[House/Indie-Dance] Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)
Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing (SNBRN Remix)

With every passing release, the snowball turned avalanche that is LA house and indie-dance ace SNBRN seems to somehow garner even more momentum. Coming off of highly trafficked original single “Raindrops”, the dance-hit molding son of So-Cal again drops by TMN with a welcome return to the remix world in the form of a “sunset-house” take on the 1982 Marvin Gaye single that launched a million children: “Sexual Healing”. SNBRN takes Gaye’s sultry soul ballad straight into his addictive realm of House production through a directed, floor shaking bassline and mindfully plucked vocal chops; creating a fusion between the past and present that simply has us shaking our hips in vigorous approval. If we were the betting types of Ninjas, we’d wager that this one is about to go on a viral tear to coincide with the impending waves of Summer (at least here in the States).  In regards to this latest release, SNBRN gave us a little more insight:  “This track has been a staple in my live sets for months now. I wanted to create something super funky and upbeat, but still have that soul to it. For a long time the instrumental had no hook, until one night I started cutting up old 80’s records and found the perfect fit…”  We think he’s found the perfect fit as well. Stream SNBRN’s remix of “Sexual Healing” above, and please, try to contain yourselves.

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The Weeknd – Where You Belong (Justice Skolnik Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

The Weeknd
"Where You Belong" (Justice Skolnik Remix)

For sharing the same last name as one of the most iconic nerds of all time, Justice Skolnik is one of the smoothest dudes around right now. While that pop culture reference from the 80s most assuredly soared over most of your heads, we’re going to stick to our guns. Maybe it will encourage you to watch a few movies from before your time.

We digress.

We’re assuming this 18-year-old Windy City producer isn’t well versed in movies from nearly four decades ago, so let’s just focus on the task at hand – his interpretation of “Where You Belong.” Originally crafted by The Weeknd, this tune has new fire breathed into it with rolling clicks, booming 808s, and a near-trop style lead synth. Complete with atmospheric layering and those classic Future Bass style drips and creaks, Skolnik gives us an anthem that’s perfect for cruising around town with our windows down, or courting a new main squeeze.

Keep an eye out for this young gent by following him on SoundCloud.

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Janet Jackson – Got Til It’s Gone (DR. MaD REMIX) [TMN PREMIERE]

Janet Jackson
Got Til It's Gone [DR. MaD REMIX]

Our entrance to New Music Tuesday is a laid-back one today, as we slowly roll into the chaos with an extremely fresh interpretation of “Got Til It’s Gone,” the storied Janet Jackson song featuring Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell.

The original, which came off The Velvet Rope, was lauded for it’s sonic experimentation and revealing theme and remixer Dr. MaD has certainly paid an artful homage to the creativity Jackson initially laid out. Hailing from Montreal, this producer is no stranger to crafting intelligent interpretations of classic hip-hop and R&B songs, previously putting his spin on classics like Blackstreet and A Tribe Called Quest. Each sporting a unique vibe, his sound also stays somewhat consistent, boasting chilled out vibes that compliment a solid set of vocals.

Today’s remix, which premiered on Kaytranada’s BBC Radio 1 show, crosses back-and-forth between genres, casually flipping the bird to a traditional structure. It starts off with a slow, future bass style build up, leading the listener into an atmospheric realm of glowing synths, booming bass and rolling clicks and hi-hats. While we’d be more than happy with this styled out take, the tune takes a turn for the dancefloor with an emphatic disco-house break, leaving us dancing in our seat.

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[Indie Dance] Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)
Gazzo Music
Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Gazzo just released this official remix of “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, once again showing his versatility in producing quality music. Whether it’s future bass, progressive house or electro, the Jersey-based producer’s got it all. Adding in a chill beat and intricate guitar melodies, Gazzo creates a dance track hooked with emotions. The original vocals are flipped and slowed in tempo to keep the authenticity of the tune. We knew that you just could not stop singing along to the original, and now you can sing AND dance to it.

Gazzo excelled at keeping us guessing, and this tune perfectly exemplifies that. We are very excited to ride along with a producer like him, who does not let genres define his sound.

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[Future Trap] Slumberjack – The Others (NGHTMRE Remix)

The Others feat. KLP (NGHTMRE Remix)

As most of you already know, NGHTMRE has a pretty huge tendency to go ham on tracks, and if you didn’t already know, this remix of his will make it quite clear. It also should be said that Slumberjack goes hard as well. Those who are familiar with Slumberjack’s original “The Others,” know that the track is pretty insane. But let NGHTMRE put his spin on the track, and it becomes something epic. “The Others” takes on a transformation as the tempo becomes quicker, the bass kicks harder, and the drop contains a more concentrated melody. As always, NGHTMRE exhibits some incredible creativity with production that always puts listeners on the edge of their seats. So crank up the bass, sit back, and get ready for your mind to be blown.

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[House] Both – Straight Outta Line (Peace Treaty Remix)

Straight Outta Line (PeaceTreaty Remix)

Now that school is finally over, at least hopefully for most of you, we can roll our windows down and soak in the warm weather. While you’re all out celebrating the end of those past few brutal weeks, let us supply you with a tune, courtesy of Dim Mak, that’ll set the mood for sure.
Peace Treaty’s recently-released remix of Both’s “Straight Outta Line” packs in the energy as it builds into a powerful, melodic drop. The track has “celebration” written all over it with its feel-good melody and bouncy beat. So while you’re sorting through tracks to include in that summer party playlist, make sure to save a spot for this one!

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[G-House] Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E – SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

Sharam Jey, Sammy W & Alex E
SWAG! (Destructo & Bot Remix)

God damn it, ninjas. We can’t believe the weekend is over. It seems like just yesterday, we were cracking open a cold one and celebrating a few short days of freedom. Little did we know, that freedom came and went, and now we’re faced staring another work week in the eyes. Luckily for us, the legendary Destructo has us covered. That’s right – he’s teamed up with Bot to dial in a filthy G-House remix of “Swag!”

Rife with an ample amount of booty-shaking bass, this remix offers up a real dancefloor treat for those of you still fiending for the weekend. It hisses and crackles, articulately highlighting vocal samples interspersed with slapping drum progressions and a subdued melody. We’ve hit the repeat button a few times, and all we can say is, it’s going to happen a few more times before the night is through.

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