[Deep House] EDX – Want You (Radio Mix)

Want You (Radio Mix)

This Swiss-based producer’s releases have effortlessly topped Beatport charts over the last few months, and it seems like he’s due for another chart-dominating song. Mastering his craft over the last decades, EDX has developed a reputation for his melody-driven studio work, and high energy live sets, both of which have kept him in the forefront of the electronic music scene.

Ever since we first heard EDX’s latest track, “Want You,” during its premiere on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show, we can’t seem to get enough. This clubby smash incorporates a smooth, driving groove, underlying subtle instrumentation, and a vocal that’ll get stuck in your head in no time.

As EDX’s first release on Ministry of Sounds sub-label HK Records, “Want You” is now available on Beatport.

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[House] The Beautiful Girls – Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

long way home
The Beautiful Girls
Long Way Home (Danielle Remix)

Back in February, a female artist by the name of Danielle surfaced onto our feeds with her remix of “Shaky Ground” by Freedom Fry that pulled many of us from our winter hole. Now that spring has sprung, it seems that the “fashion meet music” maestro is back to guide us straight into summer with a brand new remix.

Turning to a more blues and folk source for a launching pad, Danielle takes on Australian band The Beautiful Girls’ “Long Way Home” to make this next drawn out month until summer a little shorter. A resonating bassline wobble opposed by jovial guitar strums and sun-soaked xylophone dabbles, this remix shifts the weight towards more groovy-melodic sounds while keeping the tropical elements in the accent role.

If this girl can get 100,000+ play on her first remix without a single follower, think what she can do with an equally as good second track and a little more traction to begin. This one is up as a freebie so soak in the spring sun and enjoy.

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[Future/Nu-Disco] Klaypex – Satellites (feat. Oscar Del Amor)

Satellites (feat. Oscar Del Amor)

The Future is almost here. Coming straight out of Los Angeles is Klaypex with a new single off their aforementioned EP that will be dropping on April 28th. “Satellites” is a funky genre-defying original collaboration with fellow city resident Oscar Del Amor. This radio friendly jam is a solid track for lovers of all sorts of music, ranging from future, funk, nu-disco, indie and even pop. How they managed to create something that is tailored to eclectic tastes like that, we have no idea, but we’re glad they did. Klaypex not only created the song, but also worked on a music video for the track. If “Satellites” has you intrigued, you can pre-order the EP on iTunes, as well as download the single for free.

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[Indie Dance] Cheat Codes – Adventure

Cheat Codes - Adventure

Los Angeles-based Cheat Codes (Matthew Russell, Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford) get a leg up (or 9 lives if we’re sticking to the Contra code) by cleverly merging together their diverse backgrounds, a myriad of genres that range from electronic to hip to pop, and live instrumentation that ensures nobody sounds quite like them. Together they embody all the best elements of their namesake.

The trio’s latest single, “Adventure,” a mixture of electronic and organic instruments, tight production, and sanguine themes set to no shortage of instantly hooky melodies. The infectious opening synth hook sets the perfect tone for a cascade of goodness to follow that will have you dancing throughout and leave you thirsty for more. Buy “Adventure” on iTunes.

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[New] Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Following his Worlds Tour, it’s been a while since Porter Robinson came out with new music. To our surprise, he premiered this epic remix of Nero‘s “The Thrill” at Coachella last Friday and turned up the heat even more at the desert.  The 22-year-old prodigy sampled Alana Watson‘s vocals on top of some classic Porter maneuvers, creating beautiful melodies and fusing them with glitchy synths. The cadenced synth melodies manage to keep the track breathtaking, moving and epic, as it is closed out with some simple and pretty keys. The style of the remix resembles something off of Worlds.

It’s no surprise that Porter’s originality and relevance make him one of the frontrunners in the electronic scene. It’s creative minds like his that keep the ball rolling for today’s music. Take a listen to this brand new track as Porter Robinson once again proved that genres don’t matter.

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[House] ID – Mr. Toot


First, it was Martin Garrix’s “Animals.” Then, it was ZHU’s Outkast mashup. Now, it seems that Ultra Music has a gifted talent working behind the curtain, and they have given us our first taste with “Mr. Toot.”

The flute melody is one that most people may have heard before, as it comes from a production by one of the most influential tango composer in the 20th century, Astor Piazzolla. The dancier dynamic in the track comes in hot, resembling repetitive synth blows of the future house space.

The reason why I’m curious as to who this mysterious producer comes from is the track’s creativity to take such a classic genre of music and fuse it with the modern stylings of today.

Stream “Mr. Toot” above to see if you can guess who the producer behind it is.

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[Deep-House] Essess & Mike Gill – Love Somebody Else [TMN Premiere]

essess & Mike Gill
Love Somebody Else

When we caught onto the latest collaborative release from burgeoning House and Garage duo Essess and longtime UK club staple Mike Gill (both acts currently taking up residence in London), through Ministry of Sound sub-label HK Records, we had some lofty expectations. Luckily for us, Esses & Gill have crafted a deep, dark and seductively hooking single with “Love Somebody Else”. The tune bolts out of the gate with a thumping 4/4 kick, while echoes of techno leaning pads establish themselves atop careful string progressions. By the time “Love Somebody Else” finished building its thick sea of dance minutiae, and has unloaded a bouncing deep-house topline, an appropriately pitched vocal bursts through to push this one straight to our playlist of favorite club singles. We’re beyond thrilled to premiere Essess and Mike Gill’s “Love Somebody Else”, as this one is sure to catch on with the most ardent of House fans very soon. Beat them to it above.


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