reflect a male perspective, and his simple guitar accompaniment makes an for incredibly emotional creation. Javier is currently recording another album, so stay tuned for more news.

Javier Dunn
Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn cover)
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[Indie Folk] Simone Felice – War Movie

Make no mistake, autumn is in the air. As summer comes to a close and the sun loses some of his lasting light and warmth, there are those music fans who lean toward mood-matching music. While some cling to that wild-and-free feeling that lingers toward season’s end, colder and darker days encourage some of us to become less energetic and more low-key, introspective. For those of you who can relate to this feeling of winding down, lend a listen to a track called “War Movie” by former Felice Brothers drummer, Simone Felice. His solo project will grab you by the ears, and its story will make you pause and even think for some time, and its mellow mood matches the lyrical meanderings about the war-like elements of life. You owe it to yourself to hear Felice out.

Simone Felice
War Movie

You can hear more from Simone Felice if you check out his earlier material with The Felice Brothers, his current band endeavors with The Duke and The King, or you can follow his new solo work (of which includes “War Movie”) when he releases New York Times: a digital EP set to release October 22nd via Reveal Records.

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