From a nationwide tour across the states, to an appearance at Coachella,Coasts is dead set on growing their presence. In our opinion, it’s more than deserved. There shouldn’t be any doubt in any music lover’s mind that this Bristol-based five piece are incredibly deserving of the increasing recognition they’re getting.

We caught up with their front man before their show at the Larimer Lounge in Denver. Press play on the tune above, and enjoy getting to know a little more about this quickly rising indie rock outfit.

TMN: Let’s kick things off with talking about the tour that you guys have right now. How’s it going?

Coasts: It’s going super well, like, better than we could have expected. The reception that we’ve been getting from fans has been really good, we’ve picked up so many more fans, which is the idea, you know? We’ve gotten really well with the two bands as well. They’re awesome lads, so we couldn’t be happier. To play and the majority of the shows are sold out is pretty awesome.

TMN: So this is your first time in the US?

Coasts: Yeah. I haven’t even been on holiday in the US. So, yeah, it’s cool to be here.

TMN: Any favorite cities so far?

Coasts: San Fran was really cool, and love Seattle as well. We stayed in LA, and we got to see most of LA because we were there for about 4 days. So that was cool because we got to see more of the city than if we were flashing through, you know? But Denver seems really cool as well. Seems really, like a really sweet place.

TMN: Did you guys partake in the legal goods?

Coasts: Yea, maybe, a little bit, maybe maybe.

TMN:(Laughs) Maybe? The past couple of years have been pretty crazy for you guys. Obviously “Oceans” has been out for a little while, but you guys included it on the last EP. It’s really blown up over the past year though – you guys are up over 4.4 million plays!

Coasts: Yea, it’s pretty cool. When our first demo started to get traction, we realized that that was probably one of our best songs that would get us the furthest at that stage. So, it was really cool of them to re-release it, and then to see the reaction that it got again. It kind of spread. We hadn’t really plugged it a hell-of-a-lot, but blogs picked up on it.

Kids just went a bit crazy on Twitter and stuff, and it’s awesome. I think that’s an amazing thing about social media. At the moment, you can just put something up online and it can grow like wildfire. That’s really cool.

TMN: So, we always like to ask about “holy shit” moments. Obviously, you had a big “holy shit” moment with the Coachella announcement.

Coasts: Yeah that was pretty cool.

TMN: What have some of your other “holy shit” moments been this past year?

Coasts: We were either finishing a tour, on our way to start a tour when we found out were playing BBC Radio 1’s “Big Weekend” in the UK. That was an awesome moment because it was a pretty big thing. In the UK, Radio 1 is the big station for bands like us. It was amazing to be asked to play that. Obviously, we’ve signed record deals now, so those are moments that you always wish for. It means we can push on and be as big as we want to be, or as much as we work hard for.

It’s always tough when you hear about bands like, “I have shows booked overseas, but I can’t afford to make it.” So, kinda getting those deals it’s nice to cure that.

Signing our deal in America kind of assured that we came over here and toured with Bad Sons. It’s a bit of a dream, really. That’s been an ambition of ours – to tour the world. Last year, maybe the year before, we started to tour Europe, and that was a great milestone. When we signed our deal, it enabled us to make the trip correspond.

TMN: So, how excited are you guys for Coachella?

Coasts: I actually can’t wait. It’s got a reputation in the UK for being one of the biggest festivals in the US. Apparently the parties are pretty cool.

TMN: Best dress for some warm weather.

Coasts: Yea, right, no black skinny jeans!

TMN: We remember watching The 1975. They played mid-day and were pouring sweat. So, let’s take it back to the beginning for a bit, how did you guys meet? What’s your backstory?

Coasts: We were friends before we started the band. We just decided to stop fucking around. We were at college, and it was just a way of escaping our lessons and not doing our homework. Then things started to pick up from there. When we left Uni, we decided to keep going. We were pretty crap at the beginning! It took us a while to get really good at what we were doing. Probably over the last 2 or 3 years, we’ve really found our groove, I think.

TMN: As you guys have grown and progressed, how important has the blogosphere and Hype Machine been to you?

Coasts: Massive. Blogs are a huge part of it. And Hype Machine too. A couple of tracks charted on Hype Machine and…that thing is fucking amazing, mate. Then blogs like yourself, putting out stuff out, is great.

TMN: Aside from massive tours and festival performances, what’s on deck? What’s coming up next?

When we get back from the US, we are recording the rest of our album. That will be finished, wrapped up, and ready to be released toward the end of this year. We’re really excited about that. Our debut album will be like a milestone in our careers as a band. We’re really excited to put something out there – like a vinyl of our record. That’s probably the major thing we’re really excited about this coming year. And obviously we will be back in America a lot touring. There’s plans after Coachella to do another tour, so, I think we will be back touring places.

TMN: So at the end of the interview we always ask some random questions to change it up a little bit. What was your first job ever?

Coasts: I was a paperboy.

TMN: If you could do a collaboration with any body, any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Coasts: Let’s go for Ray Charles. Really good. I’d go through stages with like artists, where I listen to their records and just their records. It’s a weird thing that gets pretty intense, and I listened to Ray Charles records for about 2 months solid.

TMN: Whats the one thing you’ve loved most about coming to the states, aside for the fans and stuff like that?

Seeing all the places I’ve wanted to see for so long. You see those places in films and stuff, but it’s kind of cool to actually visit them yourself. I’m really into Jack Kerouac writings and stuff, and it’s all about traveling across America – essentially what we’re doing. To do that is awesome.

TMN: What 3 things are always in your fridge no matter what?

Coasts: I’ve always got fruit. Fruit and beers are always in my fridge. And Guacamole.

TMN: And you guys just went and had Mexican tonight, right? Did you guys go right down the street?

Coasts: Yea it’s a place called Los Chingones. It was really cool.

TMN: If Coasts’ music were an animal what would it be.

Coasts: Like a tropical bird of paradise or something.

TMN: Ahh we haven’t gotten that one before. Thanks so much for your time!

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