Big Chocolate – Blue Milk (Kid Ranger Remix)

Coming off from the massive reaction to his drumstep remix of Savage’s 2005 classic song ‘Swing’, Kid Ranger brings another full force rendition of a much recent track: Big Chocolate’s very own Hip/Hop and Trap concoction ‘Blue Milk’. The marriage between Hip/Hop and Trap may be obvious, but it is artists like Big Chocolate that extend this Honeymoon period bringing excitement and experimentation to the wonderful love affair.

The California producer proves himself, yet again, paying tribute to the original’s heavier dynamics while infusing an intense, high-pressured bassline, rich in both intensity and appeal. This head-bobber is Kid Ranger’s submission to Big Chocolate remix competition for ‘Blue Milk’ and we urge you to help us vote for Kid Ranger here.

Big Chocolate
Blue Milk (Kid Ranger Remix) (VOTE NOW!)
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GUTS – Django Remix [Soundtrack]

After experiencing one of the best movies ever created, Inglorious Bastards, it was obvious that another Tarantino revenge story would provide just as much pleasure. Django, a love story that wraps around themes of revenge and justice was accompanied by one of the most modern soundtracks in the last couple of years. However, the main Django theme song is not so recent, originally composed in 1966 by Luis Bacalov. Spanish producer Guts, took the already excellent original and made a slow, easily digesting chill rendition.

Django RMX
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Diplo & Swick – Keep It Gully [Preview]

We know Diplo likes to be a tease but a 30 second clip is just down right mean. Continuing the momentum of his much followed funky and full of bounce “twerk” movements comes another addition to his legacy. Swick, Mad Decent’s new rising star from Melbourne, Australia is just coming off releasing his Bubbles EP a few months back to now working on this new collaborative track with the Twerk King himself titled ‘Keep It Gully’. Featuring horn-like melodies layered over a dynamic and quintessential diplo production of drum loop and attitude-filled vocals samples, this new single
sets the tone for the new year.

Diplo & Swick
Keep It Gully **Preview**

“Keep It Gully” will be out Feb 4th via Mad Decent is Diplo

And if you can’t get enough of this track, make sure you check out the 2 hour mix of Diplo & Friends on BBCR1extra

Diplo & Friends BBCR1xtra: January 12, 2013

Tracklist: Continue reading

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Kendrick Lamar Feat. Dr. Dre – The Recipe (Trapback Remix)

One of the most original Trap remixes we have seen, comes Trapback‘s rendition of “The Recipe” by Kendrick Lamar Feat. Dr. Dre. Instead of going the typical overly bumpy trap route, the 18 year old Seattle based producer takes one step back for this ultra smooth track. I always cringe when I hear someone come up with a new genre name but it looks like we are seeing some of the early samples of what chilltrap *shutters* will become.

Kendrick Lamar Feat. Dr. Dre
The Recipe (Trapback Remix)

Via TrapDoor Records

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Avicii – Three Million (Your Love Is So Amazing) [Free Download]

To celebrate hitting 3 million likes on Facebook, Avicii is giving his fans a brand new single “Three Million”.

Let’s get things straight, we love Avicii. We have interviewed him many times and apart from being one of the nicest producers in the world, his music has constantly inspired us and the world.

Yet, we can only find Three Million reasons as to why this song just doesn’t cut it for us. It is quite alarming that whenever an important artists releases a new single, all the other music blogs jump on it with rave reviews. Yes, we are grateful to have a “Free” track from Avicii but we are just not sure what to think of it. The bassline after minute 2.15 feels outdated, as to coming from a nintendo game (although we admit this is a perfect soundtrack for a Contra game). The strings that typically carry the track with such progressive momentum in an Avicii production, seem to be absent and lacking. But, of course that is just our humble opinion as avid Avicii fans.

We are eager to see what else Avicii has in store for us in 2013.

Three Million (feat. Negin)

What did you think of this track? Tell us and Comment below!

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Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Stay (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Budding 24-year-old British producer Erol Sabadosh takes on Rihanna‘s latest single “Stay” (which also happens to feature the TMN favorite & rising R&B star, Mikky Ekko). The original, which is a pretty infectious, emotional piano-pop tune on its own, gets infused with amped up beats, laser effects and an overall irresistible body-moving flavor. Fall in love below.

Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko (Erol Sabadosh Remix)
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Jonsi – Around Us (The Chainsmokers Remix)

What happens when you combine bright, splashy electronics and the ethereal vocals of Sigur Ros’ frontman Jonsi? New York’s production duo The Chainsmokers show us on their new remix of “Around Us”. The rework is a totally captivating dance floor ready tune that still retains the original’s haunting beauty. Lose yourself in it below.

Around Us (The Chainsmokers Remix)
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