Matt Millz – Follow You Home (MELT & NYG Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Matt Millz
Follow You Home (MELT & NYG Remix)

Back in 2014, we fell in love with the powerful, emotive, and enchanting vocals of Canadian folk artist Matt Millz. His debut song, “Follow You Home” was premiered here on TMN, and we had it in our regular rotation for quite some time. Today, we’re seeing it reimagined into a lush soundscape that pairs perfectly with the original’s surreal and captivating vibe. And, we’re lucky enough to premiere it, as well.

This hauntingly beautiful composition comes by way of two remixers. The first, MELT, is a 19-year-old producer from Molde, Norway. The second, NYG, actually played a part in the original work, as a co-writer and co-producer. Together, these two crafted an artful homage to “Follow You Home,” complete with rich, textural atmosphere, delicate piano melody, and well-treated vocals. It works on every level, providing the perfect soundtrack to get you through the middle of your week.

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[Electronic] Annabel Jones – IOU (AObeats Remix)

Annabel Jones
IOU (AObeats Remix)

When it comes to AObeats remixes, you really never know what you’re going to get. The one thing you can always count on, however, is that it will be great. His latest transformation spruces up the insanely catchy “IOU” by Annabel Jones into a futuristic creation that capitalizes on a booming bassline, vocal chops reminiscent of some of Diplo’s more recent work, and a spaced out atmosphere that expands the feel of the original into something much larger.

As a member of the always interesting Moving Castle collective, AObeats is never short on trying out something new and making it work extremely well. This is quite the pleasant update to the recent smash that is “IOU” and, along with many of his close collaborators, when it comes to shaking up pop music, he’s done a fantastic job. Give it spin today to get a little pep back in you step, and be sure to show AObeats and Moving Castle support in any way you can. Luckily, there’s a free download, but you only have 24 hours to snag it, so grab it here while you still can!

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[Electronic] Alex Newell – This Ain’t Over (VenessaMichaels Remix)

Alex Newell
This Aint Over (VenessaMichaels Remix) [NEST HQ Premiere]

VenessaMichaels isn’t messing around. From Aaliyah to Destiny’s Child, her remixes fuse together the best components of house, club, and bass music into bright and buoyant experiences that can instantly turn your day around for the better.

This wild rendition of Alex Newell‘s “This Ain’t Over” cranks up to eleven right out of the gate with prominent vocals that guide the vibrant production from club kick patterns to gospel chords while simultaneously firing on all cylinders. It’s catchy, contagious, and cool all at once. VenessaMichaels has nailed down her sound, and it’s a sound that anyone and everyone can enjoy. If you can’t manage to dance even a little bit while listening to this new remix, you might want to reexamine a few things. Luckily, Nest HQ came through big time on the premiere for this tune, and, with releases like this, the #2090 life is a movement you need to be keeping tabs on. For the SXSW attendees this next week, definitely don’t miss out on her 2090 showcase.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 185)


Friday has come at last. Can you believe we’ve had 185 party playlists already? Today we share with you the 185th volume, which features thirteen tracks, all free downloads. As usual, we start off with some warm up singles, then move on to the party, and end things with one sexy jam called “Big Booty” that is a must listen. First, you have to get through the other dozen that come from artists like Debroka, Kennedy Jones, Party Thieves, Crankdat, Steve Aoki and more. A lot of great records came out this week, but these were the ones we wanted to share with you for the weekend. Unwind, recharge and #danceirresponsibly.

’Kali Uchis – Ridin Round (Billy
On Remix)’
’Isaac Valens – Dreaming Of You’
’Debroka – Rebels’
’Strap Deez – DSMF (Prod. By Vitillaz & FVCKDIVMONDS)’
’Barely Alive – Elephant (Kennedy Jones VIP)’
’Henry Fong X Halfway House Feat. Sanjin – F.E.A.R. (Nazariff Festival Trap Edit)’
’Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz – No Gravity’
’Crankdat & Havok Roth (feat. TITUS) – Stoopid Rich’
’Youth Dem (Turn Up) (feat. Snoop Lion) (Steve Aoki X Garmiani Remix)’
’Syn Cole – Feel Good’
’The Two Strangers & Base Jumpers – Your Mind’
’Kitz – Hustler’
’Sexy Pool House – Big Booty’
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[Trap] NGHTMRE – Street (CRWNS Remix)

Street [CRWNS Remix]

NGHTMRE has been on fire, but another act that has been firing off quality records is CRWNS. Most recently, the New Orleans meets Chicago act came out with a free remix of “Street” by the aforementioned producer. The new rendition of “Street” is a versatile record that contrasts a brighter future bass sound with darker, thugged out trap phrases. This flip doesn’t rely too much on the original, although it does take from it and use those pieces in a new, original composition. CRWNS keeps things fresh, giving us another solid piece of evidence why he is Buku material. He’s been played out by greats like Adventure Club, GTA, and Crizzly, but now they will be gracing a festival crowd all their own. If you’re heading to Buku, we highly suggest you check out the set. Just coming across CRWNS? Run through his Soundcloud, it’s a digital bag of goodies.

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[Trap] SOOHAN – Global Gate 808 EP


Let’s just start by saying the Global Gate 808 EP by SOOHAN is simply extraordinary. We’d be hard-pressed to find anything similar to this in style, but even then, the production quality and creative capacity of this project would trump anything we’d find. SOOHAN of Baltimore really killed it with this release, which fuses sounds from the East with the 808 style.

There’s not one bad song on this project, which rolls ten deep. All ten are remixes of foreign tracks, mixed in with US samplings of hip-hop. Usually when someone tries to take sounds from other countries, it can be sort of corny or a weak appropriation that doesn’t really work. Global Gate 808 more than works, it jives with with everything you knew you wanted and more. SOOHAN is someone we will be keeping a keen eye on. If you’re tired of the same old sounds, SOOHAN is the sonic superhero you’ve been waiting for. Download the EP on Bandcamp for free, or purchase it if you wanna give back.

’Fly My Voice – Warsaw Village Band (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Ki Allo – Elli Kokkinou (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sarwar Kahun – Shabbir Abu Talib (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sushu – Zalem Delarbre (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sunshine – Rye Rye (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Kaur – Anmol Gagan Maan (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Trap, Mome! – Oratnitza (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Story Of Pingala – Karnamrita (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Tiren Gelir – Svirka Women’s Balkan Chorus (SOOHAN Remix)’
’Sabali – Amadou And Mariam (SOOHAN Remix)’
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LOLAWOLF – Drive (Clayjay Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

LOLAWOLF - Drive (Clayjay Remix)
Drive (Clayjay Remix)

Clayjay has been on our radar for quite some time now. Following the success of “Deer Stared At Me”, the young producer is back at it again with a brand new remix of LOLAWOLF‘s “Drive”.

The original tune is stripped and sped up to suit a rather casual vibe. Zoe Kravitz from LOLAWOLF provides an infectious melody with her delightful vocals, which complements the joyous energy of the tune. The signature synth stabs and swift drums in the drop will get your adrenaline level tenfold, and it’s definitely something we haven’t seen from Clayjay before.

This gem shows just how versatile Clayjay’s music can be. His evolving sound is something we look forward to with every new release. Make sure to show some support and grab a free download if you dig the track!

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