Buku – Front to Back (Stylust Beats Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Stylust Beats Promo
Front To Back(Stylust Beats Remix)

Buku’s “Front to Back” has already received a remix treatment from Bassnectar, but today we present to you another take on the Spinnin single. Stylust Beats has come through the dojo to give you a first listen to his own flip in this Music Ninja Premiere.

If you happen to be a fan of driving basslines, then this newly formatted “Front to Back” is going to please your ears. Stylust Beats gets things going with a quickness and doesn’t pull back the energy much until the end. Things do dip for a short period so you you can catch your breath and get yourself ready to continue to dance your pants off or headbang, whichever you prefer. With Spring so close and festivals on their way, remarkable remixes of big tracks will be steadily coming out. This is definitely in that batch and we’re pleased to deliver it to you here first!

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Chex – Purple Craze [TMN Premiere]

purple-craze_artwork_swl (1)
La Tropicál
Chex ~ Purple Craze

The trio Chex is entering the dojo to unveil their new single “Purple Craze” that features vocalist Lily Grieve. In this Music Ninja Premiere we get the group’s second single, a soulful electronic record whose pop tendencies could serve as the pivotal piece in launching these creators to stardom.

“Purple Craze” is a dashing single. Vibrant, yet soft, this creation is a medicinal dose of cool. It’s got the right chill vibe, but it’s also got dance-able rhythms and grooves giving it the energy it needs to be a record fans ache for live. Chex aim to give their tracks a live feel, so we can only imagine what they have cooking for their shows. “Purple Craze” will certainly be one of their go-to songs and we’re happy we have the chance to give you a first listen to it right here. Want the song for yourself? Download it for free through the new indie imprint Name The Game Recordings.

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Cayman Cline – That Man [TMN Video Premiere]

Cayman Cline

Cayman Cline is a name that will quickly rise to the top of your hip-hop radar. He’s paving his own way with his own sound, as dark as it is, tapping into purely raw emotions that fans worldwide will be able to connect to. Although dreary, Cayman’s introspective tone is inspirational at heart. Just take the song and video for “That Man” by the half Native American, half Mexican rapper as evidence. Get your first look and listen here in the dojo with this Music Ninja Premiere.

You would think after watching a grim video where we basically only see one person at night in tune with a downtempo song whose lyrics don’t exactly incite the best of emotions, you’d feel isolated. The strange thing is Cayman is able to provide comfort in those feelings through his rhymes and potent attitude. He conveys, not only in song but video form, a distinct type of loneliness that is highly relatable. The video feels very intimate, like you’re getting to see into a world of another person, which is exactly what Cayman does with his project. He pulls you out from your seat and plants you somewhere else, a new place, a new state of mind. Watch the video below and make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from Cayman Cline.

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Constant Z – Rumors [TMN Premiere]

Constant Z Rumors
Constant Z
Rumors (Original Mix)

Russian’s own Constant Z has delivered a free download via the dojo in this Music Ninja Premiere. The song? It’s the new single “Rumors” whose deep house record is an exceptional piece of electronic music.

Even if they’re simply your guilty pleasure, everyone loves rumors. In regards to Constant Z’s “Rumors” you’re going to like it all the same, except there will be no guilt attached. Instead, you’ll be proudly dancing along to this melodic masterpiece. Constant Z’s dark edge fits so well with the topic at hand, but despite having that tone, the song is still quite lively and fun. We are proud to present this one to you for a first listen, so stream it now and don’t forget to download it before you leave!

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Bad Royale & Gaudi Deliver Remixes For Balkan Beat Box [TMN Premiere]


Today we have a special premiere for you of not one, but two official remixes for Balkan Beat Box. One comes from our good friends Bad Royale and the other comes from the London creator GAUDI. Each of them have their own take on “Chin Chin” and each definitely had a different idea in mind of where to take things.

In going in nearly opposite directions, it’s cool to see just how easy it is for people to put their own spin on a song. With Bad Royale, we get a high-octane flip that sees the group’s Caribbean bass sound go all over the place, as they usually do. No matter what they release, it’s always a fun listen. GAUDI takes things much slower, with a laidback remix whose slight groove makes this the perfect kickback track. He manages to make two styles of music fit together that at first thought you might think against it. GAUDI not only makes it work, but he does so in a manner that exceeds even the best expectations. Check them out below and if you haven’t heard the original, check out the music video as well.

’Chin Chin (Bad Royale Remix)’
’Chin Chin (GAUDI Remix)’

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Trouze – Splash [TMN Premiere]

Splash (Free Download)

In March, the electronic trio Trouze will be releasing their highly anticipated single “Busy.” However, they didn’t want fans to wait any longer for a new song from them, so they partnered up with the ninjas for the premiere of their “Splash” single.

“Splash” is a lively, progressive record whose familiar, yet unique sound will certainly turn some heads. Vibrant piano chords headline a composition that shows off true song-writing talent. This single is a sign of new things to come for the trio; a fresh start to a new chapter in their creative lives together. With three veteran musicians, Trouze is always able to bring strong tracks to the fold that are anything but average. “Splash” is no different, as it has everything a hit house instrumental needs. Enjoy a first listen to “Splash” today to get ready for the arrival of “Busy” next month.

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Strange Familia – Ms. Badblood [TMN Premiere]

Strange Familia
Ms. Badblood

Get ready to get funky with “Ms. Badblood.” The new single from the Utah songsters Strange Familia can be first heard right here, right now in this Music Ninja Premiere. This dynamic creation is not your average song, as it hits all the right notes for fans of many differing genres.

“Ms. Badblood” satisfies your disco needs, your guilty pleasure for pop, as well as your taste for some electronic sounds. It’s been a while since Strange Familia have put out a tune, so it’s nice to hear them come back with something so incredible. Not only are we getting this single debut, but it comes with the knowledge that the band will be bringing a full length album in the Spring. If the rest of the album is anything like this, these Salt Lake City boys have something special on their hands. Stream “Ms. Badblood” today and be on the lookout for any other singles coming out before the album drops.

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