SIRMA – To Love (Remixes) [TMN Premiere]

Today us ninjas have a special premiere for you from SIRMA. The Turkish songstress tapped a handful of producers to remix some of her tracks for the To Love (Remixes) project and we have them for you exclusively here.

Four remixes in total make up the project with works from Instant Karma, Salt Cathedral, Mallow and Pretty Sister. With some house, a mix of future and some work that can’t be pinned down to a genre, this remix EP was done right. Not only do you get a fresh mix of sounds, but you get some quality cuts that aren’t cop-out remixes. SIRMA and company curated this one nicely and it shows. The result is one magical EP that you get first listen to in the dojo!

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Benjah Ninjah – Tippin’ EP [TMN Premiere]

Given our ninja status, it would make sense for us to deliver an exclusive first listen from Benjah Ninjah. His EP Tippin’ is here in full, available as a free download if you’re not willing to support the project. After listening, you’ll be glad to purchase it.

Tippin’ comes in at three tracks long, plus an instrumental of one of the singles. Benjah’s trippy electronic sound is just the left-field release this Summer has been in need of. Each track shares its own space within the project, expressing different styles. “Clairvoyance” even recruits Dylano for some bars on the hip-hop original. Together they form one rock-solid EP that you get first in the dojo thanks to We Got This Music.

’Benjah Ninjah – Represent’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clockwork’
’Benjah Ninjah – Clairvoyance (Feat. Dylano)’
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The Urban Renewal Project – Road To Victory (Ft. Hugh Augustine & Alex Nester) [TMN Premiere]

The “Road To Victory” has been paved by The Urban Renewal Project. A lot of bands say they are doing something different, when really they aren’t, but that’s not the case with this LA group. They’re the real deal and they’ve joined us in the dojo for an exclusive first listen to their newest single.

“Road To Victory” features Hugh Augustine and Alex Nester on top of the usual lineup of musicians. The jazzy hip-hop original is not going to be what you’ve been used to if you are a fan of rap. They cut back to some OG flavors, while implementing their own elements to create a truly special song. Musicianship always wins out with The Urban Renewal Project with the result being amazing tracks time and time again. Stream their latest exclusively here in the dojo.

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TASTEBREAKERS – Wasabi feat. JAMO! & City James [TMN Premiere]

Wasabi (Feat. JAMO! & City James)

Wasabi isn’t in some people’s wheelhouse because it’s too hot. However, the “Wasabi” that TASTEBREAKERS have brought with JAMO! and City James is just the right kind of hot that people are looking for. Their collaborative single is here for you in the dojo where we’re giving you the opportunity to hear it first.

Hip-hop is in a ton of places right now, but with “Wasabi” we get something that isn’t like much else that’s out right now. It does have some similarities, but all in all it has a special quality to it that differentiates it from the general crowd. The beat itself is ill, with the rhymes on top providing the rest of the force on a hit that will knock you off your feet. We’ve got you covered with a first listen, so click that play button.

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LEFTI – Stand Up feat. John Pugh [TMN Premiere]

We hope you have your dancing shoes on, because LEFTI brought something super funky into the dojo. Featuring John Pugh, the extra groovy single “Stand Up” is here. In this premiere you get a first listen to one of the most lively tunes of the Summer.

“Stand Up” will get you on your feet in no time. It sounds as thought it came out at the height of the disco era, while also coming out at the height of house music’s popularity. In mixing the best of both worlds, LEFTI created a timeless piece of music that’s ready for anyone. You don’t even have to like electronic music to fall head over heals in love with this tune. Stream it today and drink plenty of water, because you’ll be breaking a sweat moving to this.

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Hardwell & Austin Mahone – Creatures Of The Night (Charming Horses Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Hardwell’s collaboration on “Creatures Of The Night” with Austin Mahone has had a whole album’s worth of remixes for it. One of those remixes comes to us from the solo producer Charming Horses. We welcome you to the dojo for an exclusive first listen to his deep take in this premiere!

Charming Horses went all out club friendly with this joyous deep house cut. Of course, he kept the stunning vocal around and implemented his own sound into the mix. It was nice to hear “Creatures Of The Night” come into a house form. Despite it’s popularity and praise in its original future format, we just might love this flip more. It’s fun, catchy and incredibly dance-floor ready. Enjoy your first listen here in the dojo.

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ORII – The Rule [TMN Premiere]


Start your Friday off with a first listen to a brand new single from the LA producer ORII. The dubstep track is about as dynamic as it gets, bringing classic growls into the mix with some subtle metal influences and a classical breakdown that will bring a tear to your eyes.

On top of all that, there’s a hip-hop vocal. How all this came together cohesively we could never tell you, but just listen to the result and you’ll see how things came out. This impressive feat is special in its own right, but to take things even further ORII is a new project from Modulation. Big things are coming for this talent who has already seen a lot of success with Modulation and his work as a ghost producer for top bass acts. “The Rule” is just the start and we’re excited to see where things go for ORII!

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