Melanie Martinez
Pity Party (Myles Travitz Remix)

Following the progressive remix of machineheart‘s “Snow”, Myles Travitz has matured into a more well-rounded producer, and has really stamped his signature sound into every one of his proceeding remixes. This time he’s decided to put his own spin on Melanie Martinez‘s “Pity Party”, and it’s unlike anything you’ve heard from him before. Adding quick intricate drums with Melanie’s powerful vocals, Myles adds his signature soaring synth sound to the chill trap vibe of the track. The complex maneuvers made it seem so easy for him, yet they will surely amp you up a few notches after your first listen.

Released as one of four other remixes under Melanie’s Crybaby Remixes EP package, this track is set to put Myles under everyone’s radar as a prominent producer.

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