Sloane Peterson

It’s become a bit of a theme for this writer’s Fridays to involve those choice dance records that actually required a bit of digging to get to. And with that, we’ve unearthed yet another gem for your underground listening pleasure from genre-eschewing, Denver based producer Sloane Peterson (who by the way has one of the best, nostalgia inducing monikers anywhere in music). Quietly, the young beat maestro has been making waves in his backyard opening for the likes of TMN regulars like Cashmere Cat, Thomas Jack, Sam Feldt, Carmada, Stelouse, Shiba San and more; but its the wunderkind’s constantly evolving, shapeshifting productions which have grabbed our attention so handily.

We’ve had our ears to Sloane Peterson’s bustling sound for a while now, through his L.A. based duo DirtyTalks, along with a few appearances in various TMN Playlists; and with every passing record, we’ve become increasingly drawn in. The latest, and very appropriately titled tune to emanate from Sloane Peterson, “Flashback”, reveals yet another piece to an exciting production puzzle. Scooting out to a breezy stride on the heels of a thumpy four-four kick and bating pad work, “Flashback” quickly hops into what we can only describe as a melodic synthesis of underground sensibility, executed through the lens of a contemporary artist that got a hold of Deadmau5’s 2009 sound kit. A heady comparison indeed, we know. “Flashback” pushes and pulls its listener back and forth from places of past sentimentality to the swampy, underground dancefloors of present-day; which all results in a simultaneous feeling of both already knowing, and currently discovering. But, as we’ve long since passed this writer’s self-imposed 200-word limit, we’ll just let Sloane Peterson’s production do the talking. Enjoy “Flashback” above.

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