Jonas Blue – By Your Side (Two Can Remix) [TMN Premiere]


It’s not Christmas quite yet, but do we have a special present for you today. Your ears get the pleasure of having the first listen to a brand new remix from our friends Two Can, who took on the official task of flipping “By Your Side” from Jonas Blue. Nothing like one of our favorite premieres to help close out the year!

Two Can are known around the world for their expressive, exciting music. Ever since they came to the fold, they’ve put forth nothing but great tunes and this remix is certainly one of their best. They take a bit of a different approach than they usually do with the result being nothing short of spectacular. Their vibrant chords and vocal chops play together to perfection and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much good stuff in this one, you’ll be listening through on repeat just to appreciate every little detail. Stream today, and enjoy!

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Thomston – Float (Anden Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Float (Anden Remix)

NYC duo Anden are known to push boundaries and experiment with music outside of the norm. We’ve heard bouncy up beat dance tracks to dark and emotional ballads and the direction that it’s taken them has proven to be successful. “Float” is another prime example of how unafraid the duo is to think outside the box. The original track by Thomston boasts emotionally driven lyrics and a deep melody, but Anden digs even deeper adding their personal experiences and history into the track.

Anden does a great job of keeping their remixes close to the original while still giving it a personal flair for those who want a taste of both artistic touches. The lead synth brightens Thomston’s original yet doesn’t hinder the darker side of the track and while this song proves to be a bit different, it’s a good different and we’re excited to see what else these two have in store. I got the chance to ask the duo a few questions about the remix; check it out below and make sure to listen to the track which is also a free download.

TMN: How did doing this remix come about?

A: We first heard the original song at the beginning of the summer and immediately reached out to Thomston’s management about doing the remix. We connected very strongly with the vocal and the songwriting and are really excited we were able to do the remix. We actually finished it back in August, so we’re happy it’s finally out now!

TMN: What was the hardest part about it?

A: Our first ideas for the remix were to expand on the writing in the original and build out a longer arrangement. The initial sketches for the remix were around eight minutes in length (much like the final version), and so it was tough at first to commit to something that was already a bit unconventional. With a song this long, we wanted it to evolve and progress in order to stay interesting, so that was a really fun challenge we took on in our approach to the remix.

TMN: Favorite part about creating this remix?

A: Writing the lead synth part in the main breakdown of the song. We were hoping to have something more hopeful and elevating to contrast the darker feel of the chords and bass, and we’re really happy with how that section of the song came together. Technically speaking, we made that instrument with our Korg MS20 (a hardware synth), so the whole process had a very natural and organic feel to it.

TMN: You guys have been experimenting with darker and more emotional music, why is that?

We had a collection of experiences earlier on in the year that inspired this new sound – many were music specific experiences (parties we went to, etc), but others were more personal ones. One important personal experience was quitting a day job to do music full time. Along with the happiness and excitement of doing music for a living came an increased amount of anxiety and stress. Experiencing such an intense range of emotions definitely played a part in wanting to create music that captured that same feeling – something that is dark and melancholic, but also uplifting and beautiful.

TMN: Can you give a little insight on your production process for this remix? Did you try anything you may not have tried before?

A: Most of the writing actually happened very quickly, we wrote pretty much all the instrumentation in just about a day. There was still quite a bit of tweaking and fine-tuning after the fact, but we find that the songs where the ideas flow out quickly and naturally are often our favorite ones in the end. In terms of new things, not using a normal 4×4 kick drum pattern was a first for us!

TMN: When will we see another original track from you guys? and what does 2017 look like?

A: We actually are in the process of signing our first original record (more details to follow soon!) and are working with a few artists on a remix pack for it. That should be out early next year, along with a number of other remixes and originals we’ve been writing. We also recently started a monthly radio show called Sound Room, which you can check out on iTunes and Soundcloud. For performances, we are wrapping up the year with a show at Hammerstein Ballroom for NYE, and we will be hosting our 3rd popup party in NYC early next year. These popups have been an awesome way to showcase our recent work and take a unique space in the city and convert it into a house party for one night only.

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8Er$ – Smoke Shop [TMN Premiere]

Smoke Shop

If you’re not already a fan of 8Er$, you’re late to the party. Even if you’re not on board, better late than never. The trap lord just released “Smoke Shop” today as a free download. It’s coming fresh and hot out the oven for this premiere, so prepare yourself.

“Smoke Shop” is a bit of a different style than what we usually get from 8Er$, however it is still within his signature ballpark. The hybrid sound echoes some of 8Er$ past works, but he takes things next level with new structures and sound designs. The entire Block Society crew are extremely talented, but 8Er$ is one of the producers leading the charge with notable creations, this included. Stream it today, and don’t sleep on the download. 2017 is going to be a big year for 8Er$, so stay tuned.

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Wuki – Make It Clap (Dusty Bits Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Make It Clap (Dusty Bits Remix)

Breakbeat is making waves and one of the talented leaders of the charge is Dusty Bits. The duo is extremely gifted and aren’t afraid to actually push boundaries. Lots of acts love to talk the talk, but these guys walk the walk. Today we have the huge honor of premiering one of their best tracks yet, a remix of “Make It Clap” by Wuki.

We’re absolutely in love with this one. It’s fun, full of bass, and its groovy as hell. When you think electro/breakbeat, you don’t generally associate it with booty shaking, but Dusty Bits manage to put together a song that will have butts from both genders twerking like there’s no tomorrow. There are plenty of acts to keep your eye on in 2017, but you’ll have to keep Dusty Bits near the top of your list. Enjoy the first listen of their new remix here and if you’d like, subsequent listens can be through your own digital library, as this one has been released as a free download!

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mAsis – Skin [TMN Premiere]


Glendale California’s mAsis enters the dojo with a brand new single that you get a first listen to. This Music Ninja Premiere is for “Skin,” a soft, seductive song that the trio is ending the year with. With such a strong record, the trio closes out the year in a big way and sets themselves up for a nice segue into the new year.

mAsis has already received acclaim from such outlets as BBC Radio 1 and Nylon – just to name a couple – but it is safe to say they’re going to be adding a ton of others with “Skin.” Sonically, the single is in between several genres; it is marked as simply under the branch of electronic, however it takes influence from a number of styles. Instead of picking those apart, we’re going to focus in on the incredible vocal performances you’ll come across. Although the instrumental is amazingly dreamy to the point of intoxicating, the vocals are what really make “Skin” what it is.

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option4 – The Melancholy Tribute Of Bodhi Paige [TMN PREMIERE]

The Melancholy Tribute Of Bodhi Paige

There’s nothing quite like finding a choice offering of beats to kick off your weekend with, especially when they happen to be brand spankin’ new. Today, we have just that for you, giving you a proper nudge into a few sweet days of unadulterated bliss with this tasty new tune.

If you’ve been following us for some time, you should be familiar with Denver-based option4. From our Artist Residency to a few premieres here and there, we’ve been longtime fans of this highly infectious artist and his dirty, clubby, and inventive house beats.

“The Melancholy Tribute of Bodhi Page” is a dusty, organic, fresh from the farmer’s market offering. Seriously, you might find yourself drawn to a flannel shirt and some locally sourced kale after a trip through this one. The crackling atmospheric elements perfectly mimic the experience of listening to your favorite vinyl record, which gives this track a warm and familiar feel. The kicks are clean and pronounced, as we’ve come to expect from option4 through the years, pairing perfectly with hi-hat rattles and a big, soulful vocal sample.

Wherever your weekend takes you, even if it actually is a farmer’s market, make sure you have “The Melancholy Tribute of Bodhi Page” on hand and ready to jam.

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Crying Robot – Different Sides (feat. Abi F Jones) [TMN Premiere]


Not much is known about the musical act Crying Robot. What we do know is they have a new single called “Different Sides” featuring Abi Jones. How do we know this? We’re delivering it to you now in this post-Thanksgiving Music Ninja Premiere!

“Different Sides” is an industrious pop meets dance record. It takes the best things from both worlds and combines them together, with Abi Jones laying down one colorful performance. Every note she hits is incredible. The song comes in just under three minutes, which totally isn’t enough, but that’s where the replay button will come in handy. This is a track we don’t mind listening to over and over again. It’s sound and style is perfect for the kickback feel of Winter.

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