Dear David
Fever (Radio Edit)

Over the past three years, Dear David has been establishing himself as a key figure in the house music arena. Now, he’s just released a track on Sony Music, and he’s got more coming. There’s a reason they jumped on “Fever” and you’re about to find out why.

Not only are we getting to share David’s hot new single with you, but the Swedish producer came through to the dojo to answer a few questions with us regarding “Fever,” as well as the overarching concept behind his music and his place in the music industry. For fans of his, they already see him as one of the premiere figures bridging the underground with the mainstream dance world. Succeeding at such a big endeavor doesn’t happen overnight, but David is well on his way to bringing the two worlds together. “Fever” is another step in the right direction.

TMN: Your debut single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ was really ahead of its time as a commercial house track and everything you’ve released in 2016 has sounded somewhat detached from the popular norm. Has this been something you’ve looked to do on purpose with the Dear David project or has it been a coincidence?

DD: I’ve always been a sucker for this fusion between mainstream easy listening and underground music so I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. I am still developing my sound and I think that will never stop, you will always get something new with every release. At least that’s my vision 🙂

TMN: Your music also walks a fine line between accessible and underground house sounds. Is the commercial/underground divide one that you take seriously, or do you think artists need to think in wider terms these days?

DD: I can’t really say what would be best for other artist. But I need to have both to motivate me to do what I do!

TMN: How does ‘Fever’ sit compared to your first two singles and what can you tell us about the creative process behind this track?

DD: Oh, ‘Fever’ has a pretty long story behind it. We came up with the first demo of it in 2014 when I teamed up with two songwriters that I’ve been working with on other projects. Today I might have 20 complete different versions of Fever. The key is to never stop the chase. Just keep on producing till you get it right. Sometimes it takes two days, sometimes it takes two years.

TMN: You’ve had a lot of early praise from BBC broadcasting legend Pete Tong this year. What does the support of guys like this mean to artists in your position?

DD: The support from Pete Tong have been unreal and super important for my music. He reaches out to enormous amount of potential Dear David fans so I have a lot to thank him for.

TMN: What can you tell us about the ‘Yours Truly’ concept and how your music will be evolving in 2017?

DD: When I first came up with Dear David, I had it all figured out. My mixtapes would be named ”chapters”, I will have a concept named ”yours truly” and so on. Yours Truly will be the signum for Dear David in 2017. What the music will sound like 2017 is still a secret. All I can say is that I will try to take away the gap between underground and commercial house in my own way.

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