Cosmic Quest
Water Winds (Feat Molly Williams)

For only a short time period, Los Angeles experiences a wave of cold weather in which everyone thinks the world is about to end. While those individuals are in crisis mode, I’m over here embracing the icy sensation of this ideal temperature. Often times, cold weather promotes a more serene setting for chill music and that is exactly what we have in store for you today with the blissful beats from Cosmic Quest.

Water Winds” is one of those songs that makes you want to hop in the car and drive for hours on end with no destination in mind.  The tranquil flow of this track ultimately takes you on a whirlwind of emotions. Molly Williams is what makes this song perfect; her smooth, melodic, angelic voice takes us all on an exotic journey into the very core of our souls. If there was one word to describe this gem of a song, I would have to say ‘sex’ – so sit back, relax, and turn up the volume for this one because you’re about to soar above the clouds to a place only your mind can take you.

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