[House] Great Good Fine OK – You’re the One For Me (option4 Remix)

Great Good Fine OK
You're The One For Me (option4 remix)

option4, an artist with whom we’ve had the pleasure to showcase a few times and even premiere, has been augmenting his rapidly expanding fan base on the heels of a deep, party appropriate stable of house remixes and originals. Today however, the astute producer has shed another layer of production psyche, and turned to a sunnier, provocative sound on this latest rework of indie-pop outfit Great Good Fine OKs anthemic single “You’re the One For Me”. We weren’t sure how this one would translate to the dance floor, especially from such a unique artist like option4, but alas, our concerns were ultimately fruitless and the mark was hit directly on its bulls-eye. The tempo is pitched up slightly on option4′s rework, glossed with a very U.K. influenced shuffle and a punchy kick. Like most of his tracks thus far, option4′s remix of “You’re the One For Me” is being gifted to us Ninjas as a free download on his Soundcloud, so do your cochlear cavities a favor and plug into this one at some point today.

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The Trap Dojo #61 [MP3 Playlist]


Quite the lineup today for our 61st Trap Dojo, featuring pretty much every sound design that’s floating around the blogosphere. Starting off with arguably the hottest producer in the game right now, Wave Racer, who seems to only release anthems. His remix of Flight Facilities track, “Stand Still” could be his best yet, what do you think? Next is the new Cashmere Cat, he does by Basenji but were going to just call him ‘Dogmere Dog’ for now. I featured 3 glorious tracks from him today: “Dawn”, “Tribute To The Cat”, and “Speak With A Dofflin”. KAYTRANADA Edition of Disclosure, that’s really all you should have to read before listening to this remix of “January”. Jacuzzi is up next, and you don’t want to over look these two amazing tracks, “Tundra” and “Luxury”. Enjoy the rest of the tunes featuring: LOUDPVCK, Flosstradamus, Torro Torro, Flechette, Tom Size, ODESZA, Lambo, TastyTreat, salute, Free N Losh, Gent & Jawns, Big Gigantic, heRobust, Supervision, Bro Safari, UFO!, ESTA, Ta-ku, Com Truise, and more.

Flight Facilities
Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Wave Racer Remix)
January (Kaytranada Edition)
Brillz and Minxx
Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix)
Dillon Francis
Without You (feat. T.E.E.D.) (Torro Torro Remix)
Tomsize & Flechette
The Twerking Dance
Pretty Lights
One Day Theyll Know (ODESZA Remix)
Big Gigantic
Touch the Sky
Gent & Jawns
Pretty Lights
Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)
Pretty Lights
Lets Get Busy (heRobust Remix)
Pretty Lights
Always All Ways (SuperVision Remix)
Yung Lean
Kyoto Prod. Yung Gud
Brillz ft Teddy Tuxedo
Buckwild (Bro Safari & UFO! Remix)
Bubblegum ft CRNKN (Lambo Remix)
Speak With A Dofflin
Ta ku
Flight Facilities
Stand Still feat. Micky Green (Com Truise Remix)
YOU MAKE ME  (diplo & Ookay remix preview)
Rakost (VILLAGE Remix)
The Club (Shlohmo Remix)
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[Remix] Disclosure – January (Kaytranada Edition)

January (Kaytranada Edition)

Montreal-based producer Kaytranada has been one of this year’s most exciting newcomers with an excellent debut project, Kaytra Todo, and numerous impressive remixes. His style, full of 808s and R&B samples, certainly reflects the current direction of music production, but in a manner that is uniquely laid-back, yet danceable.

On his latest release, the Montreal-based artist reimagines Disclosure’s “January” continuing to expand the versatility of his repertoire. Disclosure’s infectious melodies and soulful vocals create the perfect canvas for Kaytranada, who’s version of “January” takes a groovy life of its own. This combination, in many ways, captures 2013′s music trends at their best falling on the intersection of EDM, hip-hop, R&B and trap. Enjoy above and look for this one on Disclosure’s official Settle remix album, out December 17th.

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Broke For Free – XXV [FRESH]

broke for free

Broke For Free has been a good friend of my growing up, long before the blogosphere was in play. And it’s always great to watch an artist grow, but even more fun to watch your friend blow up. His most recent release is titled “XXV”, and will be off his upcoming EP titled “Petal” due to drop in early 2014. This track delivers intricate drum work, accompanied by infectious bass guitar riffs, and some catchy synth work. His first single, “Juparo” was received well and this track should go over just as smoothly. Also make sure to check out his remix of Sufjan Stevens track, “Sister Winter”, which is also featured below. Both tracks are available for free download. Cheers.

Broke For Free
Sufjan Stevens
Sister Winter (Broke For Free Remix)
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Pretty Lights – Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)

Pretty Lights
Press Pause (Free n Losh Remix)

What is it about the electronic duos that come out of Toronto that we love? The originality of their sound, period.

Pretty Lights released the remixes of ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ this week and we have the pleasure of premiering one of those remixes by the highly talented duo Free n Losh. The Toronto based artists show us exactly why their remix is in the album, they take an already amazing song, ‘Press Pause’, and turn up energy, adding the duos signature touches. Lee and Myles add in a deep drum melody to start, muting the vocals to have an almost eerie appeal. Then, they add in those electronic drops and a few trap beats to enhance a new hardness to the original song.

These two Toronto boys can just add this remix to the list of their music successes. Keep the wow factor coming. If you have not already, be sure to check out the full PL remix album.

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[Chill] Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts // Alina Baraz – Drift [ANDRU Remix]


It’s pretty much a given, when these two artists work together, they make pure magic. Alina Baraz and Galimatias have released their second song off their single for us to swoon over. “Pretty Thoughts” is the definition of a chill song, with the slow beat, laid back melodies, and Alina’s sultry and enticing vocals, this song makes it way right into your very thoughts. An almost dream like world among all the pretty thoughts is where listeners find themselves, while the soft drum beats, piano and relaxed electronic rhythms carefully tickle your ears and carry your mind to a pretty, pretty place.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Pretty Thoughts

And if that song wasn’t enough Alina for you which, let’s be serious, her voice is pure musical ecstasy that we can never get enough of, earlier this month ANDRU dropped a remix of her song “Drift”. The wonderful thing about Alina is her voice can be turned up or down, put with a slow beat or a fast beat and it always sounds unbelieveable. ANDRU adds his personal touches to this remix, slowing it down and pulling out Alina’s vocals to carry the song on one constant sound wave. Mixed with just the right about of electronic melodies, ANDRU engages his listeners to come drift away in this dream-like remix.

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[Chill] Star Slinger – I/IV

Star Slinger

UK-based producer Star Slinger has a knack for stellar and unique remixes that completely transform the feeling of a song. Tonight, the talented artist takes on Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” for a  rework that turns the melodramatic original into a funky, smooth and danceable jam. “I/IV” is the first of a four-part series of edits to classic, soul artists that Star Slinger will be releasing leading up to the New Year. Vibe above and grab a free download over at Star Slingers FB page.

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