[Multi-Genre] Kicks N Licks – Young Mind Remix EP

Kicks N Licks

Our homies Kicks N Licks had quite a successful release with their Young Mind EP. Now, they’re back with the Young Mind Remix EP, with three remixers, as well as a 2.0 of their single “Mind” with Lauren Hunter. Lost Identity and Trap Nation put out this four track EP for free, so make sure to download the tracks before you head out.

Kicks N Licks enlisted FLØRALS, At Dawn We Rage and Ditta & Dumont for remixes of both singles off their original EP. Before the remixes, Kicks N Licks 2.0 of “Mind” introduces the project with its hybrid future sound. The first remix that we get is FLØRALS who bring some heavy Flume influences to the table with his flip of “Young.” At Dawn We Rage keep in line with the future sound, but bring a bit more spacey vibe with their take on “Mind.” Lastly, Ditta & Dumont bring the bass with their heavy dub interpretation of “Young.” Altogether, the Young Mind Remix EP is a strong project through and through with each artist bringing something a little different to the table, while keeping things within scope.

’Kicks N Licks – Mind 2.0 ft Lauren Hunter’
’Kicks N Licks – Young feat. Adara (FLØRALS Remix)’
’Kicks N Licks – Mind ft. Lauren Hunter (At Dawn We Rage Remix)’
’Kicks N Licks – Young feat. Adara (Ditta & Dumont Remix)’
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Steve James – Renaissance feat. Clairity (ARMNHMR Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Steve James - Renaissance feat. Clairity (ARMNHMR Remix)
Steve James ft. Clairity
Renaissance (ARMNHMR Remix)

By the end of 2015, Steve James was making huge waves with his debut original track “Renaissance”, as we did a fun interview with him and got to understand his style of music a little better. Fast forward to four months later, the producer from Pittsburgh is set to release the “Renaissance” remixes compilation with the help of some talented friends.

Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella, together as ARMNHMR decided to add their own spin to the wonderful track and absolutely crushed it. Known for having a wide range of sounds, you never know what to expect from the two producers, and this remix is yet another genuine surprise. The melody-driven buildup gets straight to the point, and the vocals provide an infectious melody that will make you sing along to every word. The two different drops definitely highlight this track and provide some electrifying synth work, together with throbbing drums and occasional breaks.

ARMNHMR is no stranger to the dance scene, and this remix of “Renaissance” perfectly exemplifies that. We definitely look forward to more exciting tracks by the two Josephs in the near future.

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[House] Rudimental ft MNEK – Common Emotion (The Golden Pony Remix)

Rudimental ft MNEK
Common Emotion (The Golden Pony Remix)

It’s hard to imagine that we’re almost 1/3 of the way through 2016, and we still haven’t managed to feature one of our favorite, quietly-slaying-the-game, house acts in the entire landscape of dance music: The Golden Pony. Well friends, allow us to quickly make up for their 2016 absence and bless your Ninja ears with the Brooklyn based duo’s latest remix for U.K. live electronic superstars Rudimental & Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter & producer MNEK’s collaboration “Common Emotion”. Finding a place on Big Beat Records‘ official remix EP for Common Emotion”, The Golden Pony rolls a very U.K. club formula into a NYC house anthem rife with electronic nuance and a subtle manipulation of catchy rhythms & drum work. Always ones to bridge a classic backbone with a contemporary edge, The Golden Pony find themselves in the middle of their most tasteful and addictive slew of tunes since their inception, and we couldn’t let our Ninjas sit idly by without getting in on the fun.

About the tune the pair remarked: “Were huge fans of Rudimental! Especially live, they are able to effortlessly blend instrumentation with electronic vibes.  We believe their music straddles a current and classic vibe at the same time, giving it a ton of crossover appeal.  With that in mind for the remix, we decided to use hard hitting pianos reminiscent of the 90’s New York House with some modern pitched vocals and Future Bass sounds.” It’s safe to say gentlemen, that you’ve clearly knocked this one out of the park as well. Stream The Golden Pony’s remix of “Common Emotion” above.

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David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Crush Effect Remix) [TMN Premiere]

David Bowie
Let's Dance (Crush Effect Remix)

David Bowie’s passing at the beginning of this year prompted an outpouring of genuine appreciation from artists across genres. The legendary English musician traversed the ever-changing landscape of rock / pop effortlessly for half a century helping shape the trajectory of musical history along the way. His various musical and narrative experimentations directly inspired countless artists but his fearlessness in creativity has had an even broader impact. In the world of electronic dance music, Bowie’s legacy paved the way for new sounds in the mainstream and his constant reinvention mirrors the genre’s need to continually push the boundaries.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the premiere of a particularly fun Bowie tribute courtesy of SoCal’s Crush Effect. The production duo have proved versatile with a style that incorporates elements of future funk, dubstep, house and disco. Their rendition of “Let’s Dance” is a proper Nu-Disco jam accompanying the iconic vocals with plucking synths, funky guitar riffs and a healthy horn section. Get your groove on above and check out what Crush Effect had to say about Bowie’s influence below. The duo have an EP due this year so also make sure to keep an eye out.

Musically David Bowie was always on the cutting edge and was such a big influence throughout the years. Around the same time that he passed away, we were preparing our set for the Gem & Jam Festival and wanted to write a couple new dance tracks. ‘Let’s Dance’ is just such a great song and worked perfectly into the Nu Disco context. It seemed like the right time to pay homage to Bowie.
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Evangeline – My Kingdom (DEVAULT Remix) [TMN Premiere]


There are a ton of artists that we continually support here at The Music Ninja. One of those is the LA producer DEVAULT. Today we are lucky to be the first to share with you his brand new remix of “My Kingdom” by Evangeline. The electro-pop original was just asking to be flipped into something new, which is where DEVAULT came in with his future sound.

For being just nineteen years old, DEVAULT brings some fresh sounds to the table, and is able to re-imagine anything he gets his hands on. With “My Kingdom” he utilizes his signature sound with a little subtle twist on it. DEVAULT has mastered the future meets trap hybrid, which is one of the reasons he has been able to establish himself as a creator to have your eye on. It’s also a reason his past few records have been pushing or exceeding the 100K count on Soundcloud. This new one is about to make a splash. Check it out, and make sure to grab the free download.

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Welcome Our Next Resident Artist: 99 Souls


With March well underway, it’s time we introduce another Resident artist to our ranks. We’re always excited to highlight some of the best and brightest acts in the world, but we’re especially excited about this month’s.

You may have heard of 99 Souls at this point, or, at least, caught a fleeting note or two from any one of their international smash hits. From Destiny’s Child and Brandy, to Blonde, to Martin Solveig, this duo has been making waves with their work both remixing and creating original tunes. With only a handful of releases to date, they’ve quickly managed to grab the collective intrigue of the industry, racking up millions upon millions of streams across YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

We both love acoustic music – and we want to connect with people. I grew up on hip hop and got into house music at Uni. From my mid-teens, I went to d ‘n’ b nights and later on electro house and dubstep events before finally deep house. Who’s our ultimate dance music act? I don’t know if we have one: we’re trying to do something that hasn’t been done before. We’re making an epic soul meets gospel meets 2016 house album, where every song means something. We just want to make a classic, timeless album!

With a heavy focus on live instrumentation, jazz, hip hop, soul, and house, 99 Souls are quietly working on a debut, full-length album. And, speaking of quiet, there hasn’t been much said about who these guys are and how that their smash hits came to be. That is, until now.

’99 Souls – The Girl Is Mine ft Destiny’s Child & Brandy’
’Snakehips ft Tinashe & Chance The Rapper – All My Friends (99 Souls Remix)’
’Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated (99 Souls Remix Radio Edit)’
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POWERS – Loved By You (Coucheron Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Loved By You (Coucheron Remix)

Just because we’re in South Beach for Miami Music Week doesn’t mean we can’t take a quick break to premiere some tasty tunes. In fact, if you happen to be down here as well, we think you’ll find this tune to be the perfect addition to your poolside playlist.

You’re probably hip to LA/NY-based Mike Del Rio & Crista Ru at this point, or POWERS, as they’re more commonly referred to. With only a few releases, they’ve casually racked up over a million plays. Songs like “Legendary,” “Beat Of My Drum,” and “Loved By You” have crossed over the blogosphere time and time again, entrancing listeners on a daily basis for the past couple of years.

Today, we’re bringing you a fresh take on one of the aforementioned smash hits, showcasing a different side of “Loved By You.” Coming off their Legendary Remixed EP, this tune has been flipped by Norweigan-based Coucheron, who joins Lenno and Lincoln Jesser on a short list of talented remixers. Fans of the original will be drawn into the tune by way of memorable lyrics, which are artfully sampled and treated. Coupled with those irresistible words are some playful guitars and a luscious bassline worthy of a pair of sunglasses, your favorite tank top, and a fruity cocktail.

You can find this tune for sale this Friday, and you can find POWERS on tour with X Ambassadors starting next week. We strongly recommend marking your calendars for both.

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