(MP3 Playlist) Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #3)


It’s amazing how the musical world never stops pumping out new jams. Every day, every hour, maybe every minute even, a brand new musical creation is being pushed into the swirling magic of the world wide web. And one by one, we pluck them and place them into an Indie Dojo to be shared with whoever crosses our path. And no matter how many we pluck, we never, ever have to worry about extinction ’cause someone is already working on the next replacement.

Gosh Pith
Flora Tropics
Visual Diet
back again
Jesse Davidson
Peppermint Cloud Club
Young Lovers
Jens Kuross
Sierra Reeves
Give It Up
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Marika Hackman – Drown (Acoustic) [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE + Album Stream]

Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit Records

From writing up Marika Hackman up over the past two and a half years to hosting her as a Resident Artist of the Month last year, we’ve been along for the ride with this impressive young artist every step of the way. Some might even say The Music Ninja has a fanboy-style adoration for her. Those people would be correct in their assessment.

One of our favorite parts about this artist are the haunting folk soundscapes she’s able to craft in the studio. In her recently released debut album (out today), we’re walked through twelve songs of artfully approached, sometimes dark, yet always fully encapsulating songs. With chilling harmonies, thunderous percussion, immaculate finger picking, Marika’s vocals are allowed to shine, showcasing her ability to wrap you up in her stories.

While we’re a sucker for recorded music, there’s something to be said about a simple, live, acoustic rendition as well. As we’ve seen before with other Dirty Hit artists, a rooftop session was hosted in order to show the raw power of Marika and her guitar. Take a gander at the video below, then head over to iTunes and pick up this stunning debut album.

Marika Hackman
Marika Hackman
Before I Sleep
Marika Hackman
Marika Hackman
Open Wide
Marika Hackman
Marika Hackman
Claudes Girl
Marika Hackman
Animal Fear
Marika Hackman
In Words
Marika Hackman
Monday Afternoon
Marika Hackman
Undone, Undress
Marika Hackman
Next Year
Marika Hackman
Let Me In
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Hello Caller – Decent Sense [TMN PREMIERE]

Hello Caller
Decent Sense

This is one of our favorite times of the year. Yes, it’s cold out. Yes, we’re all sick of snow, sleet, rain and chilly winds. Yes, we’re all longing for the days where we can lazily listen to music, beer in hand, enjoying the sweet simplicity of life in the warmer weather months. But, this is the time of the year that we start hearing delicate, infatuating folk and indie rock songs that will populate our summer playlists, and for that, we’re always anxious to get to the first quarter of a new year.

Quickly earning a top spot in upcoming “Lazy Summer Indie” playlists, Austin-based sextuplet Hello Caller has just released their casually infectious tune, “Decent Sense.” An elongated intro complete with playful banjo picks, whistling, and relaxed percussion slowly walks us into the glowing nature of this song. It’s not until almost two minutes in that we’re introduced to vocals from front man Brian Ferguson, which adds another relaxing and textural layer to the equation. The end result has us pulling out the chase lounges, even if we’re still in the dead of winter.

Made up of members Brian Ferguson (guitar, banjo, lead vocals), Will Wolfe (drums, percussion), Brendan Bond (xylophone, trumpet, percussion, vocals),
Jeff Crozier (bass, vibraphone, vocals), Tyler Dunnam (guitar, vocals), and Caiti Coughlan (viola), Hello Caller is an act you’ll want to keep tabs on for the rest of 2015. Do so by following them on soundcloud and liking their facebook page.

If you’re digging “Decent Sense,” pre order the deluxe 7″ 70 gram, traslucent blue vinyl (out 2/17) via Violent Films.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #2)


As you may or may not be aware, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. But, don’t worry. No matter if you are a Anti-Valentiner or addicted to love, you’ve come to the right playlist. We won’t get into all that sappy, barftastic stuff about love and teddy bears. We didn’t create a special playlist  “For Lovers Only” or a pissed off one for “Lover Haters”. We are keeping in neutral. If you want to go about your day as any other normal day, we’ve got you. If you would like that special someone to think you put all your blood, sweat and tears into a sweet little playlist, we’ve got you too. Cause no matter your outlook on love, we’ve got nothing but gross, crazy love for you, always and 4eva.

Nick D & The Believers
Complicated Animals
Hymn De Lune
Young Hearts
Jarryd James
Do You Remember
William Reames
Figure Out
Double Negative
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Bon Iver – Blood Bank (Spencer Barnett Cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (1)
Spencer Barnett
Blood Bank

Most of us have similar stories for what we were up to at the age of 13. We definitely were all chasing around someone with those googly, adolescent, heart-shaped eyes, trying our damnedest to deal with raging hormones. Some of us were skating around the neighborhood, avoiding harassment from the police and concerned citizens. Some of us were playing team sports, competing for coveted trophies that would later do nothing more than collect dust. Some of us were getting into things we rightfully shouldn’t be – cigarettes, booze, and worse. While most of us can check a few of those boxes, we can safely assume that nearly none can relate to what Spencer Barnett was doing.

Just last summer, this incredibly gifted teenager entered Shangri-La Studios in Malibu with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind. After initially catching Jenkins’ ear with a stunning rendition of “Hallelujah,” the two decided to work together on his debut EP, 13 Summers In.

A few years ago, I joined a student band and nobody wanted to sing. So, I said, ’I’ll give it a shot,’ and I actually surprised myself to discover that I was a half decent singer. – Spencer Barnett

We’re fortunate enough to bring you an exclusive, debut look at this budding young artist, as he spills his soul vocally through Bon Iver’s painfully beautiful lyrics. With his take on “Blood Bank,” we’re left jaw agape and pleasantly aghast at not only the raw vocal finesse, but also the refined maturity displayed. It’s difficult to imagine that this is a 13 year old boy behind the microphone, as his persona carries strong associations of a much older soul.

Following today’s release, newly developed fans can expect to hear renditions of John Legend’s “All of Me,” Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark,” and Calvin Harris’ “Summer.” On top of which, you’ll also start to see releases on his own label, Mission Records, where the proceeds are used to give back to the community.

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Folly Rae – Someone I Don’t Know [TMN PREMIERE]

Folly Rae
Someone I Don't Know

The last time a female artist sang the words ‘shake it off’, the world was overcome with a Swift-sensation. While Folly Rae demonstrates some serious pop-sensibility, there’s a deeper ethereal charm residing below the surface of what is outwardly and unashamedly strong pop sentiment. Her new track “Someone I Don’t Know” might not be so much about shaking it off, but Folly Rae is well on the way to creating her own international storm.

This spacious and hauntingly ornate track has its radio friendly edges, but manages to rub its smooth surfaces against something a bit more rugged. Lyrical depth and radio friendly soundscapes aren’t always such compatible companions, but Rae seems to have mastered the craft of packing punches into pretty parcels. “Someone I Don’t Know” has the darkly eerie undercurrents of Lana Del Ray, but with a distinctly British feel.

“Someone I Don’t Know” side-steps the overly polished effect and plants its somewhat folky roots firmly in the field of darkly ethereal pop-perfection. Garnering hype on home soil, Rae’s previous release “Free Your Mind” was part of BBC introducing, whilst “Someone I Don’t Know” has secured a first play from Huw Stephens on Radio One.

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[Indie] Gordi – Taken Blame

unnamed (13)
Taken Blame

Somewhere down under, we know that the weather is warm, road trips are being planned, adventures are happening, and the soul of summer is being immortalized through the music of people’s most beloved artists. Sydney songstress Gordi has added to the glory of the season with her release of “Taken Blame.”

This up-and-coming artist caused a stir in the latter part of 2014, and is now returning to stoke the fires of her upcoming EP. Having already received our full attention with “Nothing’s As It Seems,” today she’s commanding even more adoration with “Taken Blame.” Set to the soft, yet engaging strum of an acoustic guitar, a distorted, humming bassline, and fluttering synths, the warm-weather season is brought to life with her illustrious vocals, leaving us wishing we were experiencing the same season as our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Press play and get lost for a few minute’s time. It will be the best thing you’ve done all day today.

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