Travis Scott – I Can Tell (DEVAULT Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Travis Scott
I Can Tell (DEVAULT Remix)

Orange County’s young gun DEVAULT is bringing the heat today with this Music Ninja Premiere. Sage knew he could turn up something sweet by flipping “I Can Tell” by Travis Scott, which is just what he did. His future take on the record features a much lighter, airy sound than the dark and bass driven original. The first minute is a very simple introduction and build that feel much shorter than the actual time allotted. Although this remix is a bit n the shorter end, DEVAULT hits you with a one-two punch of drops with majestic synth work and some clean vocal chops. A lot of the time when future bass producers try to bring that big atmospheric vibe to the track, they fall flat, but DEVAULT was able to not only keep things on the chill, more groovy side, while also making the track have that gigantic feel you look for in festival ready future. For a producer who legally can’t drink yet, I’d say he’s well on his way to establishing himself as someone to keep an eye on this year.

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[Tropical House] Campsite Dream – Lean On

Campsite Dream
Campsite Dream
Lean On

If someone were to send us a message that said that this email contained a tropical house remix of “Lean On” then it would be extremely hard for us to really want to open it. However, an act Campsite Dream that has swayed us in the past as fans, has offered up a new original take on the 2015 classic by Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MØ. After hearing what the Texel producer did, along with a new vocalist, we were fully embracing the tropical vibes. We were forced to admit, Campsite Dream has done it again.

These guys put together a fresh face on a track that has had a seemingly infinite amount of remixes already. Some would say that they were late to the party, but I think Campsite Dream’s timing was great. The fire has died down on the remix front, and they offered a whole different perspective by dishing this one out with a different vocalist, and keeping things as original as possible. Epic Amsterdam put this one out, however it can’t be found in digital stores. Stream on Soundcloud, or Spotify, or maybe check around the web for a download. You might just find something!

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Two Can Deliver Official Remix For Oliver Nelson & Enter The Dojo For Q&A [TMN Interview]

Two Can
Oliver Nelson Ft. Heir
Found Your Love (Two Can Remix)

For those of you who are unaware of the Australian duo of brothers called Two Can, you’re in luck. Even if you already are familiar with these talented family members, your luck is just as good, because we recently caught up with them for a quick Q&A as they released their official remix for Oliver Nelson. Two Can took on “Found Your Love,” a 2015 single that features musical act Heir. With Two Can’s revamp they chilled out the upbeat original with more deep sensibilities, making it a laid-back club-friendly record.

While you lend your ears to their emotional take on “Found Your Love,” you can find out a little about the Two Can project. The brothers entered the dojo to answer a few questions regarding themselves, their home country, along with what else we are getting from them this year.

TMN: For people who don’t know you, how would you describe your sound?

Two Can: Thats a question we get asked a fair bit actually! Its always rather tough too pin point it as we try too incorporate many elements of music and synthesis / sound design in our music. Basically how our process works when writing is we start 90% of our tracks with live instruments. We are musicians first, so we try too ad as many live elements we can into our music as we can. A lot of the time, for remixes etc, we will get an acapella and have a jam over the acapella playing some riffs and chords on guitar too get a gist of key and melodic elements which may work well with the song. Basically we would describe our sound as live electronica.

TMN: How is it working in a duo as brothers?

It’s very convenient too be honest. We don’t argue at all luckily, and never really have. Being brothers and living in the same house means we can write music for most of the day and bounce idea’s back and fourth too each other. Thats one key advantage of a duo we think is that at the end of the day two brains working together is more efficient than one.

TMN: What track is each of your favorite that you have made?

Two Can: Myles’ favorite track is ‘Fire’ because it was the first real song that really got people listening too our music. Oscar’s favorite is ‘Your Girl’ as he wrote a lot of the melodic side of the song, and put a lot of heart into it.

TMN: Has being from Australia influenced your sound? How?

I think it has yes. Right now in Australia, there is a lot of awesome music and really cool acts emerging. I think being in the community of this is something that keeps us inspired. Its great meeting up with cool artists on tour’s who all have great energy and great music. Being in Australia it makes it very easy too meet other artists and vibe off each other.

TMN: What can we expect from Two Can in 2016?

Two Can: We have ALOT of unreleased original content and a few big remix opportunities which have recently got approved so our priority is too share our new music with you! We are also speaking too our European agents at the moment about a tour in June/July, doing some soft ticketed shows and a support tour with one of the electronic acts on the roster at United Talent (previously The Agency Group). We spent a lot of 2015 discovering our sound and now we have found it and are at a point where we are extremely proud with it.

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Justin Bieber – Sorry (PatrickReza Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Patrick Reza
PatrickReza's Remixes
Sorry (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)

Some people have been waiting a while for our friend PatrickReza to deliver one of his classic dubstep tracks. Today, we’re happy to premiere a song of such character with his remix of “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. His melodic rendering of the highly popular single is sure to satisfy fans old and new. It’s been a refreshing experience for Patrick himself, who has been dealing out some quality house records for a year now. It just goes to show this cat’s versatility when it comes to songwriting, and he further establishes himself as a strong and unique force in the dance music scene. This is the kind of work that gets heard by the original artist, and gets some love and support, maybe even to the point of a re-release as an official flip. If that ends up happening, don’t be surprised. Besides this being a phenomenal remix, Patrick released it as a free download, which you can grab here.

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[Dance/Chill] Seafret – Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

One of the hottest acts in all of dance music, and a trio of gentlemen for whom we’ve been passionately consuming their uniquely invigorating dance sound since clear back in 2013, Autograf have returned to our hallowed pages armed with a tasteful flip of acoustic folk due Seafret‘s latest single “Wildfire”. The Chicago triumvirate craft another soothing electronic melody; pumping Seafret’s original vocal track with the deep mistiness of touchy reverb, while encasing them inside a foundation of two-step drum-machine patterning, flowing keys and buoyantly playful synths. It’s clear with each and every passing release the name Autograf finds itself sitting closer to the top of the mountain in regards to their rapid explosion, and it makes us crack a ninja smile to see the rest of the world begin to take notice of their immense talent.

 Along with their latest remix, Autograf have simultaneously announced their impending Metaphysical tour which encompasses sixteen live dates across North America starting in early February, for which you can purchase tickets for here. Be sure to check out Autograf’s tour dates below, and enjoy their sterling remix of Seafret’s “Wildfire” above.
Autograf ‘Metaphysical’ Tour Dates
02.05 | Sett | Madison, WI
02.06 | Miramar | Milwaukee
02.10 | Catalyst | Santa Cruz
02.11 | Soho | Santa Barbara
02.12 | 1015 | San Francisco
02.13 | Exchange | Los Angeles
02.17 | Q | Seattle
02.18 | MIA | Vancouver
02.19 | Euphoria | Portland
02.20 | Casbah | San Diego
02.25 | U St Hall | Washington DC
02.26 | Concord | Chicago
02.27 | Populux | Detroit
03.04 | Coda | Philadelphia
03.05 | Hoxton | Toronto
03.11 | Buku | New Orleans
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[Melodic House] Monogem – Gone (INSTRUM Remix)

Monogem - Gone (INSTRUM Remix)
Gone (INSTRUM Remix)

Brooklyn-based producer INSTRUM has been one of our favorites for quite some time now. With this remix of Monogem‘s massive hit “Gone”,  he showcases his versatility  by rearranging it into a melodic dance track. With the addictive melody provided by singer Jen’s unique vocals, the deep house change-up definitely complements and takes it up a couple notches. Towards the end of the track, there’s also something we’ve never seen in his music before – a breakdown with a hip-hop inspired trap beat, which spices things up for us quite a bit.

INSTRUM’s production style is still evolving. Having millions of Soundcloud plays and a handful of #1 tracks on HypeM, it’s safe to say that sky is the limit for this talented producer. Make sure to grab a free download if you dig the track!

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[Future] A R I Z O N A – Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Let Me Tøuch Yøur Fire (Snøwmass Remix)

Chicago producer Snøwmass brings his future bass sound to the A R I Z O N A single “Let Me Touch Your Fire.” He keeps the soft, yet immersive vibe of the original, but brings it forward into a new form that is enticing to electronic music lovers. Snøwmass dishes out a ethereal soundscape, filled with lush pads and supple synths that sooth the listener to the point of pure relaxation. One of the criteria for a good remix is if it did the original justice, and in this case, the reinterpretation passes with flying colors. Usually we hear some sultry house music from this Chicago resident, but we’re glad he dipped his toes into the future bass sound because this remix is simply magical. We suggest you grab this one for your digital library, as it has been released as a free download for fans.

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