jackLNDN – Never Get Enough [TMN Premiere]

Never Get Enough

We always want more jackLNDN. The – you guessed it – London producer has a nearly endless catalog of amazing records and he adds yet another through the Ultra imprint today. “Never Get Enough” comes to you first, right here in the dojo for a special premiere.

This record gets funky quick with a cool, classy tone whose infectious sound will take over your body in a hurry. “Never Get Enough” is easily one of our favorite jackLNDN tunes, which shows us that he’s not slowing down one bit. Although this record is certainly a deep house cut, the crossover sound makes this reachable to anyone who likes a groovy, catchy record, so basically anybody. Only time will tell just how popular this song gets, but all we can say is it can make big things happen and you heard it here first in the dojo! Want a copy? Hit up your favorite digital retailer today.

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Palm Trees – You Were The One [TMN Premiere]

Palm Trees
You Were The One

Get ready for some good vibes from Amsterdam’s own Palm Trees. Not only do you get to hear the new single “You Were The One,” but you get to hear it first in the dojo. In this premiere you get a Summer-stricken poppy house record that is going to stick in your mind and live for the next several days, if not longer.

Pop has managed to invade so many electronic genres lately, but with “You Were The One” it feels like a natural combination. Palm Trees provides an introduction that feels 100% organic and only by surprise do we get lifted into an electronic setting with soft grooves that still are centered around an acoustic sound. It’s a cool mix of several styles and sounds melded into one song that we’ve been hype on ever since it slid into the dojo. Enjoy a first listen to “You Were The One” today!

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SLUMBERJACK – RA (Sippy Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Ra (Sippy remix) artwork
RA (Sippy Remix)

All of the ninjas get excited every time we premiere something. Sometimes a song comes along that we get even more riled up for and that is happening today. In this TMN Premiere we’re showcasing one of Australia’s hottest talents, the basshead Sippy who took on a remix of “RA” by SLUMBERJACK.

Innovative, lively and heavy as hell, Sippy’s flip of “RA” is too fresh not to love. She pays enough homage to the original so you make the connection, but for the most part the song is all her own. With festival season here, producers are bringing out their big guns, but here we have a behemoth of bass whose quality and immeasurable size can’t be denied. It’s just a magnificent piece of electronic music, plain and simple; a remix done right. Sippy swayed us and now she’s landed one of our favorite premieres of the year so far. Enjoy it for yourself and stay tuned for what else is to come from Sydney’s own. Make sure to grab the free download as well.

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Esseks – Wat Did I Do [TMN Premiere]

West Coast Bass Vol 2 art
Wat did i do

Today Sleeveless Records released volume two of their West Coast Bass compilation series. One part of that project was a single created by Sam Eckstein, aka Esseks. “Wat Did I Do” is the song and the dojo is where you’re getting a first listen to it!

“Wat Did I Do” is the embodiment of the compilation series. It oozes that laidback west coast vibe, while bringing some sleek basslines to the table. Esseks gets the action going quickly, not playing around in any way. It’s straight to the point with everything it’s got, including it’s classic style that newer producers can’t seem to pin down this well. What makes things even better is that you can download the single for free. If you like what you’re hearing, make sure to check out the full compilation, complete with sixteen tunes.

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Gladiator – Bonk ft. Metric Man [TMN Premiere]


Insomniac Records continues to build it’s impressive catalog by adding a project with the duo Gladiator. Their EP is due out on Friday, but we like to give you sneak previews in the dojo when we can. This is why today you are getting a first listen to the single “Bonk” featuring Metric Man.

Get ready for something a bit different with “Bonk.” It’s OG feel, twisted together with subtle nuances taken from jungle, this single has a lot going on. It’s a medley of several sounds that have influenced the duo, brought together with their own signature flair. They’re aiming to bring this one to pop off at festivals, which is a goal we believe they are going to reach quite easily. “Bonk” will be available this Friday alongside another single, both of which will be purchasable at that time. Check out the single below as well as what Gladiator had to say about the tune.

Bonk was a dark, after hours type of record inspired by our love of classic house tunes. Once Metric came on board with his large, booming voice and call to the dance floor, it gave the tune a truly massive feel that made it perfect for the festival stage.
– Gladiator

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Buku – Front to Back (Stylust Beats Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Stylust Beats Promo
Front To Back(Stylust Beats Remix)

Buku’s “Front to Back” has already received a remix treatment from Bassnectar, but today we present to you another take on the Spinnin single. Stylust Beats has come through the dojo to give you a first listen to his own flip in this Music Ninja Premiere.

If you happen to be a fan of driving basslines, then this newly formatted “Front to Back” is going to please your ears. Stylust Beats gets things going with a quickness and doesn’t pull back the energy much until the end. Things do dip for a short period so you you can catch your breath and get yourself ready to continue to dance your pants off or headbang, whichever you prefer. With Spring so close and festivals on their way, remarkable remixes of big tracks will be steadily coming out. This is definitely in that batch and we’re pleased to deliver it to you here first!

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Chex – Purple Craze [TMN Premiere]

purple-craze_artwork_swl (1)
La Tropicál
Chex ~ Purple Craze

The trio Chex is entering the dojo to unveil their new single “Purple Craze” that features vocalist Lily Grieve. In this Music Ninja Premiere we get the group’s second single, a soulful electronic record whose pop tendencies could serve as the pivotal piece in launching these creators to stardom.

“Purple Craze” is a dashing single. Vibrant, yet soft, this creation is a medicinal dose of cool. It’s got the right chill vibe, but it’s also got dance-able rhythms and grooves giving it the energy it needs to be a record fans ache for live. Chex aim to give their tracks a live feel, so we can only imagine what they have cooking for their shows. “Purple Craze” will certainly be one of their go-to songs and we’re happy we have the chance to give you a first listen to it right here. Want the song for yourself? Download it for free through the new indie imprint Name The Game Recordings.

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