Rae Morris
From Above (67th Hour Remix)

Blackpool-based singer/songwriter Rae Morris has some intensely emotive vocals that perfectly carry the immersive lyrics she crafts, so hearing some golden remixes that follow her works should be consistently expected from now until she hangs up her microphone.

Today we have an unofficial remix from Netherlands native 67th Hour, who has sped up the original piano melody, and coupled it with a smooth bassline. The light rattles and hi-hat hits paired with the echoing synths create a delicate, chill vibe, perfect for getting some work done, or just relaxing at home. Take one listen through. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is one to hold on to.

It was only recently that I first heard the Rae Morris’ music, but after hearing her track called “From Above,” I immediately got inspired to make my own rendition.
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