We can picture it now. Our car slowly caresses the curves of the PCH on the California coastline as we drive slower than usual, making damn sure we drink it all in. The radio has one song playing in this daydream, and it’s “Rose” from Brooklyn-based surf rock outfit Coastgaard.

Recently named by L Magazine as one of the eight bands you need to hear, these cats are dialed in to a delightful indie rock sound which features 60’s rhythms, hazy guitar chords, and glowing lo-fi vocals. “Rose” embodies the aforementioned description, providing us with a more than memorable serving of an audible vacation. The word “infectious” is often overused in music blogging, but it’s hard to stray away from it while listening to this smite-inducing joyride.

When asked about the tune, front man Matt Miller had this to say:

It’s about getting swept up in the routines of life without even realizing it’s happening again and again and again.

Maybe those daydreams of the Cali coastline will help break the monotony mentioned above. If they do, make sure to send Coastgaard a shout out on twitter. Even better so, if you’re in the area, catch them live at Glasslands in Brooklyn

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