[Chill] Monarch – Stay (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

Monarch Stay Kill Them With Colour Remix
Stay (Kill Them With Colour Remix)

After a sensational break out first single, Monarch has been making quite the buzz around the music world and we’re just here to keep that fire burning as long as we can. With their most recent exposure, Monarch has caught the attention of producers from all over, specifically a TMN favorite, Kill Them With Colour. The Toronto producers (like Monarch) have been receiving a lot of love from the blogging community as well as those on Hype Machine. Since racking up a number of plays on their SoundCloud, Kill Them With Colour is back and this time with a chilly new remix for our Monarch boys and their single, “Stay”.

After listening through this a few times, it’s clear to us that we can’t help but stay hooked on both of these artists. As soon as you press play, we are introduced with a haunting melody, crippling reverberated synths, and pulsating rhythms full of bass. Needless to say, we can’t keep our ears away from this one and neither will you.

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[Melodic] Dawn Golden – All I Want (Illenium Remix)

Dawn Golden
All I Want (Illenium Remix)

Often times we come across a song that completely takes us on an emotional journey from start to finish. One such artist that consistently perfects the art of melodic music is Denver producer, Illenium. With his impeccable and genius song choices, the young producer continues to take our favorite songs and transform them into something truly ethereal. After his sensational remix of Oh Wonder’s “Shark”, Illenium has returned easily his greatest remix to date.

Taking on Dawn Golden’s breakout single, “All I Want”, Illenium creates an elusive and emotional experience for all who listen. Filled with atmospheric, uplifting elements that intertwine with a soft, yet, moving piano melody, Illenium infuses this track with angelically reverberated vocals, haunting synth harmonies, and bone-chilling breakdowns that will cover your skin with goosebumps. We here at TMN are impressed with the level at which he has taken his sound design and this remix is clear proof that he is paving the way in music as we speak. So grab your free download, press play, and elevate your soul today because lord knows we need a moment to breathe.

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[Mix] Christofi – February 2015 Mix

February Mix Final Artwork
February 2015 Mix

It’s a rarity that we post mixes here on TMN. Not that we have anything against them, it’s just that we’re usually focused on freshly released singles. However, Los Angeles-based producer/DJ Christofi has put together a quality selection tunes mixed in a manner that we just couldn’t pass up.

This collection features plenty of housey gems, disco beats, and future house-infused hip hop remixes. Some of these come from artists he admires, and some are his own work (and unreleased, we might add). They all seamlessly come together in this glowing mix that’s quite perfect for getting you through the next hour of work, your nightly workout, or this weekend’s dance off.

Do us a favor? Make sure you’re the one who’s doing the serving at the dance off.

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[Electronic] Chelsea Lankes – Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

Chelsea Lankes
Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

L.A. via Texas pop vocalist Chelsea Lankes has most recently been permeating radio and blog waves with her latest single “Down For Whatever”. While the original is your proto-typical pop sound of modern day youth and the eager desire to live in the moment, another pair of L.A. inhabitants, and a duo whom has grown near and dear to our hearts over the years, Carousel, injects new life within Lankes’ original. Rather than follow an airy synth-pop blueprint as one might have expected from the former Berklee students, Carousel walks “Down For Whatever” into a two-step drum pattern and weighty synths, dipping into deeper, late night harkening instrumentation. We love seeing this more aphotic side of Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman’s constantly evolving project, and here’s to hoping we get some more of that brooding take on pop from their machine filled studio in the near future. Stream Carousel’s “Down For Whatever” remix above.

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DJ SoySauce – Broken Record ft. Joni Fatora (Louis The Child Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Broken Record (feat. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)

Now that the cats out of the bag about DJ SoySauce’s true identity (1/2 of the project is Royals), we can’t help but feel the anxiety within us come to a subtle end. The anonymity behind that project drove us through the wall and into a realm of high blood pressure and insomnia. Now that that’s finally over, we can go back to sharing the latest internet-breaking tune from TMN favorite’s, Louis The Child, and their sensational remix of DJ SoySauce’s, “Broken Record” featuring Joni Fatora.

Louis The Child are a couple of young kids who just happen to have quite the knack for producing…and slaying the Hype Machine charts like a Nord slays a dragon in Skyrim. Today we are absolutely thrilled to be premiering their remix of “Broken Record” and can confidently say that this is one of the most phenomenal pieces they’ve crafted yet. Without straying too far from the original, Louis The Child transform this DJ Soysauce gem into a head bobbing, futuristic, hella fun anthem of 2015. Filled with beautifully side-chained synths, a cheerful progression, and fun little breakdowns to make us feel like we’re 6 years old in a candy store, LTC give us a delicious new rendition to make our ears and mouth crave more. As we try to find a remedy to settle this sweet tooth (other than the repeat button and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s), make sure you pick up your free download and add an extra scoop of happiness to your day because LTC is about to boost your mood like never before.

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Oh Wonder – Body Gold (LUCA LUSH Remix) [TMN Premiere]

body gold sml
Oh Wonder
Body Gold (LUCA LUSH Remix)

LUCA LUSH is back with another crazy flip, and he’s taken on one of the most exciting new groups to debut from last year, Oh Wonder. The alaya member has become comfortable with his high energy remixes, and he really has juiced up Oh Wonder in a fun and futuristic fashion. Hopping from deep house style basses to sweltering nu disco synths, this remix never sits stagnant for a moment. He also preserved just the right amount of vocals to bring a little emotion into the club like he has done so well previously. On a different but equally exciting note, we’ve caught wind that he has a tune coming up with Dirty Chocolate to be released on alaya in the near future, so enjoy this phenomenal flip in the mean time and keeps your eyes peeled for that new collaboration! [LUCA LUSH on SoundCloud Facebook Twitter]

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STWO – Eden (Nightizm Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Eden (Nightizm Remix)

Last week HW&W artist Stwo revealed the winners of his “Eden” remix contest, narrowing down a field of over 400 submissions to just 13. While you may feel like you’ve already had your fill of “Eden” remixes, we’re here to tell you why you need to make room for at least one more. Clocking in at just under six minutes, Nightizm‘s extended reimagining makes for an extremely engrossing listen marked by hypnotic synths, haunting bass and crackling snares. Whereas the original presents itself as an introduction building up to something much larger, Nightizm’s rendition takes a different approach, choosing to arrange an experience that is truly immersive from start to finish.

This rendition of “Eden” is yet another remarkable tune to add to Nightizm’s already impressive resumé. Download the track above, and if you’re not familiar with him yet, make sure to check out the rest of the Toronto native’s excellent catalog over on his official SoundCloud page.

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