[G-House] Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E – SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E
SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

God damn it, ninjas. We can’t believe the weekend is over. It seems like just yesterday, we were cracking open a cold one and celebrating a few short days of freedom. Little did we know, that freedom came and went, and now we’re faced staring another work week in the eyes. Luckily for us, the legendary Destructo has us covered. That’s right – he’s teamed up with Bot to dial in a filthy G-House remix of “Swag!”

Rife with an ample amount of booty-shaking bass, this remix offers up a real dancefloor treat for those of you still fiending for the weekend. It hisses and crackles, articulately highlighting vocal samples interspersed with slapping drum progressions and a subdued melody. We’ve hit the repeat button a few times, and all we can say is, it’s going to happen a few more times before the night is through.

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[Trap] Karma Fields – Build The Cities feat. Kerli (Grabbitz Remix)

Karma Fields - Build The Cities (The Remixes) (Art)
Karma Fields
Build The Cities (feat. Kerli) (Grabbitz Remix)

Grabbitz wasn’t done with just his Friends EP, which dropped just at the end of last month. He’s already back with another song in the form of a remix for the esoteric act Karma Fields. Oh yeah, and Deadmau5 just uploaded a teaser of his collaboration with Grabbitz onto his Soundcloud. Nick has got some things going on, as you can see. As you will hear, his remix of “Build The Cities” is a dazzling display of the producer’s all-star abilities at making timeless music. Grabbitz joins a crew of remixers on the Reconstructions EP, which is still, well… under construction. Get the this remix on Bandcamp, and make sure to check out the other ones that have already been made public. Stay tuned for the rest!

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Preview ZHU’s Remixes of “Michael Jackson – Thriller”, “Chic – I’ll Be There”, and More


ZHU’s first BBC Radio 1 Mix aired a few days ago, and now you can preview some of the gems he played. First off is an infectious remix of Michael  Jackson’s classic hit “Thriller”, which was first debuted at Hard Day of the Dead last year. Next up is a very sexy flip of Nile Rogers funky project Chic. ZHU tackles the track “I’ll Be There” and nails it on all levels. And last is an “ID” that is most likely a new single off his next EP/Album and it doesn’t disappoint. Cheers.


Thriller (ZHU Remix)
Ill Be There (ZHU Extended Vocal Mix)
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 147)


Work? That’s nonexistent until Monday comes around. Enough about Monday though, because it’s Friday today. For some students, it’s the first Friday of Summer, or even better (or worse?), the first Friday of post-college life. Congratulations to all those graduates! This week’s party playlist is made especially for you to let loose and get wild. A dozen must-listens from artists like heRobust, Bad Royale, Party Thieves, Fight Clvb and more are present along with a bonus mix from the Chicago producer Phives. One of our mottoes is the more music the merrier, so why not extra? Dig in to the collection and have yourself a safe, but fun weekend. #danceirresponsibly

Skurt Reynolds
Bad Royale
Champagne feat. Teflon
Lady Parts
Samson (Original Mix)
Hasse de Moor
Time Out
Piece of the Puzzle (Crazy Daylight Remix)
Party Thieves & Instant Party!
RUN (Jayceeoh & B
Lean On ( Major Lazer
8Er$ Edit )
LordOf Maximus
Feel Like An Unicorn // FREE DOWNLOAD
Bone N Skin
Quantum (10k Freebie)
Ino (Original Mix)
The Only Way Is Up (FIGHT CLVB Remix)

Bonus Mix:

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[Electro] Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei – Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Cazzette vs. Tomoyasu Hotei
Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Fans of Quentin Tarantino and Cazzette are going to be in love with what the Stockholm act did to “Battle Without Honor Or Humanity.” You may recognize Tomoyasu Hotei’s original from the film Kill Bill Vol. 1. Now it has been updated into a French electro masterpiece that’s just as worthy of being in a blockbuster film. When producers think outside the box with song choice like this, the result is usually spectacular, and in the case of Cazzette, it is a smash. Rocking riffs and obese basslines work together to build a solid groove that permeates most of the song. This bootleg was dropped for free for fans before the upcoming single “Together,” which comes out through ICONS on May 29th.

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[Electronic] Breakup – Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Taking the chance to shine with a new remix this week is Swedish singer/songwriter Ji Nilsson, who presents her dynamic and irresistible rework of Breakup’s ‘Roads To Rome.’

Already proving a popular release from Universal Sweden and Svenska Inspelningar, this track has been given a summery gloss by the talented Nilsson, who adds a driving R&B beat and complements the already glorious vocals with gliding piano chords. This remix will certainly strike a chord with festival revellers this season, and it pays brilliant homage to Breakup’s prior production.

If this one has got you bobbing away, (as it has us), you can stream it here.


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[Electronic] Said The Sky – Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

Said The Sky
Said The Sky
Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

We know Said The Sky from his stellar productions, but did you know he’s also a pianist? Makes sense, given the extensive use of the instrument in his works. His last release was the original song “Darling” with Missio that has gotten new treatment as a thank you gift for fans. The immense love that was received by Said The Sky prompted him to make a VIP version of the track that could be played live by an ensemble. His acoustically driven electronic creation may be even more emotive than the original, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. In extending the piano from the original into a full length track with accompanying elements, Said The Sky flexed his song writing abilities to us in a new way. Download the gift for free by heading here.

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