Meadowlark – Family Tree (ROOMS Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Family Tree (ROOMS Remix)

Alright. I’m looking for my heady ninjas right now. If your idea of a solid weekend night is skipping the crowds, sippin’ on some high-end hooch, maybe partaking in a delightful strain of Sativa, and relaxing the night away at home, I have just the track for you.

Ditch the downtown crowds and get lost in the latest offering from Miami Based Record Label/Fashion House Bribery Corporation. This slice of their Sophomore compilation boasts work from one of our favorite up-and-coming artists, LA-based ROOMS.

In this new rendition of the gorgeous, piano-driven, vocal gem “Family Tree,” ROOMS has spun up a encapsulating soundscape while still expertly connecting us to what we loved from Meadowlark’s original piece. The vocals are still as haunting as ever, coupled with instrumental aspects from before, they’re just chopped up, twisted around, and laid out with an engaging tempo that should have you hooked throughout.

If you’re feeling this tune, we highly recommend heading over and downloading the full compilation via BitTorrent.

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Lune – Healing Song (We Are I.V Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Summer is here and so are a whole lot of great tunes from talented artists. One of those tracks is by We Are I.V. Today we are giving you a first listen to their remix of “Healing Song” by Lune.

Upbeat, vibrant and ever so danceable, this remix is hotter than the Summer season it was released in. Along with the song comes a simple video to accompany it, so you’re not only getting a first listen, but a first viewing. The French foursome really know how to flip a track, so check it out and enjoy!

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[Music Video] Sean Paul – Get Busy (Venessa Michaels Remix)

It’s quite rare to see an artist come out with an entire EP of remixes, but that’s just what VenessaMichaels has at the ready. To tease her highly anticipated Now That’s What I Call 2090 EP, she’s delivered a fun music video for her take on “Get Busy” by Sean Paul. If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then this music video is just for you.

Aside from the music video, she’s released the track early as a free download for fans to get before the entire EP drops soon. With the music video, there’s a whole lot of ladies with luchador masks, but instead of wrestling, they’re shaking their butts all over the place, even all over Venessa! Check out the video below and share this one around to your fellow booty-lovers.

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[Trap] Tascione & TYNVN – Deeper Love (Olly Remix)

Tascione & TYNVN
Deeper Love (Olly Remix)

Chances are high that you are unfamiliar with Olly. Why? The Orange County producer has less than 500 followers on Soundcloud, but not because a lack of talent. With only a handful of tracks having been released over the past six months, Olly is in the very beginning of what could be a great career in bass music. Just take the remix of “Deeper Love” by Tascione & TYNVN as evidence of that.

Olly went hard on this one. The original was hype; a great trap record that came in at over 200K plays on SC alone, so taking it on isn’t easy. That didn’t matter as Olly smashed this flip for a song that could easily be played out by the biggest names in the business. It’s one of those gems that only comes along on rare occasion, a special find that deserves to be shared with as many people as possible. We’ve shared it with you, now you share it elsewhere!

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[Future Bass] Adventure Club – Breathe feat. SONDAR (Indiginis Remix)

Adventure Club
Breathe feat. SONDAR (Indiginis Remix)

Indiginis is back with another smash hit remix. Released as a free download, their take on “Breathe” by Adventure Club is a major Summer remix that we’ll be jamming out to even when the sun is hidden from view when Fall comes.

“Breathe” in its Indiginis form is a timeless tune whose next level future bass sound has quite the lengthy shelf life, even when you blast it on repeat. Indiginis has quickly rose to the top of our list of of favorite acts because of the unique tone they bring. It’s an identity that’s all their own, yet it feels familiar to us like we’ve been listening to them since childhood. Look out for Indiginis to make a huge splash as the year moves forward.

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[Electronic] The M Machine – We Had It All (Indiginis Remix)

The M Machine
We Had It All (Indiginis Remix) [Premiere]

“We Had It All” by The M Machine just got a fresh new flip. Thanks to Indiginis, we have yet another funk friendly track to share. The bouncy, bubbly take of “We Had It All” is an official release delivered through Mad Zoo. As you might expect from the label’s catalog, this one is a genre-bending gem.

Indiginis really pulled something special off here. The M Machine helped change the face of dance music, so remixing their work and living up to their prestige isn’t an easy task. Despite that, Indiginis went above and beyond, taking “We Had It All” to new heights. There have been countless remixes that have come out this year, but this is among our top. It has that remarkable familiar yet distinct vibe to it. It’s something that is accessible, but not your run of the mill. Jam this one one repeat to end your day nicely.

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[Future Bass] Sisqo – Thong Song (JCY Remix)

THONG SONG (feat. Sisqo)

Whether you admit it publicly, to yourself, or nobody, you like “Thong Song” by Sisqo. Everyone does. For most it is a guilty pleasure, which is totally cool. Today we have a remix that will hope to bring you out of the shadows and into the light. Thanks to the trio JCY, “Thong Song” lives on in a new form.

Believe it or not, Warner Music Norway put this one out, which has made us fall in love with them even more. This is the first official remix of the song that has been released since the original came out in 1999. Sisqo himself loved this song, prompting new recordings of the lyrics just for this remix. There’s a reason he was so hyped on it: it’s damn good. So get those booties ready, “Thong Song” is back!

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