[Soothing] James Blake – I Am Sold (GARREN Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.30.55 AM
I Am Sold (GARREN Remix)
James Blake

GARREN has established quite the reputation for his work, and even had people stealing it at one point. Thankfully, that situation was rectified, and he’s begun to truly receive the credit that’s been long overdue to him. Every remix he’s released lays a warm blanket of lush synths and refined drum work over our delicate ears and tucks us in at night safe and sound.

His new take on James Blake‘s “I Am Sold” continues this tradition with the aptitude of James himself along with clear influences from Cashmere Cat and more forward thinking artists. His groundwork for success is strong, and while he still is slightly under the radar, there’s no doubt that his time going unnoticed will be short lived. He has demonstrated mastery of exactly what sound he’s going for, and we need to hear more. Grab the free download here.

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[Indie Dance] WALLA – 101 (Taylor Wise Remix)

101 (Taylor Wise Remix)

We’re no strangers to WALLA, and once we saw that Taylor Wise had crafted his own rendition of “101″ by them, we absolutely had to show it some love. This sprightly remix is a slight deviation from Taylor’s normal hip-hop source material, but he reworks WALLA‘s tune into even more of a relentlessly upbeat and positive tune with ease. Fleshing out the drums and sprinkling bright synths throughout, Taylor Wise truly transformed “101″ in the best way possible, resulting in an enjoyable pick-me-up that not only will turn that frown upside down, but will actively excite you. He’s given us a free download also, so show some support via ToneDen here and enjoy!

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[Future] Atlas Bound – Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Atlas Bound - Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)
Atlas Bound
Tell Me (Prince Fox Remix)

What happens when future meets downtempo? This track has the answer. Australian duo Atlas Bound has been carrying the torch for Next Wave Records by releasing a series of juicy tunes, including “Tell Me”, which is remixed by NY-based producer Prince Fox, who once again proves that his music knows no boundaries and manages to turn anything into epicness.

This ominous tune gets the Prince Fox treatment with bold synths and statement drums. Without tweaking the soulful vocals that much, Prince Fox gives it a Flume-y vibe without overshadowing the powerful vocals that resemble the voice of singer Alex Clare. The combination of the two types of music is surprisingly addicting. If you’re fan of either one of these artists, this track will be stuck with you for a long time.¬†Make sure to grab a free download of this tune via ToneDen or click here. We’re excited to see what these up and comers have in store for us.

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Keith Ape – It G Ma (Madeaux Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Keith Ape
It G Ma (Madeaux Remix)

The forward thinking trap sound is exploding. Artists are receiving attention from elites like Skrillex, Diplo and numerous others. Over time, we have shared more and more of it, and today, we’re fortunate to premiere this new flip of Keith Ape’s “It G Ma” from rising talent, Madeaux.

Combining hip-hop style progressions and percussion with dubstep bass synths, ¬†Madeaux creates an exhilarating atmosphere. The intense vocals and razor sharp synths are definitely dead set for a Saturday night, five star turn-up. Just don’t blame us when you wake up with a wicked hangover on Sunday morning.

Stay updated with everything Madeaux on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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[Trap] Prince Royce Feat. Snoop Dogg – Stuck On A Feeling (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)

Prince Royce
"Stuck On A Feeling" Featuring Snoop Dogg (Mack & Jet Set Vega Remix)

Mack & Jet Set Vega form quite the pair. They’ve come together numerous times in the past for official remixes and they’re back with a flip of “Stuck On A Feeling,” originally by Prince Royce and Snoop Dogg. They’ve dished out some quality house records, including a personal favorite of mine, so we were surprised to hear them branch out into the more twerk/trap area for this remix. However, we’re not mad at all. These two know how to get people dancing, whether it’s when they DJ or produce, which is why this jam turned out as bouncy as it did. Shake your rump, gig with your trap arms, but most importantly, whatever you do, enjoy it. Mack & Jet Set Vega records don’t come flying out of the studio onto the digital shelves, so savor this one. I’m sure when Spring hits they’ll have another big one for us to lend out ears and bodies to.

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Ella Henderson – Mirror Man (The Golden Boy Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 15.38.29
Ella Henderson
Mirror Man (The Golden Boy Remix)

We’ve always had an affinity for people who can seamlessly fuse decades together, especially when it comes to a modern approach at a genre. That’s just what we have today, as we put our headphones on, grin, and dance around the room to The Golden Boy’s interpretation of “Mirror Man.”

Dropping today on your favorite music blog, this remix offers up a fusion of classic house elements and 90′s dance music vocals and percussion. It beckons on those undeniably memorable dance hooks we heard when we were growing up, laced perfectly over a high-energy piano melody and driving bassline. What else would we expect though, when the samples are coming from the legendary Ella Henderson, who is celebrating her platinum album and two Brits Award nominations.

While the iconic guitar riff from the original is gone, her lyrics sync perfectly within this entirely new soundscape, taking her out right out of the concert halls and straight into the nightclubs. Though it’s a departure from the enticing original work, it still expertly pays homage to the golden, smokey tones we fell in love with from first listen.

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[Progressive House] Synchronice & Kasum – Glorious (OLWIK Remix)

Synchronice & Kasum
Glorious (OLWIK Remix)

The young Olwik returns yet again with a brazenly uplifting new remix of the Kasum and Synchronice collaboration, “Glorious.” He’s begun to align his song structure and production quality with some of the biggest names in house, slowly but steadily showing budding promise within his bright and upbeat song choices, classical musical training, and overall positivity. As we’ve said before, it’s getting difficult to find intriguing and truly progressive house, but Olwik has started out strong straight out of the gate. Be sure to show him support on SoundCloud with a follow and you’ll get a free download here of his newest, festival ready tune instantly!

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