Sometimes, two of the least expected things can come together and create something truly beautiful. That’s exactly what we’re staring down right now, as we gaze into the haunting, surreal collaboration that is Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail.

Coming from two different worlds, these two couldn’t be further apart musically. Ciaran is a young alt-folk singer from Aghagallon, who has racked up an impressive 11 million plays on Spotify and was recently picked as Zane Lowe’s “Next Hype.” Ryan Vail is a minimalistic electronic artist who has won the support of the blogosphere, garnering respect and adoration for his intricate use of synths and found sounds.

Combining their two talents, these two have created a cataclysmic combination of worlds with their mini-EP, Sea Legs. We’re fortunate enough to bring you one of them this morning, gleefully premiering “The Sea At Night” for your listening pleasure.

Cinematic? Yes. Haunting. You betcha. This song is an epic quest worthy of the most intense pieces of film or TV, casually transcending generations with their timeless sound. The classic instrumentation comes to life with subtle guitar work, radiating sections of strings, and a booming bassline, which is coupled with soft, atmospheric layering. Everything melts together in a state of pure bliss, leaving the listener pleasantly lost in this lush, vast soundscape.

‘Sea Legs’ is released via Quiet Arch on April 17th in Ireland and April 20th in the UK.

’Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail – The Sea at Night’
’Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail – The Colour Blue’
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