Buku – Front to Back (Stylust Beats Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Front To Back(Stylust Beats Remix)

Buku’s “Front to Back” has already received a remix treatment from Bassnectar, but today we present to you another take on the Spinnin single. Stylust Beats has come through the dojo to give you a first listen to his own flip in this Music Ninja Premiere.

If you happen to be a fan of driving basslines, then this newly formatted “Front to Back” is going to please your ears. Stylust Beats gets things going with a quickness and doesn’t pull back the energy much until the end. Things do dip for a short period so you you can catch your breath and get yourself ready to continue to dance your pants off or headbang, whichever you prefer. With Spring so close and festivals on their way, remarkable remixes of big tracks will be steadily coming out. This is definitely in that batch and we’re pleased to deliver it to you here first!

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[Electronic] Bring Me The Horizon – Drown (EMBRZ Remix)

Bring Me The Horizon X EMBRZ

Big things are just around the corner for the Irish songster EMBRZ. In the Spring once the weather has warmed up, EMBRZ will release his debut EP. In the meantime, we get to enjoy another smooth remix. “Drown” by Bring Me The Horizon is what got flipped this time around.

EMBRZ is one of those standout producers whose style, although familiar, is certainly distinguishable as unique. “Drown” went from being a hardened indie rock record to a heavenly electronic tune. What makes this an exceptionally interesting remix is that EMBRZ sampled multiple versions of the original, bringing in the best parts of each and adding in his own flair. When an artist picks out a song, usually they go with the flow and feel of the original, but it’s nice to see such a talented musician do a complete 180 and still manage to deliver something spectacular that is totally unexpected.

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[Electronic] Afrojack – Used to Have it All (Dirty Audio Remix)

We may have already featured this in our new Spotify playlist, Back that Bass Up, but Dirty Audio’s sock game isn’t the only thing that strong. His recent releases have been straight fire and his official remix to Afrojack’s “Used To Have It All” is no exception. This groovy house vibe gets a signature make-over from the LA producer known for indulging in lots of coffee, stabbing synths, and hard drops. The elegant vocals are still present, but this flip gives the track a whole new club and festival ready vibe that we’re sure to see all summer. You can buy and stream this latest release here.

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[Trap] Dillon Francis – Candy Feat. Snappy Jit (Candyland Remix)

It makes 100% sense that Candyland would take a stab at remixing “Candy” by Dillon Francis and Snappy Jit. It would also make 100% sense that she killed it, which she did. Not only that, but she decided to deliver it to the internet as a free download. There’s no excuse to not grab this one.

“Candy” in its new form is a twerk-friendly bass track that is sure to get the party started, or if the party is already going, then it’s going next level when this drops. Things get groovy in a hurry with Candyland’s adaptation whose bubbling basslines are meant to get those booties shaking. It’s always nice to hear a great track get a solid remix, which should come as no surprise given the remixer. Stream “Candy” today and don’t forget to download for a whopping cost of $0.

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[Electronic] RYNO – Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)

It’s always good to see up and coming artists get official remixes. This was the case for Dulsae who was tapped by New York’s RYNO to remix the single “Wishing Seed.” Although Ryno may be a new name to many, as a Battle of The Bands champion, he is a respected talent in the industry. Not a bad person to get to be supported by!

Dulsae’s sound is something straight from the stars. An overwhelming cosmic characteristic emanates from this remix. If you’re looking to escape the week early, then you have what you need with this remix. The chilling mood of the newly defined “Wishing Seed” is undeniable. It whisks you away to another place with its soft soundscapes and mystical melodies. The fellow New Yorker Dulsae did not disappoint his creative brother with his interpretation and he didn’t disappoint us either.

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[Future Bass] Breathe Carolina x IZII – ECHO (LET GO) (Sean Turk Remix)

Breathe Carolina x IZII
ECHO (LET GO) (Sean Turk Remix) [OUT NOW]

If you’re not familiar with Sean Turk, you better be soon. He’s quickly become one of the most sought after producers in dance music. This has resulted in the commission of an official remix by Spinnin Records who asked the New York creator to flip “ECHO (LET GO)” by Breathe Carolina x IZII.

Sean’s signature bedroom bass sound is exemplified in this soothing remix. He always manages to keep a cool edge to his songs while creating an atmosphere that gives the song that “big” profile. Although Sean kept “ECHO” near to the original style, he shows just what can be done within the future sound. He moved away from the more poppy vibe and brought out a sound that will play well to large festival crowds. Summer is coming, don’t be surprised when you hear this one being played out. Download your copy of the newly formed “ECHO” today through the digital service of your choosing.

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Bad Royale & Gaudi Deliver Remixes For Balkan Beat Box [TMN Premiere]

Today we have a special premiere for you of not one, but two official remixes for Balkan Beat Box. One comes from our good friends Bad Royale and the other comes from the London creator GAUDI. Each of them have their own take on “Chin Chin” and each definitely had a different idea in mind of where to take things.

In going in nearly opposite directions, it’s cool to see just how easy it is for people to put their own spin on a song. With Bad Royale, we get a high-octane flip that sees the group’s Caribbean bass sound go all over the place, as they usually do. No matter what they release, it’s always a fun listen. GAUDI takes things much slower, with a laidback remix whose slight groove makes this the perfect kickback track. He manages to make two styles of music fit together that at first thought you might think against it. GAUDI not only makes it work, but he does so in a manner that exceeds even the best expectations. Check them out below and if you haven’t heard the original, check out the music video as well.

’Chin Chin (Bad Royale Remix)’
’Chin Chin (GAUDI Remix)’

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