Childish Gambino

Last week, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, made some headlines when he decided to pour his heart out in a series of handwritten notes he posted on his Instagram page. Many people seemed alarmed or concerned for the rapper’s mental state, and while some of the information he revealed seemed pretty shocking, those familiar with Bino’s library shouldn’t be too surprised, as he’s expressed many of the same inhibitions in the past through his music. Deciding to bless us with a new single today, Gambino returns to his introspective roots on “3005.” The catchy new tune sees the Stone Mountain native employing his mastery of witty punchlines, as well as handling singing duties on the chorus. During the second verse, he gives us even more insight into his current mindset, spitting, “I used to care what people thought, but now I care more/Nobody out here got it figured out, so therefore/I’ve lost all hope of a happy ending, depending on whether or not it’s worth it/So insecure, no one’s perfect.”

After listening to this fresh number, it’s clear we’ve definitely got a lot to look forward to with Childish’s sophomore release, Because The Internet, which is set to drop this December (that’s if his label lets him release it of course).

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