[Hip-Hop] THEY. – Motley Crue (Beshken Remix)

Motley Crue (Beshken Remix)

When I found this particular “Motley Crue” remix I had to share it, and truth be told, I’m a fan of everything Mind Of A Genius touches. Let me introduce you to Beshken, a rising artist and producer who’s blend of hip hop and electronic sounds are addictive. His rendition of  THEY.’s “Motley Crue” takes the listener on a relaxing sonic journey and I’m truly excited to see what music he has in store for us.

Beshken began producing in 2012 after buying his first 88 key midi keyboard. Previously trained as a rock and jazz guitarist, he first became interested in dance music when DJing house parties in Los Angeles. In late 2015, Beshken moved to New York City to study music at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU; this shift shaped both his view on the culture of electronic music and sonic experimentation. With support from Next Wave Records, Majestic Casual, and more, Beshken is just getting started. Also be sure to check out his Closed Doors EP when you get the chance.

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[House] WOMP! & Maya Payne – Falling (Remix)

WOMP! & Maya Payne
Falling (Remix)

DAMN! Be careful with this as it’s a hot one. Newly formed act WOMP! just had a debut single drop today in the form of a remix of New Zealand singer Maya Payne’s track “Falling.” This is one of our favorite tracks of the year, and it’s WOMP!’s first single under the new act. The clean mix of bass and future house is perfectly executed. This is what other producers aspire for when they sit down to make a record of a similar style. Sound design is a key element in this track, whose bass sounds are just one of the many highlights of the record. For starters, Maya Payne offers up a vocal performance in her original that is nothing short of an A+, but what WOMP! did with it was just phenomenal. This is why it’s been dubbed as an official remix by the original creator. To kick off the project, this remix has been released as a free download, which we urge you to get and share around. WOMP!’s got some serious talent that you shouldn’t be sleeping on.

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[Deep House] Sigma – Stay (Kat Krazy Remix)

Kat Krazy
Stay (Kat Krazy Remix)

London is home to a lot of great music. Kat Krazy has a significant role in that, thanks to his numerous remixes and tracks with the likes of Coldplay and Rihanna. Most recently, KK dished out an official remix of Sigma’s single “Stay” that will have clubs Djs everywhere clawing each other for the file. House music as always been a specialty of Kat Krazy’s but he really nailed it with this remix.

“Stay” in its new form is a delicious medley of pop and deep house. Sensual basslines are accompanied by powerful piano and subtle vocal chops that give the track that real sharp dance edge. It’s one of those records that you can put on all day and not think twice about it. One of the things that really stands out in our ears is that piano that we previously mentioned. There are plenty of quality things about this record, but there’s just something so alluring about the keys. Give this track a listen through and head over to Hypem to heart it if you’re really digging it.

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[Electronic] Molly Moore – Piece Of My Heart (Sweekuh Remix)

Molly Moore
Peace Of My Heart (Sweekuh Remix)

As an artist, one is constantly exploring and testing their creativeness. This means their art is always susceptible to change and transformation until they have established a style that they identify with themselves. It is normal to try out many methods in order to find that sound that says “this is me.” In Sweekuh’s case, his music has exhibited an assortment of styles as his abilities continue to mature. His discography holds a range of genres as he dips his feet into a multitude of musical waters, all of which he incontestably masters.

After listening to Sweekuh’s latest work, a remix of Molly Moore’s “Piece of my Heart,” it was impossible for us not to provide him with some well-deserved credit. It is fair to say that the track is a breakthrough for him; it establishes that long sought-after sound – the one that makes you say “this is exactly how it should be”. Take our word for it when we say this one is worth every minute of your listening time.

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[House] DiRTY RADiO – Numbers (The Writers Block Remix)


Last week we featured the music video for “Number”, the latest from Vancouver based TMN regulars DiRTY RADiO –who are coming fresh off of a North American tour with Dragonette and Miami Horror- and today marks a return to that aforementioned single in the form of a very palatable remix by London-based production outfit The Writers Block. While largely keeping DiRTY RADiO’s original vocal track intact on their buoyant revision, The Writers Block encase around it a soulful house foundation. Bouncy synth work, shuffling hi-hats and a weighty low-end pull everything together, creating that perfect remix intersection between doing justice to the original and building something completely new. If you’re grooving to this one as heavily as us, be sure to snag a copy for your digital libraries through TWB’s Soundcloud here.

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[House] Carmada – Realise (Two Can Remix)

Realise (Two Can Remix) [OWSLA]

Since starting up just two years ago, The Australian brothers Myles and Oscar, aka Two Can, have risen out of the land down under into the global scene, pushing remixes that have reached #1 on Hype Machine and playing festivals all over the world. The duo recently released a refreshing remix of Carmada’s trap tune “Realise” through OWSLA.

The track takes a different direction from Carmada’s original heavy trap sound. Here, “Realize” is reimagined in a more approachable progressive house vibe, with elements of the original banger skillful preserved in the background. This one will surly have you grooving in your seat before it’s over. Two Can has been killing it over the past two years and we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on these guys to see what they have in store for the rest of 2016. We expect to see big things.

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Army of the Universe – Acid Flows (Gosteffects Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Army of the Universe
Army Of The Universe
Acid Flows (Gosteffects Remix)

One of the most intriguing dance music producers to me has always been Gosteffects. His dark and energetic tracks are right where my taste aligns, but not only that, he’s an incredibly talented producer who can take the sound anywhere he wishes. Take for example the present premiere we have with the New York producer. His official remix of “Acid Flows” by Army of the Universe, has him turning down the bpms in the midtempo range for an electro-infused moombah masterpiece.

With this style, Dillon Francis always comes up, but Gosteffects makes it his own. He stays true to the hypnotic style of the original, while taking the sound to a completely different sonic region altogether. This new version of “Acid Flows” is an absolute bomb that would terrorize any setting it was dropped into, no matter if it were a big festival, a club or even a house party. It’s one of those tracks that’s good no matter where you hear it. Gosteffect’s remix will be released on The Magic EP + Remixes, which is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. If you don’t want to pre-order, you just have to wait until February 19th for the project to drop in full.

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