Nick AM

Nick AM is a new artist with a knack for house music. A few days ago and I came across this track by the producer and was instantly feeling it. The subtitles of deep house can be tricky to get a handle of, but Nick AM has his sampling down and impresses listeners. When checking out a smaller project that’s just starting out, I honestly wasn’t expecting such a polished song.

“Veronica” is great for a wild club night or as top notch background music. Isn’t that the best part about quality deep house? Pumping bass and choice synth chords are brought together with classic house rhythms that keep “Veronica” moving along. The New York-based producer is  just getting started. NYC residents out there you should keep an eye out for a Nick A.M. set and follow him here. He has a sound that fits in well with the city that never sleeps.


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