kiiara – Tennessee (Babel Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

unnamed (9)
Tennessee (Babel Remix)

As we glance back on the greatness that was the weekend, it’s important to have an ample amount of laid back tunes to ease us into the start of the work week. Thankfully, for us, Antwerp-based Babel has his signature “hangover chill” persona all over this brand new remix.

After a few stellar remixes, and an impressive original, this up-and-coming producer has his sight set on a deliciously lush remix of the widely popular “Tennessee.” Taking well-crafted samples of kiiara’s glowing vocals, and key elements from Felix Snow’s original production, Babel has crafted something that pays an artful homage to the original, yet carries through his own distinctive style.

Driven by a gorgeous piano melody, and light, airy percussion, this re-imagination will surely kick your week off properly, as well as find a way into your regular “Chill Out” playlist.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 164)


Grab a drink, grab some friends and get ready to let loose tonight. After a long week, you deserve some free time, whether that’s big chilling, or raging your ass off. Let this playlist help to subside the pains and aches of the week. Getter gets things started, and comes back later with his Ookay collab, and alongside those we have new tracks from Wuki, Snavs and Fabian Mazur, Fight Night, Bad Royale and more. Kick off tonight right with this playlist that eases you into the party mood. Grab any and all of these free downloads that you like, and as always, remember to #danceirresponsibly.

Soulmother, I Love You (Feat. Tree)
Selena Gomez
Good For You (NEBBRA Remix) ft. A$AP Rocky
Daddy Yankee
Vaiven (LosXL Remix)
Daniel Dubb & m.O.N.R.O.E.
Colors (Edit)
Stack Of Money (Soft Machine Remix)
Petey Pablo
Freek A Leek (KANDY Bootleg)
Get Down
Jizzy Fra
Interstellar Sauce
Snavs & Fabian Mazur
U Be
Fight Night
Follow Through
Alison Wonderland
Run (Bad Royale Remix)
Lit Like Shit (WG001)
Ookay & Getter
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[Trap] Major Lazer – Too Original (Debroka Remix)

Major Lazer
Too Original (Debroka Remix)

One of Atlanta’s most proficient trap lords, Debroka, dished out a remix of Major Lazer‘s record “Too Original.” If you’re pleasing Diplo, you’re doing something right, and so was the case for this cat and this record. Debroka turns things up with a hot production that gets down and dirty with some trapstyle cuts, but also gets buck-wild with hardstyle/jungle-terror sections that shake things up. Although the summer festival season is just about passed, that doesn’t mean anything for Debroka who’s keeping the fire going through Fall and Winter. Expect to hear this one being played out at the numerous remaining festivals that will take place before 2016 rolls around, and don’t be surprised to still hear this when the calendar does flip to next year.

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Walking Shapes – Feel Good (Jonas LR Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Walking Shapes
Feel Good (Jonas LR Remix)

When we first consume new material, there’s endless subjectivity that impacts our reaction from personal taste to current mood but, regardless of reason, every week there’s always one or two tracks that get the repeat treatment. Such has been the case with our latest premiere, a remix that we’ve only gotten more excited to share after a couple days of constant listening.

Walking Shapes“Feel Good” was easily one of the catchiest tunes on their acclaimed debut album, Take Come On, proving true to its name–a fantastically cheery indie electronic jam. As part of a 3-track remix EP for the song, the Brooklyn quintet enlisted an unlikely up ‘n comer out of Leeds, Jonas LR, to take on the addicting tune.

The resulting re-imagination takes the song from a summery day to a hazy warehouse party. Jonas LR pairs the original’s near-falsetto vocals with a distinct UK Garage-tinted backdrop creating a few moments during the intro in which lead-singer Nathaniel Hoho’s voice resembles that of Zhu. As the track progresses, though, the listener is continually pulled in by an evolving sound scape that takes advantage of the track’s electronic melodies all the while completely changing the context that surround them. Quick, stuttering percussion and various 8-bit sounds bring a playfulness that, despite the complete make over, in some ways matches the original.

Even though it possesses elements of various emerging styles, this one proves enticing largely because it’s not quite like anything we’ve heard before. If you’re dig this as much as us, definitely check out Jonas LR’s Soundcloud page where he’s already got a few gems posted. The “Feel Good” remixes EP is out now–you can grab a copy here. Also, make sure to check out Walking Shapes at one of their upcoming tour dates with Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes, listed below.  Continue reading

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Martin Garrix – Break Through the Silence (T-Mass & LZRD Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Martin Garrix
Break Through the Silence (T-Mass & LZRD Remix)

“Break Through the Silence”, the collaboration between Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko was a progressive house track that wasn’t anything crazy, but it was pretty good. When put in trap form by T-Mass and LZRD, things changed. It’s jumped up a few notches to something extraordinary that you want to throw on repeat over and over again. The ninjas have the honor of premiering such a quality remix to you all, which we know you will enjoy. Whether you’re just kicking it with some headphones, DJing a party or you’re at a party, T-Mass and LZRD deliver a track that will come through every time. “Break Through The Silence” is being given out as a free download, so head to this link and grab the single for yourself.

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[Electro] Zardonic – Vigilante (Esparta Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Vigilante (Esparta Remix)

Zardonic is known for his metal infused drum & bass records, so why wouldn’t he get a remix that shares a similar aesthetic? He asked himself that same question and came up with tapping Esparta for an official remix for the Antihero album. As in the past, Esparta fuses rock with electro, conjuring up an explosive track that is borderline brutal.

The new “Vigilante” ditches the breakbeat sketch and implores a four-to-the-floor pattern. In keeping with the heavy style of the original, Esparta pays homage to the sound, however doesn’t rely upon it. His own elements penetrate the composition. If you thought things couldn’t get hard enough, you’ll be surprised with where things go just after the 3:45 mark. September 18th is the release day for the album, but iTunes already has pre-order available along with a few songs that are already purchasable.

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[House] The Score – Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

Kat Krazy
The Score
Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

The crazy cat Kat Krazy was commissioned for an official remix of the single “Oh My Love” by The Score. Fans of the original, who also like dance music, will be ecstatic, because Kat Krazy did justice to the original. A bouncy fusion of electro and progressive is what we get with the result of the London producer changing the make-up of the alternative original. Kat closes the gap between festival and club music, making this remix a particularly powerful tool for DJs out there. Fans are looking for records that are tons of fun, and this has more than plenty of fun embedded within. For now, it’s only available for stream, however, keep an eye out as a download/purchase is coming soon.

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