[Event Review] Electric Zoo Day 3 + Playlist


In case you weren’t able to make it out to Randall’s Island for this year’s Electric Zoo, TMN’s got you covered. We were lucky to catch some pretty amazing performances from artists like Getter, Lil Dicky, Louis The Child, Valentino Khan, and many more.

The minute we stepped onto the premise, we were bedazzled by the stages. The Cobra Stage in particular had us in a state of awe, with a design almost unimaginable. Of course, our attention was quickly steered away by the lineup we didn’t want to miss. Getting our day’s fill of bass and hip hop from the Buygore stage from acts like GTA, Borgore, and Juicy J, we then made way to the Riverside stage to catch a vivacious set from Andrew Bayer. We closed out the eventful night at the main stage for a spectacular set from The Chainsmokers, where we enjoyed an array of music from some alternative classics to their charting originals.

As this year’s festival was jam-packed with an assortment of fantastic performances, we thought we’d put together a playlist to highlight a few of our favorites!

’Borgore Ft. G
Eazy – Forbes (Getter Remix)’
’All I Need (One Mo Drank)’
’Molly (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco)’
’Pierce Fulton – Borrowed Lives Feat. NVDES’
’The Chainsmokers – KANYE Ft. Siren’
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[Hip-Hop] SonReal – The Name EP


If you aren’t familiar with the name SonReal, then you’re in for quite the treat. The Canadian hip-hop all star has been steadily making a name for himself with strong tracks, and stimulating music videos that entertain to a high degree. SonReal is about true artistry in a time when rap/hip-hop seems to be at one of its lowest points in history, talent wise. SonReal so much more than just a hip-hop artist, but he has no problem putting it on his back and bringing it into a renaissance. Most recently, the streets and the internet have been blessed with his EP, The Name.

Because SonReal is both a musical and visual artist, we’re sharing this EP through his videos, rather than the normal route we use in the dojo. If we simply shared the music, we’d be doing a disservice to his full artistic vision. But, let’s move on to the goods. The Name starts off with SonReal’s highly successful single “Can I Get A Witness” that expresses the artist’s dilemma of moving into a new sonic direction. The video portrays a trial of sorts, with SonReal being accused of the heinous crime of developing as a creator. “Can I Get A Witness” has an acoustically driven instrumental that SonReal plays over with his unique charm and flavor-filled lyrics.

Of the five tracks on the EP, two of them got music videos; the first and the last. Now, we dive into the other three. “No Warm Up” is a playful tune that shares the same acoustic edge that the “Can I Get A Witness” has. The thing that sticks out the most about SonReal can be easily heard through “No Warm Up,” and that is his ability to make music fun again. When you listen to an album like the Beastie Boys’ License To Ill, it’s almost as though you can sense the enjoyment and emotions that went into its creation. The same goes for this EP, as well as many of SonReal’s other tracks, including “No Warm Up.” His genuine nature can be heard also in his ballad “All I Got.” Here, he strays from his emcee ways and flexes his singing voice that he isn’t afraid to use. After the love, comes the loss in “Hot Air Balloon,” a vivacious single whose fun attitude juxtaposes the not-so-fun loss of love.

Lastly, we reach “Soho.” Here SonReal brings the style more align with contemporary hip-hop, but in bringing his own stylistic tendencies, he keeps things extremely fresh. “Soho” is nothing short of an anthem, with its grand chorus, gritty beat and SonReal’s ice cold performance. It’s hard to believe, but in fact a white skater from Vancouver made a record sound this gangsta. Leave it SonReal to blow your mind.

The Name was released on August 12th through Black Box Recordings. Purchasing this project is more than worth your while. Chances are you’ll be bumping these tracks through the year into 2017. Don’t forget to keep up to date with SonReal by following him on social media, or bookmarking his official website.

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Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 8]


We are smack in the middle of festival season, and the anticipation continues to build as we keep looking back at those insane lineups and the final phase announcements. We can only imagine how incredible festivals like Sun City Music Fest, Electric Zoo, The Meadows, and Something Wicked and way too many more to name are going to be. With those incredible lineups comes brand new releases from the attending artists, teasing us with music that we know is going to blow us away when we see them perform live. So, this week we curated a playlist to exposé some of those fresh releases to get that festival adrenaline kicking.

’Pirupa – Sunday Morning – Skream Remix
’Frank Pierce – Frozen (feat. Emily Bonabon)’
’Can’t Hold Me Down (ft. Tash Neal of The London Souls)’
’DUCKY – Don’t Look Down’
’EMBRZ – Silent X Space Plus One Mashup’
’BLU J x Indiginis – Hallucinating ft. Molly Moore’
’Borgeous & Landis – Higher’
’graves & Team EZY – Sheep with Wolves’
’Party Favor – Whole Lotta Money (feat. Rich The Kid)’
’Huntar – 4AM (k?d Remix)’
’MJR LZR – 2 Original (Murphy Remix)’
’Stanton Warriors & AC Slater – Dig Deeper(Stranger Remix)’
’The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer (Two Friends x Class & Clowns Remix)’
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Hoody Time – …to be reckoned with (Official Music Video) [TMN Premiere]

Hoody Time Force

Los Angles emcee Hoody Time is bringing more than just any old rap project to the internet. He’s bring ripe beats, hot lyrics (actual lyrics, not just mumbling) and art to anyone who’s willing to dive into this rich chasm of creation. He’s already released an EP, a handful of collaborations, and now he’s here with a massive music video for his single “…to be reckoned with” that you will view first here in the dojo.

After watching this music video for the first time, we knew we had to jump on it for a premiere. There’s so much going on in it, you’re going to have to watch it at least a few times before you catch everything. Technically, it’s a lyric video, but it’s much more that just that. Hoody Time went a head and put together a true visual art piece that took a ton of time and effort. The result is worth it, as it expresses Hoody’s brand and creative direction nearly perfectly, if not perfect. From memes, to snacks, to movies, to games, you’ll find a bit of everything packed into this extraordinary video.

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[Electronic] Coolwater Set & RAC – The Coast ft. Jvzel

Coolwater Set & RAC
The Coast ft. Jvzel

Coolwater Set is a project made up of Far East Movement and the Scandinavian artist, Autolaser. As if that doesn’t already sound sweet, they bring in house legend RAC to collaborate on their latest single, “The Coast.” Right now they only have two songs out and we haven’t seen new music from Coolwater Set since last year’s single “Up To No Good” so I honestly didn’t see this one coming. On “The Coast” theses artists blend their own unique styles into a sick electronic/hip-hop groove. Jvzel keeps the cool with R&B backing vocals as the rhythms and bass build together. The resulting tune possesses a diverse sound, one that almost everyone can appreciate. After tuning in, you’ll be happy to hear that a full Coolwater Set EP is on the way.

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[Album Review] Sango & Dave B – Tomorrow


For the readers out there who regularly tune in to our podcast, Music Ninja Radio, it is common knowledge that Kai Wright (aka Sango) is one of our most played and beloved producers. Since first bursting onto the scene via his remix album More Balloons and solidifying the fanbase with his debut LP North – an album that I still refer to as the greatest collection of music since its Summer 2013 release – Sango has truly spearheaded a sonic movement. Working with the influential Soulection crew, as well as the Grand Rapids/Seattle collective Astronaut Gang (AGO), Sango has pushed the boundaries of experimental trap & instrumental hip-hop well past would-be contemporaries everywhere.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Viceroy Shares his Favorite Summer Tunes

Viceroy Bamboo Press Photo

When you earn the title of Sultan of Summer, it’s safe to say that you’re somewhat of an expert on all things warm-weather. We definitely know where we’ll turn if we’re looking for a refreshing cocktail recipe, the best beach destination, or a collection of the best summer tunes. That’s right – it’s our Resident Artist, Viceroy.

Of course, our pool playlists are brimming with tracks he’s produced, but we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out what he’s personally jamming to when he’s manning the BBQ or walking the beach. Take a look below and start getting those weekend plans in order. You’ll want to be outside to enjoy this nice little collection.

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