[Electronic] CADE – I Know You Know feat. TK Kravitz

I Know You Know feat. TK Kravitz

You may not know the name CADE, but we know you’ll know now. If you do know the name, it may be from his collaboration on the remix of “Pretty Girls” with Cheat Codes. Now CADE is here with TK Kravitz on the original single “I Know You Know.”

With this original we get a healthy dose of a few genres. House, pop and hip-hop collide in one smooth single that will be taking over playlists for a long time to come. It’s catchy in every regard, but not in the typical cookie-cutter boring as hell way. Instead CADE puts together something we’d likely hear from a seasoned veteran to take over the radio. CADE’s just getting started and someday may be that seasoned veteran taking over the radio.

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[Electronic] French Braids – Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

French Braids
Wildfire (feat. Frankmusik)

Let’s heat things up with “Wildfire” from French Braids and Frankmusik. The Canadian producer just dropped his first original single and it’s just as hot as you would imagine.

French Braids has released a handful of remixes in the past and even though he’s made them his own, we haven’t seen him fully shine on his own yet. Frankmusik helped take “Wildfire” to the next level, but French Braid really nailed it with this one. The electro pop sound is highly accessible to multiple crowds, giving French Braid the opportunity to make some major moves quickly. With enough time this producer will be a go-to for the more tropical, poppy side of dance music.

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[House] AC Slater – All About Paper (feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer)

AC Slater
All About Paper [feat. Bassboy & Scrufizzer]

Why people don’t fuse hip-hop and house more, we have no idea. We’re glad AC Slater caught up with Bassboy and Scrufizzer for the crossover single “All About Paper” though. The fast-paced single will be released in full on AC Slater’s upcoming album, Outsiders, that is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

“All About Paper” has a whole lot going on in it. From tech to industrial to hip-hop, Ac Slater’s influences are numerous in this one. Sometimes it’s hard to seal your influences together under one project but the veteran did so with ease and energy. This song is about as hype as you get, filling the listener with energy as though it were a stimulating drug. If the rest of the album is anything like this, then look out for AC Slater to be in the top albums of 2017 for sure.

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[House] Panski – #ARoadLessTraveled EP

Country music is not something you see in the dojo often, if ever. However, a producer coming out of Atlanta by the name of Panski is bringing some influence from the genre to house music. You might be thinking “WTF!?” but just stay with us because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by his new EP, #ARoadLessTraveled.

Complete with four tracks, including a cover/remix of “Soak Up The Sun” by Sheryl Crow. Together they push forward Panski’s signature Southern House sound. The only thing close that comes to mind is some of Avicii’s work, but Panski takes things his own route to a whole new level. With instrumentation taken from the not-so-shitty pop heavy country music, Panski taps into something new to make himself stand out above the rest. We think you’ll like this just as much as we do, but don’t trip, you won’t have to tell people you like country music.

’Take Me Home, Country Roads (Feat. Ellena Soule)’
’Wave On Wave (Feat. Wylen)’
’Soak Up The Sun (Feat. Ellena Soule)’
’On The Road Again (Feat. Rich Andruska)’
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[Multi-Genre] Tiigers – Belial/Takedown

The Italian duo Tiigers recently dropped two heaters through MA Music. Their ferocious A/B side project is good step in the right direction and happens to be one their debut EP. Coming off a free download a couple months ago, this is the duo’s first official release.

“Belial” comes in as the A-side track, pushing forth a hybrid bass sound mixing trap with heavier elements of dubstep. It really showcases where Tiigers can go with their sound. “Takedown” shifts the sound a bit to the house realm, delivering an electro single. Although the song takes you through another sound, it centers upon the electro style that brought so many into dance music. Stream both today and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores.

’Tiigers – Belial’
’Tiigers – Takedown’
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[Music Ninja Radio] Episode 88: Ketchup Lyfe

Music Ninja Radio is a weekly podcast recorded and broadcast live on San Francisco’s BFF.fm  from 4-6PM PST every Friday. 

Music Ninja Radio
Episode #88: Ketchup Lyfe

Soundcloud || Spotify Playlist  || BFF.fm Archive & Tracklist

Anytime I take even a week off the show it feels like I’ve got way too much music to share. This time around I started with about 5 hours and whittled it down to the ones that best fit the vibe. Per usual, the show varies pretty drastically genre-wise spotlighting new albums from Mount Kimbie, LCD Soundsystem, Alvvays, Nosaj Thing, Brockhampton & Klyne. Also featured are singles from Adam Vida, Giraffage, Qrion, Slow Magic, Courtship Ritual & more.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 263)

The weekend is here. Let’s repeat that and just soak it in for all its glory – THE WEEKEND IS HERE. Friday marks the beginning of the fun for most, but even if you’ve got work or homework over the weekend, we can still help you out. No matter what your plans are, you’re going to need some music to either help you get through, or help turn up your weekend experience. This week, as we do every week, a dozen free downloads have been collected from all across the web – aka Soundcloud – for you to enjoy. This week we’ve got hits from Kasum, El Speaker, JETSET, LEViT∆TE, VALENTINE, Sippy, AFK and many more. All together these tracks should serve you well over the next couple of days. Have fun, stay safe!

’Kasum – Burned Bridges’
’El Speaker & Peacemakers – Enough ft. Sara Di Caro’
’JETSET – Rain (feat. osotyt)’
’LEViT∆TE & Macntaj – War Ready’
’Can’t Stop It – Crasty & Kim’
’Lefti – Low Light’
’Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – Lust For Life (VALENTINE & Rob Araujo Remix)’
’Emmit Fenn Ft. Yuna – Modern Flame (miƶu Remix)’
’Guardian – SIPPY & HVWKS’
’We Might Fall (AFK x Jetset Remix)’
’Hoobs – Numerology’
’Kings of Leon – Use Somebody (Patrick Perfetto Remix)’
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