First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix)

Back in September we had the blissful opportunity to debut the first ever release (and one of our favorite singles in 2014), “First & Last” from Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff’s stirring synth-pop project GEMOLOGY. The tune, with its schooled instrumentation and clinging assortment of eclectic electronic sounds was a sitting duck for remixers across all genres to try their hands at, and the first entry into GEMOLOGY’s remix catalog comes from another TMN mainstay; German born Glastrophobie, in the form of another welcome ‘TMN Premiere’. The clearly schooled dance-smith equips the tune with a delicate balance of the original’s alluring hook with another pattern of airy uplifting synths that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Kygo remix. Furthermore, Joanie Wolkoff’s vocals echo across as initmately as ever amongst Glastrophobie’s sonic sound kit; sounding as close as a shared conversation across a pillow. It’s lovely to see a tune’s original soul kept intact while also shifting cadence and mood simultaneously, which to us solidifies Glastrophobie’s grasp on a developing and unique sound. Stream Glastrophobie’s remix of “First & Last” above, and check out more sounds from the budding artist here.

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