I Love Your Smile

Amsterdam is one of the many havens of house music on this planet. One such act from the Netherlands’ capital is LittleKings, who recently took on the 90’s hit single “I Love Your Smile” from Shanice. The 1991 song went from poppy R&B to deep house in this fresh cut.

LittleKings started out with a single that, although it was released in the 90’s, it’s sound is still a bit 80’s. They bring the vocal out and into modern times with a deep take on “I Love Your Smile” with a tinge of tropical vibes. With the updated composition we get a strong focus on melody that keeps the song as catchy as ever. For three and a half minutes listeners get whisked away through a sonic journey full of uplifting sounds and majestic melodies that will have them coming back for more. LittleKings have only put out three songs, so expect them to dish out some more quality tunes soon.

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