Truth x Lies
City Lights

Everybody loves a free download. When that free download is of an exceptional song, it makes things even better. Today we share with you the zero-cost single “City Lights” by Truth x Lies, who released the tune through TropiKult.

“City Lights” is a dashing house record whose smooth bassline and topline work together to create mere musical magic. If you’re looking for your dance anthem for the upcoming weekend, then you have it here. Truth x Lies show here why they are undeniably some of the freshest deep house producers you’ll find around the globe. From their base in New York City they’ve cooked up some hot beats in the past, but this one may be the hottest one. There’s no reason not to grab it. A must listen, a must have, “City Lights” is shining bright among the house records currently coming out.

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