[Epic] Tiësto & KSHMR ft. VASSY – Secrets (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Festival Edit)

Tiësto & KSHMR Ft VASSY - Secrets (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Festival Edit)
Secrets (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Festival Edit)

Every once in a while you come across an awesome track that just makes you jump up and down uncontrollably. Southern California-based duo ARMNHMR (proonounced “arm and hammer”) just released this epic remix of Tiesto‘s “Secrets” with their producer friend Dathan, and it’s an absolute banger for many festival goers. Slightly speeding up the bpm, the duo cleverly incorporated trap elements into the mix. The vocals by singer VASSY was the perfect complement to the melodies crafted by the heavyhitting synth. They also spiced up the various beat drops, further shaping the to-be festival anthem. These maneuvers all contribute to the seductive vibe of this track.

If you dig this tune, or you even slightly bobbed your head to this, be sure to show some support and grab a free download of this track here. We can’t wait for their next release!

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[Progressive House] Blink 182 – Adam’s Song (Kasum Remix)

Blink 182 - Adam's Song (Kasum Remix)
Blink 182
Adam's Song (Kasum Remix)

As you’re reading the title you’re probably thinking to yourself, what could anyone possibly do to remix this song? Wonder no more, as NY-based producer Kasum stripped the Blink 182 classic “Adam’s Song” down to the bone and gave it the electronic dance treatment. Following the success of his debut single “Glorious”, Kasum takes it way back and gives us a taste of throwback punk rock music, and the fusion of the two genres surprisingly works wonders. The producer keeps it interesting by incorporating progressive melodies and dubstep elements without overshadowing the original vocals.

This track is just another example of the wide range of music Kasum has to offer. Grab a free copy of the tune here and show some support if you like this rendition of the 90’s classic.

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[Indie Dance] Stalking Gia – Born Free (SoySauce Edition)

Stalking Gia
Born Free (SoySauce Edition)

SoySauce took a different direction when flipping “Born Free” by Stalking Gia. Their official remix is a strong indie bomb that has already exploded onto the web, racking up plays in a hurry. Acoustic sounds play a central role in the arrangement, causing the listener to feel as though they are sitting right in front of a full band getting a live experience.

With the weekend approaching, it’s time to collect both bangers and chill masterpieces, with this being one of the latter. SoySauce continue to amaze with each production they put out as they attempt to take over with their unique sound. Identity is key in 2015, and these two are blasting their own path that will lead them to the forefront. Their journey is just beginning, with this track being a staple in their discography. Good thing about it is you can download it for free.

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[Compilation] Too Lush Vol. 3

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 8.20.03 AM

The collective mindset is strong these days. We’ve seen multiple compilations spring up and massive libraries of music develop instantly on SoundCloud. It’s amazing to witness so many artists backing each other up and banding together to create these projects, and one of the latest to do it is Too Lush. Their third volume is a whopping 25 track journey through club music, future styled beats and hip-hop influenced cosmic wonders that include a wide range of producers that are making waves throughout the SoundCloud community. There are a few familiar faces among this crew, and plenty of new ones to explore and expand your musical palette with. Whether you’re looking to kick your feet up and just bob your head or in the middle of the club jigging away, Too Lush Vol. 3 has got a track for that. They’re generously giving it away for free on their Bandcamp, so download it, take it wherever you go, and make it a party.

Tidal Chart Defect
Chris Jayden
Who Is She
T Pain & Lil Wayne
Cant Believe It (Catt Moop Remix)
Fine as Funk
Max Indigo
Sun Trumpet
Sigh ft. Flyboy!
Knite Watch
On Top Of The World
Squishy Squirtle
Jesse Bravo
This Could Be Lush
Sandro Jeeawock
I Know You
Frozen Sea
Im In Love
Jengi Beats
Panini Café
Joe Petersen
Fade To White
Phonome x Strick
Gear Island
Ca$h Bandicoot
Left, Right
Flow Castle x Slow Graffiti
Gangsta Luv
You Like It (KBoW x GRRL Remix)
Destinys Child
Bug A Boo (iMarkkeyz Remix)
Gutta x Dj K
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[Future] Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

Rich Boy
Throw Some D's (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

alaya issue 2 is here and two of the bigger names associated with the rapidly growing label banded together to totally reshape the classic (Let’s be honest here) “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy. LUCA LUSH and Dirty Chocolate pitched down the original vocals and proceed to flesh out their huge remix with hint of vocoder, video game style synths, and bass so big that it might just break your car if you bump it hard enough. These two have no shortage of jams, and seeing them put together something as big as this has us hoping they’ll be working on a project together soon. This is just a taste of what the second alaya compilation has to offer, so check out the rest of the stellar tunes and grab your copy of the whole thing here!

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[Jungle Terror] Boaz Van De Beatz ft. Mr. Polska & RiFF RAFF – Guappa (G-Buck Remix)

Boaz Van De Beatz
Guappa (ft. Mr. Polska & RiFF RAFF) [G-Buck Remix]

G-Buck comes strong with some jungle terror meets trap fusion in his new remix. Philadelphia’s burrito loving wild child steps up to “Guappa” by Boaz Van De Beatz, Mr. Polska and RiFF RAFF and blasts it out of the park.

In going back and forth between the hardstyle like energy and the cut time, G-Buck manages the intensity well, while also keeping it at a high degree throughout. That is why this is one track that anybody who’s looking to turn things up needs. As one of the up and coming studs, G-Buck doesn’t disappoint with this quality freebie.

Surely locked and loaded with more, G-Buck is a cat to keep your eye on. He’s already had releases with Mad Decent, Dim Mak and Main Course and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The man has got some serious skills and he’s not afraid to show ‘em; so if you get a chance to see him live, do it!

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[Electropop] machineheart – snøw (Myles Travitz Remix)

machineheart - snow (Myles Travitz Remix)
snøw (Myles Travitz Remix)

Some say music cures the soul, and this track perfectly exemplifies that. Put down whatever you’re doing, and listen to this wonderful tune. We guarantee it’ll brighten your day. Listen as the talented producer from North Carolina, Myles Travitz, put his spin on the hit track “Snow” by LA-based pop group Machineheart. Transforming the beautifully crafted original into a heavier hitting electronic indie pop goodness, Myles Travitz created this incredibly catchy tune you simply can’t get enough of. The crisp vocals fuel the emotionally-driven tune and the bold synth takes the uplifting vibe to a whole ‘nother level.

Make sure to grab a free download here. With numerous remixes in his repertoire, Myles Travitz is somebody you wouldn’t want to miss out on. We are excited to see what else he has to offer.

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