[NEW] Big Sean – Blessings (Feat. Drake & Kanye West)

Big Sean
Blessings ft. Drake & Kanye West

Days after announcing his upcoming third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean has decided to share the second single from the project, this time receiving some “Blessings” from longtime buddy Drake. If the project name wasn’t already a dead giveaway, it seems as if Sean is aiming for a much more ominous direction with this upcoming release, which could serve as a foil to his mentor Kanye, who seems to be headed in the opposite direction these days. Regardless, Sean Don always makes for a fun listen, and whether you love him or hate him, chances are you won’t be able to avoid him once the project drops on February 24th.

UPDATE: Kanye West added to the official version of the single.

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[Hip-Hop] Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple – Aesthetics 1.0 (Mixtape)


The multi-talented vocalist Bipolar Sunshine initially caught our attention last year with a number of smooth releases finding the perfect intersection of R&B, hip-hop and electronic music. In preparation for what promises to be a breakout year, Bipolar Sunshine has teamed up with Jazz Purple, the producer behind the majority of his solo work, for a mixtape to hold fans over. The project, released on their Manchester-based label Aesthetics Sounds, features an incredible range of sounds melding elements of future electronic music with hip-hop, R&B and a broad range of cross-genre influences. As you listen, you’ll likely recognize unlikely, masterfully-spun tributes to and samples of Gary Jules‘s “Mad World” and Coldplay‘s “Fix You” among others. Aesthetics 1.0 proves a fascinating, engaging listen that’ll keep you intrigued from start to finish and is a great sign for what’s to come. Give the full project a listen below and keep an eye out for Bipolar Sunshine’s upcoming single, “Daydreamer,” due out on February 8th.

Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 John McEnroe
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Mad World
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 Dream A Little Dream
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
Bipolar Sunshine & Jazz Purple
 No Time To Waste

[via Okayplayer]

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[Groove] Singularis – Ride Ft. Sndwvs

Werk Space Sketch 01 Singularis Squared
Premiere: Singularis
Ride Ft. Sndwvs (Werk Space)

Singularis and Sndwvs (pronounced “Soundwaves”) recently took to Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam to crank out this trunk rattler for their “Werk Space” series. This pair of Dutch producers worked for two days on Ride, and the results for just a 48 hours turnaround are incredible. The track really does ride out in style, latching on to a futuristic, hip-hop influence that permeates all through labels like Soulection, which Singularis is actually a part of. If you missed his White Label EP with Soulection, be sure to study up.

At just 19, Singularis showcases the soul of a much more experienced producer, and it’s no surprise considering he’s been involved with music since learning piano at 5. He’s demonstrated a masterful approach to the rawest form of the groove, and this most recent track is a prime testament to that. Ride is an essential addition to a cruising playlist for those long night drives while you soak up the city lights fluttering past your window. It’s an easy and enjoyable listen, so kick your seat back, drive slow and enjoy!


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[Electronic] Theophilus London – Tribe (NGHTMRE Remix)

NGHTMRE_Tribe Remix
Theophilus London
Tribe (NGHTMRE Remix)

Juggling the always welcome groove of Theophilus London and his own massive production style, NGHTMRE ventures out on a 100 BPM slapper primed and ready for you weekend playlist. Preserving the essential Theophilus vocals, this remix crushes on every drop with a main stage presence that growls and snarls its way across your speakers. It’s an absolute beast of track, and honestly would be right at home on one of TWRK‘s Diplo & Friends series. I wouldn’t be surprised if it find its way on their next volume! Enjoy the free download and get working to NGHTMRE’s newest on the stream above.

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[Smooth] Next – Too Close (Shmallen Edit)

Next- Too Close (shmallen Edit)

Everyone needs 90′s R&B in their life. It’s a simple fact. Shmallen understands this, so he righteously revamped Next‘s ’97 classic, Too Close, into a lush, dance worthy track that sheds new light on this throwback sound and brings it into 2015 in a big way. Aptly tagged as SoundCloud as “booty,” this remix is just as much a part of the club as it is the bedroom, and Shmallen wasted no time in squeezing out an essential groove for your hump day. If you weren’t planning on feeling sexy today, you might want to go ahead and change your plans, because Shmallen just rewrote your evening with his newest tune.

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[NEW] Kaytranada – Drive Me Crazy (Feat. Vic Mensa)

Kaytranada & Vic Mensa - Drive Me Crazy
Drive Me Crazy (featuring Vic Mensa)

After teasing the release of a new collaboration with Vic Mensa last night, super producer Kaytranada came through on his promise, dropping the heavily anticipated “Drive Me Crazy,” featuring the eclectic Chitown spitter. Drawing the listener in with some spastic bars, the song soon gives way to a melodic interlude, as Vic smoothly transitions into some soothing vocals, allowing the shimmering, revolving instrumental to truly breathe.

“Drive Me Crazy” is the second single from Kaytranada’s forthcoming LP on XL Recordings, set to drop later this year. We’d love to see a joint project from the pair at some point in the future, but for now listen to the tune above, and make sure to grab yourself a copy ASAP.

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[Trippy] Mouthe – Limitless

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.51.48 AM

With a production style as jarring as the artwork that comes with it, the anonymous Mouthe just busted onto the scene with a massive tune. Finding a medium between Odd Future shock factor and an absolutely monstrous beat, this artist/group enlists a distorted and pitched down rapper who spits deadpan verses over a grinding and grating dystopian soundscape. While brooding and dark, Limitless sets out to accomplish one thing: to grab your attention. It definitely succeeds, and halfway through it really hits its stride, shedding the chopped vocals to allow the beat to ride out and the bionic rapper to spit more drug fueled binary bars.

Limitless is a trip and extremely exciting. Mouthe adds an air of mystery by having no other information on who he/she/they are and can be added to the ever growing list of enigmatic acts making a SoundCloud debut. For a first release, this is a highly developed and unique sound, so it will be interesting to see what Mouthe will be capable of in the future. This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but it bumps hard and we are hooked and ready for more.

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