[Music Video] Caleon Fox – Semi Cinematic Visual

Get ready for an internet friendly music video from Caleon Fox who has already stirred up things in the web world before. He just dropped his new song “Semi Cinematic Visual” and by itself it is something to cherish, but alongside the music video the project as a whole is a complete treasure.

The beat is fire, the lyrics are fire and the video is pipin’ hot. What more could you ask from someone? Caleon keeps it steamin’ with his light-hearted performance atop a beat that is going to be stuck in your head for quite some time. The other thing that will take over your mind is the funny video that comes with it. “Semi Cinematic Visual” as a whole is just what you need to go into the weekend with a smile on your face.

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[Electronic] Brasstracks – For Those Who Know Part 1

If for some reason you were restricted to listen to one EP this week, then you’d have to make it For Those Who Know by Brasstracks. This all-encompassing project has a mix of jazz, hip-hop and electronic that is blended to perfection. With a whole host of collaborators, this EP is just about as good as it gets with everyone making their mark on it.

Brasstracks divvy up some sounds from their roots in New York throughout the EP that totals in six songs including an intro and outro. Every participant brought their A-game with Brasstracks leading the charge with all-star production and instrumentation that will leave you breathless. Although they have a Grammy under their belt already, Brasstracks are only taking things up from there by improving on their sound and technique more and more as time progresses. This project is a testament to creativity, hard collaborative work and vision. You’d be making a mistake by not grabbing a copy of For Those Who Know Part 1. Safe to say, we’re looking forward to Part 2.

’Improv #1 (Intro) Ft. The Underachievers & Robert Glasper’
’Brownstone Ft. BXRBER’
’Those Who Know’
’When You Say That’
’Opposite Ways Ft. Fatherdude & S’natra’
’Improv #1 (Outro) Ft. Robert Glasper’
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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 91: Too Real Vibes

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #91: Too Real Vibes

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

This week’s episode was a broad-ranging mix kicking off with some new west coast hip-hop from Caleborate, OverDoz. & Anderson .Paak. Inspired by the fantastic debut album from Giraffage, ‘Too Real,’ the remainder of the episode delves into some experimental pop/electronica and closes out with some recent house finds.

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[Music Video] Mistah F.A.B – Dear Mr. President

Here in the dojo we don’t often get political, but sometimes something just needs to be said. Granted, we don’t have to say anything personally, because Mistah F.A.B has already stated what’s needed to be expressed already. His single “Dear Mr. President” is a sonic letter to the head of state written by the Bay Area emcee from not just he, but the oppressed and overlooked individuals that Stanley is representing. It’s a powerful message that we just had to share and we hope it hits you deep enough that you pass the message along.

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[Pop] DEV – I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ LP

Just over a month ago on September 8th, the California native DEV released the follow up to her Bittersweet July projects. Since then she’s come out with a few singles and remixes with producers, but now we get a fully fledged LP entitled I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’.

Complete with eleven songs and two short audio clips, this project sees DEV take her signature style to new heights. The introductory single “Have It All” really sets the tone nicely for the rest of the album, with a smooth tone and elements from numerous styles of music that are highlighted throughout the rest of the LP. DEV fluidly delivers a mix of R&B, pop, hip-hop and electronic for a multi-layered expression that is more than a simple collection of records. They all weave together so that I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ is more of a detailed tale than a normal musical album.

As with any artist that has mega hits in their catalog, people are always going to compare the new those songs, but to do that is unfair. DEV has grown as an artist and although she there’s a similar appeal to her hits, she’s grown as an artist and it shows in her work. She still can shine just as bright with magnificent pop works like “Skinny Dippin'” and the crossover treat “My Way” that are two of our favorites off the LP. Other notable singles include “All I Wanna Do,” “Cloud9” and “Bouncy.” Overall it’s a strong album that will take you by surprise. We recommend you get your copy of I Only See You When I’m Dreamin’ today!

PS, if you get a chance to see DEV live, do it!

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SIKKIE – Assthetiks EP [TMN Premiere]

Enter the dojo today to get your scoop of Assthetiks from SIKKIE. We’ve got you covered on the exclusive first listen to the Oakland to LA emcee’s EP. Complete with four originals and a remix, this project will make your Monday not suck. It’s also a free download, so there’s that.

Assthetiks is a strong trap/hip-hop EP, one of the better ones we’ve come across this year. It’s got heavy influence from the Bay Area culture and sound, which should come as no surprise given SIKKIE’s roots. Strong, simple production can be a powerful thing, which is evident from this project. All of the originals are great to listen to on your own, or if you’re looking to keep the party going late into the night. Zipse’s remix adds a nice touch to close things out as well!

’Sikkie – Cookies (ft CalyBoi)’
’Sikkie – Im Tha Shit’
’Sikkie & JLoki – Silence Of The Lambos’
’Sikkie – Purple Eyes’
’Sikkie – Cookies (Zipse RMX)’
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[Hip-Hop] TastyTreat- Summer (Don’t Go) ft. Wasiu

Summer (Don't Go) feat. Wasiu

Today we have the newest song from producers Tasty Treat and Montreal rapper Wasiu called “Summer (Don’t Go).” If the title doesn’t give it away, this song talks about the good things about Summer and how the majority of people don’t want the season to go.

Treat’s production gives off the Summer time feeling; it’s bouncy and it even has birds chirping at some points in the song to give it some natural tones. Wasiu’s rapping is a list of things that makes Summer the best time of the year when he raps, “This feel like BBQ parties, pools uncles who say it’s way hotter out in Haiti/ It tastes like sweat dripping drunk kisses smudged lip stick dumb water fights gone crazy.” This track is an essential for any future summer time parties/cookouts. If you want to add this song to your playlist check it out on TastyTreat’s SoundCloud or on itunes.

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