[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #1)


Music ruts are the worst. Especially the ones that you can’t seem to escape from. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an extended music lull can cause a bout of insanity. Which is where the Indie Dojo swoops in like the ninjas we are. Throwing you stars of new tunes to keep your musical mind intact, cause a ninja never loses focus.

’Unnveig Aas – Run’
’Cross Record – Steady Waves’
’Stephen – Fly Down’
’Chadwick Stokes – You’re The One That I Want’
’Sara Angelica – Run (Prod. Pieces of Juno)’
’Noah Ruble – Falling Apart’
’Sam Wright NE – Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover Feat. Pharrell Williams)’
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[Indie] Folded Like Fabric – Patiently

Folded Like Fabric

Some songs simply have a way of injecting a special feeling into the start of your day. Such was the case this morning when we came across I Tried, the debut EP from Folded Like Fabric and their opening single “Patiently”.  Folded Like Fabric is the Hastings, UK based project of Jay Mooncie & Connor Sims, and the pair’s jazz inflected take on a contemporary blend of R&B, pop, and indie sensibilities have had us swooning head over heels since first consumption. “Patiently” ambles out of the gate into a slow-burning build as Sims’ misty reverberations -which carry the faintest echoes of If You’re Feeling Sinister era Stuart Murdoch– dominate the first guitar-tickled half of the tune before picking up a loungey drum roll and gradually evolving into a more complete version of itself. The perfect pairing with your morning or afternoon coffee, trust us.

I Tried was released on 25th September via Beauvoir Records and can be picked up here. In the mean time, and since you’ve already made it this far, enjoy “Patiently” from Folded Like Fabric above.


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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October Round #4)


The days are getting colder and shorter and shorter and colder. But really, it’s just the universe giving us more time to stay in, kick back, relax and play through an Indie Dojo or two or three of four. We are here for as long as you want us to be.

’Boom Forest – Been’
’Islandis – Home’
’Bay Ledges – off u’
’Silver Firs – Signals’
’Cinders – Call it Home’
’Katie and I – Bones’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2015 Round #3)


Change ain’t easy. Never has been, probably never will be. But without change, life would be mundane. Music would literally sound the same and seriously, no one wants that. We already get a little feisty when that one song sounds exactly like this new song. So, here’s our advice…Ninja roll through any change life may bring. It will work out for the best in some form or another i.e. this here Indie Dojo. We promise you it doesn’t sound like last weeks or the week before. Trust us. Change is good.

’Coast Modern – Hollow Life’
’Loveless – PILOT’
’Bad Sounds – Banger’
’Pom Poms – Betty’
’Camel Power Club – Ourson’
’Lawrence Taylor – Bang Bang’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2015 Round #2)

There comes a time in the season where the thought of stepping foot outside is terrifying. But unlike Summer FOMO, we have absolutely NO guilt in holing ourselves up when the temperature drops to ungodly degrees. Really though, what is the point of going outside when we have a sweet Indie Dojo to cuddle up to?

”Oyster Kids
’Kyler Slater – Black Eyes’
’Lewis Del Mar – Wave(s)’
’Kalle Mattson – Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)’
’Figaro – Brain Operator’
’Stahsi – Solo Hunter.’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2015 Round #1)

We have officially kissed summer goodbye. It’s time for beanies, beards, and sad but sweet “I’ve been holed up in a log cabin writing songs by a fire place” tunes. While we’re over here, knitting you a scarf of Indie Dojo’s to roll you right into the seasons of change. ‘Cause, we’ve got your neck

’Habitats – Boogie Waltzer’
’Hollow Wood – Oh My God’
’Luke Sital
Singh – Still’
’Chelou – You’re So Good’
’Ghostly Kisses – Such Words’
’Aidan Knight – All Clear’
’Valley Maker – By My Side’
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Solomon Grey – Choir To The Wild [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


If you haven’t fallen in love with Solomon Grey yet, it’s only a matter of time. Their latest EP Selected Features dropped earlier this month, and it’s been garnering support from publications across the globe. Amongst many reasons for the fawning adoration of both critics and fans alike, is the fact that this London-based duo Joe Wilson and Tom Kingston can’t be placed into a neatly wrapped, genre-specific label.

A testament to that versatility can be found in a deep listening session through Selected Features, which showcases elements of larger-than-life, cinematic soundscapes, obscure hip hop vibes, and soulful grooves. Even though you won’t find it on the EP, “Choir to the Wild” had us enamored on first listen truly capturing the Solomon Grey’s genre-melding style.

That oh-so-gorgeous song not only highlights the stunning vocal harmonies between these two, but also the ability to encapsulate listeners with understated, and uncomplicated instrumentation. And, we’re admittedly giddy to showcase that, as we bring you an intimate look at their show at Sofar London on May 27th, 2015. Take a look below, but be warned – you’ll be helplessly lost for a few, brief minutes.

If you find yourself in London on November 11th, we strongly suggest you catch this duo live. Click here to pick up some tickets, before it’s too late.

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