[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 138)


Hey ninjas! So…as you all know, I have been running TMN’s Friday Party Playlist for quite some time now. Unfortunately, this month is nothing but bat shit CRAY, so I will be passing the torch over to ninja Mitch to help keep you satisfied this month. This ninjette will be back in April to continue the party anthems each and every week….but school always comes first. So while you all do beer bongs and twerk on walls, i’ll just sit in the library and let my liver repair itself before Spring Break. See you all in a few weeks.

As always #danceirresponsibly.

Until next month, ninjas.

Flosstradamus feat. Waka Flocka
TTU (TroyBoi Remix)
107th Part Deux (Buku Remix)
Valentino Khan
Deep Down Low (Original Mix)
Maison Cartel
The Cartel
Tincup x Quix x G
Rex x King Tutt
Skrillex & Diplo (Jack Ü) X Justin Bieber
Where Are Ü Now (Halogen Remix)
Spring Break (feat. The Rej3ctz & Dougie F)
dont copy us
I See Stars
Murder Mitten (Dotcom Remix)
Aazar x Rae Sremmurd
Come Get Her
No Substitute ft. Y.A.S
the last round he was going to fight
Pyramid Scheme and Mk Ultra
Ghost ( Trip V Festival Remix )
Synchronice & Kasum
Glorious (OLWIK Remix)
Nah Oh
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[Serene] Mitski – Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 9.31.09 PM
Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

If you’re still coming down from the massive amount of feelings instilled from Ryan Hemsworth‘s Valentine’s Day mix, prepare for a lot more because he just gave us his beautiful remix of Mitski‘s “Francis Forever” that was featured in it. Ryan applies his textbook cute and futuristic touch to the gentle indie tune, managing to not only tug at the heartstrings, but also expand on his constantly evolving exploration of sound that’s stemmed from his latest album, Alone For The First Time.

Delicate synths flutter alongside the simple yet resounding drum work and percussion as the airy vocals of Mitski shimmer within the fluctuating space. It’s a tune that almost makes time stand still while it plays. As with almost any Ryan Hemsworth song, your mind begins to drift into an innate sense of calm and you find a warm center of solace as the tune progresses. We can count ourselves lucky not just for the stream, but for the free download also, so don’t forget to grab your own copy! Finish off your day right and get a little emotional with Ryan’s new tune above.

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[Chill] Francesco Rossi Feat. Ozark Henry – Godspeed, You (Charming Horses Remix)

Charming Horses Remix
Godspeed You (Francesco Rossi Feat. Ozark Henry

As winter dissipates and we inch closer to warmer days, we can’t help but be drawn to songs that remind us of summer. Over the last year, Francesco Rossi has undeniably made major strides as an artists. From Best Artist of the Year nominations, to hit records, the Italian-producers music has infiltrated the airwaves worldwide.

Like the law of gravity, a similar cause and effect relationship occurs with hit songs, there are always remix to follow guaranteed. Up-and-coming duo, Charming Horses, have flown under the radar…until now at least.

Remixing Francesco’s track “Godspeed You,” the charming duo has infused their signature laid-back vibes and a hint of tropical elements. The middle of the week is always a struggle, so why not escape reality for a minute with this enticing new remix. Stream above and start getting ready for the weekend.

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[Nu-Disco/Chill] Ekkah – Last Chance to Dance (Goldroom Remix)

Last Chance To Dance (Goldroom Remix)

The King of that laid-back, Summer inflected disco dance sound, L.A.’s Goldroom last graced these welcoming pages of TMN with the syrupy sweet and chilled out original “Til Sunrise”, and today returns with another tactfully executed disko revision of Ekkah‘s “Last Chance to Dance”. The former bedroom producer turned entrancing live experience has by now established a signature blend of house & nu-disco somewhere around a breezy 110 BPM’s; which works wonderfully with the UK based duo’s poppy soundscape, playing back and forth between dancefloor fairy dust and its original, hooky stems. Once again, we’re swooning over another Goldroom cut, and for those of us who will find themselves as part of the proverbial “festival circuit” in the coming months, check out the string of live dates below.

Mar 14: San Diego @ CRSSD Festival (Live Set)
Mar 29: Miami @ Ultra Music Festival (DJ Set)
May 17: Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Fest (Live Set)
May 23: Bradley, CA @ Lightning In A Bottle (Live Set)
June 4: Arkansas @ Wakarusa Music Festival (DJ Set)
June 25-28: Michigan @ Electric Forest (Live Set)

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[House] Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Halsey - Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)
Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Following their epic Imagine Dragon remix, LA-based Lost Kings are switching gears to melodic house by remixing “Ghost” by New York singer Halsey. To our surprise, the combination of the two forces works wonders. Halsey’s vocals go perfectly with the joyful vibe driven by a tropical synth. The tune is stripped and then accompanied by slowed drums. You will be caught singing along and dancing to this catchy tune without question.

The Lost Kings once again showcased their diverse caliber, as they’re able to grab different elements and turn them into something special. If you want to get through your mid-week struggle, or want something that will make you happy in an instant, here’s your answer.

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[House] Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)

Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)
Marvin Gaye
How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)

DC-based producer Eau Claire is a magician when it comes to resurrecting oldies. The classic Marvin Gaye tune “How Sweet It Is” gets the Eau Claire makeover, and she gives it a deeper factor than the usual disco approach. Kicking off with a series of oriental synths, the tune has a simple but dreamy vibe. The keys go pleasantly well with the hollowed vocals, and accentuate the feel-good element of the track. There’s so much positive energy, it’s no wonder this classic remix deserves every bit of attention. We just couldn’t get enough of this goodness.

If you dig this tune and the talented producer behind it, you can download this track for free here!

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[Future] Vanic X Aquilo – Losing You

Vanic X Aquilo
Losing You

Yet again, Vanic has proven himself an exceptional producer. Creating music that cannot be described by any word other than “addicting,” he exercises his ability to create melodies that appeal to any and all listeners. Not only this, but he has mastered the skill of balancing his sound within collaborations–finding ways to allow vocalists to shine through his powerful music.

In his latest release, “Losing You,” Vanic takes on the hypnotizing vocals of UK duo, Aquilo. Together, Aquilo’s voices and Vanic’s powerful melody compliment each other in the most unpredictable way, and consequently forms a product that is unimaginable in sound.

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