[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 255)

It seems like yesterday we were sharing with you the 254th volume of our Friday Party Playlist, but it’s been a full week. You’e muscled through the week and now Friday is here. What do you deserve? Some time off and a dozen free downloads is a good place to start. This week we have freebies from the likes of Hairitage, Dusty Bits, Convex, NuKid, Kastra, Kompany, Kennedy Jones and more. Enjoy all twelve as you let loose or relax, whichever style you prefer. No matter what you do, we hop you enjoy the weekend and check back next week for another batch of free tracks!

’🐻Kiiara – Whippin (feat. Felix Snow) (Hairitage Remix) ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ’
’Hydraulix – Madness Ft Kei Leeza (Dusty Bits Remix)’
’RL Grime – Stay For It (CONVEX Flip)’
’NuKid – FTW’
’3LAU – On My Mind feat. Yeah Boy (Kastra Remix)’
’3LAU – On My Mind Ft. Yeah Boy (Corrupt & Teddy Rose Remix)’
’8 Ball – Beach Bodies’
’I am Sid – How This All Began’
’Crystalize – Stay Woke’
’Dillon Francis – Say Less (Ft. G Easy) (Kris Cayden Remix)’
’Kompany & Willy P – Charge’
’Kennedy Jones – ReBurst’
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[Indie Dance] We The Kids – Billion

We The Kids

A new duo out of Sweden has quickly become one of our favorite acts and they have only released on song. “Billion” is enough to do that and you’ll see, or rather hear, why in a moment. We The Kids took a strong first step with their debut track to set themselves up for big success.

Released on Tenacity Records, “Billion” is an indie dance treasure, taking influence from pop, future, R&B and more. It’s a magnificent melting pot of bright sounds and lovable melodies that come just in time for the Summer season. Their odd, but intriguing attitude comes through in their sound; it will suck you in and never let go. Stream their debut single today and stay tuned for more work from them soon.

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[EDM] Control S x Sweet Female Attitude – I Quit (Radio Edit)

Get ready for a super fun track from Control S and Sweet Female Attitude. “I Quit” is something you won’t be quitting anytime soon. It’s got a little bit of everything you want in a good dance track, but to sum it up: “I Quit” has undeniably good energy.

The vibe on this one is on point, as much as we hate to use the fluffed term “vibe.” However, once you give this a listen you’ll see exactly what we mean. Exciting, invigorating and memorable, “I Quit” will be a song you come back to again and again throughout the years. Control S and Sweet Female Attitude work together without any hiccups for a huge release that we’re hyped on and we think you will be too.

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SELVA & Zerky – Make Me Wanna [TMN Premiere]

SELVA & Zerky
Make Me Wanna [OUT NOW]

Spinnin Records enters the dojo with a new single from their upcoming Brazilian Bass compilation. In this premiere we have for you the collaboration between SELVA and Zerky on “Make Me Wanna” that we could not pass up.

“Make Me Wanna” is a vivacious house record. It’s much more than your usual house track though with a vocal that is up at the top of our favorites list for this year. It’s too catchy not to love. The same goes for the instrumental, whose bassline will take over your mind and never let go. “Make Me Wanna” will also take over your body and get you dancing all season long. It’s the a proper Summer track you need. Get your exclusive first listen today!

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[House] Eric David – Whip It EP

Get ready to dance. The Whip It EP from Eric David is here with some solid house grooves released through THNK TNK Records. The three track project has come just in time to slide into your Summer playlists where it belongs. Grab a drink, grab some friends and get ready to Whip It.

“Sexy Love” kicks off the EP with a pop meets disco fusion sound that has pool party written all over it. The title track comes next with its bustling sound that takes from the more techy side of house. Lastly, “Natural Queen” closes things out with a deep, clubby vibe to give the EP another set of sound. All in all the tracks work together to make Whip It an enjoyable experience that is anything but drab.

’Eric David – Sexy Love’
’Eric David – Whip It’
’Eric David – Natural Queen’
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[House] Marsal Ventura – Linda


Whoever Linda is, she had a stunning record made for her. “Linda” by Barcelona’s Marsal Ventura is anything but ordinary. Marsal gives us something we can never forget and in all likelihood, you won’t be forgetting it either – at least, not anytime soon.

“Linda” shares some sounds from the producer’s home country to spice up the house genre like few times before. It’s more than a simple electronic record, Marsal utilizes a handful of things outside the usual digital realm to really make this song something special. Get ready to dance, because “Linda” is here in all her glory. If you would like a copy of the single, you can grab one from Beatport.

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LO’99 – Cabin Flex [Music Ninja Premiere]

Cabin Flex [Free Download]

Today we’ve got something special for you all the way from Sydney. LO’99 was tapped to be a part of the Night Bass Summer Phases 2017 project with “Cabin Flex” that is premiering here and now in the dojo. Not only are we sharing it with you first, but it’s come out as a free download for you to hop on!

“Cabin Flex” abides by the underground sound that Night Bass pushes. It’s club meets rave – we’re talking classic raves – sound pays homage to the history of house while bringing the sounds to modern times for contemporary dance enthusiasts to enjoy. LO’99 has always had a tasteful quality to his music, which shows greatly with this deep, minimal single. Enjoy the first listen today and don’t forget to grab the download.

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