Daft Punk – One More Time (Luca Lush Remix) [TMN Premiere]

luca lush daft punk art
Daft Punk
One More Time (LUCA LUSH Remix)

Soundcloud, even with its quirks, bugs and uncertainties, remains an amazing tool for music discovery from both a fan and artist perspective. Over the last couple years, a number of collectives have done a particularly good job curating like-minded artists via SC allowing listeners further opportunity to find producers similar to ones they already know and love. The alaya collective is a perfect example of one such taste-maker introducing us to some of our favorite new artists in the future R&B and chill-bass realm over the last year.

Today, we’re excited to be premiering a new track from New York-based, alaya-affiliated producer Luca Lush, who has been killing the Soundcloud game recently. Before you jump to conclusions about his decision to take on Daft Punk, keep in mind that Luca has already remixed classics like “Let’s Get It On” and “In Da Club” recently with marvelously creative results. His take on “One More Time” is no different as he allows the original vocals to progress over a radiant backdrop before bridging into a glitchy break and finally breaking down completely into an addicting piano melody. By the 2-minute mark Luca has taken full control injecting his unique feels for a truly dynamic, triumphant closing. Grab a free download here and, if you like what you hear, make sure to follow Luca Lush and alaya, who’ve got a new compilation on the way, on Soundcloud at those links.

P.S. If you haven’t heard it already, make sure to check out Luca Lush’s addicting collaboration with Feki, “Club Love,” one of my personal favorites.

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T-Pain – Buy You a Drink (SMLE Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Buy You A Drink (SMLE Remix)

In all honesty, this is the first time this writer has found himself typing in the name T-Pain into a post title. Nothing against the Tallahasseean personally, his music has just never really jived with me. Today it does though, but mainly due to the fact it has been set to a wickedly gorgeous future bass backdrop. Cheers to SMLE for broadening my musical horizons.

Taking the heavily treated from the original, this happy-go-lucky producer has dialed up a vibe-heavy interpretation of “Buy You a Drink.” Its aesthetic nature comes to life with calculated creaks, soaring synths, and booming bass, all crackling with layers of rich atmosphere and melody. It’s definitely one to come home and chill out to after a long night at the club. It’s also probably ideal for bringing someone home with you. We’ll let you experiment with that and get back to us.

First things first though. Can we get that drink now,SMLE?

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[Future] GoldLink – Ay Ay (Gravez VIP) (feat. Drewsthatdude & Scolla)

Ay Ay (Gravez VIP) (ft. Drewsthatdude & Scolla)

Atlanta-based producer Gravez has positioned himself nicely for 2015 closing out last year with an onslaught of strong releases, both originals and remixes. His take on Drake‘s “6 God” was featured by multiple editors in our recent best of 2014 list, but it’s only one of many future hip-hop productions that has gained him a rapidly growing following on SoundCloud. For his last remix of 2014, Gravez unleashed a complete re-imagination of “Ay Ay,” the standout track from Ninja-favorite emcee GoldLink. With some production assistance from Drewsthatdude and vocal work by Scolla, the VIP keeps Link’s vocals in tact while transforming the booty-bouncing original into a soulful number with a distinct southern, future bounce.

With artists like Rome Fortune, Young Thug and iLoveMakonnen pushing the envelope as emcees in Atlanta, Gravez seems to be carving his own lane among the wave of producers creating unconventional backdrops helping ATLiens stay ahead of the curve sonically. We’re looking forward to what Gravez has in store for us this year between his original work, remixes and collaborations. In the meantime, enjoy this unique cut above, grab a free download and head to Gravez’s Soundcloud page for more gems.

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[Chill] Cavalier- Flirt (Feat. DrewsThatDude) (R. Kelly Remix)

Cavalier- Flirt (Feat. DrewsThatDude)
Flirt (feat. DrewsThatDude)

Producers Cavalier and DrewsThatDude link up on this remix of one of my personal favorites from the King of R&B, R. Kelly. These two really breathe major life back into this 2007 hit. I can vividly remember the weight that this song used to carry when I was back in High School. The lyrical delivery from Kells is as magical as ever. This rework feels natural and lures you in with its soft and elegant intro. Once that bass and melody come in though, this one really goes off. Not the best song for a complicated couple to enjoy together, yet I would still suggest it as a great night cap. It’s been a busy winter for Cavalier as he recently released a six track project entitled PIETA, which you can find on Bandcamp. DrewsThatDude has been quite active as well. Head over to his soundcloud to find some awesome work with Gravez, B N J M N, C. Justice, Fortune & much more. This is a perfect R&B tune to start off 2015. A tip of the cap is truly deserved.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 130)


It’s finally a new year and you know what that means…”NEW YEAR, NEW ME”. Before we get into that cliche nonsense, let’s just ruin your resolution of cutting back on partying with some bitchin’ tunes to get your weekend going strong. As we celebrate the first weekend of 2015, we hope that you ninjas are ready to get down with your bad selves.

As always, #danceirresponsibly.

Unti next week, ninjas.

Max Styler & Retrohandz
Something Fresh (Original Mix)
Black Horse (NGHTMRE Remix)
Kayoh ✖ Space Captain
Take U There (King Henry Remix)
Say No Diggity (ODESZA // Blackstreet)
Drop That A$$ (Free Download)
Luzcid X Zagor
Wait (Rootkit Remix)
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[Dance] GEMOLOGY – First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix) [TMN Premiere]

First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix)

Back in September we had the blissful opportunity to debut the first ever release (and one of our favorite singles in 2014), “First & Last” from Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff’s stirring synth-pop project GEMOLOGY. The tune, with its schooled instrumentation and clinging assortment of eclectic electronic sounds was a sitting duck for remixers across all genres to try their hands at, and the first entry into GEMOLOGY’s remix catalog comes from another TMN mainstay; German born Glastrophobie, in the form of another welcome ‘TMN Premiere’. The clearly schooled dance-smith equips the tune with a delicate balance of the original’s alluring hook with another pattern of airy uplifting synths that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Kygo remix. Furthermore, Joanie Wolkoff’s vocals echo across as initmately as ever amongst Glastrophobie’s sonic sound kit; sounding as close as a shared conversation across a pillow. It’s lovely to see a tune’s original soul kept intact while also shifting cadence and mood simultaneously, which to us solidifies Glastrophobie’s grasp on a developing and unique sound. Stream Glastrophobie’s remix of “First & Last” above, and check out more sounds from the budding artist here.

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Moby – The Last Day ft. Skylar Grey (TYR Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

The Last Day (TYR Remix)

While most of the population of Boulder is probably still recovering from an epic night out at Decadence, or any one of the other NYE parties, TYR is up and at it, providing the fuzzy-headed, uneasy-stomached music lovers with something to help ease the pain.

Taking his crack at Moby and Skylar Grey’s dreary yet dreamy tune, this up-and-coming Colorado producer has given new life to “The Last Day.” Elements of Skylar Grey’s vocals are perfectly sampled and placed meticulously with a danceable beat, some tropical synths, and a buzzing bassline. While still retaining it’s ethereal vibes, this interpretation definitely takes on a more upbeat attitude, providing listeners with something that glows with originality.

As with all good remixes, TYR has payed homage to the original, yet dialed it up with a new look and feel with ease. Its chill, calming vibes should cure what ails you today. That and maybe some greasy food and a lot of water.

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