[Future] Odesza – All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.24.19 AM
All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) Feat. Shy Girls

Fresh off of a new EP, Louis Futon has decided to hit us with yet another outstanding remix. As the number of Odesza remixes continues to multiply, some can get lost in the madness, but Louis Futon takes a slight deviation from your typical renditions with an almost R&B edge. Retaining the sultry Shy Girls vocals, this tune bounces along nicely with purpose and a presence that sits comfortably amongst prior releases in Louis Futon’s collection. Odesza could easily play the entirety of their festival circuit with the remixes that have been put out of them (just on ‘Say My Name’ alone), but this version of ‘All We Need’ is sure to finds its way into their sets and plenty of other artists’ as well. It’s a just a fun tune overall that’s equal parts sensual and upbeat. Yet again, we’re lucky as fans because it’s up for a free download, so don’t hesitate to grab it HERE.

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[House] Listenbee – Save Me (Tez Cadey Remix)

Save Me- Tez Cadey Remix

Early in December, we featured the utterly addictive sonic dance stylings of Listenbee’s “Save Me”, and of course it was only a matter of time before the remixes began pouring in for the viral tune. Alas, it is our duty to separate the killer from the filler, which is exactly what we’ve done as we’ve got a hold of the first stellar “Save Me” remix, this one coming from 21 year-old Parisian dance producer Tez Cadey. Cadey takes the tune, and reworks a sterling set of drums while dusting his own view of synth work throughout to create a refreshing take on a track we haven’t been able to shake from our in-house dance playlist since its release. NYC’s Lokal Lagend imprint continues to impress us with this one, so take a few minutes and stream Tez Cadey’s take on Listenbee’s “Save Me” above.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 135)


We made it ninjas…we made it through another excruciating week full of monotonous routines, early wake up calls, and caffeine overdoses. Now that we’re finally in the hands of the glorious palms of Friday, we can grab the aux cord and a whole lot of booze because this weekend is about to be on another level. We’ve got another kick ass playlist for all of you animals out there, so make sure you make yourselves proud and give us a little booty shake to kick off your weekend the right way.

As always, #danceirresponsibly.

Until next week, ninjas,

Niveau Zero
Underground Flavor (LUMBERJVCK Remix)
Jayceeoh & DJ Sub Zero
Im The King (Original Mix)
Hardwell & Dallask
Area 51 (Judah Remix)
Featuring Nömak
Lux Johnson
Blasterjaxx & Ibranovski
Astronaut (GRMN Remix)
Liquid Metal
 Shoot Out!
Long Shot (Cash Cash X Clean Bandit X The Chainsmokers)
Faded (Milians Assault Remix)
Lil Wayne
A Milli (Drezo Remix)
Dirty Vegas
Days Go By (Sirkea Remix)
Ash OConnor
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[Dirty House] Lil Wayne – A Milli (Drezo Remix)

Lil Wayne
A Milli (Drezo Remix)

It’s Friday and we’re ready to throw in the towel over here at TMN. As we patiently await for our Friday Party Playlist Vol. 135 make its appearance later today, we have the perfect track to get you from 0-100 real quick (we know, that’s SO 2014). With already almost 67,000 plays in just 2 days, Los Angeles producer, Drezo, decided to drop a dirty House anthem with his latest remix of Lil Wayne’s ever so charming, “a Milli”. Not only is this a blast from the past, but it’s one of those songs that everyone and their mom knows – so you know mama will be down for what we have for you today.

Drezo transforms this Lil Wayne track into a dark, grimy, and sweaty House hit that will undoubtedly get you ready for the weekend in a matter of seconds. With its simple, yet percussive progression, and a filthy, wobbly bassline, Drezo fills us up with a milli-on reasons to ditch work and get our groove on. So grab your freebie and get your booty grinding, ninjas.

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[Sensual] Oh Wonder – The Rain (StéLouse Edition)

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.03.29 AM
Oh Wonder
The Rain (StéLouse edition)

Oh Wonder has become quite the household name lately. They continue to dominate with every release and have already seen a multitude of remixes from some phenomenal names. The latest up is StéLouse, whose prowess as a producer has spanned over multiple successful remixes and his noteworthy EP, The City. This edit is a much more reserved product than we’ve seen previously from StéLouse, but it’s a very welcome change of pace. He even states this in the SoundCloud description:

I wanted to maintain the beauty and subtlety of the vocal. Just an attempt to give the song a little twist without ruining the original vibe.

He did exactly that. Subtly adding the perfect amount of additional percussive elements and synths, this version of “The Rain” holds up a golden standard that we’ve seen with StéLouse on his remixing capabilities. This tune just goes to show how much simplicity and tact can really bring out the best in a song when done correctly. Don’t forget to grab a download and enjoy!

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[Chill] Bearson – Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

Bearson - Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)
Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

What’s not to love about about Manila Killa? The DC-based producer has been Manila Killing it (excuse the bad pun) as one half of Hotel Garuda, who have put out popular tunes one after another. His rework of Bearson‘s “Pink Medicine” will make you jump up and down in a heartbeat! Drawing inspiration from Bearson’s attention to detail with vocal samples, Manila Killa puts his own spin on the beautiful track and turning it into an electronica-based tune. A future trap beat is put in with some catchy synth-lines, resulting in a sound resembling Odesza‘s. The uplifting track possesses a feel-good vibe that will definitely catch your full attention.

Magic happens when you put Manila Killa and Bearson together. Have a listen to this goodness and it’ll speak for itself. Make sure to grab a free download of the track here!

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[Chill] Monarch – Stay (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

Monarch Stay Kill Them With Colour Remix
Stay (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

After a sensational break out first single, Monarch has been making quite the buzz around the music world and we’re just here to keep that fire burning as long as we can. With their most recent exposure, Monarch has caught the attention of producers from all over, specifically a TMN favorite, Kill Them With Colour. The Toronto producers (like Monarch) have been receiving a lot of love from the blogging community as well as those on Hype Machine. Since racking up a number of plays on their SoundCloud, Kill Them With Colour is back and this time with a chilly new remix for our Monarch boys and their single, “Stay”.

After listening through this a few times, it’s clear to us that we can’t help but stay hooked on both of these artists. As soon as you press play, we are introduced with a haunting melody, crippling reverberated synths, and pulsating rhythms full of bass. Needless to say, we can’t keep our ears away from this one and neither will you.

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