[Electronic] coed records – freshpeople 01

The coed records team has launched a new compilation series and we couldn’t be more stoked about that. The tastemaking collective kick things into gear with the first installment of freshpeople, which comes in at four tracks in length showcasing some true underground talent.

The compilation includes records from beni, AZU, TYDPOOL and deadrose, three of whom are debuting on coed records with this release. It’s a nice collection of records with different feels, despite them all falling under what can be termed Summer records. It’s its own party. Add the party to your Spotify playlist today.

’beni – Polaroid (feat. Kimmie Devereux)’
’AZU – I Feel (feat. Zahina)’
’TYDPOOL – Where Did U Go?’
’deadrose – Not In Love (feat. Delaney Kai)’
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 302)

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to get our party on. It’s finally Friday again which means another Party Playlist for your weekend festivities. We’ve got another batch of free downloads for you including records from VALENTINE, Cy Kosis, JEANIE, LUCA LUSH, Barely Alive and more. We’ve got the usual amount of twelve for you including an extra treat for you from Birthdayyy Partyy who took on Deadmau5’s most recent hit with Rob Swire. It’s so good that Soundclouds bugging API couldn’t stop us from sharing it!

’Nurko & Last Heroes – Promise Me (feat. Jessie Chambers)’
’VALENTINE – Contention’
’nelson – voyage’
’Cy Kosis – Superposition’
’Gerry Gonza – Ass On Fire’
’AViVA – AAA Feat Treyy G’
’NOT YOUR DOPE – Five In The Morning (with Charli XCX)’
’Hekler & Gladez – 404 (TYNAN & G
REX Remix)’
’Barely Alive – Odyssey’
’Call Me – Ghost’

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 301)

The ninjas are back with another pack of party poppin’ records for you. The Friday Party Playlist continues with some extra fire for you – not only do we have a dozen records from the likes of Kaptain, HOMEWRCKR, jeanie, G-REX and many more, but we’ve included a Corrupt x Birthdayy Partyy mix at the end just in case you needed some extra music for the weekend. After all, we don’t know how hard you’ll want to party. Most of the tracks included are available as free downloads, so grab ’em before you’re out and about at your weekend festivities.

’Kaptain – Empty Without Music (feat. Brodie & Willdabeast)’
’HOMEWRCKR – TrashBin.Wav’
’Bronze Whale – Warm (LMBO Remix)’
’jeanie – drop top’
’Subshock & Evangelos – Dirtybit’
Sides & Pixel Terror – Starlight (feat. GABBY BÜKO)’
’Wubble – Internet Meme Machine’
Dos – Drie’
’Phenatiks – Drop It (Original Mix)’
’Odesza – Line Of Sight (TWO LANES Remix)’
’Jocelyn Alice
I Know (Teddy Rose Remix)’
’Lost In The Sauce 020 (Guest mix by Birthdayy Partyy)’
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[Future Bass] Ellis & Laura Brehm – Start Over

Ellis & Laura Brehm
Start Over

The London creators Ellis and Laura Brehm came together for a magical musical piece called “Start Over.” The future bass original feels familiar, but these two triumphant artists put their own spin on things for a memorable tune.

“Start Over” is a song you throw on repeat and enjoy the rest of your day with. Laura kicks things off quickly by snagging your attention with her tantalizing voice. The instrumental slowly builds until we reach the tasteful, catchy drop. With so many mediocre future bass songs out there, it’s always nice when we get a gem like this. Grab your copy of “Start Over” today.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 300)

Before everyone and their mother were checking for Spotify playlist updates on Friday, we were holding it down with the Friday Party Playlist. It hasn’t stopped and today we share with you the 300th installment complete with some incredible free downloads, as always. This time around we’ve tossed an extra song in the bunch, as well as a mix! Below you’ll find records from the likes of miƶu, Kaptain, BIJOU, A Boy & A Girl x Wenzday, Eskei83 and many more. Together they’ve got you covered this weekend as far as music goes. Celebrate with us by sharing with your amigos!

’Alina Baraz – Floating (miƶu Remix)’
’Kaptain – Perspectral (feat. Jarrod Guaderrama)’
’DIV/IDE – Late Night Tip (feat. Hype Turner)’
’BIJOU & Gerry Gonza – The Walk’
’Michael White – Venus (feat. MYLK)’
’A Boy & A Girl x Wenzday
Take It In’
’Birthdayy Partyy – Confess (ft. Raddix)’
’Vicious (Eskei83 Goosebumps Edit)’
’Knife Party – Rage Valley (ATLAST REMIX)’
’KTRL & Cloverdale – Sphere’
’Buku – YEAHBOi!’
’Kris Cayden – Continuum’
’Liquid Stranger – Hotbox (PEEKABOO Remix)’
’Kannibalen Radio: JayKode Guest Mix’
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[Electronic] Caden Jester – Vacant Love (feat. Blake Rose)

Caden Jester
Vacant Love (feat. Blake Rose)

The young gun Caden Jester out of San Diego has followed up his single “Fade” with “Vacant Love.” Featuring the vocalist Blake Rose, this single shows a different side of Caden than we saw in his last release.

“Vacant Love” blurs the boundaries between trap and future. The hybrid sound has been done before by a few producers but this is one of the records that truly stands out. With Caden being so young, we’re excited to see just where else he can take his style as the years pass us by. If he keeps up the quality he’s been doing, then he’s got a bright future ahead. For now, grab your copy of “Vacant Love.”

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[Electronic] FRND – Erase

The Crooked Paintings crew have a couple of huge things going on currently. First, they partnered with BMG and the record they’re kicking off the partnership with is a new one from the one and only FRND. The song “Erase” isn’t something you’ll want to erase from memory any time soon and given how good it is, it’s not going to let you forget.

“Erase” is the next step in FRND’s unique pop/electronic crossover sound. Right from the get go he snags you with catchy chords and his subsequent voice that soothes like few others can. For the first minute that’s all we get – and that’s all we need. However, he expands the sound with percussion and ends up building into the chorus/drop. It’s an immensely beautiful record whose slow pace sets you at ease. Once the climaxes hit, you’re let in fully to the world of FRND. We’ve been in love with his records, but this one may be our favorite.

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