Connor Leimer

Pop, rock, reggae and folk are amongst the eclectic mix of genres in which Connor Leimer explores through his latest record. His debut single “Postcard’ kindly lends itself as a jazz piece consisting of a warm brass section and infectious bass lines, solidifying a framework for his raspy yet organic vocals, resembling a tone similar to jazz artist Jamie Cullum.

“Postcard” explores running away to the coast, or the gardens with a loved one. Planting familiar images for us to relate to and understand. Connor writes by “blurring the boundaries” between genres and allows his work to “take [him] wherever it needs to go”, following an extremely authentic process of songwriting. The band provide a consistent accompaniment of harmonic variation, as the instruments mould together and move simultaneously, guiding the relaxed melody and conversational lyrics comfortably from phrase to phrase.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Kansas City, Leimer’s majority of work is influenced by his days in high school. Travelling away from home is unfamiliar, as he questions the desired prospect of reaching the shore, and includes imagery in association with the ocean, such as sailing away on a boat, or the sea air in [her] hair.

Check out Connor’s ongoing ‘Dorm Room Tour’ around the US in the link below. He’s undoubtedly one to watch over the coming months.

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