Wildfire (Autograf Remix)

One of the hottest acts in all of dance music, and a trio of gentlemen for whom we’ve been passionately consuming their uniquely invigorating dance sound since clear back in 2013, Autograf have returned to our hallowed pages armed with a tasteful flip of acoustic folk due Seafret‘s latest single “Wildfire”. The Chicago triumvirate craft another soothing electronic melody; pumping Seafret’s original vocal track with the deep mistiness of touchy reverb, while encasing them inside a foundation of two-step drum-machine patterning, flowing keys and buoyantly playful synths. It’s clear with each and every passing release the name Autograf finds itself sitting closer to the top of the mountain in regards to their rapid explosion, and it makes us crack a ninja smile to see the rest of the world begin to take notice of their immense talent.

 Along with their latest remix, Autograf have simultaneously announced their impending Metaphysical tour which encompasses sixteen live dates across North America starting in early February, for which you can purchase tickets for here. Be sure to check out Autograf’s tour dates below, and enjoy their sterling remix of Seafret’s “Wildfire” above.
Autograf ‘Metaphysical’ Tour Dates
02.05 | Sett | Madison, WI
02.06 | Miramar | Milwaukee
02.10 | Catalyst | Santa Cruz
02.11 | Soho | Santa Barbara
02.12 | 1015 | San Francisco
02.13 | Exchange | Los Angeles
02.17 | Q | Seattle
02.18 | MIA | Vancouver
02.19 | Euphoria | Portland
02.20 | Casbah | San Diego
02.25 | U St Hall | Washington DC
02.26 | Concord | Chicago
02.27 | Populux | Detroit
03.04 | Coda | Philadelphia
03.05 | Hoxton | Toronto
03.11 | Buku | New Orleans
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