[Glitch Hop] Marvel Years – Anywhere You Want To Go

Marvel Years (Official)
Anywhere You Want To Go

It’s been a while since we’ve posted up a glitch track, but we couldn’t pass up this new one from Marvel Years. “Anywhere You Want To Go” is a straight jam. Released as a free download, this single has a whole lot going on in the best way possible.

Each element of the track flows together without any piece butting heads with each other. From the start we get a striking guitar riff that sets the tone perfectly. From the hard rock sound, we then get whisked away into a bluesy introduction that changes up the tone, but still has that hard edge we started with. With the chorus, or drop as some love to say, we get straight to the glitchy gold. Marvel Years stated this track just sort of flowed out of him, which usually happens when an artist puts together some of their best work. Stream it today and grab the DL.

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[Electronic] The M Machine – We Had It All (Indiginis Remix)

The M Machine
We Had It All (Indiginis Remix) [Premiere]

“We Had It All” by The M Machine just got a fresh new flip. Thanks to Indiginis, we have yet another funk friendly track to share. The bouncy, bubbly take of “We Had It All” is an official release delivered through Mad Zoo. As you might expect from the label’s catalog, this one is a genre-bending gem.

Indiginis really pulled something special off here. The M Machine helped change the face of dance music, so remixing their work and living up to their prestige isn’t an easy task. Despite that, Indiginis went above and beyond, taking “We Had It All” to new heights. There have been countless remixes that have come out this year, but this is among our top. It has that remarkable familiar yet distinct vibe to it. It’s something that is accessible, but not your run of the mill. Jam this one one repeat to end your day nicely.

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[Electronic] Statik Link – Carpe Momentum LP

Statik Link teased his album with a music video for the single “We Came To Party” that we previously covered. You knew Carpe Momentum was coming, but now it is here in full.

As the case a lot of the time with future funk projects, the length of collaborators is lengthy. A lot of love and heart goes into these projects, as well as live instruments and vocal performances. So is the case for Carpe Momentum which is packed with nine songs total. Statik keeps it funky throughout, but broadens his range hitting genres like house, twerk and beyond. It’s a thorough project, with plenty of hits that can’t be missed. If you want to support the project, you can do so via iTunes.

’Carpe Momentum’
’This Is Me, Now. Feat Dominique’
’Actin’ Rude Feat Mane Course, Chuck Bedlam’
’Soul Sisters Feat Savanah Jaine’
’It’s A Sure Funkin’ Thang’
’Stay Awhile Feat Loup Rouge’
’We Came To Party’
’Desirable Feat Lapse, Chuck Bedlam’
’Wait For You Feat 3pm, MopTop’
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[Music Video] Statik Link – We Came To Party

Any day can be a party day if you try hard enough. Statik Link doesn’t care if it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or so forth, he came to turn things up. The funk aficionado is set to release his album, Carpe Momentum, at the end of the month, but today we present to you a music video for his single “We Came To Party” that came out this week as a free download.

“We Came To Party” in its audio only form is a bass-driven groovetastic treat. If one thing is for sure, Statik Link really did come to party, so you better be ready to join him. With the music video, we get an awe-striking animation that tells an interesting tale that you’ll just have to see for yourself. This whole package has got us quite excited for the full album to come. Like we said before, stay tuned for its release on May 23rd!

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[Electronic] Manic Focus – Minds Rising LP

Manic Focus has continuously kept in his own lane with his own sound. The amazing thing about him is that his style translates across genre lines, which is undoubtedly evident from his past albums, as well as his newest in Minds Rising. Independently released, this major project is yet another example of why MF is one of the best in the game, with a certain confidence – not cockiness – that most producers lack.

Minds Rising runs the length of twelve singles, with a lengthy list of collaborators including Exmag, Psymbionic, Russ Liquid, ProbCause and many more. As with most of Manic’s tracks, we get whisked away on a chill adventure through several styles, including a few hip-hop records that are just about as dope as you can get. With other tracks like “Pushing” and “Rage Fits” Manic Focus hones in one some groovy basslines and guitar riffs that seduce the soul. Manic always manages to connect with people on a deep level with his music, which is one of the many reasons why he’s been able to do so well on his own.

Through and through this album is incredible. Going into this LP we didn’t expect we’d have to skip any songs and that held true. Some of our favorite musical works have come from Manic Focus and there may just be a few that get added to the list from Minds Rising. Check it out for yourself today and make sure to get a copy.

’Drop In feat. Marvel Years and Chris Karns’
’Putting All Of My People On Feat. ProbCause’
’Joy In The Noise feat. Psalm One’
’Stochastic Resonance feat. Statik’
’Snap Like This Feat. Artifakts And Erick Jesus Coomes’
’Manic Focus & Psymbionic – Pushing’
’Rage Fits Perfect feat. The MFin’ Band’
’Habit feat. Russ Liquid and The RapperChicks’
’Stronger feat. Late Night Radio, Jennifer Hartswick & Adam Deitch’
’Timeless feat. Carlile’
’Sowing My Zone feat. Ryan Viser’
’Your X Now feat. Exmag And Borahm Lee’
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[Bass] Cazztek & Tony Romera – Make You Drop

Cazztek & Tony Romera
Make You Drop

At The Music Ninja, we can guarantee our listeners that we provide the best and freshest music in all genres. Whether you’re looking to vibe with some indie, bump to hip hop, sing in the shower to a new pop song, or party hard to dance music, we have your back.

In this case, we’re providing you with a tune to rage to. Why? Because it’s Thursday and we’re ready to bust out our best moves on the dance floor. With that said, we want to introduce you to Cazztek and Tony Romeras‘ latest creation, “Make You Drop.” The track title says it all as this one will assuredly make you drop just as hard, if not more, than it’s speaker-blowing bass. Take a listen; you have our word that you won’t have to look any further for your Thursday night anthem.

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[House] Mindex – Opal Senses (EP Review)

Mindex is a Russian producer of intricate electronic music, eclectic collages he calls “full spectrum sonic constructions from the future for your third eye and ear. Sometimes he dabbles with jazz or hip-hop motifs, other times he makes cerebral downtempo, but his new EP, Opal Senses out on Time Resonance Music, is a rare combination of psychedelic bass music and four-on-the-floor dance music.

Not that these two classifying terms are mutually exclusive – “acid house” was particularly psychedelic and bass heavy – but Mindex fuses on Opal Senses the best from the bass music world (think Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, Envision, Shambhala Music Festival) with the stalwart “house” beat always heard in clubs the world over. Imagine the staple of fine aldente pasta as the medium for a rich, flavorful new sauce you may have never tried before. This is a metaphor for Opal Senses.

“From East To West” immediately envelopes you in the “full spectrum” of sound described on the producer’s Soundcloud profile. A thumping bassline syncopates with a little 2-step. Weighty bass synthesizers stab and sweep over the beat and wrap each bass kick. There’s a great deal going on – glitching pops and intricate percussion here, traditional dance melodies there. It’s a gnarly club track if ever there was one. “Olympia” starts as a low down, rather anxious jam. Reverb on many of the sounds creates the effect of a dark, industrial room. A sly, squishy bassline permeates this tune, on top of which you’ll hear a simple descending melody that balances with the rather complex sound design taking place everywhere else. With a slight increase in tempo, “The Ones Who Watch Us” rounds out the EP with gusto. It’s the most minimal of the three tracks. Strings dance over the house beat, a clock-hand sounds like its clicking time away, and a classic acid house synth keeps the pace throughout.

Mindex is talented, and his catalog of music becomes even more diverse with the addition of this highly danceable EP. Grab a download here, and perhaps one of these tracks will find its way to your club playlist or DJ deck. The colorful cover art was created by Archan Nair.

Mindex – From East To West
Mindex – Olympia
Mindex – The Ones Who Watch Us
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