[Future Bass] Sisqo – Thong Song (JCY Remix)

THONG SONG (feat. Sisqo)

Whether you admit it publicly, to yourself, or nobody, you like “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Everyone does. For most it is a guilty pleasure, which is totally cool. Today we have a remix that will hope to bring you out of the shadows and into the light. Thanks to the trio JCY, “Thong Song” lives on in a new form.

Believe it or not, Warner Music Norway put this one out, which has made us fall in love with them even more. This is the first official remix of the song that has been released since the original came out in 1999. Sisqo himself loved this song, prompting new recordings of the lyrics just for this remix. There’s a reason he was so hyped on it: it’s damn good. So get those booties ready, “Thong Song” is back!

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[Future/Trap] Halsey – Now Or Never (Slander Remix)

We didn’t get the Halsey x Slander original we wanted, but the duo has come through with a remix of her song “Now Or Never.” Released as a free download, this track no doubt has been and will be rocked in their sets over the Summer.

With all the remixes coming out, this is one that stands out, not only because of who the remixer is and who they’re remixing, but because it’s a grand musical illustration that is just what the mainstage is looking for. Most producers are bringing out their “big” tracks but sometimes they just don’t quite feel as big as they should. This feels exactly how it should, large and in charge. Stream it today and get your copy before checking out more music in the dojo!

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Alle Farben & Janieck – Little Hollywood (KRONO Sunset Remix) [TMN Premiere]

In the dojo we love Fridays. This Friday we wanted to give you something special, so we’ve partnered to premiere KRONO‘s remix of “Little Hollywood” by Alle Farben & Janieck. KRONO ushers in the weekend with a bubbly house record that sets just the right mood for the party.

The weekend is where you let loose and do the things that you want to do. Part of that is enjoying great music like this. KRONO keep things as upbeat as possible with their pop-flavored flip. The newly redefined “Little Hollywood” just puts a smile on your face as though it were some illicit narcotic. Enjoy your first listen in the dojo and if you’re interested, the remix is out in full on digital stores.

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Captain Cuts – Love Like We Used To (TxM Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Love Like We Used To (TxM Remix)

Another day, another premiere. This time we have the debut single from TxM, a remix of “Love Like We Used To” by Captain Cuts. The California band got a makeover from one of Minnesota’s own.

TxM swayed us with his moombah-pop sound. There was no way we weren’t going to jump on such a lively, vivacious single whose tropical sound is coming just at the right time. Summer needs hits like this, but don’t expect them all to come from big name producers. TxM may soon establish himself as a much talked about up and comer if his next releases are as good as this first one. In honor of kicking off this new project, TxM has released the song as a free download.

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[House] Eko Zu – Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love

Eko Zu
Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love (Medley)

Medleys done well always make for fun listens. Just take the remix/cover/medley extravaganza that Eko Zu created. Now if you don’t know the tracks involved, we’re sorry, you need to go back in time and experience them in the glory days. Today, “Now That We Found Love / How Deep Is Your Love” is one product that will ease your week.

Groovy, light-hearted and ever so seductive, the trio’s creation here is just the right thing needed to honor classics. Eko Zu take the songs and reformat them in a completely new fashion, making them fresh to the ears in such a way that it almost feels like their own original. It’s just over three minutes of excitement with a taste of nostalgia to take you back. Eko Zu’s single isn’t something that we’re used to seeing often, which makes it even sweeter.

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[Trap] Matoma & MAGIC! – Girl At Coachella Feat. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix)

Matoma & MAGIC!
Girl At Coachella Ft. D.R.A.M. (Crankdat Remix) ⚙

If you follow our Friday Party playlist, then you’re well aware of how Crankdat likes to turn things up. He’s been one of the best remixers of the past several years, grabbing some of the hottest tracks and making them even hotter. He’s just done that again with his official remix for Matoma and MAGIC!’s “Girl At Coachella” featuring D.R.A.M..

With this remix, we get a heavy dose of hybrid bass. Crankdat straddles the line between trap and dubstep with his savage re-imagining of the soft-skinned pop single. Now, “Girl At Coachella” has an edge it never would have gotten from the original creators. Want a copy of his remix? Get it on the digital store of your choice today. Crankdat will soon be releasing his first solo original single as well, so prepare yourself for that however you need to.

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Post Malone – Congratulations (DEUX Twins Remix) [TMN Premiere]

DEUX Twins
Congratulations (DEUX Twins remix)

The DEUX Twins are back releasing music and we’re here to give you a first listen in the dojo. In honor of their return, they’ve released a free download of their remix of “Congratulations” by Post Malone. You’ll be sure to hear this in their sets this Summer, including their highly anticipated set at HARD this Summer.

If you haven’t heard “Congratulations” then you must have been abducted by aliens or lived out in the wilderness. DEUX Twins started with a hit and ended with a hit. Their melodic remix is even more memorable than the original, with a catchy drop that isn’t going to be leaving your brain anytime soon. As we said previously, you’ll be hearing this in their sets, but don’t expect it to be listenable solely through them, as many DJs are likely to be hopping on this heater in a hurry. Enjoy the first listen today and join us in hoping these two keep up the releases throughout the rest of the year!

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