Alle Farben & Janieck – Little Hollywood (KRONO Sunset Remix) [TMN Premiere]

In the dojo we love Fridays. This Friday we wanted to give you something special, so we’ve partnered to premiere KRONO‘s remix of “Little Hollywood” by Alle Farben & Janieck. KRONO ushers in the weekend with a bubbly house record that sets just the right mood for the party.

The weekend is where you let loose and do the things that you want to do. Part of that is enjoying great music like this. KRONO keep things as upbeat as possible with their pop-flavored flip. The newly redefined “Little Hollywood” just puts a smile on your face as though it were some illicit narcotic. Enjoy your first listen in the dojo and if you’re interested, the remix is out in full on digital stores.

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Clovis XIV – Santeria [TMN Premiere]

Clovis XIV

Enter the dojo for a first listen to “Santeria” from Clovis XIV. Released today through Name The Game Recordings, “Santeria” is currently available on digital stores for those looking to have it for themselves.

Clovis XIV’s dynamic single takes you through various styles all in one run. It starts off as a smooth and sexy future production, but that’s just the beginning. Clovis shakes things up as “Santeria” progresses, giving fans a listen they won’t regret. Instead, the most likely scenario is putting this one on repeat and jamming out the rest of the day. It’s well worth the purchase price, so get yourself a copy after your exclusive first listen in this premiere.

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[Event Preview] Joe Goddard (DJ Set) @ Bar Standard – 5/17 – Denver, CO

Fresh off of the release of genre-busting LP Electric Lines (from which you can stream “Lose Your Love” & “Music Is the Answer” below), Hot Chip founding member and all around production kingpin Joe Goddard has kicked off 2017 glowingly, finding himself in the midst of a lengthy run of North American and European performances. Over the next few weeks, Goddard’s schedule is littered with sets across the U.S. including nights in New York City (5/19), Chicago (5/26), and Miami (5/27); and we’re all kinds of perked up to catch the studio wizard in the flesh, especially on the heels of Electric Lines. Back in December we featured the music video for “Lose Your Love”, which is just one of the many bright spots on his latest long player. Goddard flexes his production muscle effortlessly throughout Electric Lines, tackling the structures and sounds of disco, house, pop, R&B & techno head on, and coming out on the other end largely unscathed. If we’re going off of Goddard’s latest release, we can expect an eclectically programmed set filled with many of his contributions to the worlds of dance and electronic music.

Tomorrow night Joe Goddard will man the decks at the intimate Bar Standard in Denver, CO on behalf of our friends at TheHundred Presents, for which you can still get tickets for here. Enjoy our mini preview playlist in anticipation of Goddard’s remaining U.S. tour dates, and for our Denver friends, we’ll see you on the floor.

’Joe Goddard – Lose Your Love (Radio Edit)’
’Joe Goddard – Music Is The Answer’
’Joe Goddard Feat. Mara Carlyle – She Burns’
’Bondax – Giving It All (Joe Goddard Remix)’
’Breach – Everything You Never Had (Joe Goddard Remix)’
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[Indie Dance] Donny – Too Crazy To Love You

Too crazy

“Too Crazy To Love You” is the new single from the blue eyed Donny, released through Majestic Casual. The dreamy original was written, produced and performed all by the one and only Donny. Pretty impressive seeing as the single is amazing and already has received a whopping amount of love from fans across the planet.

Donny’s indie sound is borderline magical, if not over the line. It’s simply fantastic. Despite his socials saying “Donny was sad so he wrote an album” this song feels pretty upbeat. It’s fun, exciting and ready for radio stations everywhere to jump on it. Donny is one of those artists who is undeniably talented as you can see from this single alone. He’s got plenty more released and many more to come. If you’re loving “Too Crazy To Love You” like we are, then go on and get a copy from digital stores today.

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Lulleaux & Attizz – On My Lockscreen [TMN Premiere]

Lulleaux & Attizz
On My Lockscreen

Dirty Soul Music has come to the dojo with a new collaboration between Lullaeux and Attizz. In this premiere you get a sneak peak at “On My Lockscreen,” a smooth indie dance record that has radio written all over it. But first, you’ll listen here in the dojo!

Lulleaux & Attizz put together something that’s undoubtedly will connect with anyone who grew up with a cell phone. Everything about this song is memorable, with the vocal performance taking the lead in the catchy category. With the instrumental, we get an interesting composition that is quite simple, until the piano melodies come striking in. It gives the song some added depth to spice things up a bit, not that it was needed. “On My Lockscreen” is going to be at the top of our playlists this Summer and likely will be for you too.

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[Indie Dance] Monsieur Adi feat. RED – Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Monsieur Adi Ft. RED
Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Released by Robbins Entertainment, “Stay Up Late” is a fiery record. With a hint of old school flavor, “Stay Up Late” is the creation by Monsieur Adi and RED. Infectious and fun, this is the song you are going to be aching for when you’re out late in the night.

“Stay Up Late” has a lot going on in it. With influences from pop, disco and house, it’s an extremely seductive song whose catchy sound will quickly grab your attention without letting up. It’s not what we’re used to hearing, with many producers looking to break the mold and dive into the future, so it’s nice to hear something that has this classic flare meets new school energy. Monsieur Adi and RED work wondrously together, playing off each other incredibly well without hindrance. “Stay Up Late” is the song you need for your party playlists, so get a copy of it off iTunes and add it today.

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[Indie Dance] Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out Of Love

Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature
Out Of Love [OUT NOW]

The Two Friends new single released on Spinnin Records (SOURCE) is a definite hit. “Out Of Love” was created in partnership with the Toluca Lake duo Cosmos & Creature. No matter what genre you want to call this, the other label you will be putting on it is something along the lines of amazing.

“Out Of Love” is a laidback sing-along that is about as memorable as a song can get without being overly catchy (and cheesy). The tasteful tune is definitely the song that will have crowds whipping out their lighters to raise up to the sky. Good vibes only on this one, which is why it’s so easy to envision the crowd calming down to really connect and bask in this special single. Plus, it’s got saxophone. Things don’t get much better than a great song with a sax.

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