[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #2)


Why does it feel like the moment your paycheck hits the bank, it’s gone before you even offer to buy it a drink? Can’t it just stay for a while? Just a little? If you feel abandoned by your hard working dollars, no need to fret. You’ve got the Indie Dojo to get you through the next excruciating couple weeks before your next one arrives. Not only is the Dojo as frequent, if not more, than a weekly paycheck,  it’s free-er than air, requires no hard work and stays in the internet bank from the first playlist deposited. Consider it a savings account that continues to grow will little to no effort. And the best part of it is?….It wants nothing more then spend time with you….

Pet Carrot
The Daydream Club
Soundwaves of Gold (Remix)
Second Hand Heart
Spending My Time
Magic Trick
Come Inside
Keston Cobblers Club
A Scene of Plenty


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[Folk] Message to Bears – Moonlight

Message To Bears

Harnessing the powers of multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander, this one man recording act has a sound that the Pope himself would give a benevolent nod to. Infusing electronic production techniques with traditional folk stylings, “Moonlight,” has an ethereal feel that’s flirts across genres effortlessly, welcoming you in to a whole different world.

This tune is due up on Message to Bears’ upcoming album ‘Maps’ due for release November 12th 2013. Make sure to put a note on your calendar for this one. It’s surely one not to be missed.

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Fossil Collective – Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

Fossil Collective
Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover)

Coming hot off the heels of their breathtaking EP, The Water EP, Leeds based indie folk duo Fossil Collective are offering up their take on the legendary track, “Do You Realize.” The original tune, crafted by Grammy Award winning The Flaming Lips, is one of the more lyrically significant songs of the 2000′s, in our opinion. Wayne Coyne has a real knack for crafting thought provoking words.

The original psych-rock nature of the song has faded away, and in its place it’s clean guitar strums. Haunting vocal harmonies demonstrate the delicate folk nature in which Fossil Collective have made a name for themselves. Coupled with the powerful lyrics, Jonny Hooker and David Fendick’s vocals simply give us the chills.

This cover, released to celebrate their new EP, is one of our favorites as of late. Make sure you check out the EP, and snag “Do You Realize,” when you’re done.

Do You Realize – that you have the most beautiful face?
Do You Realize – we’re floating in space?
Do You Realize – that happiness makes you cry?
Do You Realize – that everyone you know someday will die?
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #1)


Now that the sun goes down a little earlier and the air gets a little chillier, what better way to spend the early evenings then curled up with your favorite playlist., right? If you’ve got better plans than sitting home being lazy though, we definitely won’t hold you back. Thanks to wonders of  technology, you can take tote us around as far as your smartphone will go.

Eline Thorp
The Game
Uniform Motion
The Pen Fallacy
Heavenly Beat
Leaves of Green
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Raveena Aurora & The Sifters – Furthest Thing (Drake Cover)

Furthest Thing (Drake) Cover

There has been an absolute onslaught of covers from Drake’s new album. Out of the ashes of his love lit lyrics we keep hearing countless interpretations of his tunes. His apparently shattered heart served up ample opportunities for everyone else to take their turn playing with his lyrics. And, as expected, we have a great banjo driven cover for you to enjoy today.

New York youngster Raveena Aurora teamed up with The Sifters to serve up a delightful cover of “Furthest Thing.” Between the twangy plucks of the banjo and Raveena’s silky vocals, we simply can’t get enough.

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[Glorious] James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier

James Vincent McMorrow

Sometimes you hear a voice and it just gets stuck with you. There’s something about the tone, the vocalist’s pitch or even their presentation. Something about it just sticks. James Vincent McMorrow has one of those voices.

Letting the spotlight affix itself to McMorrow’s glorious tone and lyrics, “Cavalier” welcomes you in, gracefully floating over softly played keys. The first taste lasts for quite some time, building up in a manner that’s painfully exquisite. It’s not until two and half minutes in that we’re hit with an instrumental wave, bringing what was a soft and inviting folk tune into something larger than life. With cinematic cymbal crashes charging alongside of repeating lyrics, we find ourselves nodding and saying, “hell yes.”

Immediately following that “hell yes,” we belted out a “damn it,” when we remembered that the rest of his album, Post Tropical, isn’t out till January. Patience is a virtue, right?

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2013 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIn our lifetime, it’s inevitable we will be placed in many, many awkward and uncomfortable situations. It’s how we deal with that situation that really matters. For some of us, we’d rather crawl into a cave and avoid confrontation at all costs. For others, we take that shit head on. Cave dwellers take note. What more do we have to lose when we face that awkwardness like a Ninja? There is always a new day and one day, in the near or far future, we will probably look back and laugh. Hey…no pressure though…if you still feel like curling up into a ball until the moment passes, let the Indie Dojo be your security blanket. It’s the least we can do….

I Know Leopard
Hannah Epperson 
Shadowless (Prod. by STINT)
Dustin Tebbutt
Where I Find You
mutual benefit
advanced falconry
Mandolin Orange
Haste Make
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