Netsky – Rio (Subtropics Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Rio (Subtropics Remix)

Netsky‘s “Rio” is one of the funnest drum & bass tracks to listen to as its tropical nature is like a ray of sunshine. Now, we have another version of the song from Subtropics, who was commissioned for an official flip of the early July single. In keeping with the Summer setting, Subtropics delivers a highly appropriate moombah turnaround that keeps a lot of the original feeling, but takes it and makes it a bit more groovy. You just can’t beat groove in the midtempo range, especially when the sound is acoustically driven with life-like percussion and juicy horns. This is one of the most tasteful remixes we’ve heard this year, and one of the best this Summer. Get the good vibrations rolling with the new “Rio” and do your friends a favor by sharing this with them!

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[Moombahton] Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Anytime KickRaux releases something, it’s gold. The dude’s behind a bunch of grade A records including a colossal remix of “Sad Machine” with the EthniKids. Secret ninja knowledge, check his Facebook for what’s missing on his Soundcloud. He’s had releases with Interscope, Atlantic, Motown along with Mad Decent, and he’s returning to Big Beat Records with an official remix for “Nobody Has To Know,” originally by Kranium and Ty Dolla $ign.

The original reggae/dancehall version garnered over five million plays on Soundcloud, and was just asking for a quality makeover from a talented producer. KickRaux came to the call and brought a ton of more groove to the table with his moombah tone. Sass and class are mixed in perfect harmony in the newly formed “Nobody Has To Know.” Want to support the remix? Grab a copy on iTunes.

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Welcome To The Badlands

Bad Royale

Just a few weeks ago, Bad Royale came out with their first EP with Mad Decent, Move Like. They’re already back with another one, this time with their friends at Buygore. Welcome To The Badlands is another five records that show why these four are here to takeover the dance music world.

Each song on the release was done with a collaborator, with the list going in order from Richie Loop, S’Vone, Nina Dioz, and Alyse to the Ragga Twins. The EP starts off with some jungle vibes, with the third song, “Sweat” slowing things down for a saucy moombah single. With the last two tracks they trap things out for quite possibly the two hottest tracks on the EP. Grab yourself a copy here, and stay tuned for more records from Bad Royale.

Bad Royale
King (feat. Richie Loop)
Bad Royale
Tight (feat. SVone)
Bad Royale
Sweat (feat.Nina Dioz)
Bad Royale
Ride The Lightning (feat. Alyse)
Bad Royale
Mash It Up (feat. Ragga Twins)
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[Moombahcore] Brig – Bad

Brig Bad Art

Moombahton and an ungodly amount of bass together? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. One new example of the sound comes to us from the Russian pirate producer Brig. “Bad” is his latest single, which comes as a free download from Daily Earfood. Brig fires off a ton of calculated sounds in a complex arrangement that flow together seamlessly. Get your drunken swashbuckling on by raging your face off to this masterful midtempo monster. If you think your mixtape is fire, this single is a hundred times more flaming. Brig goes all out with the result being one insanely “Bad” record. There’s no need to turn up the bass, as this is already stocked full, but do turn up the volume for max effect.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 152)


Friday! Party time with good music and good people. Although we’d love to hang out with you, we can’t but we can supply you with some good tunes. Crack open some bubbly, turn up the speakers and enjoy what we have to offer. Music from Reid Speed, Bad Royale, Zeds Dead, Ray Volpe and more is what you will find in this package of twelve free downloads. Sure you can stream them, or you can download them all and take them with you to your festivities on your own device. Whatever you do, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

A Boy & A Girl + Reid Speed
Lean On Me
Bad Royale
Fi Go Squeezy (feat. Timberlee)
Fokya (Original Mix)
Zeds Dead X Megalodon
Wit Me Dub
Elevate ✖ WyzE
Hit The Club
Runnin (Ray Volpe Remix)
Victor Niglio
Rituaal (Original Mix)
Jack U
Febreze (Jameston Thieves x Treovr Flip)
Deniz Koyu
To The Sun (Gazlind Remix)
Choppa Dunks & Snappy Jit
Shut It Down
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 146)


Friday! We both cherish and honor you. In order to cherish and honor, we must party, because that’s just how things work. Part of the party is the music, of course, which is why us ninjas are back with yet another Get Crunk Friday playlist. A diversified dozen of gems have been taken from several musical backgrounds and brought forth to you here in one prodigious package. Consume them all to any degree that you like, and remember: they’re all free downloads. Lastly, but certainly not least, #danceirresponsibly.

Ave Cesaria (Major Lazer Remix)
Bitch Better Have My Money (GL Trap Remix)
I Love My Squad (RCADE Remix)
Deon Custom x KRNE
Dougie F & DJ Fire
Back Up On It (Jesse Slayter Remix)
Beat Fatigue
Straight Up Shuffle
Fetty Wap Ft. Drake
My Way (Prismo Remix) *BUY4DL*
dÜke dÜmont
the giver (cvpellv remix)
Valentino Khan
Deep Down Low (treovr bootleg)
Black Tiger Sex Machine
Trash Talk

Let’s make it a baker’s dozen, shall we?

Roses (PLS&TY Remix)
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[Moombah/Trap] U4EUH – This Is A Robbery

This Is A Robbery

We know what you are thinking, “How in tarnation can moombah be mixed with trap?” Thankfully the Bay Area’s U4EUH decided to fuse the two genres in a distinct manner, instead of making something ridiculous and calling it both. His track “This Is A Robbery” first tends to your moombahcore desires with a wild first chorus section that will blow your mind away. Next, he switches things up by cutting time and getting gritty. His sound design is something that sticks out, on top of the fact that weaved into the arrangement are various samples taken from the outstanding flick Pulp Fiction. Even better, you won’t have to try and steal this song off the internet somewhere; you can simply download it for free.

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