Angus Stone – True Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)

Pretty sure the original version of “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper hit the airwaves just before I was born. It’s a tune I grew up with and because it’s one of those ’80s classics forever embedded in your mind — tagged specifically with Lauper’s unique vocals — it’s difficult to hear it done any other way. But somehow Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone (who we’ve covered before) makes it possible, effortless and enjoyable, turning the song into an ultra cool, wooing, folky-blues track.

Angus Stone
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)
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[Folk Pop] Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller


Fronted by Thao Nguyan, San Franciso-based folk pop group Thao & The Get Down Stay Down have been laying low since their last album Know Better Learn Faster in 2009. But today they reveal the first single from their forthcoming album We The Common, the jaunty and jangling “Holy Roller”. We The Common comes out February 5th, 2013 via Ribbon Music.

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[Indie] Christopher Owens – Here We Go

If you’ll remember, an indie rock band called Girls put out a couple of highly-acclaimed records: Album in 2009 and Father, Son, Holy Ghost in 2011. The latter was my absolute favorite of that year, a completely devastating, stirring and cathartic piece of work. But not long after its release, the frontman and main songwriter, Christopher Owens, decided to leave the band. Luckily, it seems he’s been hard at work on his own because today he reveals the first taste of his solo project. The mellow “Here We Go,” like his past music, is raw and honest through and through.

The single is from his forthcoming album Lysandre, named after a girl he met in France while in town for a festival. He describes the debut LP as “a coming of age story, a road trip story, a love story.”

Christopher Owens
Here We Go

Lysandre comes out January 14th, 2013.

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[Indie Folk] Sharon Van Etten – Tell Me (Demo)

In the three years that I’ve been following her, Brooklyn’s Sharon Van Etten has become such a talented musician. Back in 2009, I witnessed her perform her debut album Because I Was In Love, a collection of heartbreaking and haunting indie folk tracks (you can actually read my super old review here). Since then she’s released two more solid albums, both of which show her evolution as an artist and how her music has blossomed from sparse folkishnesss to a much more full-bodied rock sound. Oh yeah, AND she’s also played numerous Late Night TV shows and shared the stage with the likes of The Antlers, The National and St. Vincent. No big deal, right? In all honesty though, it’s been thoroughly wonderful watching her grow.

After touring extensively to support her latest album Tramp, Van Etten will release a deluxe version of it on November 13th via Jagjaguwar. It will include demos of each of the tracks as well as this previously unreleased demo “Tell Me”. The aching acoustic song seems to hearken back to her old days and really places her stunning voice front and center. Check it out below:

Sharon Van Etten
Tell Me (Demo)

via Spinner

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #4)

Since our lives are ever-changing, making plans and sticking to them can sometimes be an impossible feat. The tiniest ripple of change can throw a wrench your game at any moment. So while you frantically attempt to pencil in a schedule to conquer the rest of your life or if you decide to fly by the seat of your pants to wherever the wind may guide you, make sure you sharpie in a weekly stop at the Indie Dojo. The road trips of life are better with a mix tape to play…

Mike Edel
The Country Where I Came From
Andrew Burrows
Racing Glaciers
Royal Canoes
Show Me Your Eyes
Wolf Alice
Leaving You
Winter People
Wishing Bone
Break Ties (Demo)
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Regina Spektor – How (Video)


What more can I say about Regina Spektor that has not yet already been said. A beautiful voice with equally pleasing piano panderings are what we have come to expect from the lovely singer/songwriter. “How,” is a heartfelt, and somewhat heart-wrenching, love ballad of longing. Haven’t we all let someone go we wished we hadn’t? Spektor muses on the prospect of bouncing back while director Margo Weathers juxtaposes close-ups of Spektor with floating visual metaphors. Black and white wraps it up nicely with an appropriate lack of color one feels when they’ve lost someone despite all of their best effort.

“How” is a track from Spektor’s new release, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats. It’s available just about anywhere!

Regina Spektor
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2012 Round #3)

Whether you are starting your day or kissing it goodbye, you find yourself sitting here ready to listen to this week’s weekly installment. A perfect time to take a moment for yourself before the craziness begins or the madness comes to an end. We shall say no more. Sit back, relax and Indie Dojo your way through the rest of your waking (or sleeping) moments.

Terraplanesun - Ya Never Know
Night Moves
Country Queen
He Doesnt Like You. I Dont Like You Either.
The Mighty Sequoyah
Medicine Man
Joshua James
Queen of the City
Communist Daughter



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