[NEW] AlunaGeorge – Lost & Found (Kastle Remix)

Body Music Remixed
Lost & Found (Kastle Remix)

We may already be deep into 2014, but if you’re like us ninjas, you still can’t get enough of AlunaGeorge‘s 2013 breakout album, Body Music. If you have grown a little weary however, you’re in luck, as the duo are looking to reinvigorate new life into the project through the upcoming Body Music Remixed album, set to drop on June 16th.

Although details are still a little sparse on who we can expect to make an appearance, a quick glance at the pair’s SoundCloud seems to suggest that we’ll hear previously released remixes from Cosmo’s Midnight, Lido, Baauer, DJ Snake and Bondax, among other collaborations yet to be revealed.The latest producer to join the fray however is Kastle, who brings us a trap infused remix that hones in on Aluna’s previously wandering vocals through some clever synth work, and plays up the energy level to new heights with some heavy bass. Check out the single above, and look for the project on iTunes and Spotify when it drops later this month.

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[Deep House] U2 – Ordinary Love (Pretty Pink Remix)

Pretty Pink
Ordinary Love (Pretty Pink Remix) [Free Download]

After almost 3 years of no music releases and no word of their existence, U2 was starting to make us question whether they were still a thing or not. Last November they got us back into the groove of things, and released their powerful single, “Ordinary Love” in honor of one of history’s greatest figures: Nelson Mandela. That song made us relive all the sweetest memories and beautiful days we’ve all shared with U2, while simultaneously spreading the love and peace that Mandela fought for until the day he died.

With a song with that much meaning and depth, it was almost inevitable that some brave soul in the dance music world would take on this divinity and add a new essence of beauty to it. That brave soul was Pretty Pink. Known for making people groove across dance floors around the world, the German house goddess decided to turn a historically pivotal song into something truly euphoric. Without straying too far away from the integrity of the original, Pretty Pink adds a subtle, yet powerful, dose of heavenly melodies that have Nelson Mandela smiling from up above the universe.

As we effortlessly groove across the living room floor or vibe to the flow of traffic this afternoon, make sure to turn this song up and let that soul of yours feel the ordinary love around us- wherever that may be.

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[Electronic] Bastille – Bad Blood (Lido Remix)

Bad Blood (Lido Remix)

Norwegian producer Lido has quickly become a Ninja favorite over the last few months with his unique style that embodies everything we love about EDM’s current trajectory. On his latest masterfully crafted remix, the young artist takes on Bastille‘s hit “Bad Blood” completely transforming the original’s dark vibe into an enormous and triumphant one. Lido has a way of dropping out the instrumental and/or vocals at just the right times helping solidify his brand of minimal, future-bass bounce. On “Bad Blood,” he combines this with drum ‘n bass percussion making for a dynamically energetic sound. Enjoy above and look out for Lido’s debut EP, Pelican Fly, set for release on June 23rd

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[Future Bass] BANKS – Waiting Game (Ennui Remix)

waiting game

If we had to pick an artist that we would want to be remixed for the rest of our lives, hands down, Banks would be our choice. Her soothing vocals exude enough soul to make every redhead (myself included) feel as if we actually do have a soul ourselves. Now that the world has been treated to the enticing sound frequencies of Banks, TMN has an extra special premiere for you today from Future Bass boss, Ennui.

The Chicago native took on the incredible Banks song, “Waiting Game”, to which he takes us down a bass-heavy road that leads us to a pond full of sensual feels. As we cleanse our souls in this pond, we experience a range of feelings that move fluidly throughout our veins. Each and every beat emits the type of passion and depth to make you question the definition of beauty itself.

Ennui effortlessly transformed “Waiting Game” into one of the most intrinsically pleasing songs of the year. As the future bass movement continues to roll through our world, Ennui continues to bring forth new sensations to his production that gives us a reasons to feel the music on an entirely different level. So sit back, relax, and let the ethereal beauty of Banks and Ennui cleanse your soul and give you life.


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[Future R&B] R. Kelly – Ignition Remix (Giraffage Remix)

Fool's Gold Records
Ignition Remix (Giraffage Remix)

Back in late April, I was blessed with the opportunity to see Giraffage live here in Orlando. Whenever I go out to an event there is always a song that stands out to me. Giraffage was an amazing performer and no exception to that. The song of the night that really grabbed me and got stuck in my head was a remix to R. Kelly’s “Ignition Remix”. I kept asking around who’s remix it was and not one person told me Giraffage; everyone was clueless. Today has been an amazing day for me, being that I found out the remix was actually by Giraffage himself!

Giraffage seems to be making all sorts of moves with his career. This remix of R. Kelly’s classic, “Ignition Remix”, was in celebration to being signed to Fool’s Gold Records and he’s about to go on tour with Porter Robinson. It’s becoming apparent that Giraffage is about to blow up! Not to say that Giraffage isn’t huge already, but soon enough he will be a household name so to speak. With an EP coming out very soon on Fool’s Gold Records, expect to hear this name more frequently from us.

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[House] No Doubt – Hella Good (Dr. Fresch Summer Revival Remix)

Dr. Fresch_Hella Good_Artwork-FINAL
No Doubt
Hella Good (Dr. Fresch's Summer Revival Remix)

With temperatures rising stateside, our auditory focus always begins to shift upwards towards more radiant, sunlit sounds, especially in regards to dance music. So right when we were in need of some honey-coated shake inducing deep rhythms, L.A. house purveyor Dr. Fresch gifted us with his newest remix; this time of No Doubt’s 2001 pop smash “Hella Good”. While the original tune doesn’t exactly scream pool vibes or palm trees aside from lyrical content, Dr. Fresch has reinvigorated “Hella Good” and Gwen Stefani’s luscious, powerful vocals with signature highs and a rooted bass line; but taking this edit to even greater heights is an absurdly groovy alto-saxophone line written and performed by Sapphire Adizes which just oozes sexiness. We’ve been all ears to Dr. Fresch’s latest string of remixes, and today’s will certainly keep us in that piqued state of mind. Grab a Mai-Tai, slip on a little Summery dance attire and grab the free download to kick this Hump Day into gear.

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The McMash Clan – Birds Sing EP

Birds Sing Art

Dropping at the end of last month on Circus Records, The McMash Clan‘s ‘Birds Sing’ EP has garnered a wealth of praise across the bass scene. The 3-man production and DJ group are known for creating hugely versatile material and  this collection of work is no exception. With a groove-filled, down tempo remix of their track ‘Jericho’ from Dodge & Fuski, other collaborations include the title track with band Late Day Breakers and orchestration and vocals of ‘Requiem’ arranged by Kate Mullins.

This EP quite simply takes you on a musical journey through the realms of bass – exploring Drum & Bass, down-tempo and Reggae-tinged Glitch Hop. Each track is effortlessly catchy and produced with inimitable style – a real essential addition to any collection and I look forward to hearing more from this trio.

Grab a copy of ‘Birds Sing’ here.

Birds Sing (feat. Late Day Breakers)
Shadow Dance
Requiem (with Kate Mullins)
Jericho (with Million Dan) (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
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