[Hip-Hop] Isaac Lee – Money


“Money” is money. Isaac Lee‘s phenomenal single is a classically influenced smash hit that the radio waves need to hop on quick. It’s got just the right amount of stylistic influence from the electronic, hip-hop and R&B worlds with other subtler flavors thrown in the mix.

Isaac Lee is a dynamic creator that is establishing himself as a strong force in the music industry. After releasing his first single “U MAKE ME” we get “Money.” With these two tracks we see just the tip of the iceberg of an artist with a certain mystique around him. His darky and eary tone translates superbly well over into sound. “Money” is only the second example of his work, but it stands as a testament to what true artists can put together. “Money” is well worth your money, so head over to iTunes to get a copy.

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Cayman Cline – That Man [TMN Video Premiere]

Cayman Cline is a name that will quickly rise to the top of your hip-hop radar. He’s paving his own way with his own sound, as dark as it is, tapping into purely raw emotions that fans worldwide will be able to connect to. Although dreary, Cayman’s introspective tone is inspirational at heart. Just take the song and video for “That Man” by the half Native American, half Mexican rapper as evidence. Get your first look and listen here in the dojo with this Music Ninja Premiere.

You would think after watching a grim video where we basically only see one person at night in tune with a downtempo song whose lyrics don’t exactly incite the best of emotions, you’d feel isolated. The strange thing is Cayman is able to provide comfort in those feelings through his rhymes and potent attitude. He conveys, not only in song but video form, a distinct type of loneliness that is highly relatable. The video feels very intimate, like you’re getting to see into a world of another person, which is exactly what Cayman does with his project. He pulls you out from your seat and plants you somewhere else, a new place, a new state of mind. Watch the video below and make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Cayman Cline.

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[Music Video] Avery Shyra – Say Hello

Denver emcee Avery Shyra just came out with a new single called “Say Hello” that is partnered by a music video. Instead of filming in the vast landscape around his hometown, he flew out to LA to capture the bright sunshine on the beautiful coastline.

“Say Hello” is a radio-friendly hip-hop jam that fits right in line with one of the few directions that rap is going. Despite that, Avery keeps things fresh with his own spin on things. For the music video, it’s incredibly well done on the beaches of Southern California, showcasing the life behind the lyrics. It’s quite minimal, but you don’t need much if you know how to put together a great video, which is just what we have on our hands. Check the music video out below while you ache for the coming Summer months!

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 236)

2017 has been full of amazing free downloads so far. Each week when we gather in the dojo to put together our Friday Party Playlist, it’s always tough narrowing songs down to just around a dozen. You need party tracks, so we make sure to deliver time and time again. This week we have just that, a dozen songs for your ears and your digital library, if you so choose to download them. Not only do we have our usual collection, but we decided to throw in a little bonus for you. At the end of the list is a cool mix by Seattle DJ Tollefson that you can also happen to download for free. Before you get to her, check out records from the likes of HXV, Jinco, Meaux Green, Kompany x Wooli, Sullivan King x Nightowls, Destructo, PatrickReza and more! Most importantly, #danceirresponsibly.

’Full Speed Ahead (Prod. Paul Couture)’
’D!avolo – Fall (ft. Colin & Caroline)’
’HXV – Where Do We Go From Here’
’Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Jinco Remix)’
’Meaux Green & Tascione – Soundkillaz (feat. Mark Hardy) @Circus_Records’
’Slander & YOOKiE – After All (Kompany & Wooli Remix VIP)’
’Sullivan King x Nightowls – We In Here (feat. Dan Rudd)’
’Destructo & VOLAC – What I Got’
’Submersive – The Ritual’
’PatrickReza – Fly’
’What You Want’
’PRBLMS (Mark Johns Edit Prod. Judge)’
’c89.5 Open House Guest Mix – Feb 2017’
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[Contest] Win 2 VIP Tickets to BUKU Music + Art Project & Hang with Ekali


The Big Easy. The Crescent City. Nawlins. New Oar-leans. Whatever you call it, you know that it stands upon a few strongly-planted pillars–good food, good music, and good times. We’ve had some epic moments down in New Orleans, which is why we’re beyond stoked to be heading to BUKU Music + Art project. As if one of the best party cities in the world wasn’t enough, this epic 2-day festival just added some rather unnecessary icing onto that Creole cake.

Our excitement is obvious, but we’re not here to talk about that. No, no. We’re here to get you excited. How do we plan to do that? Well, it’s pretty simple. We’re offering up two, two-day VIP 2-Day Passes tickets to one of our can’t miss festivals this year, PLUS a chance to hang with one of our favorite performing artists at said festival. That’s right. One lucky winner will be taking a friend down to Louisiana with a couple of free ticket and some epic hang time with the one and only Ekali.



So, what do you have to do to enter? It’s pretty fricken’ easy. Just check out these instructions below:

1) “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on facebook here:

2) “Like” the BUKU on facebook:

3) “Like” the Ekali on facebook:

4) Comment below this post with why you deserve to win. Maybe you just went through an epic break up? Maybe you hold the record for most shrimp eaten in a single sitting? Fill us in! We want to know.

More details
– Winner will receive 2 VIP 2-Day Passes
– You have to be 18+ to enter.
– Winner will be chosen on March 3rd at 12:00 EST and notified via Facebook
– You must come correct with some wicked dance moves all weekend long.

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[Hip-Hop] CJ Warren & Fre$h – Fre$h Jays EP

Two of WiseMind‘s emcees, CJ Warren & Fre$h, just dropped a hot one from their studio in Detroit. The duo’s EP, Fre$h Jays, is a strong underground hip-hop record that stands out among the rap that can be heard over the airwaves today.

Depending on who you ask, hip-hop either is or isn’t in a state of crisis. As far as CJ Warren and Fre$h are concerned, there is no crisis in their camps. With Fre$h Jays they bring some fire throughout the five singles, with some added heat from KyleYDG on the last song “Shots in the Whip.” The style shifts throughout the project, giving it a dynamic edge that is lost in a lot of rap nowadays. A huge part of that comes from CJ Warren who not only raps on the album, but produced it as well. Stream it today while you kick back over the weekend.

’The Intro’
’Verse for Verse’
’Crew Jockin’
’Shots in the Whip (Feat. KyleYDG)’
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[Electronic] Imanos – Gunshy (feat. Pusha T & Karen Harding)

Vancouver resident and Casablance Records signee Imanos just dropped a genre-defying single with Pusha T and Karen Harding. Together these three cooked up “Gunshy,” the producers debut original single. It’s been a long time coming but now it is finally here in full.

“Gunshy” is a cool sort of duet, with Pusha T’s rapping playing off Karen’s sweet vocal. For a first song, Imanos didn’t pull any punches with his instrumental that is “a straight banger” as Imanos puts it in his own words. We’d have to agree. The quality of this single is just what you would expect coming from a major label artist. Even in working with someone as big as Pusha T, Imanos stands his ground as an artist deserving of all the same type of recognition. Get your copy of “Gunshy” today.

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