[Future/Indie Dance] Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (SMLE Remix)

Alicia Keys
You Dont Know My Name (SMLE Remix)

Miami is known as a hub for house music. It’s also the home of SMLE, an act who recently brought some solid sounds to “You Don’t Know My Name.” SMLE’s future style is presented with a coat of some indie dance vibes in this Music Ninja premiere.

SMLE brought the 2005 Grammy award winning record into the now for one of the freshest remixes of the year. A chilled out composition sends calming tones through the ear for the mind to absorb and bask in. Even though it’s festival season, there’s a need for tracks that are a little more on the cool side, and this remix is one that is going to be at the top of the pile. SMLE delivers the goods again, but is that really surprising? With Soundcloud already stocked with numerous epic flips by SMLE, we already know and love what SMLE has to offer.

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Adria – Falling (Jia Lih Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Falling (Jia Lih Remix)

It was only a few months ago that we were first introduced to the mesmerizing Adria, as she released her stunning piano ballad “Falling” to the world. The original, which was recorded in Paul Epworth’s Church studio in London with producer Matthew Wiggins, features nothing more than Adria’s enveloping vocal tone and an accompanying calming piano.

With such lovely vocals, it was only a matter of time before a remixer was introduced, and we’re pleased to be the ones bringing you that remix. Enter Jia Lih, and up-and-coming producer, who puts his spin on this monumental original.

Adria’s vocals are treated with the utmost respect in this interpretation, ensuring they’re still the hero for the listener. Sections of the piano were brought in as well, accompanied by booming basslines, crashing percussion, and fluttering synths. The end result is a massively pleasing future remix, one we’ll certainly be jamming here at TMN HQ for months to come.

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[Deep-House] Bobby Nourmand – Gimme Shelter

Bobby Nourmand
Gimme Shelter

Los Angeles based house maestro Bobby Nourmand‘s trek through re-imagined classic tunes has been nothing short of a house tinged earworm for much of the staff here at TMN. After already gracing the blogosphere with dance induced reboots of timeless staples from Simon & Garfunkel and The Doors, Nourmand’s turned his graceful attention to one of Mick Jagger and company’s most recognizable singles: “Gimme Shelter”. Nourmand weaves a sticky web of groove and soul through reduction rather than addition on this latest remix, instilling his focal point of a dingy and rolling 3:00 a.m. deep-house bassline and minimal percussion against Jagger’s unmistakable vocal track before crawling pads and a heavy top line synth bring each separate component crashing together. We’ve been hooked on this one since the first promo copy began circulating, and with “Gimme Shelter”‘s dreary setting played against a gloomy day for those of us Ninjas in Denver, today was the perfect day to share. Bobby Nourmand’s taking our admiration one step further as well, offering up “Gimme Shelter” as a free download here, so indulge yourself today, and tap into his altruistic nature on this most glorious of Cinco De Mayo’s.

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Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (Candyland Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Lean On (Candyland Remix)

Today is the day that Major Lazer uploaded the official remix pack for “Lean On” to Soundcloud. It is also the day that The Music Ninja gets to premiere the Candyland version of the track, which is being released for free.

With Candyland’s sonic diversity, as a listener you have to be ready for anything. Trap is one style that Candyland excels at, and have implemented into the reworking of Major Lazer’s collaboration with DJ Snake and MØ. In fact, Josie had get her twerk on with this rambunctious production whose sound morphs as the song moves along to its finish. What you get with the first drop is nothing like you get with the last. It’s proven yet again why Candyland is one of the hottest acts out, giving us top notch records day in and day out. Truth is, Candyland has another single coming soon in the form of an original called “Murda” that will be released on SMOG Records on May 18th. If 12th Planet can get behind it, so can you!

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[House/Future] Jason Burns & Sarah Winters – Lightweight (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Jason Burns & Sarah Winters
Lightweight (Dr. Fresch Remix)

While many of our proverbial Ninjas out there may be familiar with house slinger Dr. Fresch‘s more directed style of blending the classic, future, deep and ghetto corners of house music into a cohesive and recognizable sound; most recently on tunes like his remix of Carmada’s “Maybe”, and Gucci Mane’s “Pillz”, today we rather find the So-Cal club shaker in the midst of revealing yet another aspect to an ongoing musical evolution. On this latest offering,  Dr. Fresch ushers Jason Burns & Sarah Winters‘ “Lightweight” towards a melodic sea of progressively tuned dance synths which resonate beautifully on the load-bearing backbone of deep-house foundation; but still manages to appeal to both our affinity for catchy pop and forward thinking tastemaking desires. When pressed about his latest remix, Dr. Fresch stated: “ …I wanted my remix to be representative of my dirty club house style, but also carry a similar vibe and feel to the original. This might be one of my favorite remixes of mine to date because of how I was able to contrast light and dark elements of my sound so well…” We could go on about those clashing melancholy aural electronic elements played against an upbeat, danceable background, but we’d rather just let you listen instead. And for our friends looking to expand their music libraries, be sure to grab a free download of Dr. Fresch’s “Lightweight” remix here through Love & Other and Echelon Artist Collective.

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[UK Garage] M.O – Preach (Sean Glass Remix)

M.O Preach (Sean Glass Remix)

Mondays are never easy, but when you have good music, the week doesn’t look so bleak anymore. Lucky for you, ninjas, we got a good one for you today. Just months after making his producer debut with his remix of Robert DeLong’s “Long Way Home,” Win Music boss, Sean Glass, has delivered his latest effort, taking on Black Butter Records’ latest addition, M.O. and their track, “Preach.”

Glass has taken a relatively different path than many producers to achieve the same success. The talented musician began as a DJ, playing festivals like Coachella and EDC, before starting his own record label, Win Music. The very first track of his label was Duke Dumont’s Grammy-nominated hit,“Need U 100%,” and Win Music and Glass were instantly catapulted into the spotlight alongside Dumont and his track. With an ear for what sounds good and talent as a DJ, Glass tried his hand at production, to great success, as his debut remix charted #1 on The Hype Machine.

On his remix of “Preach,” Glass takes the pop anthem of M.O. and infuses the track with his personal U.K. Garage touch. By speeding up the tempo of the track and layering together a booming bass line with infectious hi-hats and a groove-driven melody, the production of the track perfectly complements the bubbly and catchy croons of the pop trio, giving Glass’ remix an interesting pop/deep house-esque personality. You can check out the remix above, and pick up the free download here.

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[Deep House] Jaymes Young – I’ll Be Good (Fabich Remix)

jaymes young
Jaymes Young
I'll Be Good (Fabich Remix)

Fans of the iconic German deep house groove will have grown accustomed to seeing Fabich’s name alongside his fellow talented countrymen across his host of stunning collaborations in past. This time there’ll be no division of praise as we focus solely on his production chops with his latest official remix for Jaymes Young. While the original may be a soulful ballad, you’d expect nothing less from a bit of German engineering to turn this into a chilled dance floor delight. From once melting hearts to now driving this pulsating beat ever forward, the vocals have undergone an incredible transformation that look to carry this feel-good sensation long into the night.

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