[House] The Magician – Sunlight feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

Final Blonde Logo
The Magician
Sunlight feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

As we continue trucking through the first few hours of TMN’s Blog-a-thon, it has became apparent that the best music seems to happen when our side of the world is busy sleeping away. With that being said, this friendly competition has allowed us to stay keen on the latest (literally) music that will soon make it’s way onto your newsfeed bright and early tomorrow morning. Just a few moments ago, one of our favorite artists, Blonde, just released their latest remix of The Magician’s “Sunlight featuring Years & Years”. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, we need you to really prepare for one of the most mind-blowing remixes we’ve heard all week…maybe longer. Blonde never fails to take their productions to new heights, and “Sunlight” is just another remix to add to their resume. With its superb bassline and soaring vocal, these guys add some Vitamin D to the mix and makes us smile from ear to ear. All we really need to get through today is some Blonde (and maybe a beer), so get your dancing shoes out ninjas, it’s Friday and it’s time to get movin’.

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[Future Funk] Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night (Kaptain Remix)

Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre
Waiting All Night (Kaptain Remix)

Whenever we see a Rudimental remix pop up on our newsfeed, they can either win the internet or burn it to the ground…there really is no in between. If you’ve been around long enough then you all might have picked up by now that we don’t post shitty music, so don’t worry because we have a ninja-approved Rudimental remix that will 100% change your life. San Francisco producer and Future Funk beat maker, Kaptain, gave us a run for our money with his latest remix of Rudimental and Ella Eyre’s, “Waiting All Night”. As soon as we pressed play, we felt as if we were listening to the next Griz and Pretty Lights of our time. Loaded with futuristic synth breakdowns, a heavy rolling bassline, and enough funk to shoot us back to our days of grooving at The DoLab at Coachella, Kaptain re-works “Up All Night” into something that literally makes want to stay up and get silly. Make sure to add this remix to your collection of freebies and get funky on this fantastic Friday, ninjas!

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[Electronic/R&B] Sebell – Promiseland (Stint Remix)

Promiseland (Stint Remix)

When a tune sweeps its listener off of their feet within the first four bars there might not be anything more beautiful to most of us here at TMN. Such was the case when we got our Ninja hands on the latest remix from one of the freshest sounding artists to grace TMN this year, Stint. The way he’s contorted and twisted Canadian alt-popper Sebell’s “Promiseland” is nothing short of captivating, and we were in hook, line and sinker the moment we got our first taste of his two-step melody. But, obviously the centerpiece to Stint’s alluring rhythm comes in the form of an instrument we never thought would make an appearance on TMN post SBTRKT’s self titled LP; the Kalimba – which is essentially a scaled down harp, sometimes referred to as a “finger harp” or “thumb piano”. The aural ambience set by such an assuming instrument, dispersed amongst such a well composed sea of electronicism and R&B was one of the best pieces we’ve heard all month; so do your ears a solid and pick this one up for free here.

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[House] Botnek & 3LAU – Vikings (Bixel Boys Remix)

Botnek & 3LAU
Vikings (Bixel Boys Remix)

Is it just us, or are Bixel Boys blowing everything they touch out of the water? The Los Angeles House duo are on a roll and don’t seem to have any intentions of stopping their groove just yet. Released on Dim Mak Records two days ago, Bixel Boys took on the heavy electro anthem, “Vikings”, by Botnek and 3LAU. Now, if you’ve heard the original, then you might agree that it resembles both Botnek’s absurdity and 3LAU’s electro flair; this time around, Bixel Boys added their signature touch to give this track a refreshing re-work to get our feet dancin’. Full of “smattering spacey synths, delicate drum kicks, and groovy basslines,” Bixel Boys transform “Vikings” from fist pumps to hip swerves in a matter of seconds. These two are out to prove that they’re in the works of changing everything we know about House music. Pre-order your copy on iTunes today and get all loosy goosy with this one, ninjas.

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[Deep-House] Keepers. – One Of My Kind [TMN Premiere]

One Of My Kind (Original Mix)

We’ve said it before, and while we’re not ones to repeat ourselves, we’ll say it again. There seems to be a burgeoning wealth of underground house talent rising out of Denver, CO, with deep-house duo Keepers. becoming the latest apple of our underground dance eye; or ear for that matter. While it’s been over a year since their last official release, “Hello”, Colin McKenna & Peter Washington are proving the old adage true, that it’s all bout quality as opposed to quantity.  Taking the classic 1987 INXS single “I Need You Tonight” as the tune’s framework including that hooky guitar riff and Michael Hutchence’s (RIP) breathy and sexually oozing vocal incantations, Keepers. have crafted one of the most intoxicating dance cuts we’ve gotten our little ninja mitts on in some time. A deep-house groover in nature,  “One Of My Kind” eschews the saturated four-four kick-drum intro in favor of clicky percussions and expansive claps, which segue into a lightly pitched vocal treatment before taking a dive directly into the dancefloor behind some gigantic deep-house synths. Just one listen had us going boogie all over the offices today, so it was our great pleasure to premiere this one to you Ninjas, especially as it comes in the form of a free download for a Facebook “like”. The multi-faceted pair of producers/DJ’s have been keeping quite busy in their home city as well, playing Snowball Music Festival (for which we had the chance to sit down and chat), The Underground Music Showcase (making an appearance in our festival review), Westword Music Showcase, the upcoming Cloak & Dagger Music Festival next weekend, as well as holding down multiple club residencies; and they don’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest. Stream Keepers.’ “One Of My Kind” above and let’s start dancing a bit early this Hump Day.

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[Deep/Future-House] Nelly Furtado – Promiscuous ft. Timbaland (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Dr. Fresch - Promiscuous
Nelly Furtado x Timbaland
Promiscuous (Dr. Fresch Remix)

With every passing release, it seems L.A. dance maestro Dr. Fresch peels back yet another refined layer of production psyche. The utterly talented dance constructor’s  latest remix of Nelly Furtado & Timbaland’s 2006 top-40 hit “Promiscuous” is perhaps the Dr.’s most straightforward and to the point  deep club track yet. We’re falling all over those hollow synths which bounce brilliantly off of Nelly & Timba’s playful vocal track, but after your first listen it’s apparent the tune’s focal point comes in the form of one of the most commanding bass lines we’ve had the pleasure of twerking to this year. About his latest remix Dr. Fresch stated: “It’s been way too long since I heard ‘Promiscuous’ played out in the club – I had to give the track a facelift so I could start dropping it in my sets and bring the heat back. The project clicked for me instantly, because of how the vocals lent themselves to be remixed from both a deep approach and a future approach as well. I’m excited to hear this one played out!” One of our most admired So-Cal house slingers certainly brought the heat on this one, as was intended, so we strongly advise you snag the free download here whether you’re one of our DJ friends looking to add a clever punch to your sets or just need it on your computers in general. But, since you’re already here stream Dr. Fresch’s remix of “Promiscuous” above.

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Sia – Chandelier (Happy Accidents Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Chandelier (Happy Accidents Vocal Remix)

It feels like such a long time since we last saw Happy Accidents make their way onto our stomping grounds, but it was only a couple of months ago! This past June, we came across their Mapei vocal remix of “Don’t Wait” and instantly made us all fall in love with their version that much more. 2 months have gone by since their last release and today Happy Accidents are crashing into our music feeds at full speed, ready to spin our wheels of feels out of control in their latest remix of Sia’s “Chandelier”. With this song powering its way across the dance music world, it was only a matter of time before Happy Accidents gave this lovely track a touch of sugar, spice, and every nice.

We are very happy to be sharing the latest from these talented producers in the form of a premiere. Amped with their signature indie vibe, a retrograde of timeless synths layered on top of their own  original vocals, Happy Accidents transform this song into a smooth, creamy, “I can’t believe it’s not butter” remix of the week. We guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat for the remainder of the week because we can’t seem to stop pressing play.

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