[Trap] GTA & What So Not – Feel It feat. Tunji (FIGHT CLVB Remix)

GTA & What So Not
Feel It ft. Tunji (FIGHT CLVB Remix)

Mmmmmm, this new remix from FIGHT CLVB is the B’s knees. “Feel It” by GTA, What So Not and Tunji is what got flipped by the duo. Not an easy track to try and remix, but FIGHT CLVB killed it with this one. I don’t mean they just did a good job on it; I mean they really knocked it out of the park without any doubt.

First off, the song starts right into some sweet dembow, throwing some love moombah’s way in the introduction. As much as we wanted to hear moombah, they hit us with something even more ferocious. A twerk-savvy drop got our booties shaking right away and we didn’t stop until the song was over. Then we restarted it and proceeded to do it all over again. FIGHT CLVB continue to put out amazing tunes of different styles, showing over and over that they are underrated. At some point dance music listeners are going to realize what they’ve been missing out on, and the FIGHT CLVB train is going to be packed to the brim.

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Ruby Haunt – Freeway Crush (Nutrition Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Ruby Haunt
Freeway Crush (Nutrition Remix)

Although we like to share songs with you that you can take home with you, we also love to give you exclusive sneak peaks at what’s coming. For instance, today we’re sharing with you a remix by the producer Nutrition of “Freeway Crush” originally by Ruby Haunt. Thanks to the good people over at Majestic Casual, we’re giving you a first listen in this premiere.

Nutrition’s reinterpretation of “Freeway Crush” a bit more energy and a higher pace than the original. It still has the indie-dance sound that categorizes it, but Nutrition brings in some house qualities that give the track new life. This soft atmospheric single is perfect to wind the week down and transition over the a relaxed weekend. Whether you’re up and dancing, or kicking back to space out, the newly defined “Freeway Crush” is the anthem of the night tonight. Bring it with you to enjoy with some friends or bask in it by yourself. Either way, you’re going to be playing this one on repeat for maximal satisfaction.

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Fever 105 – American Surface (Ascendants Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Fever 105
American Surface (Ascendants Remix)

Today we’re dishing out a limited free download – and first listen – of a new remix from Ascendants. In this premiere you’ll get to jam out to the Miami duo’s flip of “American Surface” by Fever 105.

What we get is deep house done right. Intimate, minimal and groovy, the newly redefined “American Surface” is a smash hit. Released by Homerun House, this track is just about as good as it gets. It’s got the classic sound that first brought the genre recognition. With Miami Music week just around the corner, this is the perfect song to start getting people in the mood for the sunshine. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get to catch this one live from the duo themselves, and maybe we’ll be there to dance with you!

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J Cole – G.O.M.D (Riddim Commission Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Riddim Commission
G.O.M.D (Riddim Commission Remix)

Comprised of  BBC Radio 1Xtra & Rinse FM host Marco Del Horno & Dirtee Stank Recordings regular DJ Swerve, UK duo Riddim Commission have begun firmly entrenching themselves as two of the most sought-after tastemakers toiling under the proper House umbrella. From genre-bending original singles which showcase Riddim Commision’s infectious blend of house, garage, & grime to official remixes for the likes of Drake & Iggy Azalea, Riddim Commission have dotted their name across a number of aural aesthetics; proving their production prowess reaches far beyond that of the underground. The latest from the active pair is a brand new bootleg of J.Cole‘s “G.O.M.D”, and we’re ecstatic to be rinsing it first here on TMN.

On Riddim Commision’s jacking revision of “G.O.M.D.”, the pair successfully alter and carefully scale back J. Cole’s lyrical samples behind an effortlessly subtle dose of swooping staccato synth work and rhythmically choppy vocal reshuffling. Their version’s dominant melody & prevalent groove sit front and center amongst a sea of permutated electronicism while maintaining the essence of J. Cole’s original. Shuffled hi-hats skip along like a couple of merry schoolgirls cutting class on a Friday afternoon, while a dose of jackin’ sub bass never quite relinquishes its icy grip throughout the tune. The quickly ascending pair manage to keep their hot streak alive with their latest offering, and suffice to say, if you’re looking to add a bit of pep to your step, we’ve got you covered with Riddim Commision’s “G.O.M.D” remix above.
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[Future Bass] Max Styler & Colt Matthews – Heartache (smle Remix)

Max Styler & Colt Matthews
Heartache (smle Remix)

The duo smle has been putting smiles on our faces ever since they launched a couple years back. Whether it’s with their originals or remixes, like their brand new one of “Heartache,” their work is always something we look forward to. Not only do we look forward, but we’re not disappointed once we have what we desire.

Max Styler and Colt Matthews’ single got flipped from its indie dance sound to a future-friendly one. It wasn’t too much of a leap given the style’s influence on the original, but smle made it their own in a huge way. We thought the original couldn’t get any better, but this one may take the cake. Whenever that discussion even comes up, you know you have a bangin’ remix on your hands. Leave it smle to rival the original, which they’ve done countless times. It’s no wonder they were picked for an official remix!

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[Dubstep] Zomboy – Miles Away (Soltan Remix)

Miles Away (Soltan Remix)

Never Say Die just released a whopping remix EP for Zomboy. Part of that EP was a remix of “Miles Away” by Soltan. As many fans of the Iranian producer would expect, this flip is as heavy as it is incredible. This is dubstep done right.

The vast array of sounds that Soltan uses in this song is quite alarming. Given the complex composition, it makes for a super fun listen and we can only imagine how much more fun it is when it’s being played at a festival or show. Soltan’s style is similar to Zomboy’s, but he manages to keep his own identity while flipping this one. This year is looking bright for Soltan who will hopefully be edging his way into America sometime soon. We want to rage with him to tracks like this one. Chances are, you do too. Check this one out and make sure to check out the rest of the EP, out now on all digital services.

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[Deep House] Sonny Fodera & Billon Drop Remixes For Jonas Blue

When a handful of “By Your Side” remixes came across the internet, we thought that was the end of it. However, Jonas Blue couldn’t get enough, so now we have two more remixes to his hit collaboration with RAYE. One we get from Sonny Fodera and the other from Billon.

Sonny’s remix showcases a proper understanding of what it takes to put together a smashing house record. From the minimalist grooves to the overall pacing to the crisp nature of the percussion, Sonny checked any and all boxes we could come up with. We thought things couldn’t get any better, then Billon’s take on “By Your Side” blew us away. It’s intro is a bit less playful than Sonny’s, but the chorus is much more so. Both are great tracks; evenly worthy of a full listen through. You won’t regret it.

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