Do You Go Up

In the modern music landscape, savvy artists have been able to identify the need for – and changing preferences towards – certain sounds. Niche artists who rose to fame from seemingly out of nowhere are commonplace;  just look at the career arcs of artists like Skrillex revolutionizing dubstep or Thomas Jack in the tropical house realm. For burgeoning musicians, coming to understand one’s own “style” is a creative process of trial and error. As styles fade out of favor, others will rise in popularity. Music fans often don’t realize the void that exists until its filled by the next great sound.

Filling that void in the Future R&B world is a new Missouri-based producer by the name of Khai. With two tracks and less than 1,500 followers to his name, Khai is poised for a monumental rise in late 2015, anchored by his latest release “Do You Go Up”.

This new release, the first single on an upcoming EP, is a bubbly, minimalistic tune that relies heavily on the talented vocals of its creator. What sets Khai’s early masterpiece apart however, is how the instrumentals and production quality equal the impressive vocal aspects. “Do You Go Up” is the epitome of mood music; with a catchy hook and a simple beat structure, it is a tune the listener will want to play on repeat in the company of friends, or alone while lost in thought.

If “Do You Go Up” is any indication of what listeners can expect from Khai in the near future, If You has the potential to be the most impressive debut EP of 2015. Listeners can keep up to date on Khai’s new works on his soundcloud page, while his EP will be released via Octal Sound on October 16th.

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