Starley – Been Meaning To Tell You (Odd Mob Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Sydney Australia’s Starley just dropped her single “Been Meaning To Tell You” about a month ago adn we’ve been playing it here and there ever since. Now, we’re proud to premiere an extension of the original with a remix by Brisbane’s Odd Mob.

Odd Mob’s interpretation of the Starley’s pop hit is devilishly seductive. Their house grooves captivate the ear and lure you into their playful production. Right from the start you start bobbin’ to the beat and it doesn’t take long until you’re fully invested in Odd Mob’s fun take. This is how a proper remix is done; Odd Mob nailed it. Throw this one on repeat and let it take you into the weekend.

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Tyson Kraft – Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung) [TMN Premiere]

Tyson Kraft
Haunt Me (feat. Tiff Fung)

Enter the dojo for the exclusive first listen to “Haunt Me” by Tyson Kraft to help get you over this week’s hump. The Australian producer enlisted Tiff Fung to hop on this original for some vocal work and together they created a mesmerizing tune.

“Haunt Me” hones in on a future-centric sound. Many producers aiming at this style simply miss the mark, delivering flavorless messes that are anything but memorable; however, Tyson hits the bulls-eye on making a phenomenal record that you can come back to time and time again. A majestic introduction captivates the listener before Tyson tightens his grip with the riveting chorus of the instrumental. “Haunt Me” has everything going for it. Want a copy? Get it on iTunes today.

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Yitaku & Madnap – Finding Myself (ft. Restless Modern) [TMN Premiere]

yitaku & Madnap
Finding Myself ft. Restless Modern

We’re coming off the holiday weekend with the premiere of a brand new single for you. Coming from Yitaku and Madnap, “Finding Myself” is a future focused original that features Restless Modern. Together these three acts created an emotionally charged tune we just couldn’t pass on sharing.

“Finding Myself” starts out with soft pads that ease us into the song with grace. Once we get into the heat of the introduction Restless Modern starts serenading to further hook us into the track. Without any need for a drawn out build and booming climax, Yitaku and Madnap come in with the drop to whisk us into their cloud-like synths. From start to finish this song is incredible. Enjoy your first listen and make sure to get a copy if you like what you hear!

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Krayysh – Talk to Me EP [TMN Premiere]

If you aren’t familiar with Krayysh, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of gems out there, but Krayysh may just be the finest. The Mad Zoo music maker has support from the don Mat Zo himself – so much so that Mat graced Krayysh with a remix on the newly released Talk To Me EP. We’ve got that EP right here for you in this premiere!

Talk To Me comes in at four originals deep along with Mat Zo’s remix of the title track to conclude the project. We’ve only been able to hear singles from Krayysh so far and as mind-blowing as they are, it’s nice to see him flex out on an extended release. He shows just where he can take his sound with a diverse array of tracks that can’t be pinned down to one genre. Krayysh has got his own thing going and it’s remarkable to hear. Top all that off with a Mat Zo remix and you’ve got a hell of an EP. Get your copy of it today.

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Kaizen – Breathe [TMN Premiere]


The weekend is finally here. What better way to get Friday going than to let the Florida producer Kaizen take you away with his new single. “Breathe” is a breath of fresh air, a highly melodic single released on Caption Records.

Kaizen builds a beautiful song that doesn’t follow traditional dance structure. “Breathe” from start to finish grows and changes like an organic form. First he births an emotional atmospheric introduction that slowly shifts into the more electronically specific phrase of the song. From there Kaizen continues to build the track until he drives forth to an unexpected territory. It’s a nice surprise – and we’re not going to say where it goes. Just know you’ll love it.

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UZ & Two Fresh – Stockholm White ft. Elliphant (Perk Pietrek Remix) [TMN Premiere]

UZ & Two Fresh
Stockholm White ft. Elliphant (Perk Pietrek Remix)

Today UZ is dropping a major remix project for his LP Layers. There’s a whole host of remixes, but here in the dojo we’re happy to premiere a trap driven take on “Stockholm White” by Perk Pietrek.

The Singapore songster took UZ’s collaboration with Two Fresh and Elliphant to a whole new level. His industrial sounding flip is just the dirty take the song needed. It feels reminiscent of the original, but Perk keeps those undertones light and put his own spin on things. With the Perk Pietrek stamp, “Stockholm White” will continue to ravage crowds in its new form. Enjoy the exclusive premiere here and make sure to check out the full project on digital formats.

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Robyn Paige – Genesis EP [TMN Premiere]

The London songstress Robyn Paige is taking over the dojo with the premiere of her new EP Genesis. Complete with five originals, including collaborations with Johnson Orchid and Josh Kai, this project is a beautiful balance of R&B and pop.

Genesis starts out with the soulful single “Righteous” that ushers us into the EP with grace. “White Space” comes in hot with vibrant energy that you can’t help but to be infected by. “Ocean Deep” plays in between the the sounds of the first two, while “Heartbreaker” slows things down for a more atmospheric and engulfing tone. “Jaded” closes things out with its pop driven sound to cap off a superb EP. All together this collection of songs work well together for an engaging experience that you get exclusively first in the dojo.

’White Space (featuring Johnson Orchid)’
’Ocean Deep (featuring Josh Kai)’
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