[House] The Score – Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

Kat Krazy
The Score
Oh My Love (Kat Krazy Remix)

The crazy cat Kat Krazy was commissioned for an official remix of the single “Oh My Love” by The Score. Fans of the original, who also like dance music, will be ecstatic, because Kat Krazy did justice to the original. A bouncy fusion of electro and progressive is what we get with the result of the London producer changing the make-up of the alternative original. Kat closes the gap between festival and club music, making this remix a particularly powerful tool for DJs out there. Fans are looking for records that are tons of fun, and this has more than plenty of fun embedded within. For now, it’s only available for stream, however, keep an eye out as a download/purchase is coming soon.

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[Multi-Genre] Throttle feat. David Spekter – Together (The Remixes)


Throttle‘s original single “Together,” with David Spekter was a progressive house track we could get behind. Now, four remixes of that record have come out officially from PRMD Music/ICONS Music by way of Together (The Remixes) EP. Hellberg starts things off with his classic progressive take. The Los Angeles representative Templeton gets deep with his minimal interpretation, which we covered more in depth last week, and Spenda C gets wild with a remix that jumps all over the sound map. Shanahan brings the festival friendly sound to the remix, and closes out the EP with a bang. Each record brings its own flavor to the table, chalking this up as a project that has it all, unless you’re exclusively a basshead. For those of you looking to bag the full EP, Beatport has you covered.

Throttle Feat. David Spekter
Together (Hellberg Remix)
Throttle Feat. David Spekter
Together (Templeton Remix)
Throttle Feat. David Spekter
Together (Spenda C Remix)
Throttle Feat. David Spekter
Together (Shanahan Remix)
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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 163)


Grab the nearest aux chord and get your friends ready for the fire. This week turned up a bunch of hot tracks from the likes of Rob Gasser, Razihel and Aero Chord, Dani Deahl, Krumm and more. We start things off with a slower jam, then quickly pick up the pace to get the Friday night juices flowing hard. There were so many good records that we felt we needed to share with you for your festivities that we added in a bonus thirteenth track for all you bass heads out there who need a little dubstep; you can thank Ray Volpe for that one. As always, enjoy yourself tonight and make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

Believe It (Original Mix)feat. Emily Young
Rob Gasser
MOVE (Original Mix)
weight in gold (oshi redo)
1DAFUL X Dirty Doses
Let It Spray (Original Mix)
Lady Ocean & Urresta
Kuta (Original Mix)
Razihel & Aero Chord
Titans (Bounce Edit)
Disarm You ft. Ilsey (Grey Remix)
Ship Wrek
Trouble w/ Tim Legend
Gold Dust (Bad Royale Remix)
Diplo, Jack Ü
Express Yourself While I Take Ü There (TREH Remix)
Politics As Usual (Dani Deahl Remix)
Get Schwifty (Andromulus Remix)
Get Ya Body Down (Ray Volpe Remix)
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The Music Ninja Residency Mix 003: Sam Feldt [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

The Music Ninja Residency Mix 003: Sam Feldt

Now that our month long feature on Amsterdam-based Sam Feldt is well underway, we’re ready to bring you thirty minutes of proper house heaven for our third official ‘Residency Mix’, which includes entries from the likes of Mike Mago, Boehm and a few choice unreleased gems you probably haven’t heard yet. Check out the entire tracklist below, press play, and get ready to groove for the next half hour.

We’d also like to send a sincere thank you to Sam and his team for putting together one hell of a Residency! It’s been amazing to get a closer look into this rapidly-rising, uber-talented artist. In case you missed it, check out our playlist of Sam Feldt favorites, our exclusive interview with the rapidly ascending producer, and for our friends in Denver, don’t forget to enter our contest to see Sam perform at this year’s Cloak & Dagger Music Festival on 9/19! Groove on Ninjas.

Sam Feldt Residency Tracklist:

1. Copy Club – The Sun, The Moon, The Stars (Embody Remix)
2. ID – Forever And A Day
3. Mike Mago – Deeper Love (Original Mix)
4. Chris Meid – Red Rivers (Mazeville Remix)
5. Years & Years – Shine (Sam Feldt Remix)
6. ID – Baby Slow Down
7. Hello Machines – All I Need (Original Mix)
8. Boehm – Love Stimulation (Remix)

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[Electronic] Tame Impala – Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)

Tame Impala
Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)

Belgian electro-rockers Soulwax established themselves as legends in electronic music over ten years ago just as the genre hit its stride in the mainstream. As of late, though, there have been scarce sitings of the pioneers–the most recent appearance being their fantastic remix of Jungle‘s “Julia.” It comes as little surprise that Tame Impala‘s phenomenal latest album Currents catalyzed new material from the trio who released a rendition of the hit single “Let it Happen” a couple days ago.

Initially, Soulwax draw the listener in with an arpeggiated backdrop keeping Kevin Parker’s vocals in-tact before dropping in a groovy bass line with steady, tribal-leaning percussion to match. As the song hits the 4-minute mark, the song’s interlude and distinct guitar riff perfectly accompany the rhythmic backdrop which takes over the remainder while interweaving various elements of the original. Running over 9-minutes, it’s the type of track that requires patience that’s well worth it–continually growing in appeal with every listen. There seem to be some hints on their social media pages and hopefully the inspiration Soulwax has found in these recent tracks results in some new original music. In the meantime, let this one sink in.

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[Future] Kaskade feat. Ilsey – Disarm You (Illenium Remix)

Kaskade ft. Ilsey
Disarm You (Illenium Remix)

It’s really not surprising that Illenium was commissioned to do an official remix for one of the best in the game–Kaskade. Taking on “Disarm You” featuring Ilsey, Illenium absolutely nailed it. Illenium keeps things uber chill with his signature melodic sound. He’s managed to carve a style that is exclusive to him, while also not pigeonholing himself into the ever-growing “future” corner. He takes his style different places and BPMs, much like he did here, and the result is as beautiful as ever. He also keeps things good for your wallet by releasing his work for free.

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[Chill] Hundred Waters – Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)

Hundred Waters
Show Me Love (Big Wild Remix)

Ever since we were introduced to Big Wild, he’s continued to impress with his fearlessness to explore different soundscapes and styles. As he’s continued to rise, gaining fans at an unprecedented rate and touring with both Odesza and GriZ, his appetite for musical experimentation only seems to have grown–staying true to his moniker. His latest remix dropped a little over a week ago and marks his third chart-topping Hype M track. Unexpectedly taking on Hundred Waters‘ heart-warming acapella track “Show Me Love,” Big Wild proves his versatility keeping the relaxing vibe with an ambient backdrop and incredible usage of the vocal sample. Adding to that aura, Big Wild introduces slow-paced percussion and soaring backing synths that bolster, rather than completely change, the original’s allure.

Get lost in this beauty and grab a free download above. Also, make sure to catch Big Wild on his world tour with Odesza–dates here.

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