[Indie Dance] Monsieur Adi feat. RED – Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Monsieur Adi Ft. RED
Stay Up Late (Radio Edit)

Released by Robbins Entertainment, “Stay Up Late” is a fiery record. With a hint of old school flavor, “Stay Up Late” is the creation by Monsieur Adi and RED. Infectious and fun, this is the song you are going to be aching for when you’re out late in the night.

“Stay Up Late” has a lot going on in it. With influences from pop, disco and house, it’s an extremely seductive song whose catchy sound will quickly grab your attention without letting up. It’s not what we’re used to hearing, with many producers looking to break the mold and dive into the future, so it’s nice to hear something that has this classic flare meets new school energy. Monsieur Adi and RED work wondrously together, playing off each other incredibly well without hindrance. “Stay Up Late” is the song you need for your party playlists, so get a copy of it off iTunes and add it today.

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[Indie Dance] Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature – Out Of Love

Two Friends ft. Cosmos & Creature
Out Of Love [OUT NOW]

The Two Friends new single released on Spinnin Records (SOURCE) is a definite hit. “Out Of Love” was created in partnership with the Toluca Lake duo Cosmos & Creature. No matter what genre you want to call this, the other label you will be putting on it is something along the lines of amazing.

“Out Of Love” is a laidback sing-along that is about as memorable as a song can get without being overly catchy (and cheesy). The tasteful tune is definitely the song that will have crowds whipping out their lighters to raise up to the sky. Good vibes only on this one, which is why it’s so easy to envision the crowd calming down to really connect and bask in this special single. Plus, it’s got saxophone. Things don’t get much better than a great song with a sax.

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Ruby Haunt – Freeway Crush (Nutrition Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Ruby Haunt
Freeway Crush (Nutrition Remix)

Although we like to share songs with you that you can take home with you, we also love to give you exclusive sneak peaks at what’s coming. For instance, today we’re sharing with you a remix by the producer Nutrition of “Freeway Crush” originally by Ruby Haunt. Thanks to the good people over at Majestic Casual, we’re giving you a first listen in this premiere.

Nutrition’s reinterpretation of “Freeway Crush” a bit more energy and a higher pace than the original. It still has the indie-dance sound that categorizes it, but Nutrition brings in some house qualities that give the track new life. This soft atmospheric single is perfect to wind the week down and transition over the a relaxed weekend. Whether you’re up and dancing, or kicking back to space out, the newly defined “Freeway Crush” is the anthem of the night tonight. Bring it with you to enjoy with some friends or bask in it by yourself. Either way, you’re going to be playing this one on repeat for maximal satisfaction.

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[Indie Dance] The Golden Pony – Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

The Golden Pony
Lost In Illusion (feat. Megan Vice)

There’s no way you’re going to be passing up “Lost In Illusion” by The Golden Pony. Released today on Uprise Music, this dance-friendly single features the vocals of Megan Vice. Together these acts kicked out a freely downloadable single that is an absolute jam.

We couldn’t resist the charm of “Lost In Illusion.” Megan’s voice is strong and engaging, while the instrumental laid out by The Golden Pony is equally as enticing. It’s something we can easily imagine being played over the radio airwaves and we’d like it to be. The Golden Pony have always put out great records and this is easily near the top of their catalog. They’ve shifted their sound a bit, but have always stayed true to who they are as artists. That’s something we can respect. Check out “Lost In Illusion” and don’t forget to grab the download.

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[Indie Dance] PHIL GOOD – Growing Up

Growing Up

Prepare your feels, PHIL GOOD‘s “Growing Up” is here to shake up your emotions in a big way. Songs that tell a story always hit a bit your heart a bit harder than ones that don’t and this is one that does that and so much more.

“Growing Up” portrays something a lot of us have gone through, if not everybody. PHIL GOOD pulls on your heart strings with every note upon an instrumental that perfectly embodies the feeling of the lyrics. Both the style of the vocal and the beat are quite unique, giving this tune a sharp edge over a lot of the indie/electronic music that is coming out. It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but to listen several times through at least. Even when you decide to move on from the song, it still pulls at you to come back to it. See for yourself where things take you by clicking that play button. Love the track? Show it your love by hearting it on Hypem.

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[Indie Dance] Future Duper – Fever feat. Hilde

Future Duper
Fever feat. Hilde

Oslo’s Future Duper duo have been known for their remixes, but today we get to show you their first original through Warner Music called “Fever.” Featuring the wonderful vocalist Hilde, “Fever” is a magnificent fusion of pop and future, something that seems to be happening more and more so exponentially lately.

Although they only launched this project not even a whole year ago, Future Duper have swayed listener with every single release. An original was something that fans have been aching for and “Fever” should satisfy their desires. The duo are open fans of Illenium and San Holo, and that influence comes out in this track, however these two Norwegians stand out with their own signature sound. We’re loving what we’re hearing and can’t wait for more original work. We still love the remixes, but originals will tickle us too.

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Opia – YDU (Phiilo Remix) [TMN Premiere]

YDU (Phiilo Remix)

Phiilo have quickly jumped on our radar in a big way. Release after release they have astonished us, which is why we are honored to be able to premiere the Denver duo’s new remix for Opia. Not only do you get a first listen to this flip, but you get to download it for free.

Blending genres together has always been a strength of Phiilo’s. They don’t stop that trend in the newly defined “YDU,” instead they even take things a bit further than usual. This one takes sounds from future bass, to indie dance, to pop and even soul. You may feel like you have heard records like this, but nothing quite compares to what Phiilo brings to the table; always fresh, always innovative, always captivating. These two show no signs of slowing down, which will make for a great year for them.

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