[Indie/Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Ghosts LP

If there was only one project you could listen to all week, make it Ghosts by Ash Riser. For one, it’s packed with seventeen tracks, so you’re sure to get your fill, along with some variety. Secondly, it’s an extraordinary project that only Ash has the ability to put together.

As you might guess from an album called Ghosts, the mood overall is quite haunting and dark. Ash has already established himself as a unique creator, but with this LP he cements an undeniable pillar deep in the ground and high in the air for everyone to see that he is a must know artist. He kicks up some hip-hop, but his indie sound doesn’t hold him to any one genre throughout the project. Ghosts isn’t something that should really be analyzed as it speaks for itself in a way that is unrivaled. If you’d like a copy, hit up the digital service of your choice to get it.

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[Music Video] Ryden – The Recipe

Ryden certainly has the recipe for success. She’s been cooking up hot tracks on her own, pushing her project independently on a route that could take her to some big places in music. Her newest release is her biggest endeavor yet, a hip-hop hybrid called “The Recipe” that has its own music video, directed by Ryden herself.

Videos aren’t something new to Ryden as she’s put together trailers for her tracks previously. However, now we’ve got a full fledged music video that is anything but a simple DYI project, despite Ryden actually doing it herself. It’s a major project, with some impressive shots and locations. For the song, Ryden amps up her hip-hop meets trap sound for something even more edgier than her previous works. All in all, both creative halves of “The Recipe” are on point.

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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode #82: 4:44, Big Fish Theory, Washed Out + Crooked Colours

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #82: 4:44, Big Fish Theory, Washed Out, Crooked Colours + more

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

There was a ton of brand new music to share on this week’s episode from Jay-Z’s excellent ‘4:44′ to Vince Staples’ genre-defying ‘Big Fish Theory’ to Crooked Colours breezy indie electronic on ‘Vera’. Mixed in with highlights from those albums, are standouts from Washed Out, NoMbe, Mura Masa x Damon Albarn, Session Victim, Amelia Airhorn & more.

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[Hip-Hop] avery shyra – Pardon Me

avery shyra
Pardon Me

Pardon me, but we have something to share with you today. “Pardon Me” from avery shyra dropped as a free download on Litt Music and you need to have it. The hip-hop heater is just the track you need in your Summer playlists this year.

“Pardon Me” is not your typical rap tune as it employs a poppy R&B tone that makes the song stand out. We’ve already hailed avery as someone to lookout for and with the new release, nothing changes. In fact, if anything does, it’s that the urge to get on the avery shyra train is more urgent now than ever. He’s a talented artist that’s putting out great accessible work in the hip-hop realm. With so many people pushing to sound a certain way, it’s nice to hear someone doing their own thing.

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[Hip-Hop] Noah North – WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

Noah North
WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

If you’re in need of some good hip-hop, you’ve come to the right post. Noah North comes in to satisfy your craving with his new single “WASSUP” produced by Paul Couture. Paul is a familiar face around the dojo, but who he comes with this time is soon to be all the same.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of this style of rap, but Noah North came in so hot we couldn’t even deny it. “WASSUP” is a laid-back heater that may take you by surprise as it did us. It’s catchy in its own unique way, embedding itself into your mind until you’re singing the lyrics without even having the track playing. Litt Music released this track as a free download, so there’s really no reason for you to miss out on it.

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[Music Video] Karl Phillips & The Rejects – Plastic Gangsta

Sit down, strap in and get ready for one wild ride. Although it’s hip-hop at heart, “Plastic Gangsta” by Karl Phillips & The Rejects is more than meets the eye. Who would have thought ska and rap could go well together? These guys did and they didn’t stop at those two genres when blending their mix together.

“Plastic Gangsta” was played on BBC Radio 1, which goes to show where you can end up even if you stick your middle finger up to convention. Today we have not just the song for you, but the music video that sees Karl and company going about the town. It’s a straightforward music video that adds a bit of fun to the already exciting song. Check it out today and let this be a reminder that you’re probably not as gangster as you imagine.

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[TMN Premiere] Hyphy Zen – Kelly Kapowski (feat. J New and Hayley Goldstien)

Hyphy Zen
Kelly Kapowski FT. J New and Hayley Goldstien (Prod. by Seriph and Hyphy Zen)

A little over a year ago I stumbled across Enthusiastic P via “On Like Rick,” a clever Rick and Morty-themed party anthem that felt like more than just a novelty–showcasing his distinct voice, flows and songwriting approach. In digging a bit deeper into his catalogue, I found an interesting contrast. While his baritone delivery blends well with often sparse, heavy-hitting trap beats, his lyrics, even when delving into partying, tell a somewhat more existential story. That juxtaposition adds some spiritual depth to what on the surface may feel like run-of-the-mill odes to inebriation.

The Bay Area-based emcee is back in 2017 with a new, fitting moniker, Hyphy Zen, and we’re excited to bring you the first single from his upcoming debut album. “Kelly Kapowski” features an extended, Rihanna-esque intro from Hayley Goldstien that sets the tone. When the Seriph-produced beat drops in, it hits hard, but moves slow, making for an intoxicating backdrop only further emphasized by an interlaced Weeknd sample. Hyphy Zen matches the production with a steady, spaced-out flow boasting individuality. Fellow Bay native JNew steps in for the second verse showcasing a more nimble approach that ties the song together perfectly.

Give this Saved By The Bell-inspired jam a listen above. Hyphy Zen’s debut album, YEA HIT ME UP WE SHOULD TOTALLY HANG SOMETIME, is due out in the fall.

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