Slow Down Molasses – Winter Sun (Miles Cooper Seaton Mix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Slow Down Molasses
Winter Sun (Miles Cooper Seaton Mix)

First things first – sit down, grab the fanciest headphones you own, and prepare to transcend into an unusual state of mind with Miles Cooper Seaton for the next 5 minutes.  As we gain more momentum towards Winters embrace, Miles Cooper Seaton sends us into a hallucinatory state of mind after taking on the  likes of Canada’s very own, Slow Down Molasses and their original track, “Summer Sun”. Seaton flips this Summer sensation into a breath of fresh air, which seemingly comes off in the literal sense after listening to this on repeat. Filled with refreshing atmospheric elements, hauntingly euphoric percussive patterns, and intoxicating reverberated vocal synths, Miles Cooper Seaton creates mental images of elusive, shape-shifting figures that float around the harmonic progression of this stunning mix. When comparing this to the original, we can’t help but point out that each version resonates something entirely different in which Seaton breaks down Slow Down Molasses’ song to its simplistic pieces and paints an ethereal portrait of a soothing Winter solstice. After deconstructing this mix and analyzing the depths at which we are taken, we applaud Miles for serving the original justice by creating a version that could be considered an original on its own. With a combination like Slow Down Molasses and Miles Cooper Seaton, we can’t help but swoon ourselves into an icy nirvana that has allowed our minds to ascend itself into a mesmerizing lucid dream. As we continue to drift along these bone-chilling frequencies, we suggest you prepare to escape for the rest of the day…or week for that matter.

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Kavinsky – Nightcall (Ardency Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

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Nightcall (Ardency Remix)

As we struggle to hit our snooze button for the eleventh time this morning, we can’t help but close our eyes and sigh at the daunting fact that today is only Tuesday and we are as far away possible from the weekend. Knowing that we still have 3 days of monotony to endure makes us really want to pull the sheets over our head and ignore all of our adult responsibilities for the rest of the day. We here at TMN often find ourselves in this state of mind, however, we tend to remedy these heavy eyelids with some soothing music to refresh our negative mindsets into a more optimistic lime light. Helping lift our spirits and carry us through this mundane day are electronic duo, Ardency and their euphoric remix of Kanvinsky’s famous song, “Nightcall”. Through their emotive approach to this track, they successfully re-worked this wonder into something truly ethereal.

Ardency mentions to us that “this song is simple but thought out and meaningful. Every part of it was made to convey the brooding emotion of Kavinsky’s character. We wanted to stay true to our style while making a remix that did the original justice. Ultimately, the goal of our music is to stimulate emotion within our listeners; we want to make people feel.”

Filled with elongated notes of pure divinity, powerful percussive elements that burst with emotion, and mystical, melodic builds that lead up to a beautiful release, Ardency turns this Kavinsky classic into a memorable piece of art that will swoon you for all eternity. As we await the drop of their upcoming Gradience EP (out next month via Prep School Recordings), Ardency is releasing their “Nightcall” remix for free so we can have something to sit on until then. We can’t wait to hear what’s up their sleeve next, but for now we will just utilize the repeat button until further notice.

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[Deep House] Raury – God’s Whisper (La’Reda Remix)

Raury - God's Whisper (La'Reda Remix)
God's Whisper (La'Reda Remix)

La’Reda, an LA-based duo made up of two established musicians in Brion Charles and Nathan Barbour, came out with a unique edit of Atlanta-based artist Raury‘s “God’s Whisper” yesterday totally spicing things up and adding their own twist. This rework features a subtle deep-house beat and a chilled out vibe that fully consumes your attention. The original voice samples are incorporated cleverly into the mix. The hollow synths used in the breakdown towards the end of the song fit perfectly with Raury’s powerful vocals. It’s complex and deep without being overdone.

Free download of the song is available here–make sure to check out La’Reda’s Soundcloud for more deep house goodness!

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[Electronic] Alesso – Heroes (feat. Tove Lo) (Branchez Remix)

Heroes (feat. Tove Lo) (Branchez Remix)

New York producer, Branchez, knows how to put together a hell of a remix. Today, the man behind an enormous re-work of What So Not‘s ”High You Are,” brings us another massive tune. Taking on Alesso‘s “Heroes,” Branchez kicks things off looping an ethereal sample of Tove Lo‘s vocals from the original before building up an addicting high-pitched synth. The song erupts magnificently a little past the 1 minute mark as the layers collide and the melody takes a mesmerizing, pitch-bending turn.

Branchez has been playing this one in his live sets for a while now and it’s easy to see why as it truly captures the uniquely gorgeous qualities of his music. If you’re digging this one, you won’t want to sleep on his original productions either–“Truth” was one of our favorite songs this year.

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Odesza – It’s Only feat. Zyra (Free n Losh Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]


As we start to dive deeper into the season, we can’t help but crave our favorite blankets, a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, and some soothing tunes to make the chilly weather that much more enjoyable. Since entering this subtle mindset, we noticed that our taste in music has started to digress to a more down-tempo vibe to match the low temperatures ahead. For some people, this might be a sign that festival season is over and it’s time to turn down for relaxation for the next few months, so that’s exactly what the ninjas have been doing. Helping us get to this serene state of mind is Toronto’s very own Free n Losh. The Canadian duo are notorious for their flawless work and we’ve become quite the fans of their music. Now that we have spent some quality time listening to their refreshing sounds, it’s time for us to obsess over something entirely new and vibey from the duo.

Today we are excited to share with you the latest from Free n Losh and their stunning remix of Odesza’s “It’s Only”, which features the sensational vocals from Zyra. When it comes to Odesza, we here at TMN have the utmost respect for these guys and the artistry that they resonate in their unique productions. Free n Losh decided to slow things down a bit with their take on “It’s Only” by throwing in charming electronic piano melodies, enchanting guitar riffs, and a sensual saxophone synth breakdown that will instantly send you into a peaceful state of mind. Free n Losh captured our attention from start to finish and that alone is a feat within itself. Their impressive sound design and unique approach to projects is reflected in their very work and today is no different. These two have given us the ideal remedy to drown out those horrible Monday sorrows and sink into a melting pot of pure ecstasy. We are pleased to premiere this movinga track with all of you ninjas today, so make sure to press play and let these delectable frequencies help guide you through the rest of your week.

Its Only feat. Zyra (Free n Losh Remix)
Free n Losh
The Girl From Ipanema Remix
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[Electronica] Alesso feat. Tove Lo – Heroes (Jai Wolf Remix)

Alesso feat. Tove Lo - Heroes (Jai Wolf Remix)
Alesso feat. Tove Lo
Heroes (Jai Wolf Remix)

New York-based producer Jai Wolf just released another big-time remix! Spicing up Alesso‘s “Heroes”, this rework screams Jai Wolf’s character and talents. A dreamy trap beat and synthwave elements are incorporated into the tune, further accentuating Tove Lo‘s soothing vocals. The instrumental isn’t overdone, yet it stands out because its subtle dissonance that mixes absurdly well with the rest of the track. Everything about this tune really hits the spot, resembling sounds of Odesza and other electronica acts. Hats off to Mr. Jai Wolf.

Following the success of his “Say My Name” remix, Jai Wolf is setting the bar even higher with this new release. We are very excited to see what else he has in store for us.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 124)


We have reached that part of the week, ninjas! Yep. You guessed it…FRIDAY. As we prepare for yet another weekend full of blurred vision, reckless shenanigans, and foggy Sunday morning memories, we are here to provide you with the ultimate party anthems to get you through the weekend. So let’s get this party started, ninjas, because it’s that time of the day where all we can think of is cracking open a beer and getting down to some anthems. This week we decided to warm things up and cool things down along the way, so press play and escape your 9-5 worries for the rest of the day.

As always, we ask that you #danceirresponsibly and go get crunk.

Until next week, ninjas.

Rae Sremmurd
Bro Safari & Rell The Soundbender
The Future feat. Jenna Sousa (Proper Villains Remix)
Snavs & Fabian Mazur
Get Em (Original Mix)
Bobby Shmurda
Hot Nigga (BL3R Remix)
Willy Joy & Buku
Kanye West
Deep/Slaves/Mercy (SomeOneHad2DoIt Edition)
Chinchilla (Original Mix)
Dirty South
Unbreakable (Lost Kings Remix)
Wild Cub
Colour (Lost Kings Remix)
No Feelings At All
Jono Fernandez Feat. Twin Atoms (Radio Edit)
Im Not Over (feat. Tash) (Radio Edit)
Diplo & Alvaro
6th Gear (Matstubs Remix ft. Kstylis)
Something That ✖ The Hi
Still Young
Midnight (Party Thieves Trap Remix)
Light Years Away (Live City Re
Pretty Ricky ft. 50 Cent
Grind With Me (SNBRN Remix)
Tizona (Original Mix)
Designer Drugs
Back Up In This (Our Time & Wuki Remix)
Obsidian (Original Mix)
Theophilus London Feat. Jesse Boykins III
Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix)
The Chainsmokers
Kanye (AYO ALEX Remix)
Slow Magic
Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)
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