[TMN Exclusive Interview] Brooklyn’s The Golden Pony Sit Down With TMN To Riff On Favorite Drinks, Records and More

The Golden Pony
TMN Exclusive Interview + Don't Make Me Wait (Original Mix)

If you’ve been following our dance related posts over the years, we’re certain that you’ve come across house & disco benders, The Golden Pony, more than a few times. One of the most consistent production teams in dance music, TGP’s rise in the past year has been nothing short of meteoric, and after we’ve gotten the chance to get to know them over the past three years, it was high time we got to sit down with our favorite couple of Afro-Thunders and shoot the proverbial… well you know. Read our entire transcript below, and be sure to check out The Golden Pony’s latest original “Don’t Make Me Wait” out now on Enormous Tunes sub-label Enormous Chills on the player above.

The Music Ninja (TMN): First off, thanks so much Tim & Tom for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer a few questions for The Music Ninja! We’ve been following you guys for YEARS since one of your first remixes, the Daft Punk “Doin’ It Right’ remix to be exact, first careened through our monitors. In the roughly three years since, The Golden Pony has evolved its sound constantly with every passing release including a handful of addictive originals. I know it’s a bit cliché, but could you guys give us theabbreviated story of how you went from a couple of lone-wolf afro-wielders to the formidable and nationally touring duo that you are today? Did you both have a background in music and have solo projects before TGP? Was there a serendipitous event that led to you guys deciding to go forward as a team?

TGP (Tom): Honestly by banging our head against every wall and wrong direction possible until something clicked! I have a background in classical music and was playing piano and writing (somewhat) intellectually interesting but unlistenable electronic music when I started going out to see acts like Gigamesh and Goldroom, and just got totally sucked into the culture and sound of the dance music world.

(TMN): How about we get into the actual music side of things. Clearly, The Golden Pony has come light years in terms of sonic nuance and building heavy grooves. What have been some of your tunes or remixes that you could mark as a step in the direction of you guys becoming one of the most sought after acts in the U.S. underground scene?Do you both ever go back and listen to some of your older stuff and maybe laugh or say, “what the hell were we doing there?”

TGP (Tom): I think that our remix for the Chainsmokers was a real turning point for us. It was the first time that I felt our sound really crystalized both in terms of being dancefloor-ready and musically interesting. That said, there’s absolutely some moments in our older tracks that I have no idea where we were coming from!

What are the three TGP tunes that you would play to someone who had never before heard you guys to try and capture your essence the best?

TGP (Tom): Snoop Dogg – “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (The Golden Pony Remix), “Die Inside Your Dance” Feat. Savior Adore and Simon & Garfunkel – “Sound Of Silence” (The Golden Pony Remix)

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Loopers – Going In [TMN Premiere]

Going In [Out now]

Dyro’s imprint WOLV Records just got their hands on one hell of a record from Amsterdam producer Loopers. “Going In” is the track we are referring to you, and we have the pleasure of premiering it to you. Loopers isn’t new to the label, but this may be his best track yet with them.

“Going In” just oozes attitude from the very beginning. It has an undeniable energy that penetrates the listener from start to finish with phrases of pure intensity after the drops hit. The sound design is something that makes this song next level, and the sequencing of the sounds makes it even better. Dirty bass within fierce rhythms is a recipe for a dance floor destroyer, which is just what “Going In” is. Prepare for the upcoming festival circuits to be ravaged by this single. It takes the best of electro and future house and mashes them into one filthy record. “Going In” is currently available on digital stores, which you can run through here.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 189)


Who’s ready to party? I know we are, and chances are that is the case for you. As we have done for many Fridays, over the years, we have for you a Party Playlist that is sure to rule your weekend festivities. This week we have a ton of great records including originals from Ill-Esha, 909 Til Infinity, Gerry Gonza, G-Buck, HeRobust, Snails with Protohype, Havok Roth and more. From future bass, to trap and house, we have what you will need no matter what stage of the party you are in, whether that be pre-game, party mode, or after-party. As it has been for 189 weeks, all of the songs included within the playlist are free downloads, so download the ones you enjoy if you’re someone who still downloads music. If not, they’re ready for you to stream. No matter which you do, just make sure you #danceirresponsibly.

’Ill Esha – Wordless (ft. Kevin Thompson)’
’Autolaser & PLS&TY – Used To This (feat. MOONZz)’
’IMLAY – Bird’
’GERRY GONZA – Bad Bitches’
’ƱZ x Oski – Chainsaw (ATLiens Remix)’
’The Chainsmokers ft. Daya – Don’t Let Me Down (T
Mass Remix)’
Buck & Flexatelli – TAXE$ (feat. Danny Brown)’
’Poison Dart (BUSTED By Herobust)’
’Snails & Protohype – Take It Off’
’Havok Roth – Royalty (feat. Sam King)’
’Zomboy – Get With The Program (ft. O.V) (DUSTED by Dusty Bits)’
’NuKid – How We Do (Original Mix)’
’Matroda – Deep Inside’
’909 Til Infinity – Get Up’
’Elephante – Closer (feat. Bishøp)’
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 3/31 – 4/3


As we continue along into 2016, we’re excited to bring you more opportunities to check out our favorite club. As you probably already know, we’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over three years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 9PM on Sundays.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

See you on the dance floor.

Ferry Corsten - 3/31

’Spinnin’ Sessions 010 – Guest: Ferry Corsten’
ill Gates - 4/01
’More Tea’
Manufactured Superstars - 4/02
’MFSS – Stay (Remix)’
AA Showcase - 4/03
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[Progressive House] The Fat Rat – The Calling

The Calling (feat. Laura Brehm)

The Fat Rat has been working on his sound. If you’re familiar with any of his previous work you will know him as a progressive house superpower. We’re happy see new music from this seasoned artist. And the new single shows that the producer’s abilities are only becoming stronger and more refined.

It’s titled, “The Calling.” You will definitely be singing this song in your head after you hear it. The Fat Rats pop melodies and songwriting abilities are stunning on this song and the overall production and mix are excellent. Below is the stream but check out the official music video below that’s really popping off. And pay attention to the cool symbols mid way through, maybe The Fat Rat is trying to tell us something…

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[Tech-House] Matthew Herbert – The Shakes (With You. Remix)

The Shakes (With You. Remix)

I just discovered this up and coming project called With You. With You. is made up of three seasoned producer who seek to “nod to the roots of dance music and capture the underlying emotions, rhythms & voices of soul music past, present and future to create a dialogue for positive cultural change.” They’ve been putting out some cool house tracks and I highly recommend you head over to their Soundcloud page to explore further.

Earlier this week, an album-spanning remix was released by the group called “The Shakes.” It’s a mix up of different samples from Matthew Herbert’s original album that wears the same title. The talent of this group shows through with their use of simplicity to craft a refined arrangement and sound while incorporating sounds from every song on the album. I hope you enjoy it!

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[Deep House] Uppermost – Talisman (feat. Lisa Alma)

Uppermost - Talisman (feat. Lisa Alma)
Talisman (feat. Lisa Alma)

Uppermost has always been a magician when it comes to chill music. The French producer is never afraid to experiment with new sounds while combining them with his own style. His previous New Moon EP was a classic example of that, as he provides us a series of funk/disco tracks with a little bit of indie vibe.

Uppermost’s new lead single, “Talisman” definitely reinforces a new direction for his sound. Featuring lovely vocals from Lisa Alma, this gem is a fusion of deep house elements with the producer’s signature dreamy furnish. It also lets us take a sneak peek into his upcoming Impact EP that’s going to be released April 22, which showcases Uppermost’s adaptation for the modern era dance music. We cannot wait to hear the rest of the EP, so stay tuned!

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