There’s really nothing to prepare oneself for winter’s icy grip. The chilling winds, the piling snow, and the frost covered branches will be a mainstay for the next few months. While the dark and dreary may make you cringe, DEATHS are embracing it with their second release, “Sold”.

Following up on their successful debut release, “Lonewolves,” which garnered a top spot in the Hype Machine’s popular charts, this Berlin-based act is having us premier not only this single, but the music video as well. Once again, we find ourselves in a haunting soundscape, floating along a delicate, minimalistic drumbeat. The monastery style vocals echo throughout, flirting with dark, woeful guitar riffs and light plucks of a harp, creating feelings of sorrow and abandonment.

The music video embodies these deep, introspective desertion, as we wander through city void of human interaction. Consistently focusing on the element of light throughout the video, we can only guess that the vision was to display the possibility of humanity, without every really experiencing it. While it is dreadful to think about, the video does evoke a very raw and real set of emotions, which we applaud.

At the start of next year, DEATHS will be giving away a very limited run of ltd ed. LONEWOLVES/SOLD vinyls to some of their lucky fans. Head over to their website and sign up for their mailing list to enter for a chance to win one. Not only will it be a tremendous keepsake, but we’re damn certain these tracks will sound wonderful on vinyl.

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