[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 11/17 – 11/20


Winter weather is finally here! Along with snowboarding, sledding, snowball fights, and schnapps-spiked hot cocoa, we can also look forward to a winter stacked with top-notch talent at Beta Nightclub. Per usual, we’re making it incredibly easy for you to get off your couch and head down. Why’s that? Because we’re hooking you up with free entry.

Here’s how:
– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get there before 9:00 on Sunday
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY this week.

Infected Mushroom - 11/17
’Infected Mushroom – Fields Of Grey (feat. Sasha Grey)’
Delta Heavy / Apashe - 11/18
’Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix)’
’Apashe – The Landing Feat. Wasiu’
Covina & Mateo - 11/19
’Covina & Mateo – Bare Knuckles’
Nora En Pure - 11/20
’Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank – Shades Of Grey ft. Delaney Jane (Nora En Pure Remix)’
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[Electronic] Rain and Flashing Lights – Tunnel

ONMZUSS026: Rain and Flashing Lights

Rain and Flashing Lights is such a visual phrase – a simple pairing of nouns which sounds like the title of a song or poem and conjures a sight most of us have seen, especially urbanites. Fitting, then, that Rain and Flashing Lights is a young producer and Ableton-head from Brooklyn whose latest single “Tunnel” on Onamazu is an audio visual escapade.

Three bright notes anchor the song. They form a simple but attractively familiar melody, the type which would grab your attention at the mysterious but hopeful beginning of a quality movie trailer about AI. If you listen close enough, you may hear the natural sound sample in the back (hint: it’s an integral part of Brooklyn and almost any huge city), just before a raw collage of glitches and unorthodox DnB percussion drops in hard. The melody is riffed and varied upon with a nice, ethereal synthesizer pad, and soon a bassline of the grimier variety peeks in, creating a uniquely pleasant juxtaposition of sound. It’s all rushing to a head until it ends, like leaving a tunnel.

“Tunnel” is the 26th track from the always-expanding Onamazu Single Series. Onamazu always utilizes resplendent visual accompaniment for their releases, and this single features art from Kylie Tseng. Grab a free download here.

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[Indie Dance] Nyxen – Running EP


I feel like Australia just has an infinite supply of talented artists. In the middle of that vast harbor of talent, you will find a Sydney treasure that goes by the name Nyxen. Recently, this Aussie put out a two track EP called Running that will have you sprinting to the nearest Nyxen show.

We can only imagine how fun a set by her would be, and part of why we can imagine that is because of these two singles. First, the title track is a masterful gem. Starting from a simple guitar riff, Nyxen was inspired and built out this entire single herself, even including her own vocal recordings. Secondly, we have “Monster” which has a similar style to the first, but takes slightly different path to give the EP a hint of variety. We’re going to be keeping a sharp eye on Nyxen in the future and we urge you to do the same.

’Nyxen – Running’
’Nyxen – Monster’
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[House] Jace Mek – What If

Jace Mek
What If

We’re going to start this post off by letting you know that Jace Mek is as dope as they come. I’ve personally had the pleasure of seeing this young man grow as a producer, and his success is highly deserved. In fact, he deserves much more than he has, but he’s growing well and he’s not even 20 yet, so there’s no need for us to fret.

The latest step in that growth is the release of “What If” by Uprise Music. Jace is not your average producer; nothing about his music is average. “What If” is no exception, as its unique, deep style mixes styles with perfection while keeping in Jace’s unusual signature. Fans get to following, industry figures get to booking, because Jace Mek is where it’s at. Like we stated previously, Uprise dropped this one, so make sure to get the free download. You read that right: free.

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[Music Video] Kuerty Uyop – Dirrrty Dance


Every Monday you need a little something out of the ordinary to put a smile on your face. We have just that. The duo Kuerty Uyop, one half Scottish the other half Italian, bring a silly music video for their single “Dirrrty Dance.” If you’re not the best dancer, you’ll learn some moves today.

“Dirrrty Dance” is a unique tune in and of itself, without even diving into the music video. It has a positively weird vibe, mixing Miami electro with some European flair. Moving to the music video, we essentially get a breakdown of some classic maneuvers that you can bring to your next event that will certainly make you stand out. This whole package, although unconventional, is entirely entertaining. These two are looking to make their way over the pond, so we’ll see what else they have in store in the new year. If you want to add this funky tune to your library, head over to iTunes.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 221)


Usually with the Friday Party Playlist, we ease you into the madness with a few softer records, pre-game style. This week is a little different as we’re jumping right into the party tracks. Heavy is the theme for this week, but don’t fret as their are a few records that don’t fit the bill, but we had to share, including Kill Paris’ latest single that closes out our show tonight. Will be the perfect way to end your night after raging to records from the likes of Havok Roth, Kai Wachi, KANDY, Axel Boy, Willy Joy and more. As usual, all the songs are available as free downloads, so if you’re still into downloading music, be sure to hop on them. Whether you simply stream or download, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

’Lloyd Grand X Julius C. – FORGE’
’Shadow Dancing (Havok Roth Remix)’
’Kai Wachi – DEMONS’
’KAYZO – Born Again (KANDY Remix)’
’Axel Boy – Sync To The Beat’
’Heathens (Revolt Remix)’
’Soulless Sun – Trumpsta (Original Mix)’
’Invisible Children (Jinco x Fransis Derelle Flip)’
’Willy Joy – FOREVER’
’NGHTMRE & Boombox Cartel – Aftershock (Boombox Cartel VIP)’
’Illenium – It’s All On U (T
Mass & LZRD Remix)’
’Kill Paris – Junkie (feat. Nevve & Monstre)’
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[House] X.X.T – Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut)

Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut)

Need a funky tune for the weekend? X.X.T has just that with the act’s sophomore single “Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut).” This tune is really unforgettable, whether you like it or not. Chances are, you’ll dig.

“Let Me Show U (How 2 Cut)” is a monster of a track that comes out of left-field in every way. It moves between styles like it’s nothing, even going so far as dropping some half-time beats later in the track as a nice little surprise. There’s something classic about this tune, whether it’s the production style, or the actual composition; no matter what it is, X.X.T has a timeless tune on their hands. Their fun-fueled single is matched by the group’s branding, which is sure to turn some heads as they continue to unravel the project moving forward. They’re on our radar, and shortly they’ll be on yours.

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