Parasite Single – The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix) [TMN Premiere]

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Parasite Single
The Hunt (Bronze Whale Remix)

Austin natives Bronze Whale have demonstrated a knack for matching bone chilling atmospheric elements with familiar tinges of trap to mold a dynamite and collected sound. They’ve taken to reshaping a tune by Parasite Single, and newly define the track’s house rhythm and feel with a tactful increase in tempo, icy synths and subtle but noteworthy drum work. With minimal, but effective chopping, the vocals cut through the duo’s production like a knife, allowing a fitting homage to the original while preserving Bronze Whale’s signature style and ingenuity. Both breathtaking and reassuring, this take on “The Hunt” abides by BW’s stellar standards and, luckily for us, is available for a free download, so take some time today to ease back and revel in this cosmic, glacial soundscape.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 134)


It’s Friday and we’re at a loss of words today, so why don’t we just skip the BS and go straight for the vodka because all we want to do today is listen to free music and do inappropriate things.


Until next week, ninjas.

Bobby Puma
Bad Boys (Original Mix)
Take Notes
Theophilus London
Tribe (NGHTMRE Remix)
Tha Trickaz & Apashe
Harder (Original Mix)
Are You That Somebody ft. Miki Rose (Goshfather & Jinco Edition)
deadmau5 x Dillon Francis
Some Chords (NIGHTOWLS & SPACE RACE Remix)
Half Color
Divvy Up
LOUDPVCK X Gladiator
Nagano (Mike Manfready Remix)
Aero Chord
Break Them ft. Anna Yvette (GAWTBASS Remix)
Croatia Squad
Drop That Skirt (Frey Remix)
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[House] Jennifer Lawrence – The Hanging Tree (Bobby Brush Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.14.52 PM
Jennifer Lawrence
The Hanging Tree (Bobby Brush Remix)

Future House. Deep House. Call it whatever you want, it doesn’t make a difference. Bobby Brush just gave Jennifer Lawrence‘s song from the Hunger Games a makeover fit for the club and then some. Stepping away from his primarily tropical roots, Bobby clearly has a handle on tackling new types of house music, and has no reservations in doing so. He nicely shook up The Hanging Tree into a danceable and groove riddled track that is prime material for welcoming this weekend in style. It’s available as a free download, so grab a copy and get to strutting your stuff as you prepare for the festivities ahead!

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[Drum & Bass] The Prodigy – Nasty (Spor Remix)

The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix)
The Prodigy
Nasty (Spor Remix)

The legendary Spor is back with a new remix! Following the hype on the new The Prodigy song ”Nasty”, the UK producer is set to take over the revival of drum and bass music with this track. The heavyhitting bass is reminiscent of the classic DnB scene, giving us a retro vibe yet keeping things fresh. Spiced up and intensified, this remix is just what we wanted to hear. Spor made sure to toss in vocal samples from the original song and provide us with the ultimate adrenaline rush. It’s powerful, badass, and it sure will shake up the dance floor.

Whether you like old school drum and bass or not, Spor a.k.a Jon Gooch is definitely reestablishing his status as one of the game’s frontrunners. The hype is as real as it gets.

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[Electronic] Theophilus London – Tribe (NGHTMRE Remix)

NGHTMRE_Tribe Remix
Theophilus London
Tribe (NGHTMRE Remix)

Juggling the always welcome groove of Theophilus London and his own massive production style, NGHTMRE ventures out on a 100 BPM slapper primed and ready for you weekend playlist. Preserving the essential Theophilus vocals, this remix crushes on every drop with a main stage presence that growls and snarls its way across your speakers. It’s an absolute beast of track, and honestly would be right at home on one of TWRK‘s Diplo & Friends series. I wouldn’t be surprised if it find its way on their next volume! Enjoy the free download and get working to NGHTMRE’s newest on the stream above.

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[Smooth] Next – Too Close (Shmallen Edit)

Next- Too Close (shmallen Edit)

Everyone needs 90′s R&B in their life. It’s a simple fact. Shmallen understands this, so he righteously revamped Next‘s ’97 classic, Too Close, into a lush, dance worthy track that sheds new light on this throwback sound and brings it into 2015 in a big way. Aptly tagged as SoundCloud as “booty,” this remix is just as much a part of the club as it is the bedroom, and Shmallen wasted no time in squeezing out an essential groove for your hump day. If you weren’t planning on feeling sexy today, you might want to go ahead and change your plans, because Shmallen just rewrote your evening with his newest tune.

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[Deep House] Disciples – They Don’t Know (Justin Jay Remix)

They Don't Know (Justin Jay Remix)

While big room and progressive house have dominated the EDM scene since its explosion, the underground is beginning to slip its way into the spotlight of major festivals and media outlets. Claude Von Stroke’s DirtyBird Records just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being a leader amongst forward-thinking labels and is home to some of the scenes most promising talent. 22-year-old producer, Justin Jay, was taken under the wing of Dirtybird not too long ago and has developed his own impressive career in a rather short time. He continues to surprise fans with every move he makes and is set up for a monumental year with a secured spot on Holy Ship! and an forthcoming EP on Pet Recordings.

Justin Jay thought it was appropriate to bring out his darker side to fans with his first remix of the year as he takes on the UK’s Disciples‘ “They Don’t Know.” Storming in with a whirlwind of gritty bass shivers, spine-tingling synth chords, and conniving vocal manipulation, the LA prodigy exhibits what true imagination exists in his musical brain. Although this remix does not accommodate to the cheerful crowd, Justin Jay is sure to expose open-minded fans to a world they have yet to travel into. The remix will be released on February 22nd via Pete Tong’s FFRR Records.

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