Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 43]

With today being International Women’s Day, we hope everyone out there was able to show proper appreciation to all the important ladies in their lives, whether it be their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, daughters or what have you. We celebrated the occasion earlier today by putting together a playlist highlighting some of our favorite female artists. Of course, Sunday Night Soul is never short on female talent either. This week we’re graced by the presence of some very gifted girls like kaya, QUIÑMolly Williams, George MapleIndia Shawn, Hiatus Kaiyote,  Mélat, Paloma Ford, Christina MilianJanine and the MixtapeMark Johns and Venessa Michaels. The women don’t get to have all the fun though; a few fellas put in valiant efforts as well, like San SomaD.R.A.M., Reece, Kyng, (TOTEM), DiRTY RADIO, Joker, Non Drifter, Flybear, guffstar, byond, J-Louis, Soft Glas, Alvy, IndigØ Jams, Fortune, Smoko OnoEllegaS and VINNIE.

Check out the full selection below, and make sure to follow us on SoundCloud, where we also update the playlists every Sunday night.

’kaya – shiver (prod tobias)’
’Lucy – Noyce (San Soma Rework feat. Olivia Prager)’
’QUIÑ – Thinking About You’
’Cosmic Quest & Molly Williams – Traveling Backwards’
’George Maple – Where You End And I Begin Feat. Grande Marshall’
’India Shawn – Mermaid Song’
’D.R.A.M. – I Luv It feat. Sunny & Gabe’
’Hiatus Kaiyote – Breathing Underwater’
’Son Little – O Mother’
’Mélat – Treasure (Moleskin Conclusion)’
’Reece – Running (Prod. Helping Hands)’
’Kyng – Killa love’
(TOTEM) – countdown’
’Ballad – Do It Like You (ft. Nitty Scott, MC)’
’Paloma Ford – Jada’
’Christina Milian – Rebel (Explicit)’
’CRT Music
 Supreme feat. Wadè’
’Prince Sole & The Kid Ryan – Biggie Or Pac Ft. Molia’
’MPrynt – Good Bad Word’
’DiRTY RADiO – Can’t Let Go (Beat by: Calvin Harris)’
’Russ – Willy Wonka (Feat. paulina & Jafé) (Prod. Russ)’
’Kyng – In The Cut (Prod by OhDee)’
’Janine and the Mixtape – Hold Me Remix feat Tunji Ige (Produced by Ghost Loft)’
’Robert Glasper – Move Love (Paul & Noah’s Rare Edit)’
’Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (captpizza Remix)’
’Non Drifter – Something New’
’stonedzoo – Nineties’
’cavalier – flirt ft. drewsthatdude (raava edit)’
’Awolnation – Sail (Jeftuz Remix)’
it’s easy to <3 me’
’Drake – Houstatlantavegas (Remzi Edit)’
’the weeknd – next // vassh rmx’
’Company – Drop Your Top’
’Ashton McCreight – Be The One’
’Bryson Tiller – Don’t (guffstar edit)’
’Kyndall – Chronic (guffstar edit)’
’B Y O N D – Night Owls (remix)’
’Donell Jones – U Know Whats Up (Kwasi & djin Remix)’
’I Am Sold (GARREN Remix) – James Blake’
’Drake – Jungle (Soft Glas Synth Edit)’
’Doja Cat – So High (CLBTS Remix)’
’Trey Songz – Cant Help But Wait (Alvy Remix)’
’Jhene Aiko – Wading (IndigØ Jams Remix)’
’blackbear – i needed u (fortune Remix)’
’Krs. ft. Abraham Blue x J LOUIS – Let’s Escape (kaytramix)’
’Keri x Nicole – Scream (Kource Remix)’
t o u g h l o v e’
’Wes Pendleton – This Night (ft. John McNeill & Big Juice)’
’Aaliyah – One In A Million(Smoko Ono Remix) Ft Carter Lang’
’June Marieezy – Fly (FKJ Remix)’
’LO feat Qveen Elizabeth – Cruisin (Flybear Remix)’
’Potatohead People ft. Amalia – Luv Ya (Noo Bap Remix)’
’Party In Me (YUNG BAE Edit)’
’Mark Johns – 5 South (Prod. Alexander Lewis) Ft. Brasstracks’
’Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (EllegaS Remix)’
’Venessa Michaels – Touch Me ft. Kiana Brown’
’VINNIE – OD Ft Duncan (Original Mix)’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 42]

If you’re anything like us, chances are you spent a good majority of your weekend binging on season 3 of House of Cards. Now this particular ninja hasn’t made it to the end yet, so no spoilers please, but if your head is still spinning from all the twists and turns of high stakes political drama, we think the best way to recover is with some Sunday Night Soul. We’ve gathered some tunes from a slew of impressive talent, like dot, Silk Rhodes, Olga Matu, Moods, SIAM, Leon Bridges, J Warner, A.CHAL, Alo Lee, Tommy Brown, OshiR.O.M, ESPEN, luminate, CYGN, steelix, Neck, madbliss, The Theorist, herzeloyde, The Discipline, real slow, Nehzuil, Thief, Fluke Nukes, Promnite and FAB all in an effort to help cleanse your mind of any diabolical schemes implanted by Frank Underwood himself. So, if you somehow find yourself planning out scenarios to have your co-worker “taken care of” tomorrow in order to move up the corporate ladder, we suggest listening to this playlist to help return some of your sanity.

’dot – About You (XXYYXX Cover)’
’Silk Rhodes – Stuck in My Head’
’Olga Matu – Hold On’
’jake hart – Ex Factor (Lauryn Hill cover)’
’Tiara Thomas – How It Is (XXYYXX Remix)’
’h y – Marley & Bailey (Cover)’
’Masego Music – ColorBlind’
’Moods x SIAM – Organic’
’TIEN – Retreat’
’Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer’
’J Warner – CHILL CHASE (ft Wretch 32)’
’Marz Leon – W H I T E L I O N Z’
’alo lee – blindsight // ft lox chatterbox // prod. yugana & lox chatterbox’
’Ballad – Faded’
’raava ☁ – whisper ft. mariami’
’ℒund – Gold (Prod. Yugiboi)’
’I Wanna Be Your Lover – THE MASKS x Cameron Bloomfield x Kyra’
’Rock Your Love – Aaliyah x Alo Lee // prod. Aywy & Ekali’
’Kevin Cossom – Must Be Love’
’Shay Lia – So Brand New’
’William Bolton – Dream At Night (ft. Dillon Ashton)’
’Jay Ant feat. G Eazy – Fully Focused (Prod. by Fly Commons and Christoph Andersson’
’snk∆ – 037’
’El. Train – Around You (Roleo Remix)’
’MARKAI – Further Than Ever’
’oshi – stop this train’
’R.O.M – i don’t need you (or do i?)’
’Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (Pazmal Remix)’
’The Weeknd – Earned It (ESPEN. Remix)’
’guff☆ – ANDREENA’
’paris jones – u like me (tails remix)’
’luminate x C Y G N – pillow talk’
’dot – BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover)’
’steelix – you~’
’Neck – Rock The Boat’
’jhene aiko – vapors (madbliss rework)’
’StarRo – Closer To You (HaanSolo Remix)’
’Chloe Martini – Get Enough Ft. Alyss’
’Robin Thicke – Wanna Love U Girl (Like ReWurk)’
’Jai Paul – BTSTU (Kource Remix)’
’Lorde – Flicker (The Theorist Remix)’
’Shorterz – Colours (AbJo Remix)’
’herzeloyde – feels like ft. cypress (milly.G EP)’
’The Discipline – Move With You’
’real slow – way up’
’Abu Simbel & Laetho – Flamingo Fresh (FREE DL IN DESCRIPTION)’
’The Discipline – All I Want’
’Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way (Nehzuil Remix)’
’Kilo Kish – Curious (Le Flex Remix)’
’Digital Farm Animals – Didn’t Know (Feat. Yasmin)’
’Thief – Crazy’
’trey songz – slow motion (fluke nukes remix)’
’Justin Bieber – All That Matters (LUCA LUSH Remix)’
’Promnite – With U’
’Fat Joe & Ashanti – What’s Luv (FAB Remix)’
’Ivy Lab – Live On Your Smile (El Train Remix)’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 41]

Good evening ninjas. Tonight happens to be Oscar Sunday, which means if you’re a movie fan chances are someone you were supporting did not walk away with that coveted golden statue. No need to fret though, because we’re here to save the day (sort of). While we can’t alter the results after the show (as awesome as that might be), we can help you overcome your grief with some sweet Sunday Night Soul.

One trend we’ve noticed so far in 2015 is the resurgence of some forgotten R&B stars. Names like Bobby V, Pretty Ricky & Mario happen make an appearance in this week’s list, and last week we even slipped in a little something from Immature. It’s great to see some acts who immortalized an important portion of our adolescence starting to resurface again, and we hope to hear more from them as the weeks go on. Of course, with names like kaya, Tiara Thomas, Willow Smith, everett orr, India Shawn, TYuS, Muzi and Blackbear in the mix, we’ve certainly got a bright future ahead of us as well. It would also be a shame to neglect some of the amazing producers we have gathered here too, like WIZE, dojo, R.O.M, Captain Cream, Rad Cat, lyric walls, Body Language, TastyTreatBlack Monday, SantellKing HenryDjemba Djemba, Loudun, Sinjin HawkeArman Cekin & PLS&TY. As you can tell, we’ve got quite a few stars of our own here tonight, so we’ll cut our little speech short and let you get straight to the music.

’kaya – (prod blank body)’
’Lyves – Shelter’
’Annalisa – On The Low (Feat. Jordan James)’
’Shaharah Presents: The Acoustic Project – One In A Million X Don’t Kill My Vibe’
’Twin Caverns – Gold Digger (Kanye West Rework)’
’Tiara Thomas – How It Is’
’Sway Clarke II – All Apologies (Nirvana Cover)’
’Ginette Claudette – The Most Prod. by Rice N Peas & The Egos’
’Zorenzo – We Were Happy ((Happy Z Mix)) ((Prod. Morgan Matthews))’
’Pharrell – Frontin’ (Kwasi Remix)’
’Holiday Love – James Chatburn x Jordan Rakei’
’Penelope Antena – Moonchild’
’GDNA – Reasons Ft Jo Def’
’everett orr – Closer’
’Raleigh Ritchie – The Greatest’
’India Shawn – One Sun’
’Willow Smith – Rta Prod. D’artiste’
’Molly Williams & Cosmic Quest – Higher’
’@YB – Sayin’ (Prod. By Rascal)’
’Maurice Moore – Rich’
’Eric Bellinger – Nude (Co Produced By DrewsThatDude)’
’Bobby V – Unbelievable’
’Heartbreak – Secrets (Prod. Pr3cussions)’
’Tiara Thomas – Best Kept Secret’
’Shamz Le Roc – Bus Route’
’Pretty Ricky – Puddles (Dirty)’
’Mario – Fireball (Official New Single)’
’TYuS // Silhouette’
’Mulherin featuring Jon Waltz – Royalty’
’kevin abstract – something in the way’
’Muzi – A Soul’
’Kevin Cossom – No Mo”
’PJ – I Mean It ft. Hit Boy’
’Vada – Permanent Prod. by Hector Sounds’
’Blackbear – deadroses’
’MARC E. BASSY – No Problem ft. SKIZZY MARS’
’Blackbear – 90210 ft. G Eazy’
’Z•WOODS – Sunday Best (TRAP NOiR Remix)’
’Drey Cheekz – Dont (Bryson Tiller Remix)’
’Freddster – Jungle Ways’
’Melat – We Don’t Have To Ft. SPZRKT (Payton Long Remix)’
’miguel – sure thing (remix)’
’R.O.M – Wish You Were Here (I Miss You)’
’rihanna – we ride (WIZE remix)
’Miguel – Sure Thing (dojo. remix)’
’CAPTPIZZA – think i love ya <3’
’Freddy Winter X Jodeci – Cry For Me (RMX)’
’Miso – Ache (guffstar edit)’
’Krs. Ft. Tiara Thomas – How It is’
’Justin Timberlake  – My Love (dojo. Remix)’
’George Maple – Talk Talk (Ta ku Remix)’
’ELHAE – Wonder Woman (lil.tele.edit.Thankyou.for5k.followers)’
’ELHAE – Halfway Love (LA NO FLIP)’
’Jungle – Drake (KidGhost Flip)’
’trey songz – slow motion (WIZE remix)’
’Drake ft. trey songz – replacementgirl (khadisma remix)’
’holy rain – Férina Forever (Edit)’
’R.O.M – Good Morning (Time To Wake Up)’
’Brian Folk – This Is What…..’
11fortySeVn starRo Remix’
’Preston Harris – Iloveyou (Hasta Remix)’
’rgry – me n u’
’Miss Platnum – Hüftgold (LO Remix)’
’Indila – Derniere Danse (Jeftuz Edit)’
’SIROJ – Directions feat. Cody Chesnutt (Jarreau Vandal Remix)’
’Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty (Dinnerdate Remix)’
’demo taped – I Luv U’
’Tei Shi – Bassically (HONNE Remix)’
’Childish Gambino – Sober (Captain Cream Bootleg)’
’Beyoncé – End Of Time (Feki Remix)’
’raava ☁ – aquarius’
’Cassie – Me & U (Rad Cat Remix)’
’lyric walls
’Drake feat. PartyNextDoor and Ekali – Wednesday Night Interlude Edit’
’Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Bamf remix)’
’Snoop Dogg & Justin Timberlake – Signs (IndigØ Jams Remix)’
’Christopher Killumbus – TheLittleThings’
’Body Language – Reset’
’Cathedrals ‡ – Want My Love (TastyTreat X BLACK MONDAY Remix)’
’Santell x King Henry x Djemba Djemba – Don’t Say Goodbye’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Phantasm feat. Nicole Millar (2k15emotionalVIP)’
’Loudun – Gold (ft. Tashka)’
’YUNG BAE – she said yes and i danced in the snow’
’Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (POMO Remix)’
’Jeremih – Party Girls (Sinjin Hawke Remix)’
’Braeden Bailey. – four page letter’
’R.O.M – Now That I’m Alone (Memories)’
’Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Arman Cekin & PLS&TY Remix)’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 40]

Want to know what SNL and SNS have in common? If you think the answer is the first two letters in our abbreviations or the fact that both include the word “Night” you wouldn’t technically be wrong, but you are pretty far off. The real answer is the number 40. While Saturday Night Live is celebrating their 40th anniversary tonight, we happen to be celebrating our 40th edition of Sunday Night Soul. Ok, it’s not quite the same thing, but just let us have this, alright? All jokes aside, we’re ecstatic that you’ve stuck with us for this long, letting us end off your weekends the proper way with some good ol’ soul. Technically, we should have reached this milestone much earlier, but we’ll ignore that for the moment.

We hope you guys were able to put the last week’s edition of our playlist to good use last night. Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day though, that means many of the songs in this week’s collection were inspired by Cupid himself. It’s no wonder then why we’ve assembled an enormous assortment of songs for you once again. Sweethearts in this week’s list include YEEK, midnight, Chris McClenney, Mickey Taelor, BOSCO, Stwo & ELHAE, Xavier, Alex Jordahl, Immature, (TOTEM), Sebastian Mikael, Obey City, 2nd Son, HMLT, Clams Casino, Full Crate, All.U.Need, Two Fresh & Tk Kayembe, SINGULARIS, Live Evil, KRNE, Moglebaum, Point Point, Snakehips, Dave Luxe, Tim Gunter, StéLouse, Braeden Bailey, Mad Fellow & MNEK. As always though, we hold every artist in high regard, and though it might take a full week to finish this one, we promise it will be totally worth it.

’Childish Major – ANGEL’
’Mélat – Rockabye (prod. by Pha The Phenom)’
’YEEK – i just wanna: ride’
’midnight – 4U’
’Oceaán – Need U / This Woman’s Work Feat. Låpsley (Live at Maida Vale Studios)’
’Chris McClenney. – Lady’
’nehzuil – 6×16 w/Naomi’
’Preston Harris – Good Morning’
’Snoh – Emotional’
’Mickey Taelor – Gemini 2.0 Feat. DJ Rhettmatic (Prod. by Willie B + Additional Keys by Dtonez)’
’Childish Major – TAZER featuring L$M11 of FKB & David Stewart produced by Snubnose Frankenstein’
’Mariami – Isev (Tito Tunes Remix)’
’B O S C O – SEGA (snippet)’
’Meraki – Deadly Truth feat. Garrett Julian’
’LYFE HARRIS – Pain In My Eyes ft. MaryAnn (Prod. Dee Greene & SBVCE)’
’Stwo & ELHAE – Oceans’
’Xavier – Natural E’
’Mickey Taelor – HYFR (Prod by Tweekbeatz)’
’stefan x sarah – this isn’t love’
’Randy Class – I Don’t Mind It (IDMI)’
’Alex Jordahl – Let You Go (Prod. Steezefield)’
’Soundz – Janet (Prod By S O U N D Z & Dj Orator)’
’Immature – Oh My’
’P.Keys – Automatic’
’PROMKNGHT – Superior (Prod. EhonDaPlug)’
’Grieves – Cougar Catnip’
(TOTEM) – sunrise’
’Sebastian Mikael – Mine’
’August Alsina feat Lil Wayne – Kissin’ On My Tattoos (Remix)’
’Obey City – Waterbed ft Anthony Flammia (From Merlot Sounds out Feb 23)’
’Devon Baldwin – Confession (Prod. By JMSN)’
’Lais. – Distance (ft. Skizzy Mars)’
’Head Of Sales – Miss America (featuring Conner Youngblood)’
’♥ Crookers – Dangerous (Ft. Midnight) ♥’
’Floria – Bring It Back (Ghost Drops Remix)’
’Jackson b – Comfortably Numb’
’SMITTY THE BG – why should i… ft. abbi press’
’2nd Son – WDWGFH ft. Gillian Mapp’
’Telescope Thieves – Own Me (Varyant Remix)’
’starRo – Tainted (ft. Jarell Perry)’
’Picard Brothers ft Erik Hassle – Goodbye & Good Luck (KRAMPF Remix)’
’Daniel Caesar – Chevalier (HMLT Edit)’
’Penelope Antena – Thought I (DJ A1 Remix)’
’Vera – Shelter (Cover)’
’StéLouse – tonight i ruined a Drake song //// Wednesday’
’Sia – Elastic Heart (Clams Casino Remix)’
’Full Crate – Rock The Boat (Bootleg)’
’Chris McClenney – Lady (BNJMN Edit)’
’Jagged Edge – Walk Outta Heaven (Jeftuz Remix)’
’Masego Music – I DONT REALLY CARE’
’e s t a. – anybodyThere?!’
’Ciara x All.U.Need – ✎ Body Party’
’Two Fresh & Tk Kayembe – Oops (Tweet & Missy Elliott)’
’holy rain – night owls (remix)’
’beyoncé – 7/11 (raava & foust edit)’
’Drake & Sampha – Too Much (Kultur Remix)’
’The Weeknd – Where You Belong (Maxx Baer Edit)’
’Drake – Furthest Thing (rysk Edit)’
’Beyoncé – Rocket (GARREN Remix)’
’Drake – ~+~+Legend (Y//2//K Remix)+~+~’
’Two Fresh & Tk Kayembe – Me & U (Cassie)’
’Live Evil – Only You’
’Wale – The Body (KRNE Remix)’
’The North Virus – All I Do’
’HRZN – Promesses’
’oshi – mustard’
’SOHN – Lessons (Moglebaum Remix)’
’Poo Bear – Bad Day (EllegaS Remix)’
’FAB – Infected’
’Brandy – What About Us (ORPHGANG Remix)’
’Two Fresh & Tk Kayembe – I Wanna Be Down (Brandy)’
’Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Point Point remix)’
’How To Dress Well – & It Was U (Choclock Remix)’
’Ashanti – Rock Wit U (Snakehips SFTB Valentines Edit)’
’Drake – Just Hold On We’re Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)’
’The Weeknd – Where You Belong (Dave Luxe Edit)’
’Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)’
’Vanessa Elisha – Midnight Swim (StéLouse Remix)’
’Joey Bada$$ (Ft. Kiesza) – Teach Me (Fono Remix)’
’KAI ZEN – You Dont Have To’
’Braeden Bailey. – ride’
’CookieeKawaii – Darkroom {IQREMIX}’
’Pleasure P – Sex Mechanic (Mad Fellow Bootleg)’
’SWEATER BEATS – young in love’
’Beyonce – 7/11 (Dolphin Tears Edit)’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 39]

Welcome back, ninjas! As we’re sure you’ve noticed, Sunday Night Soul has been on a bit of a prolonged hiatus, so first and foremost, we would like to apologize for our extended absence. We hope you missed us while we were gone, so to make up for lost time, we’ve assembled a massive spread for you just in time for Valentine’s Day. Trust us when we say this playlist is sweeter than the store bought chocolates and roses you planned on serving to your girlfriend this Saturday, no offense. Now if you really want to impress a lady, the true key to her heart is through music (please don’t quote us on that). Show off your superior skills in sound selection–and seduction–and press play on the group of tracks below when the moment’s just right. You can always thanks us later.

’POLO – billionaire’
’Childish Gambino – 3005 (Mainecoon Remix)’
’justin timberlake – suit & tie (oshi remix)’
’Oh Wonder – The Rain (StéLouse edition)’
’Jordan Rakei – Blackbird (Freddie Joachim Remix Feat. GYREFUNK)’
’Sango – Maluco (S&G Edit)’
’Russ – Hoe Love (Prod. Russ)’
’YUNG BAE – how i feel about u’
’ALA.NI – Cherry Blossom’
’Kali Uchis – Call Me’
’Preston Harris – Love Crazy’
’IAMNOBODI – Mr. West’
’Sudie – Bruise (produced by Sudie)’
’.NYLO. – Life’s A Bitch’
’Kwabs – Perfect Ruin’
’Zak Abel – Alchemy’
(TOTEM) – sabotage’
’The Theorist – U & I (Inspire X Sound)’
’ABBI PRESS – stretched out (prod. bine & drip 133)’
’Twin Shadow – Turn Me Up (GRADES X Leo Kalyan Remix)’
’Denai Moore – Blame’
’Fabian Mazur – SOMO’
’Versailles the Everything – Let It Go Remix (Prod. Redd)’
’Mélat – We Don’t Have To Ft. SPZRKT (Prod. ELHAE)’
’Jarrod Milton – Pray’
’Olivia Louise – Scorpio prod.Moteleola’
’Sola Reign – Open Letter’
’ELHAE – Drive Me Crazy’
’Shy Girls – Out Of Touch (ft. Rome Fortune)’
’Danny Cainco – In My Bed (Prod. by Kyle Justice)’
’TYuS // Bad Gyal’
’Sola Reign – Nostalgia/Krystal’s Meth’
’Wasion Key – aka FLAWed x Prod. NOVA’
’Deverano, Nori & Irahnik – Right There Prod. The Production Kids’
’Naomi Bowler – Midnight (Prod. DrewsThatDude)’
’ForteBowie – Paid Programming (Prod. by ForteBowie)’
’ELHAE – Time For You Feat. Jay Prince’
’Shy Girls – Arrest Me (ft. Tei Shi)’
’Liane V – Where Have You Been’
’Niykee Heaton – Cold War (prod. by AK)’
’tshawntrusst – I’m That Nigga’
’Ne Yo ft Trey Songz, The Dream & T Pain – She Knows (Remix)’
’Sylvian Lou – Painkillers’
’Lais – T.G.I.F’
’Post Malone – White Iverson’
’Lapalux – Closure (ft Szjerdene)’
’Ojerime – Standby (Interlude)’
’Saen – dark sky’
’Richie Quake – Robonuthin (feat. Gabe ‘Nandez)’
’The Weeknd – Gone (GRIZZY Remix)’
’Ekali – At Your Best (Aaliyah Tribute)’
’Fwdslxsh – Her Eyes (Sade Edit)’
’Telescope Thieves –’
’ELHAE – Wonder Woman (Lafayette Ellis Edit)’
’su na – Hudson’
’doujinshi – a 3d girl’
’DrewsThatDude – Flirtin 2 Fuckin’
P dabeatX – F The World’
’Mura Masa – The Way I Want U’
’Musiq SoulChild – So Beautiful (GDNA Remix)’
’Clara La San – Let You Go (Litewrks Edit)’
’Telescope Thieves – R U Still Down? (Piwibeat Remix)’
’Breathing Room – Shapes (Ellie Goulding x Ekali)’
’MIA – XXXO (Alt Ok X Robokid Remix)’
’Frank Ocean – At Your Best (You Are Love) starRo Version’
’Naughty Boy – La La La (GARREN Remix)’
’Kun – Straight Up’
’London – Juice (AObeats Remix)’
’Ciara – Body Party (Oshi Remix)’
’MR•CAR/\\ACK – Cashmere’s Party Girl (GANZ / CARMACK REMIX)’
’Turnt UP – R.U.That.Somebody’
’Odesza – All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls’
’Missy Elliot
Lose Control(KilConfirmed Remix)’
’Guffstar – BlowinUp’
’Jhené Aiko – Spotless Mind (Wet Paint Remix)’
’Whitney Houston – Fine (LeMarquis & FAB Remix)’
’Mynth – Nightlight (Catt Moop Remix)’
’Majid Jordan – All I Do (The Theorist Remix)’
’Save Me
Tez Cadey Remix’
’Feki – Get It Together’
’TR!CK$ ft. L’Etranger – All Alone’
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Sunday Night Soul (On a Monday) [Vol. 38]

Hey there ninjas, we know we’re a day late on the Sunday Night Soul, but unfortunately we encountered some technical difficulties last night as we were trying to get this up. Not to worry though, because things are finally up and running again on our end, meaning we can finally provide you with the wonderful soul you deserve. Though we weren’t there to help kickstart your week as we usually are, we’re hoping we can at least help make your Tuesday a little more special, an honor we only share with Makonnen. Given our tardiness, we’re going to keep the writing short this week to make up for the extra day’s wait we put you through. While it’s not quite Sunday, we hope you enjoy the selection we have for you all the same.

’stwo – Virgo w/ Shay Lia (Acoustic Cover)’
’Musiq Soulchild – Just Friends (Acoustic Cover)’
’Key x Era – Stockholm Syndrome Ft. Ensilence Prod. by Yorel Tifsim’
’NGAN – Mama I Got This Gun’
’Rebecca Rose – My Flame’
’Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On (Akuji’s ReMiX)’
’Melo B. Jones – Settle For My Love (Produced by 4REAL)’
’K.Raydio – American Dream (Prod. by Ackryte)’
’BJ The Chicago Kid – Perfect’
’Kindness – World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade’
’LORE – Everybody Loves The Sunshine’
’Nova – Soaring’
’Jordan Rakei – Add The Bassline (Nehzuil Remix)’
’Van Ike – The Worst (Jhene Aiko Cover)’
’Kruisemode – I’ll Be Around Feat. Leia Sadiku’
’Illumntr – Gulf Hymn (Exmag Remix)’
’Sinead Harnett – Paradise’
’The Rub ft. Tatiana Owens – Bring On The Love (Disco Mix)’
’Fabiana Palladino – For You’
’The Hics – All We’ll Know’
’iamblackbear – runnin low’
’Lyrica Anderson – Freakin Remix Featuring Wiz Khalifa & Eric Bellinger’
’Omarion & Jeremih – Show Me’
’Justin Ruff – I’m With It’
’Z.WOODS – You’
’Phonzy – Take It All’
’DJ Mustard – Tinashe Checks In’
’Ariana Grande Ft. Big Sean – Best Mistake’
’LION KNGS – 2Much feat. Santell’
’HSVN – Whenever I Plz (feat. Arima Ederra)’
’Tinashe – In The Meantime’
’belle – no sleep in toronto’
’Tory Lanez – The Mission (Prod. Christian Louie X Tory Lanez X Noah Breakfast)’
’spooky black – HotelSixNine Ft. SolomonDaGod (prod. Smitty The BG)’
’belle – enemy’
’ILOVEMAKONNEN – Doubted feat. @FATMANKEY prod. By @SonnyDigital)’
’Kehlani – Collect Call (produced by Hardy Indiigo)’
’Geovarn – Sorry’
’Champagne Papi – On My Way (DREAM GIRL Remix)’
’PARTYNEXTDOOR – Options (axxxxgxxx Remix)’
’kissed killed – inn (saddened by bemyfriend)♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)’
’Duncan Gerow – Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & French Montana + Misogi = Loyal’
’ILOVEMAKONNEN – Club Goin Up On A Tuesday (Maximus MMC Rendition)’
’JMSN – Thing U Miss (Kamandi Remix)’
’Spooky Black – Without You(Nikes VIP)’
’Jay Stones – The Alchemist (Prod. aso)’
’Phane – Slide’
’Clara La San – Let You Go (W A V S Bootleg Remix)’
’Congruence – Let Go (Forthcoming on Play It Louder Vol.3)’
’aywy. & Ekali – Your Love’
’beatboxbandit – millyun’
’The Theorist – Down 4 U’
’Haan808 – Izquierda Su’
’Telepopmusik – Breathe (Myles.William X Grand&Warren Remix)’
’AbJo – However (You Want)’
’J Louis – Before You (J Louis Rachel Foxx flip)’
’J Louis – Can’t You See’
’El. Train – On&On’
’Glass Animals – Gooey (GDNA Remix)’
’Mario – Let Me Love U (Rusty Hook & Katuchat Flip)’
’Radiohead – Nude (Kappa Kavi Remix)CLICK BUY FOR FREE DOWNLOAD’
’sam gellaitry – reflectionz’
’D.K. the Punisher – AYTS’
’Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)’
’Vanessa Elisha – Ocean (Soft Glas Remix)’
’Zhu – Faded (BNJMN Rework)’
’Usher – Good Kisser (M&N PRO REMIX)’
’Beyonce – Partition (starRo Remix) FREE DL’
’Marc E. Bassy ft Kehlani – Lock It Up (guffstar edit)’
’Tensnake – Feel Of Love (Kaytranada Edition)’
’Years and Years – Take Shelter(Joe Hertz Remix)’
’Moon Boots Ft. Kyiki
Don’t Ask Why’
’Louis La Roche – The Way She Makes Me Feel’
’Noobsie – Criticise’
’BEEMO – Makin’ Love 2 U Feat. Kyross’
’Fluke Nukes – Pony’
’et aliae – never let u down’
’John Legend – You and I x Benny Cassette remix’
’Jennifer Lopez Ft Ja Rule – I’m Real (Basic Tape Remix)’
’Route 94 – My Love (Prince Fox Remix)’
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 37]

As our faithful ninjas may have noticed, there was no Sunday Night Soul last week. That’s because this little ninja was out all weekend at Lollapalooza (stay tuned for our coverage of the event). We’d like to apologize for leaving that empty void in your heart, so to make it up to you, this week’s edition is twice as large! That’s right folks, today you’re getting two for the price of one. Don’t you feel lucky? While we didn’t bother with getting a headcount this round, we can assure you that this is one of our most packed playlists to date. As such, we think it’s best to keep the writing a bit short this week to let you properly explore what we have to offer. While we won’t be naming any names this time around, we’re confident that there’s plenty of gems to be found in the selection below. Enjoy!

’Nick Hakim – I Don’t Know’
’Willow Smith – 8’
’FKA Twigs – Pendulum’
’Duan & Only – Friday (Edit)’
’Krissy Villongco – Pink Matter (Frank Ocean Cover)’
’The Code – Natural’
’bernie levv – Mind (Prod. Zen Zan)’
’bernie levv – Talk (Prod. Smoko Ono)’
’ShunGu – New ….’
’Celeste Waite – Born Again’
’Telana – Gemini (Prod. by LightxMusic)’
’Telana – F11 (Prod. by AzZi)’
’IDEH – The One (Feat. Flowzart)’
’Jordan Rakei – Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)’
’FKJ – Learn To Fly feat. Jordan Rakei’
’RKZUK – Think Of Me feat. Shawn Sanderson (prod. Handbook x Gifted The Great)’
’Braeden Bailey. – Onandon.’
’Iman Europe – Wrapped Up (Prod. ContraBAND)’
’Usher – Good Kisser (Urban Noize Remix)’
’Koi Kurama – Thats That (Prod. Brother Wise)’
’DOJA CAT – Nunchucks (prod. Mndsgn)’
’AstroZu – Sungod Ft. Tusks’
’Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Wonderful Everyday: Arthur’
’Reva DeVito – babesquad’
’Sci Fi Scheme – Let You Go (Ft. Tasha Rose)’
’King avriel – Follow Me’
’King avriel – Know It Alls’
’Patrick Baker – Feel the Same’
’Jhene Aiko – the worst (just vibin’)’
’Sam Smith – Good Thing ( Go Yama Remix)’
’Goldroom – Till Sunrise (George Hyatt Premix)’
’BASECAMP – Shudder’
’Kali Uchis – Real’
’William Arcane – Stay A While’
’Reva DeVito – Anywhere’
’Beya Likhari – When I Die (Reworked)’
’SLK – Be (Bare Smoke Remix)’
’Tei Shi – No Angel (Beyonce Cover)’
’Jesse Boykins III – Mine / Cat Rider (Beyonce’ / Little Dragon Mash Up)’
’Dead Times – Every Moment’
’MARZxLEON – Midnight’
’MARZxLEON – Wavez’
’PENN ALEXANDER – Fever (prod. x King Henry)’
’Adil Memon – Same Way (Ft. Ezra James) (Prod. Feki)’
’All That Lovin – Kennyon Brown Feat. Ezra James & Mistah Mez’
’Jordan James – Feeling Me (Demo)’
’LaCharm – East End • Produced By BNJMN & FORTUNE’
’PARTYNEXTDOOR – Sex On The Beach’
’Nova – gold.’
’Nova – never wanna wait for you (like i have before)’
’Nova – IMSYU(giveup)’
’Justine Skye – 2am In Brooklyn Prod. By Elijah Rawk’
’Olamide Faison – I Know’
’Rob Write – Silence (One Text From You)’
’Denzel White – Spotlights’
’iamblackbear – weak when ur around’
’Outasight – Anchor Down’
’Elijah Blake – You Are My High (Presidential Pt. 2)(Produced By Picard Brothers)’
’Travis Garland – MR. ROGERS’
’DOJA CAT – Control (prod. Yeti Beats)’
’HillaryJane – Stix And Stones’
’Kay Cola ft. Joe Moses – Soft Kisses (Remix) (Prod. Jay Ant Of The Invasion)’
’Jeremih – 4 The Freaks’
’JAHKOY – Closer (p. FKJ)’
’Alison Valentine
Pixie Dust
’Khalil – Had Enough (Chad Walker Remix)’
’Elijah Blake – Give Me U (Produced By Corin Roddick of Purity Ring)’
’Maryann – LOVE TRAP ( Prod By SBΛCΞ )’
’JAHKOY – Poison (p. C. Justice & Fortune)’
’Bando Jonez ft Young Jeezy – There She Goes’
’Chayse – Burnin It Up’
’JASMINE V – That’s Me Right There ft. KENDRICK LAMAR’
’Paloma Ford – Summer In California Ft. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu’
’TIAAN – Clean’
’JP Cooper – Keep The Quiet Out’
’Mishon – Crossfire’
’Apollo Mighty – Last Song ft. YoJi (Prod. by YoJi)’
’Lil Silva – Don’t You Love Feat. BANKS ( SBΛCΞ BedroomTrap Remix )’
’Vanessa Elisha – Ocean (Seywood Remix)’
’OBESØN – Give Me All Your Love’
’Telescope Thieves – V (Second Nature Remix)’
’Soft Glas – But Why, Though?’
’erdbeerschnitzel – Yet Unfulfilled’
’tlm_ – Cherish’
’EKALI – Unfaith’
’Aldo. – If You’re Lost (Update)’
’MadBliss – Your Flaws’
’ただいま – Please Hold – All Night と Day’
’Wes Pendleton – Say Word?’
’kuma •ᴥ• – Beneath The Flowers’
’mura masa – over love’
’Chris McClenney – Mine’
’Haan808 – Beyreza’
’DTWICE DE BEL AIR – Sade Loves Detroit’
’NeguimBeats X Kolombiano – Bobby Womack (1967)’
’small face – cloud knock’
’Marlin – Goldchains’
’Non Drifter – Windmill’
’Kimbra – Settle Down (P A T H Remix)’
’Madeaux – Whatchawannado (Eyesz Remix)’
’Ellie Goulding – Tessellate (Kojo Refix)’
’axxxxgxxx – The Worth’
’OSØ – 2 w e ~~ o n’
’CRT Music – Days In The West’
’Trey Songz – Foreign (XONA Remix)’
’PARTYNEXTDOOR – SLS (Soft Glas Synth Edit)’
’PartyNextDoor – Recognize Ft. Drake (Mendoza Remix)’
’sam gellaitry – cherish (remix of tlm_)’
’Kehlani Ft Lyfe Harris – ForMore (guffstar edit)’
’Dave Luxe – Down 4 Whatever’
’Vanessa Elisha – Midnight Swim (Frames Late Night Dub Remix)’
’BenZel & Stevie Neale – Wasted Love’
’MR•CAR/\\ACK – chill n with girlfriend’
’Knx. – Rownmywai(TWRK)_’