[Future Bass] Oh Wonder – Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

Oh Wonder
Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)

If it hasn’t become apparent by now, we here at TMN have become totally enamored by the ever elusive duo, Oh Wonder. After having stumbled upon them by sheer luck, we knew it was only a matter of time before the two took the world by their haunting melodies and sucked us into a vortex of pure euphoria. Since their internet take over, producers from all around have been lining up to share their interpretations of Oh Wonder’s enchanting pieces but have failed to get our attention. After listening to way too many mundane, unoriginal renditions, we felt as if no one on this planet would have the balls to give us something refreshing or unique to change our minds. Well, tonight might be the night where we can have a change in heart because we just so happened to get our hands on a phenomenal remix of “Body Gold” by the underage duo, Louis The Child. Since receiving this in our email, we have listened to this at least 30 times and still haven’t gone insane.

This Future Bass take on “Body Gold” gives us a sort of sexual tension that effortlessly builds up into the ultimate release of a lifetime. Filled with a subtle amount of atmospheric elements, a wobbly synth breakdown, and a soothing percussive flow, Louis The Child made us realize that someone could re-work the glory of Oh Wonder and take us to places unimaginable. Their remix makes us feel as if we are running across a field of flowers and fairies are dancing around us, sprinkling pixie dust and love all over the place. Also, we should say that there may or may not be unicorns in this fictitious scenario so prepare for the best imagery you’ve ever had.All in all, there really is no place we’d rather be than where we are right now – even if it is at the library at almost 9 o’clock at night. This one is going to be on repeat for the rest of the week, so escape to paradise with this one and make sure to grab your free download in the mean time.

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[Electronic] Slow Magic – Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix)

Slow Magic
Waited 4 U (ODESZA Remix) [Thissongissick.com Premiere] [Free Download]

ODESZA and Slow Magic are both killing it in 2014 with stellar debut albums and endless sold-out shows. The similarities don’t end with their upward career trajectory, though, as they also share in sonic elements with shimmering electronic sounds and booming percussion. We’ve already seen Slow Magic, the mysterious masked producer, remix ODESZA’s “Say My Name” and, now, the favor is returned with ODESZA’s take on “Waited 4 U.” As with all of their re-works, the Seattle production duo make this one their own bringing in their signature bright, big-room sound. The compatible styles allow Slow Magic’s original to shine through as well, though, and leaves us wanting more collaborations.

Both of these ninja-favorites are on tour in Europe right now and are actually in the midst of joint shows–you can check out their tour dates here: ODESZA||Slow Magic. You can also check out our exclusive interviews with ODESZA and Slow Magic at those links. Give this one a listen and grab a free download above.

[via TSIS]

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[Deep House] Galantis – Runaway (U & I) (Lash Remix)

Runaway (U & I) (Lash Remix)

It’s always refreshing to see producers go outside of their comfort zones by playing around with new sounds. Dominican Republic duo, Lash, decided to step away from Progressive House and toy around with some good old Deep House with their latest remix of Galantis’ “Runaway (U&I)”. While most people might be stuck ‘not evening’ after listening to this remix, we on the other hand, might have just found the song that might put an end to this white girl epidemic consisting of pumpkin spice lattes and poor grammar.. That might be too bold of a statement but we do think that Lash gave us a remix to get down to for the rest of the season. Filled with heaps of sexual basslines, bursts of disco synths, and futuristic house elements, Lash takes “Runaway” to an entirely new level of attitude. Now that Galantis has opened this song up for producers to play with, expect the internet to explode with remixes galore just like we saw with the Odesza “Say My Name” remix contest. We think Lash is off to a good start with a remix like this, so make sure to give it the love it deserves!

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Goldroom – Till Sunrise (White Cliffs Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Goldroom X White Cliffs
Till Sunrise

As we continue to effortlessly drift along these soothing Wednesday waves, we can’t help but sink into an ethereal realm of mystical melodies and heavenly vibes all thanks to a new TMN favorite, White Cliffs. After blowing us away with his chilled out rendition of We Are Twin’s, “True Love”, we could not help but cling onto his comforting cliffs that have given us leverage to soar into the clouds. Now that we’ve spent sometime hanging on the ledge that separates us from our dreams and reality, we have been anxiously awaiting to return to the land of solace. Well ninjas, you might want to grab your wings because today we are about to embark on an ethereal journey to a place where the sun kisses every inch or your bare skin and leaves you in a freckled state of pure ecstasy. This time around, our edgy friend decided to re-work the majestic gem, “Till Sunrise” by a long-time favorite, Goldroom, and it’s everything we couldn’t possibly ever imagine.

My dreams are always a world away
I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say
That night I wished for you to stay
Till sunrise

The moment we pressed play, we instantly felt as if we had just discovered our purpose in life in which we unintentionally found ourselves vicariously through these enticing melodies. Filled with an alarming amount of ambient elements, glorious synth leads, caressing vibes, and peacefully reverberated vocals, White Cliffs transforms this Goldroom song into a spiritual cleanse of a lifetime. This remix serves as a metaphorical guide for all of us on this lifelong journey to nowhere, and now we can finally take some time to escape to our inner paradise and reflect on our very existence. We are extremely fortunate to have gotten this opportunity to share the latest from White Cliffs in the form of a premiere and we guarantee you’ll swoon yourself into a state of trance like we have, so press play and float along these frequencies till sunrise. Make sure to grab your free download while you’re at it….there’s no way you can escape the repeat button on this gem.

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[House] Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Shiba San remix)

Deadmau5 & Kaskade
I Remember (Shiba San remix)

Correct us if we’re wrong, but did we somehow sleep though the week and wind up knee deep in Friday night grooves? If we did, we certainly hope we can soon replicate said time travel, as we could probably market it pretty effectively. With that being said, holy shit. This remix from Shiba San is straight fire, sure to crush dance floors left and right this weekend.

There was a time and place in dance music where you couldn’t escape the original version of “I Remember.” Crafted by two industry legends, Deadmau5 and Kaskade, this tune cascaded through clubs, festivals, beaches, pools, cars, house parties, bathrooms, and pretty much anywhere else where one would find music. The invigorating lyrics provided by Haley Gibby are forever burned into the brains of partygoers from the first decade of the 2000′s, as all of us can remember a time where we said, “I love this song,” at a live venue.

Fanboy banter aside, taking on such a legendary song is no easy feat, yet Shiba San did so with effortless ease. Seamlessly blending in a splashy percussion section with a deep house bassline, this unique beatsmith has reinvigorated one of the most iconic tunes for modern dance floors. All we can say is – is it the weekend yet?

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[House] Theophilus London – Tribe (Feat. Jesse Boykins III) (Bixel Boys Remix)

Theophilus London Feat. Jesse Boykins III - Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix)
Theophilus London Feat. Jesse Boykins III
Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix)

The Bixel Boys are redefining electronic music in more than one way. The LA-based duo impress us once again with their latest offering, a banger of a remix to Theophilus London‘s “Tribe”. Starting off with a bouncy house beat, the tune matches Theo’s melodic flow. The hard-hitting bass line catches the listener’s attention before the electro elements and an epic drop take over. This tune is the epitome of creativity within electronic music. You never know what to expect with this talented group of musicians.

Make sure to grab a free download of this track on their Facebook page and stay tuned for more dope remixes!

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[Funk] ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron – Tuesday (Remix)

ILoveMakonnen x Coucheron

Are you currently absolutely killing it? Are things going so well that you just can’t even? Did your crush recently hit you up to hang out? Did you just win $100 on a scratcher? Are you experiencing some sort of deliriously happy moment right now? If you answered yes to any of those things, get ready to take it in to overdrive with this remix from Norweigan producer, Coucheron.

Flipping the script on the 808-heavy original, this remix of “Tuesday” has a soulful groove twisted around some expertly sampled vocals. Utilizing the ethereal synths from the background in the original, Coucheron flawlessly brings this back full circle, while giving it a whole new look and feel. Those rolling snare hits, booming kicks, and funky-ass bassline take this tune into a danceable tempo, creating smile-inducing grooves worthy of your current “I’m in the best mood ever” vibes.

If you’re opting to avoid a hangover tomorrow at work by not going to the club on a Tuesday, feel free to re-work the lyrics. We suggest, “I’m comin’ up on a Tuesday,” or “Fillin’ up my cup on a Tuesday.” In fact, if you want to lighten the mood on that influenza, you could belt out “I’m throwin’ up on a Tuesday.” If you pull that last one off, please record it, as you will be an absolute legend in our books.

Keep on smilin’, ninjas.

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