[Chill/Glitch] Wet Paint – Limitless (Kaptain Remix)

Kaptain Remix
Wet Paint
Limitless (Kaptain Remix)

Something sweet just came in the Soundcloud pipelines late last night. The Bay Area resident, Kaptain, uploaded his official remix of “Limitless” for Wet Paint. Kaptain’s chill bass masterpiece is a little different from his usual works, which are generally more on the funky side. His take on “Limitless” has got some groove, but it’s much more of a vibey track than a dance one. Everything on this track goes down smooth, including the free download that is available. Kaptain put together a super solid remix of a track that doesn’t seem like it would be the easiest thing to flip, but no matter, he does so with ease. Expect more goodies from this guy soon, as he is certainly one of the producers to watch in the glitch/future funk game.

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[Future] Tulpa – Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)

Tulpa - Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)
Deer Stared At Me (Clayjay Remix)

Don’t be fooled, this is not another mediocre future bass track that sounds like Tchami or Oliver Heldens. Clayjay, the 18-year-old from San Francisco, is cooking up something really special with his latest remix of Tulpa‘s “Deer Stared At Me”. Fusing future bass and trap elements, Clayjay manages to turn the amazing piano work from Tulpa into an epic tune. The minimalist approach and the bold synth melodies provide a total change-up from the beautiful keys, resembling the sound of Slow Magic. The more you listen to it, the more quickly you’ll fall in love with this track.

Clayjay possesses the new household sound. Make sure to check him out if you haven’t already, and grab a free download of this gem if you dig this. We’ll let his music do the talking.

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[House] SNBRN – Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)

SNBRN - Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)
Raindrops (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Before Hotel Garuda took on the future house scene, they were masters of the sax. Reworking SNBRN‘s “Raindrops”, the duo puts out a sax-y track that is reminiscent of their “Summertime Sadness” remix. The beginning melodies fill in just the right mood for the tune, and the deep bassline comes in for a dance breakdown. The emotionally driven vocals by Kerli are perfect for the electro-pop tune, as it captures hearts and makes everyone sing along. The fusion of summertime vibe and future bass works wonders.

Hotel Garuda manages to turn the electro-pop tune into a one-of-a-kind dance track. Picking just the right tunes for edit, the duo always finds a way to impress everyone. This remix will be available for purchase April 28, so get your popcorn ready because Hotel Garuda is about to take over the electronic dance scene.

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[Future/Trap] Prince Fox – 25K Facebook Giveaway Pack

Prince Fox

Prince Fox is a man of musical wonder. All his released tracks are pure fire, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Aside from his yet to be released work, the producer has many edits/bootlegs that he creates and uses in his live shows. With his recent milestone of 25,000 Facebook fans, he has decided to release some of those.

Six tracks in all make up this giveaway pack, including flips of tracks by Dirty South, Cazzette, and Florence & The Machine. Only two of the tracks were uploaded to Soundcloud, which are the Major Lazer and Martin Garrix with Usher bootlegs. Prince Fox’s future pop style comes out strong in these edits, except for the mashup of Jackal, Boombox Cartel and House of Pain, which makes for a nice break from the heavenly sounds Sam puts forth in the other songs. Like we said, this is a giveaway, so get your goodie bag right here.

Martin Garrix Feat Usher
Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)
Martin Garrix Feat Usher
Dont Look Down (Prince Fox Bootleg)
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[Tropical] Kanye West – All Falls Down (Instrum Remix)

Kanye West - All Falls Down (Instrum Remix)
Kanye West
All Falls Down (INSTRUM Remix)

Talk about a throwback. “All Falls Down” has always been the favorite track of many Kanye fans. Listen as Instrum gives the Kanye classic the tropical treatment. The New York-based producer incorporates a trumpet melody into the mix without outshining the original vocals by Syleena Johnson. With tropical synth and a subtle bassline, this track is incredibly catchy and can capture the hearts of many. The acoustic guitar solo towards the end of the tune gives it an organic sound and brings out the authenticity of the track. With every element in its right place, you really can’t say no to this tune.

Instrum is generous enough to offer a free download of the song. Make sure to support as you jam along to this tropical goodness.

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[House] PatrickReza & Maya Payne – If Only (Remix)

Patrick Reza
PatrickReza & Maya Payne
If Only (Remix)

Patrick Reza already did work on the bass music game with several tracks like his remix of “Tom Ford” and “Clocktower.” However, his past few releases have been on the house side of the fence, and so is his latest track. Another remix, this time of “If Only” by Maya Payne, was produced for all the party people out there. His production takes from future and electro house to form a song that is going to be holding down festival crowds for months to come. With the introduction we get a sense that things are going to venture pretty deep, but Patrick knocks up the energy instead of playing it cool and classy 100%. On this one you can let loose. The producer’s versatility is expanding, with any sort of sound being up for grabs when he grinds away in the studio. “If Only” was released today as a free download, so head here if you want to add it to your library.

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Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (Halogen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Kaskade & Adam K
Raining (Halogen Remix)

We’re not sure if you caught the news just yet, but Kaskade’s crowd over the past two weekends were some of the largest in Coachella’s storied history.

Kaskade, the only electronic artist tapped to play Coachella’s main stage this year, attracted two of the biggest crowds ever in the music festival’s storied history during the past two weekends. – Mashable

Not that anyone needs an introduction to this legendary captain of progressive house, but his recent increasing popularity may be a sign of things to come in the music scene. The days of aggressive “bangers” and “anthems” are slowly fading, and back again are the days of melodies, gorgeous builds, and ethereal vocals.

Quickly rising ATL duo Halogen know this all too well, as they’ve seen their highly infectious house tunes rack up hundreds of thousands of plays. In fact, their last two releases have both hit a quarter million plays on Soundcloud, garnering them a rapidly growing adoration across the blogosphere.

Today, we hear a gorgeous interpretation of Kaskade and Adam K’s smash hit “Raining,” which soars with unparalleled progressive beauty. It features a longing, anticipatory build, which pays a grateful homage to the original style of the tune. However, things pick up quickly, and we’re welcomed into a culmination of charging piano melodies, synth arrangements, and a whirlwind of percussion.

Pick this tune up today for free on Halogen’s Soundcloud. And, when you do, make sure to give them a follow. You know, because you’re getting a bad ass song for free from them.

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