Dirty Secretz Ft. Rebe
Trippin' (Original Mix) [Whartone Records]

Let’s be serious for a moment. Fridays are for dancing. For many of us, after a long week at work or in class, Friday’s arrival signals the chance to blow off some accumulated steam on the dancefloor of your choice, no doubt fueled with a little bit of liquid confidence, or whatever it is you kids are getting into these days. So to shift into that weekend state of mind, we like to bring out only the choicest of dance cuts for your listening pleasure. Falling in line with that ethos, we’ve got the latest single to drop from Richie Atkins’ Dirty Secretz project, “Trippin'”, which features the murkily soulful vocals of Rebe. “Trippin'” frames itself around the classic sense of house, with a simple, driving grand piano pattern and punchy four/four kick, but the tune really picks up steam with a perfectly swung rolling bassline that sits atop everything just wonderfully. Originally a bootleg of Jill Scott’s classic “It’s Love”, Dirty Secretz tapped Rebe to re-sing those lovely vocal chops and completely re-imagine the tune as a deeper and more seductive piece of house music.

“Trippin'” sees release via Sonny Wharton’s flagship label Whartone Records today, so hop to it and snag a copy on Traxsource here.  We’ll be over here groovin’.

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