[Live] IYES – Simmer

Simmer (live)

To celebrate the still young days of 2015, duo IYES hands off an intimate, stripped down and live demo track entitled ‘Simmer’. After being exposed to their ability to create such rich music with releases ‘Glow‘ & ‘Toys‘ amongst others, it’s exciting to hear a more shadowy side of the pair with this cut. Birthed in their Brighton studio, we find Josh and Melis urging us to be more receptive in the most delicate times of our relationships. It sounds like loyalty. “I will make it work for you. Overcome my fears for you.” This record will help us progress toward being better and stronger partners. Their current single ‘Glow’ is out on the 1st of March, via Love by Mistake/Sony UK. IYES will be performing live @ Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, London next week (tickets available).

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JP Cooper – When the Darkness Comes [EP + Exclusive Interview]


In a culminating swirl of RnB, Gospel, Soul, Indie Rock, and folk, we were left enamored when we took that first listen to JP Cooper’s “When the Darkness Comes” back in December. The emotive lyrics, the flawless vocal range, and the impressive fusion of multiple genres had us eager to premiere it to our readers and the rest of the blogosphere.

Today, we’re equally excited to bring you another exclusive taste of this Mancunian’s artistry by hosting an exclusive interview, and a listen to his full EP. Press play and enjoy the soundtrack for this quick and entertaining read.

When The Darkness Comes
We Were Raised Under Grey Skies (Acoustic)
Closer (Acoustic)

TMN: Hey JP. First off, thanks again for letting us premiere “When the Darkness Comes,” back in December. That feels like a long time ago! What’s been going on since then?

JP: Ah thank you! Well, I had a handful of wonderful intimate solo shows in December.. They were a really nice way to round up the year. Over Christmas I was mainly just spending time with family, the year had been so busy so it was great to be in one place for a few weeks. Throughout December and January I’ve mainly been writing, I’ve taken some much needed solitary time for it and it’s been great.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January Round #5)


Sometimes all we need in life is a pair of headphones and a playlist……and would you look at that. We’ve got one of the 2 right down below. Sometimes life can be so simple….

Pilot Rouge
Zach Winters
Sun Culture
Crooked Line
William Wild  
Republic Cucumber Magazine
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[Indie] Seafret – Oceans


We’re not sure what it’s like on your part of the globe, but where we’re sitting, it’s sunny, warm and gorgeous. All of which is a complete treat compared to what we’re used to this time of year, so we’re gleefully indulging in it’s splendor, hanging out on the back porch with a beer, a smile, and a couple playful dogs.

Seafret comes in with a perfect, calming tune to add to our Sunday chill out playlist. Comprised of soft strumming, understated piano keys, and soaring strings section, “Oceans” does have a heavier message, but it’s still quite nice for the environment.

Made up from members Jack Sedman and Harry Draper, these two have artfully crafted a sound that’s truly encapsulating. They just showcased that sound at a few gigs at Sundance this last weekend. After seeing that, we were eagerly hoping for a SXSW appearance. Unfortunately, they’ll be in the UK at that time. Maybe next year?

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #4)


Sure, musicians get writer’s block, but us listeners, we get something too. It’s like “The Music Library Block”. Those times when we can’t find anything to listen to, even though the plethora of songs we have collected over the span of our entire musical lives floats in a giant cloud that is easily accessible at all moments in time.  It happens to us all. You know it does. We get bored of all our favorites and tired of everything else. But before you spend your day music-less because of the frustration of finding something to listen to, float your way over to the Indie Dojo. Our playlists go way, way back AND you can continuously stream if you so choose. Those blocks don’t stand a chance ’round these parts …

Cry For Me
Maudlin Strangers
Nathan Lomas
Far From You (EP Version)
Toy Cars
Jim Lawrie
Just Like Normal
Honest Places
Japanese Wallpaper
Between Friends (Qrion remix)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2015 Round #3)



We are already at the 3rd Indie Dojo for 2015. Guess time flies when you have good music to sail you through….

Thom Lion & The Tamers
Johnnie Lee Jordan
Candy Mountain
The Lawsuits
Sweet Marcelle
Mishaped Pearls
Six Dukes
Billy Momo
Drunktalk (Radio edit)
Dont You Worry Bout A Thing
Siv Jakobsen
How We Used To Love
Bent Denim
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift Cover)
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2015 Round #2)


A week into the new year. How are those resolutions coming along? If one of them happens to be opening your ears and hearts to all new music, you’ve come to the right place. The Indie Dojo will help you conquer your goals for the next 359 days…and then some.

Iain Woods
Hippo Campus
Suicide Saturday
In Quiet Rooms
The Walters
I Love You So
Del Bel
In My Solitude
Prateek Kuhad
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