[G-House] Big Boi – Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch x Tendra Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Dr. Fresch X Tendra Kryptonite Final Art
Big Boi
Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch X Tendra Remix)

The L.A. king of housey hip-wiggle Dr. Fresch has tickled our dance fancy through a multitude of niche and underground sub-genres over the past few years; from his self-titled EP, to gleaming remixes of artists as varied as Nelly Furtado, Snoop Dogg, and No Doubt; but the aurally bending dance maestro’s work within the realm of modern day G-House remains our favorite wrinkle in Dr. Frech’s production game.  Today, Dr. Fresch has teamed up with newcomer Tendra to take on Big Boi’s 2005 Purple Ribbon All-Star collab “Kryptonite” and it’s got us all twerked up around the monitors. Musically, the pair seem to coalesce as superbly as PB& J, using a perfectly swung analog bass line and Big Boi’s pitched down vocal stem to maintain the stylistic aesthetic of the original while simultaneously transporting it to another end of the club spectrum completely. When we pressed the pair a bit more about their joint remix, Tendra gave us quite the juicy little story: “Earlier this Summer, I was playing Blackjack with Big Boi at a Casino after Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and cashed out huge. I landed back in LA, told Dr. Fresch the story, and we decided to get working on the remix – I had to show Big Boi some love for filling my pockets with stacks.”  While we may not quite be cool enough to stack our chips with Big Boi, this remix of “Kryptonite” surely is. Dr. Fresch and Tendra have offered an outstanding Tuesday pick-me-up, so put on your dancing shoes, grab the free download here, and let’s work it out.

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[House/Garage] Mary Mary – Shackles [Praise You] (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Mary Mary
Shackles [Praise You] (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

After what was a fairly heavy weekend of darker, more Halloween appropriate sets on the dancefloor for this writer, we thought what better way to pace our Monday morning than with a bit of soulful, classic leaning house music from Amsterdam’s Dennis Kruissen. Taking Mary Mary‘s “Shackles [Praise You]“, Kruissen chose an absolutely fitting vocal to tip his production hat to the genre defining house records emanating from Chicago in the mid 80′s to early 90′s. Mary Mary’s booming and expressive reverberations get wrapped up in a tightly spun grand piano line, further establishing the tune’s new-age taste of time-honored dance arrangement; while the popping garagey synth progression slides front and center, hooking its listener with a simple arpeggiated loop. This one has us scooting all over the office today, so if house and dance fit into your listening repertoire, do yourself a solid and hit play above. Grab the free download of Dennis Kruissen’s “Shackles” remix here.

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[Electronic] Vanic X Zella Day – Hypnotic

Vanic X Zella Day

One thing we love here at TMN is coming across those artists who are absolutely consistent with their quality of music. It’s difficult for artists, especially in EDM, to find their own sound–a sound that sells to a diverse audience–and stick with it while not letting that sound get lost in the over-saturated music of today.

Vanic is an artist who still has yet to release a product that hasn’t surprised or stunned his listeners. We’ve been a fan of his music for quite some time now, and though his sound has developed a bit in that period, it still has Vanic written all over it.

For his most recent release, Vanic brilliantly remixes Zella Day‘s “Hypnotic,” turning it into something of an electronic masterpiece. Vanic spices up the the original (which is already composed of an underlying dark harmony that presents you with a feeling of mystery) in a way that is so hot, your sound system may or may not catch on fire. He transforms the song into pure sex (try to think Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finale) that will leave you begging for more.

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[Deep-Disco] Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (The Golden Pony “Golden Classics” Remix)

The Golden Pony
Psycho Killer (The Golden Pony "Golden Classics" Remix)

It’s been a bit since our favorite deep-disco duo, Brooklyn’s The Golden Pony, released an entry into their “Golden Classics” remix series; but the afro wielding pair just turned out an absurdly appropriate Halloween remix with a heavy disco retooling of Talking Heads’ classic “Psycho Killer”. The Golden Pony’s been making themselves familiar with the rest of the world through groove heavy remixes and disco fueled originals over the past few years, and any artists that are willing to take David Byrne and co. into the dance hall more than has our full Ninja support.. Their latest remix comes armed with a club-heavy bassline, an almost tropical, hollow sounding synth progression and dare we say the slightest hint of wobble tucked away under every second bar. We’ll be jamming this one out all day in anticipation of tonight’s spine-chilling dance parties, so why don’t you get into the Halloween spirit with us this afternoon? As always, The Golden Pony are giving their hard work in the studio away for free in exchange for a simple Facebook like here. Grab yourself a copy and Happy Haunting.

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The Night VI – Heroine (backstroke.remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

The Night VI
Heroine (backstroke. Remix)

Is there a better day to be writing up such a haunting tale? Couple in some devilishly dialed up future bass beats to the aforementioned story, and we pretty much have the perfect track for your Halloween adventures.

Coming off their second EP, DIY, The Night VI have brought us into the dark and unsavory with their track “Heroine.” Lead singer Sophie Rose Harper elaborates on her cautionary tale:

Heroine is a femme fatal. She knows what she wants and how to get it but she’ll ruin you much like the drug. She’s like your mum’s worst nightmare but there’s another side to her one that raises you up and keeps you wanting more.

Enter backstroke, a DC-based remixer who was brought in for a tasty twist on this vocal-driven tune. Expertly extracting and sampling sections of the original vocal score, “Heroine” has been given a dancefloor friendly vibe, complete with heavy bass, rolling snares, and chilling synths.

Aside from this premiere, you can also find this tune in our upcoming Halloween playlist. Make sure to check back with us later today!

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[Tropical House] Jose Gonzalez – Stay Alive (Sam Feldt & Chris Meid Remix)

Sam Feldt & Chris Meid - Stay Alive
Jose Gonzalez
Stay Alive (Sam Feldt & Chris Meid Remix)

Sam Feldt has come out with another big-time track! Collaborating with fellow producer Chris Meid who is also making a name for himself in the melodic house scene, the Dutch producer remixes Jose Gonzalez“Stay Alive” and totally hits the jackpot with this one. The mellow vocals fit perfectly with the tropical style of the tune, and brings a smile to your face no matter how much you listen to tropical house. The killer saxophone solo performed by Ben Rodenburg dramatically sealed the deal and made this song stand out like a sore thumb.

Sam Feldt always manages to work with different talented musicians to spice up his work. Filled with such diversity and creativity, his music never gets boring. We would love to see more international collaborations from these European producers. Stay tuned for more!

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[Deep House] Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Christina Perri - Burning Gold (Addal Remix)
Christina Perri
Burning Gold (Addal Remix)

Labelled as “emotional music”, Addal‘s sensational reworks always manages to capture everyone’s heart. Remixing Christina Perri‘s “Burning Gold”, the Italian producer puts out a juicy track that is both catchy and memorable. The tune starts off with these piano chordal cadences, soon followed by an upbeat ukulele that fills up the mood. Christina’s vocals are encouraging and exciting as shown in her song lyrics. The hollowed humming at the beginning and during the middle of the tune accentuate the “emotional” element of the song, almost like a hymn. The housey beat definitely spiced up the already poppy track without being overdone.

This tune will have everyone clapping their hands and singing along. It it just that powerful. Addal wows everyone once again with this release. Hats off to the talented musician and we are beyond stoked to see what else he is bringing to this genre.

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