[Trap] Keys N Krates & KRANE – Right Here (Nurko Remix)

Keys N Krates & KRANE
Right Here (Nurko Remix)

“Right Here” from Keys N Krates and KRANE is without a doubt a masterpiece. It’s not easy to take on such a collaboration, but that’s just what Nurko did with the Dim Mak original. Released as a free download, this flip is a cut time treat that shakes the originals foundation up into something entirely new.

Nurko is no stranger to putting out great remixes, so when we saw he took this one on, it was promising. We had full faith he would nail it and he turned out a solid remix, taking “Right Here” in a new direction, one with a bit more trap and a bit less twerk. The New Jersey songster dropped this one after coming off an original EP on Lowly Palace that you need to check out if you haven’t yet. Before you do that, make sure to get this “Right Here” remix for free.

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FRND – Be Happy (Syence Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Be Happy (Syence Remix)

Even though FRND just released the single (and music video) for the song “Be Happy” that wasn’t enough. To expand the single further, FRND enlisted the help of Syence for a sweet official remix that you get a first listen to in this Music Ninja Premiere.

Syence keeps a somewhat similar vibe to the original, but adds in his own future bass touches to the mix. In its new form, “Be Happy” is a bit more bubbly, with a slightly increased groove that makes it a bit more dance-able and light-hearted. Enjoy a first listen to Syence’s take and check below to see just what the producer had to say about taking on this project.

Our remix of FRND’s Be Happy came together cohesively. We thought taking the emotionally dark lyrics and putting them in a much more uplifting scene worked really well, so we focused on all the good times we’ve had with people before they’ve moved on from our lives to create this track.

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[Electronic] Joe Hertz – Simple feat. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

Joe Hertz
Simple Ft. JONES (Chris McClenney Remix)

“Simple” by Joe Hertz just got a makeover by Maryland’s multi-instrumentalist Chris McClenney. He took “Simple” and turned up the groove on it a few levels, giving it the sound it needed for a true Summer remix. And trust us, this one will be getting played through the Summer, likely until the end of the year. It’s just that good.

Chris McClenney gets energetic and sexy with this official remix. It’s lively, with a ton of personality behind it. Just from listening to this flip, you can get any idea of just how musically talented Chris is, bringing art back to music like a true musician would. This has quickly become one of our favorite remixes of the year thanks to its extremely groovy nature and unique sound. We got a copy of it and you should too. iTunes has got you covered if you want it in your library.

I heard the original, and was immediately excited to put my bounce on it. There was this emotional energy in the original and I wanted to flip it a little to make it super groovy and feel-good.
Chris McClenney

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[R&B] French Montana – Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

French Montana
Unforgettable (Xavier White Remix)

Xavier White couldn’t wait to release a track, even though he’s got a project coming very soon. We’re okay with it and we think you’ll be okay with it too. As a sign of love for his fans, Xavier dished out a free download of his remix of “Unforgettable” by French Montana. No follow to download or anything, just a straightforward download for fans.

Even though you can get this easily, it’s worth a follow or even a purchase price if it had one. If you’re familiar with Xavier, then you’ll be used to his soothing R&B sound, one that he dives even deeper into this time around, shying away from the hip-hop sensibilities that find their way into some of his other works. Xavier has been making major moves lately, so expect to see him take over this Summer and the rest of the year with some quality material like this.

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[House] JOHN.k – Runnin’ (Rainer + Grimm Remix)

Today we have a proper house remix for you from Toronto’s Rainer + Grimm. The Canadian duo took on JOHN.k via his single “Runnin'” that took the indie dance world by storm. In its new form, “Runnin'” has a certain vibrancy that DJs are going to flock towards for their festival sets this season.

This time of year is when producers bring out the the big remixes. As far as house music goes, this take from Rainer + Grimm should be in the top section of the list. The clubby, deep flip is a powerful tune that is good in any circumstance, whether it’s in front of thousands of festival-goers, in a club or even at a house party. Some tracks fit more properly in one venue or another, but when you’ve got a track like this that’s good anywhere, anytime you know you have something good on your hands.

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[House] Late Night Alumni & Kaskade – Love Song (Brohug Remix)

Late Night Alumni & Kaskade "Love Song" (Brohug Remix)

If you love house music and don’t know Brohug, then you don’t REALLY love house music. The Stockholm act has been cooking up some of the dankest deep house and electro out right now and it seems everyone is leaping at their feet – for good reason. Late Night Alumni and Kaskade jumped at the change to get them on an official remix for the “Love Song” single released through Arkade.

Brohug kill it with this dirty remix. Things don’t get too dirty until the drop, where we’re met with a gritty collection of bass samples. Their style has been one that producers have sought after, but Brohug are the best ones out there nailing this hybrid electro style. Time and time again they deliver incredible originals and remixes without losing any steam. They’re sure to blow the roof off all their shows this Summer with this remix, as well as other works they’ve recently and are set to release.

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[Indie/Electronic] Cosmos & Creature – Unsteady

Cosmos & Creature

Some of you may recognize “Unsteady” from Cosmos & Creature. As many producers do remixes, indie acts do covers and this one is breathtaking. The duo started performing this on their first tour and now they’ve dropped it on the internet as a free download.

We can only imagine how amazing this would be to experience live. In its recorded form, “Unsteady” is a cool jam much like its original form from X Ambassadors. Despite it’s birth in a live atmosphere, the song has a bit more of an electronic and ethereal edge to it than what we’re used to. Even though we’re used to “Unsteady” a certain way, the new life that Cosmos & Creature breathe into the track makes for an incredible record.

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